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Harvest Festival Anyone?

Chapter 58: Harvest Festival Anyone?


“Aren’t you excited for Saturday you two?” Jay exclaimed jumping over to Harley and myself and practically tackling us to the ground as we stand in the café.

“About the festival?” I ask looking down at his blonde head.

“Yes!! It’s the first festival for both of you right?!” He looks up at me before pushing off Harley and me.

“It is!” Harley laughed happily, “I’m excited.”

“It’ll be fun. I’m not a huge go getter when it comes to really large crowds, but I’m looking forward to it. By how much you and Aaron have been hyping on it I’m sure it’ll be fun,” I smile at him.

“It’ll be fine!! We’ll be together!! Or at least in small groups. I don’t think all eleven of us will be able to stick together.”

“Why not?” Harley asked confused.

“During festival’s everyone’s allowed to come. From time to time you can see some spirits. I haven’t seen a dragon show up from what I can remember, though.”

“Dragons come tae th’ festival tay?”

“They do! I hope that some show up! I want to see if they stick in their dragon form or not,” Jay exclaimed.

Kyo laughed and walked over to the two of us. Placing a hand on his little brother’s head, “They wouldn’t walk around in their dragon forms they have so much more respect than that. They would be in their human forms.”

Snowflake comes over to us as well and laughs lightly, “You think that Kyo is tall? They’re naturally over seven feet in their human form. They also have more of a clothing style that you would see more so in a fantasy type story or anime.” Wait, does that mean that Andy will end up that tall? Or will he end up being the same height that he was before he left? Will he just end up being a smaller dragon? He is technically really young in dragon years. But he’s only half dragon, so does that affect his growth? Why am I thinking so hard about this?

“Ah,” I said with a small nod. So that means that Andy’s going to be wearing more so fantasy type clothing now? An image of Andy wearing a dragoon style armor with a lance just pops into my head.

“Let me rephrase that. When I say fantasy, I mean more so among the traditional type. Some of the dragons may have armor that they wear in their human forms. And others more than likely won’t. It’s hard to tell really because it all depends on the race,” He continued.

“Well there goes my image,” I grumble and it makes everyone laugh.

“SUP BITCHES!!” I look up when I hear Nero’s voice and the door jingle.

“Hey everyone,” Sasuke laughs and waves at us.

“Hey!” Jay exclaims running over to them.

“You two look like you went through hell,” Kyo comments.

“We did some training than a sparring match. Of course, we’re gonna fuckin’ look like shit after that,” Nero snickered.

“Isn’t today your day off though?” I asked them as the two of them sat down at a table.

“It is. That’s why we decided to get a little bit of training in. Considering we haven’t had a chance to do any training all week since we’ve been getting back so late,” Sasuke answered.

“You two shouldn’t push yourselves so hard,” Kyo sighed looking between the both of them as he hands them menus.

“We slept in…enough,” Sasuke mentions as he takes the menu.

“Mhm, like I believe that,” Snowflake stats and I watch him roll his eyes at them.

“I didn’t get out of bed till six thirty thank you,” Sasuke protests.

“Same,” Nero nodded.

Snowflake continued to pester them about how they should have been relaxing instead of training as Kyo took their orders. When he was done scolding them we all went back to the topic of the festival that was starting Saturday.

“What do you think is going to be different for the festival?” Nero asked as he had a mouth full of a burger.

“Possibly some new vendors and shops,” Sasuke answered.

“Oh right, Mrs. Manson,” I turn around to see the owner of the shop standing behind the counter organizing.

“Yes, dear?” She smiles happily at me.

“Have you ever thought about making a mini location for the café during the festival?” I ask.

“We normally get a decent amount of business during the festival, but since everyone’s on campus there have been years where we’ve closed down just to enjoy the festival ourselves,” She answered.

“What about for one of the festivals you get a room in the college and we can set it up to be a mini cosplay café,” I suggest.

“Yeah!! We can help and be the waiters and everything!!” Jay exclaimed bounding over to the counter and leaning on it.

