A Little Secret

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Is it Because of Me?

Chapter 6: Is it Because of Me?


The morning was just that, a morning. There’s not really anything special about my mornings. I mean today Mr. Carlson got me up and he took me back to school so I didn’t have to walk. Which I didn’t mind, it was really nice of him to do. I told him that I would come over on the weekend to see if they needed me to baby sit at any time next week. Considering that Mr. Carlson had off on the weekends I had those open.

It was around seven in the morning when I got back into the room. I had 50 minuets before class started so I figured that I could get my old clothes out of my bag and put them in my hamper. Andy wasn’t in the room so I figure that he’s taking a shower. The building on the left was the boy’s dorm and the building on the left is the girl’s dorms. There was a professor for each dorm to make sure that we didn’t get into trouble. That mad sense, didn’t need major fights breaking out and someone getting hurt.

I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste and went to the bathroom. There was a particular white haired boy though that was standing at one of the sinks and just shoved his toothbrush in his mouth.

“Good mornin’ snowflake.” I greeted giving him a light tap on the back. “I didn’t know you were staying in the dorms.” I glanced over to his mirror and saw that his eye twitched slightly. So did he really not like that nickname? It fit him with his white hair and whatnot. “So your hair is it naturally white or do you bleach it?” I asked curiously as I wet down my brush and put toothpaste on it. I like to be different from others even if it’s just a simple thing of if the toothpaste goes one before or after you wet down your brush.

He didn’t answer me he just continued brushing his teeth. “It’s just a question. It’s not like I’m going to hound you about it.” I mentioned shoving my own brush in my mouth.

Snowflake spit out the suds in his mouth and rinsed. When he looked up at me I leaned back slightly. He has really intense ice blue eyes, I wasn’t expecting that. “It’s natural. I would appreciate it if you stopped calling me snowflake. I’m not particularly fond of it.” He explained to me with a slight sigh.

“Why not, it fits.” I muffled out blinking a few times.

“Because you use it as a way to pick on me, and I’m not going to put up with it.” He answered picking up his stuff as I spit out the suds and rinsed out my mouth. “And if you are one of Sasuke’s friends start acting like it. Otherwise stay away from him.”

“Who are you to tell me to stay away from Sasuke. I’ll do whatever I damn feel like it, how’s that sound?” I cocked my head to the side looking over at him. Snowflake was as tall as I was so there really was no real way to intimidate him with my height. And then on top of it I had brown eyes I had nothing fierce about my eyes like Snowflake or Sasuke did. I didn’t have that broad of shoulders, but if I had my shirt off you could see that I wasn’t some pathetic shrimp either. I had muscle to me because of keeping up with swimming no matter where I ended up.

“How about you lose the attitude and you be the person Sasuke told me you can be. Stop this stupid “I’m tough” attitude because it’s not impressing anyone and it’s getting you in with the wrong people.” Toshiro said and took a step closer to me.

“Who are you to tell me who I can and can’t hang out with? It’s my life I’ll do whatever I damn well feel like.” I glared back at him holding my ground.

He sighed in frustration and slowly blinked as he looked away from me. “Look, if you don’t make up with Sasuke, one of these days he may just disappear with out a trace and you’ll probably never see him again. That’s how life is. If you really were one of his friends when you two were little try to make up with him. It sucks seeing him get all bent up over you being a dick to him.” Snowflake made his way towards the door and put his hand on the door and looked at me one last time before leaving the bathroom.

I don’t know what it is, but it feels like that was a warning. What’s going to happen to Sasuke? Was this kid going to do something to him? Should I try to get closer to Sasuke? WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS KID BUG ME SO MUCH?? “Ugh.” I huffed and snagged my toothpaste off the counter before storming out of the bathroom.

I put my stuff back where I always put it and shoved the rest of my books that I took out yesterday into my bag. What the hell is with that kid? Does he have some way to see into the future or something? Why am I even bothering to think about this? I sighed out in frustration as I heard the door open.

“Yo Sean I didn’ expect ta see ya back so early. I thought that I woudda been seein’ ya in class.” My roommate greeted as he closed the door.

“My forster father gave me a ride in so I got here a lot earlier then I thought I would be.” I answered trying to calm myself down as I zipped up my bag.

He slapped me on the back and I could smell on the chlorine on him. Did he have swimming practice this morning? I’m sure that he would have told me to join if there was one. He knows that I’m going to be trying out this winter. “What got your boxers in a bunch this mornin’?”

“It’s nothing I just didn’t sleep all that great last night.” I lied to him as I tossed my bag over my shoulder and looked at the clock. “Ya might want to hurry up with your gonna take a shower before classes start.” I mentioned to him noticing that he only had 20 minuets before the first bell went off.