This made Mrs. Manson laugh, “You boys are too sweet to me. But it would be an interesting experience that’s certainly for sure.” Mrs. Manson doesn’t look much older than Torin and Abel. Neither does Mr. Manson when I get a chance to see him. “Since it’s both Harley and Sean’s first time I was thinking that we would close for the festival and you boys can all enjoy yourselves.”

“But momma Manson,” Snowflake began to protest and she instantly put a hand up stopping him.

“We’re already ahead of where we were last year at this time. We can afford to close for the weekend,” She smiles sweetly at all of us. “Tell you what, if you’re that worried then tomorrow try to make it past what the goal is for this week and I’ll give you boys your outfits on the house.”

“But momma Manson,” Kyo started and she held up her hand she apparently wasn’t quite done.

“Doing this means that you boys will be locked in for helping with the café during the winter festival. Which means that you won’t be able to enter the tournament.”

“But mommaaaa,” Kyo whined and I looked around at them confused.

“Kyo’s been the reigning champ for a few years now,” Sasuke answered my unspoken question.

“Oooooh, okay,” I look back over at Kyo who looks really upset about the whole thing.

“The Onkmet festival is still months away, I’ll give it some thought,” Mrs. Manson smiled sweetly at us.

“I’m sure that one of us can take your place Kyo,” Sasuke suggests.

“That’s true, Gil never enters the tournaments and neither do the twins,” Nero points out to him.

“What’s Onkmet?” I ask out of the blue.

“Onkmet is the dragon word for winter. It’s not a requirement to learn the dragon language, but I would suggest taking a class or two. It’s well worth it. Especially when we do get dragons to visit. The young ones haven’t learned our language so it would be easier to understand them knowing it,” Mrs. Manson answers my question.

“Have you ever met a dragon, Mrs. Manson?” Sasuke asks and I lean on the counter.

She shakes her head as she slides a tray of clean glasses into the mini cooler that she has under the counter to keep the glasses cold, “Other than your half dragon friend that you brought in here a few times, I haven’t actually seen a dragon in their dragon form or human form. Which reminds me,” She looks down at me, “Have you heard anything from him?”

I shake my head, “No, I haven’t. I don’t know what he’s been up to. But I’m sure that he’s been in over his head with trying to learn things and whatever else he has to go through.”

“Who knows he may show up for one of the festivals sometimes,” Jay offered happily.

“With how much work he probably has I kinda doubt it,” Kyo commented.

“True, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see him again at some point,” Sasuke speaks up as he has his straw in his mouth.

“Ya never know,” I shrug.

We change the topic to asking Nero and Sasuke how working on one of the farms was going. Other than what Har and I found out yesterday. When they were finished and paid the two of them hung out for a bit longer until it got busy. Mrs. Manson didn’t ask them to throw on some uniforms and help so the two of them left to get out of the way. The rest of the time that we were on it was on and off busy with random flocks of people coming in. A fair bit were students and somewhere people who have been out and just came back from whatever they want to do. When the second shift of people came in we were allowed to clock out and head home for the day. Kyo, Jay, Harley, snowflake, and I all walked back to the dorms together. Snowflake and Kyo broke off when some kid would go racing through and not caring if he almost ran into people.

“Geez, is it always fuckin’ like this around this time?” I ask clicking my tongue.

“It’ll get worse starting tomorrow. There will be more than just students and towns people coming around. If you’re lucky and can spot the difference. Usually, some spirits will come here either from the village or from the spirit realm and disguise themselves as humans so they can enjoy the festival,” Snowflake stated as him and Kyo came back over to the three of us and we continued our walk.

“Really? Do some of them stay the entire three days?” I ask kinda excited about it.

“Some do. They’ve probably already made reservations at some of the special housing that was built specifically to house and fill the needs of the spirits,” He continues.

“Yeah, when you get lucky enough to be allowed to work at one of the houses during the festival ya get to actually see the spirits and what they fully look like,” Kyo says.

“Can some not look completely human?” I ask looking over at him.

“Some any up having certain features that they can’t hide. But at the same time, there are also animal people that live on Amoura,” Kyo answers.

“But, they live on the other side of the world. It’s extremely rare that we see animal people come here,” Snowflake points out.

“Whit other races bide huar?” Harley asks from my right.

“Lots, elves who are a bit stuck up, demihumans, some are cool, others are a bit on the creepy side, animal people who I think are cool as fuck, pixies, who are kinda assholes just FYI, fairies, eh they’re okay I guess, dragons just fine in my book, obviously, and spirits, from what I can name off the top of my head. That’s not including all the normal animals on top of the mythical ones,” Kyo railed off like it was nothing.

“Oh wow,” I mutter. It’s literally like living in an anime here. “So, what about our currency system here. Is it just for us or does it apply to the other races as well?”

“Sol is something that the dragons created to help with obtaining things from other races. So, yes, it is a currency that applies to the world. But, most of the time everyone just uses the abrader system. The crops and everything that Sasuke and Nero are helping with at the farm is more than likely going to be loaded up and taken to other races so we can abrader with them and trade for certain things that may only grow in their region or something that only that race can make.”

“Sae fowk will be headin’ it suin ‘en tae tak’ th’ harvest tae other races?” Harvey asked.

“During the second harvest, yes that’s how it works. But for this harvest and because of the festival the races that normally get supplies from us will make the journey to us to enjoy the festival and do the exchange here and then take their wagons back with what they traded for. It’s a hugely complex system,” Snowflake says as we stop in front of his and Kyo’s dorm, which is right next door to ours.

“There’s a second harvest?” I ask

“There is. The fields aren’t ready yet, but they were already planted. It will be the second batch of Straw, hay, rye, and wheat for most of the fields,” Jay rocks back and forth from his heels to his toes.

“Oh okay,” I nod.

“Dae ye pure hink Mrs. Manson is gonnae close th’ shop wi’ it bein’ sae thrang, I mean busy?”

“She won’t,” Kyo and snowflake said in unison.

“We know she won’t, she’ll more than likely already has the schedule for all of that. She was just being nice. Tomorrow is when the traffic starts getting heavy for the café,” Snowflake continues.

“That’s why we were there way before you three. We left so we could help start getting things ready and make sure there was enough stock in for the weekend,” Kyo started putting his hands in his pockets.

“Speaking of which we should probably head in and relax for a bit since we have to do it again in the morning,” Snowflake elbows Kyo in the arm and he looks down at Shiro.

“Ugh, right, good night guys. Good work today,” Kyo hugs his little brother before waving and heading towards their dorm.

“Night,” The three of us say in unison and then walk the short distance that was left to our dorm.

We let Jay go first for taking a shower and I made us food with enjoy for Gil and Aaron to have dinner when they got back. They weren’t home again. But there was a note saying that they went to the studio and that they would be back late so not to worry about staying up for them. I went last for the shower and after I got out I felt like a wall of tired hit me like a fucking truck. I wasn’t the only one. I left a note for Gil and Aaron about the food being in the oven to keep it warm for them and then I grabbed a glass of water and wandered back up to my room and went to bed.

The alarm on my phone buzzes before I want it and I groan loudly as I dig for my phone and turn off my alarm. How the fuck was I able to get up so god damn fucking early before? God fucking damn I don’t wanna get up and go to work. Groaning loudly into my pillow I lay there like no matter what happens I’m not getting out of my bed for another five minutes before finally rolling out of bed and getting changed into a pair of cargo pants and a black t-shirt. Grabbing my old purple and gold high school swim team jacket and a pair of socks I drag my ass out of the bedroom and to the bathroom to go through my morning routine.

“Morning,” Jay yawns as he has a cup of orange juice in his hands. His hair is tied up in a large messy bun and his bangs pulled back by a hair band.