He brought his arm up to his nose and sniffed. He laughed and rubbed the back of his head. “I probably should. I’ll see ya in class then.” He smirked and wandered over to his dresser and started pulling out clothes.

“Alright. I’ll see ya then.” I waved and headed out of the room. There was a fair bit of kids that walked, drove, and rode the bus to school already here. It was fairly simple to weave through all of them kids roaming the halls and make it to my locker and get ready for my first three classes. I have history right in the morning. He wasn’t too bad. I had gotten what we had to get done before school was over yesterday so I didn’t have to lug that big ass book to my foster parents house and then hope that I didn’t forget it when coming back today.

I was one of the first one’s into the class room. I took the same seat that I sat in yesterday which is the fifth seat in a six seat row. I also picked by the window, because I liked being able to at least stretch out one of my legs during class and there was more room between the wall and the desks in that row so people could go around my leg if they were going to the back of the class. It wasn’t long after one by one everyone started to come into the room. I noticed that Sasuke came in, but he looked lost in thought as he sat down in his seat. He was also in the row by the window, but he sits in the third seat.

I was tempted to ask him how his morning went, but I didn’t really know how to approach him after yesterday. And I don’t want it to come out as a sarcastic comment. Why is it getting really hot in here on top of it? It wasn’t that bad in here earlier.

“Is it hot in here? Geez who turned up the heater today?” I looked over to see Stevie fanning herself a bit.

“It was a nice temperature just a few minuets ago.” What sounded like Glen’s voice commented a bit unsure of what was going on.

“Sasuke open the window would ya?” Sam asked. I glanced over to see he was sitting on top of his desk top considering that they chair don’t tip back with the desks being connected to the chairs.

“Give it a rest, if ya can’t take the heat get outa the kitchen.” I spoke up and glared a bit at Sam. He was on the swim team and one of Andy’s friends that he was making me hang out with. I wasn’t too thrilled with the kids’ personality. He annoyed me quite a bit actually. “Hellllooooo, Sasuke, open the window already.”

“Oh, right, sorry.” Sasuke said as he got up and climbed up onto the ledge that was a window ceil and opened up one of the windows.

“Don’t fall now squirt.” I snickered which made my old friend roll his eyes in annoyance.

“Will you shut it Sean? Or is it too difficult for you to shut the big fat mouth of yours? Do you find entertainment in picking on others? Because I sure as hell don’t like it.” Sasuke hopped off the window ceil and stormed over to my desk. “Remember when you were the one being bullied? Remember when I stood up for you? So why the hell after all these years come back to this school district and just start rifling on your old friend? Is it because you’re bigger now? Is it because you think you’re stronger? Growing up just to pick on others should not be a life goal.” He snapped.

I was taken aback by him snapping at me and then a smirk crept its way onto my lips. If he wanted to get in my face because of my comment, then we’ll play this little game. “Oh so now do we think we’re some sort of hot shot because we were able to do some fancy tricks to get outa fighting with me?”

“No Sean I’m not a hot shot. You’re an idiot and apparently don’t know who your real friends are and are willing to push your old friends aside to be some big bad buffoon that doesn’t know his way out of a paper bag.” Sasuke retorted obviously pissed from what I just said to him.

“Hey cut it out you two.” Stevie the girl who was complaining about the heat in the room early warned us, but neither of us really paid attention to her.

“Yeah, do you want to be sent to the principles before we even start class.” Glen commented getting between Sasuke and me pushing us apart. “Sasuke your really hot.”

“Uah…what? E-excuse me?” I blush brushed lightly across his cheeks and bridge of his nose. His reaction made me snicker a little bit and he slightly glared at me for my snicker.

Stevie took the chance of me distracting Sasuke with my snicker and placed a hand on his forehead, “Glen’s right. You’re burning up Sasuke. Maybe you should go to the nurse.”

Sasuke shook his head quickly at all of us, “No, no I’m fine really. My mom and dad have always called me a personal body heater.” He laughed sheepishly pulling away from Glen and Stevie and waved at them a little as he laughed.

“But even so. I don’t think someone should be that hot. Are you sure you’re not sick?” Stevie asked and Sasuke put his hands up in front of him.

“I’m fine really. Thanks for being concerned though.” I rose an eyebrow at Sasuke when he smiled at Stevie. If he was really warm why wasn’t he going to the nurse? I mean ever when we were younger he was always warm…But if he’s as warm and she’s saying then there’s a problem.

“That’s enough of the commotion. Everyone sit down so we can get started.” Mr. Randal our history teacher said after setting his papers down and taking a drink of his coffee. “Morning class.”

“Morning.” I was one of the like half of the class that said good morning.

“Get out your homework from last night and get out your notebooks so I can check your notes that you were supposed to finish at home.” Mr. Randal stated and everyone did what we were told. Well all of us who had it done anyways.