“You look like you’re ready to conquer the day,” I chuckle lightly as I walk past him and go into the kitchen myself.

“I try. Early mornings are not my greatest time of the day,” He laughs lightly as I open the fridge and pull out a juice box.

“That’s fine. You’re better than Harley,” I comment motioning for him to move a bit as a particular carrot top drags his feet into the kitchen. His eyes half open and his hair everywhere, “Good morning sunshine.”

“Morning,” He grumbles and covers his mouth as he yawns, “Sleep…I want…my bed…so bad…” He struggles as I can heavily hear his accent.

“I’ll make you some coffee, you just go sit down somewhere,” I set my juice box down and turn him around then push him back towards the living room.

“Okay, thank you,” He waddles back out of the kitchen and I look at Jay to see him giggling a little. I laugh lightly and shake my head before getting to work on making some coffee.

I make the coffee and take it out to Harley. He fell back asleep on the couch head back on the back of the couch, one arm also on the back, other arm resting on his lap, one leg normal, and the other leg slung over the arm of the chair. You’re so grateful for being the wind element. I laugh to myself and set his cup of coffee down on the coffee table. Then I throw his leg back over the arm and then pat his cheek a few times, “Your coffee’s done. Don’t make me get ice water.”

He grumbles so I slap him a bit harder and then walk away, “Get up carrot top we got an hour before we gotta go,” I say a little louder, “Jay want some coffee?”

“Maybe, I’ll think about it. Thank you for making it. I know Gil will be happy,” Jay smiles at me.

“Not a problem,” I answer and grab my juice box and toss it out before running back upstairs and grabbing my water.

Jay does end up having some coffee and Gil and Aaron gets up before the three of us head to work. Apparently, the two of them are working on something for Aaron’s music class that he’s taking. They have to make a complete album by the end of the year and have to have I think three songs done by next week. They both look exhausted so Jay and I convince them to both go back to bed and try to sleep a bit more and once they finally agree Harley is awake and dressed so the three of us head out. Like yesterday snowflake and Kyo were already. Snowflake was filling the dessert display and Kyo was wiping down all the tables and setting them up.

“Morning,” Kyo greets.

“Morning,” The three of us say in unison.

“Sean help me finish up the tables. Jay, can you go help Mrs. And Mr. Manson, please? And Harley, help Shiro finish up with the deserts,” Kyo instructed.

“On it,” Jay jogs off and goes into the kitchen.

“Can do,” Harley takes his bag to the dressing room and I head over to Kyo and grab some place mats and wrapped silverware from the cart and start setting up where Kyo told me to.

Everything got done in no time and the five of us got changed into the butler outfits that we were wearing, taking care of some final little things I grab the board after Mrs. Manson finishes writing the specials and then I take it out and set up the A frame. We leave the front door open and Jay and Harley take care of getting the umbrellas for the tables that are out on the patio up. It wasn’t too long before we had our first customers come in.

More and more people came in as the morning went on. And once it hit lunch time we started seeing more than just humans coming in. Some animal people just arrived into town and were looking for some food. There were also elves that came in and the occasional spirit that we didn’t know was a spirit until they told us. Difference racers were coming in for the festival starting tomorrow. We finally get a break after a three hour rush of just customers and quickly cleaning tables and I slump over the counter.

“Okay, five-minute break and then we have to start wrapping more silverware,” Kyo says sitting down in a chair himself.

“You boys are doing amazing, keep it up!” Mrs. Manson cheers us on.

“That was intense,” Jay comments.

“You can say that again,” Snowflake laughs lightly.

“Well, I didn’t think you were the kinda guys to ever stop moving, but I guess I was wrong,” I stand up straight when I hear a familiar voice. Turning around and see a certain orange haired man with bright mint green eyes walking into the door of the café. His hair has grown out and he has his bangs clipped to the right with two hair clips and some of his hair is pulled back where the rest of it is down. He’s wearing a kimono type top with two long sleeves and a bit of his chest showing. The shirt is tucked into a deep blue wrap and black caprices with matching slippers. His ears have the slightest point to them and he looks like he’s gained a bit of muscle since the last time I saw him.

“Andy,” I can’t help but smile when I see him give me a bit stupid grin.

“Good ta see ya guys again!” He laughs as I walk over to him and grab a hold of his hand that he was holding out with a firm grip and then we pull each other into a hug. His grip is so much fucking stronger than before.

“Good to see you too. You’ve gotten taller it looks like,” I chuckle actually seeing him at eye level now instead of having to look down. So he’s around six foot three inches

“Just a bit,” He smirks and pats my shoulder as he lets go of my hand.

“ANDY!!” Jay exclaimed and I got out of the way for Jay to jump hug him.

“Hey,” Andy laughed as he catches Jay, “How have all of yall been?”

“Haven’t been too bad. Been busy whippin’ these two into shape,” Kyo snickered as He plopped his hands-on mine and Harley’s heads since I went back to stand next to Har.

“I don’t think I’ve met this ginger before,” Andy points at Harley as Jay lets go of him and he walks over and sticks his hand out to Harley, “I’m Andrew Vann, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Changed your last name to your Grandfather’s now did ya?” Kyo snickered.

“Yes, he wanted me to so that’s what I did,” Andy rose an eyebrow at the taller blonde that was behind Harley and me.

“Mah names Harley, it’s a pleasure tae meit ye tay,” Harley smiled up at Andy and took his hand.

“Um…not to be rude but, what did you just say?”

“He said his name is Harley and he’s a pleasure to meet you too,” Snowflake answered before I could. I look over at him and he has his hands behind his back and he’s smiling softly, “How are you, Andrew?”

“I’m doin’ alright. Been getting the shit kicked out of me, but other than that and the nasty vibes I get from like ninety fucking percent of the other dragons in the roost it hasn’t been too bad.”

“So, how did ya convince your grandfather to allow you to come to the festival?” Kyo asked.

“MASTER ANDREW!” We all flinch at the booming voice.

Andy turns around and there’s a tall rugged looking man with pointed ears. His deep blue hair was slung over his broad shoulders in a braid and his dark gray eyes slung daggers in our direction. He was wearing the same type of clothing at Andy was. A dark blue kimono type top with the sleeves cut off and tribal tattoo sleeve up his left arm and another tattoo on his right shoulder. A black thin band wrapped around his waist and seems to blend into the dark blue Arabian style type pants that stop just above his ankles and open toed black sandals.

“Iniar,” Andy laughed sheepishly as the man walked over to us and towered over top of us.

“Wux re shafaer tsydani xarzith lae coi ui vur hak wux gethrisj sprinting stoda shafaer ve huena wux renthisj ekes wer headmaster,” This Iniar guy spews off and I stand there completely confused.

“Um…” I say completely confused, “What?”

“In short, he said I’m on thin ice as is and I shouldn’t have just run off like I did,” Andy sighed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“You do not need to explain our conversation to them, this is our conversation,” Iniar hissed at Andy.

“Then why are you speaking in English?” Iniar’s eye twitched at his statement.

“Kii tira wux rigluin ekes confnekess nomeno festival?” Iniar questioned in his pissed off tone.

“Because, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being stuck in the damn roost all the time. Besides, we were sending some members here anyway, and Gramps did say that if I passed my test I could go so,” Andy clicks his tongue and points his fingers at Iniar.

“Barely,” He hissed.

“Not just barely, thank ya. It was good enough that Gramps let me go. Would have been better if you didn’t have to come along,” Andy grumbled the last bit.

“Come on guys, don’t fight,” I step between the two of them and Iniar glares down at me.

“Get out of the way boy. Do not get in the way of two dragons,” He placed a hand on my shoulder and I put a hand up.

“I wouldn’t do that,” I smile up at him.

“What are you going to do?” He snickered.