If it weren’t for Glen and Stevie getting between Sasuke and I, we probably would have ended up throwing a couple of punches at each other. I don’t know what it is about Sasuke, but for some reason it’s like a small itch to just pick on him. It’s more so supposed to be harmless fun, but it’s not really going that way it seems. I should probably stop and try to easy off him. We were friends and it seems like Sasuke does want to try to be friends again. I guess with everything I’ve gone through since I’ve been away I’ve just started to take on the ass persona that I’ve had to put up with time and time again.

I was getting really bored in class. It kinda doesn’t help that I feel like Mr. Randal has a bit of a mono toned voice. I know he is trying to make history sound interesting, but I just couldn’t get my head to wrap around it. Finally, the bell rang and everyone was able to pick up and head out. Though there were only four minuets between classes that’s mainly why I bring my first few classes with me so I don’t have to fast walk anywhere.

“Watch your back Kaisai.” I commented still a bit cheesed about our bicker, what makes it worse is he’s looking at me with a really bored expression on his face.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, you were being an ass this morning” He responded.

“Language boys.” Dr. Fillmore said as she briskly walked past the two of us. She didn’t seem like that harsh of a teacher even though I don’t have her as a teacher in class. I have her as a study hall teacher though.

“Sorry Dr. Fillmore.” Sasuke apologized before I could and then he looked back at me. “Just stop being a jerk and we can go back to being friends like we were in elementary.”

“Why would I want to go back to being a pathetic kid? I’ve outgrown my old self, it’s time for you to grow up Sasuke.” I growled at him and accidently hit his books knocking them out of his hands before I turned around and left. It really didn’t mean to knock his books out of his hands it’s just when I get really annoyed and frustrated I start to talk with my hands.

I just went right to my AP English class and sat down at the table that was in the front by the door. My AP English class was a smaller class then the history class I’m in. I didn’t mind it though. Everyone was coming in a lot faster then for history class. Unfortunately, Sam was also in my AP class and he decided that we were best buddies and he needed to sit next to me. Thankfully Ms. Aras was able to keep him in line during class. When the bell rang for the end of class I left fairly quick to get to my art class because I didn’t want to deal with him.

I had this class with Sasuke. If I’m remembering right he sat slightly at a diagonal from me at the second table. But…he’s not here. There’s like a minuet left before class starts and he hasn’t come in. Elizabeth came walking in and from what I can hear she said that Sasuke went to the nurse’s office. So he really wasn’t feeling all that good this morning, that liar. I would go and see him, but he probably won’t want to see me. Not after this morning anyways. Class went by like normal though. Then I did my history homework in my study hall before going to back to the art room so I can continue to work on the watercolor we have to do for class. And now it’s time for lunch.

I don’t mind lunch, but it’s not really my favorite time. Andy, Sam, and Nick are all in the same lunch as I am. Along with Elizabeth, and Toshiro. I was about to go sit with Elizabeth and Toshiro so see if they knew how Sasuke was doing when I felt an arm drape over my shoulder.

“Sean what are you up to after school today?” Andy asked me as he pulled me towards where Sam and Nick were sitting.

“Um, other then homework, I may or may not go for a run later, why?” I questioned as I set my tray down before sitting down. I wasn’t getting out of this one so I might as well sit down.

“Dude why did you leave so quick after AP English?” Sam asked me before Andy can get a response out of Andy.

“I have drawing and painting after English and we were given a watercolor assignment so I wanted to get going on it.” I answered with a flat tone.

“What bug crawled up your ass today?” Nick rose an eyebrow at me.

“Give in a break guys he had to baby sit last night.” Andy defended me, which brought my attention back to him. “I was asking because we were thinking of going into town after school, ya know just ta kinda wonder before doin’ some homework.”

“Sure why not.” I agree. I already had my History done so it was English and whatever else I would be given in my Bio class, then I had gym for my last class. Bio Lab and Gym rotated with each other in my schedule so it wasn’t that bad.

“Awesome!” Andy smiled and then I kinda zoned them out as I ate lunch. Occasionally I would agree with whoever was telling me to agree with them on a debate that they were having, but I’m sure that it was stupid things that they were talking about, but I just didn’t really feel like paying attention to them.

When there was a little bit of time left before lunch was over I told them that I was going to go use the rest room. Toshiro and Liz were sitting by the door so I was able to catch a part of their conversation. So for some reason when Liz went to go check up on Sasuke he wasn’t in the nurse’s office? His dad was the principal for the time being so it wasn’t like he signed him out. At least I don’t think he did. Would he? But, Sasuke wouldn’t just ditch school…I don’t think he would anyways. Is it my fault that he left?

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