“Well, I could do something, but I was more so talking about our boss,” I point back without looking back, “Mrs. Manson is not a fan of fighting. And you’re causing just that. Now, if you could take that bug out of your ass and actually come and enjoy the festival. It’s not that bad. Sometimes you need the fresh air.”

“I would also suggest not getting on any of their bad sides,” Mrs. Manson finally spoke up, “All these boys are prodigies of their specific element. And the boy that you have your hand on, is the water prodigy. I’m sure you’ve heard of what exactly his rare ability is.” Remind me not to get on her bad side, she’s very sadistic.

Iniar took his hand off my shoulder right away and scoffed, “Are you done here.”

“No, no I’m not. We’re enjoying our weekend here at the festival and I’m going to hang out with my friends. If you don’t want to be here, then go back home. I’ll just come back with Uma and Azias.”

“Fine, fine, see if I care,” Iniar stormed out of the café and it fell silent between all of us.

“So…that was fun,” I comment.

“He’s always an ass. He’s been like that Since I showed up at the roost,” Andy sighed and crossed his arms.

“Why?” Jay asks before I can.

“Because he thought that he was going to be the one to be the next head of the roost since everyone thought that my mother was dead. What he hates more is that I’m not a “Pure” dragon,” He used quotations when he said pure, “There’s a lot of the dragons in the roost that believe that I shouldn’t be allowed to be the next head of the roost.”

“What does your grandfather say?” Kyo asks him.

“He wouldn’t be training me so hard if he didn’t want me to be the next leader of the roost,” He said.

“Let’s not worry about that now. You were allowed to come for you to be able to relax for the weekend and have fun, right? The festival doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, but I’m sure that Mamma Manson wouldn’t mind having a dragon help us out for the rest of our shift,” Snowflake offered and looked over at Mrs. Manson.

“I don’t see why not. If you would like to that is. If not, you’re more than welcome to hang out,” She smiled sweetly.

“I’m not the best with people, but I’ll be happy to help out,” Andy respectfully declined.

But he does hang out with us for the rest of our shift. Once we’re done and we were told that we were allowed to have tomorrow off because she had some kids that wanted to start working. We were fine with that after how busy it was today. So, we all get changed and head out. It wasn’t too bad Andy was having a good time and he ended up spending the night with us. Tomorrows going to be a lot of fun. We all end up falling asleep quickly and we let Andy take the spare room. The morning came faster than I thought and before we knew it we were meeting up with Sasuke and everyone and making our way towards the festival.

“Now, I can call you a pipsqueak again and actually mean it,” Andy poked fun at Sasuke as we entered the festival.

“Haha, very funny,” Sasuke mumbles clearly not too thrilled with it.

“Come on guys, let’s just enjoy the festival,” Snowflake sighs and shakes his head.

“Besides, Sean and Harley will be announced at the prodigies of their elements today!!” Jay jumped happily.

“I question how well that’s going to go, to be honest,” I sigh a little.

“Don’t get so down. We’re all here to have some fun,” Nero comments.

We all agree to not let anything bother us and we go and have some fun. We do. All of us pitch in and get some things for Andy. The announcement went okayish. There was a lot of talking about us and thinking it was shit that I’m the prodigy because I’m not in the class and what not.

“Don’t listen to them,” Sasuke pats my back. I’m with Sasuke and Andy as the others went to go and get some food.

“You know better than ta listen to others like that. Prove them wrong,” Andy lightly punched my shoulder.

“I know, it’s just frustrating more than anything,” I sigh.

“You’ll prove them wrong,” Sasuke smiles at me, “Come on, let’s go and get something to eat too.”

“Yeah, I’m starving!!” Andy agreed and the three of us head off towards one of the stands that we mentioned earlier.

As we walk I notice a woman with long silver hair walk past us. I hear the ringing of a bell and I stop and turn around. There are a bunch people, and other races that are brushing past each other that I have no idea where the bell came from, “Yo, Sean, come on!” Sasuke yells at me.

“Coming!” I yell back and then turn back around and make my way over to Sasuke and Andy so we can keep going.

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