A Little Secret

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Is this Just a Game to You?

Chapter 62: Is This Just a Game to You?


Why will this feeling not go away? Ever since Sasuke left at lunch I’ve just had this sinking feeling.

“Hey, you alright Sean?” Abel asked bringing me back to the present.

I’m in the pool, well, I was standing on top of the water’s surface, but then fell in. I came up but I have yet to get out of the pool to start again. Swimming over to the edge of the pool and putting my hands on the edge I pull myself up and out of the water. “Honestly, no, ever since Sasuke left to go see dad today and told me he has to go alone, I’ve had this very bad sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like something really bad is going to happen.”

“Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen him at all. Normally I catch him at least once during the day,” I look up at Abel from where I’m kneeling on the edge of the pool.

It falls silent between the two of us and the sinking feeling only gets worse the longer I kneel here. I stand up and look directly at Abel, which makes him look at me, “Can we end practice early today. I need to go talk to aunt…I mean mom. Maybe she knows where they went.”

“It’s bugging you that much,” I nod, “Then yes, we’ll call it for today and have a longer practice tomorrow. You’ve already mastered this skill anyways.”

Thank you!” I quickly grab my towel and run to the locker room.

“No running Sean, you know better,” Abel yells after me before the door shuts.

“SORRY!” I holler back drying off my hair as I walk to my locker that I’ve been using.

I just dry myself off, not bothering to take a shower, I change out of my jammers, and back into my boxers and pants. Throw on my shirt and socks, toss my towel and jammers into my bag, grabbed my jacket, slipped on my shoes and ran out of the locker room. I put my jacket on before I made it outside and then put my backpack straps over both arms so I could run. The air is crisp and the sky is painted with multiple colors as I run towards the west entrance of the school grounds. It’s across campus, but it’s the closest entrance to get to the house. She’s normally home by now. I hope I’m right. I slip on the slush taking too sharp of a turn and almost tank it in front of a couple of other students. I hear them chuckle, but I don’t bother paying any mind to them as I get my footing flick my hand to get the slush off and keep running.

Running and slipping up the hill, since it’s cooling down and the slush is starting to turn into ice I make it up the hill and to the house. Putting my hands on my knees I catch my breath before standing up straight and opening the door. “MOM, YOU HOME?” I yell closing the door behind me.

“Yes dear, I’m in the kitchen,” She called back. She walked out of the kitchen with a towel in her hand, “What’s wrong? Did you run?”

I don’t bother taking off my shoes and put my hand on her shoulders, “Do you know where dad and Sasuke went?”

“Well, yes, they had to go see the elders, why?” She looks up at me confused.

“Because, I’ve been having a very bad sinking feeling all day. Ever since Sasuke left me to go to dad’s office during lunch.”

“Sweetie-” I cut her off.

“Mom, please, it’s not going to be okay. Sasuke’s been having break down after break down. He’s had them at least three times a week since my birthday. Please, can we go? I need to make sure Sasuke’s okay.”

“Sean, it’s only when someone is summoned that we’re allowed to go.”

“Sasuke was summoned, mom. I think that gives us the right to go.” I don’t want to sit around and wait. I need to make sure he’s okay. “I can tell that you’re just as worried as I am, please.” I look down at her and I can tell that she can see how concerned I am.

“Alright, we’ll go,” Mom sighed. Taking my hand off her shoulders she hands me the towel to clean up the floor that I soaked with my shoes. I take care of the floor as mom goes off into the house. She comes back wearing a nice light blue blouse and black slacks. Kinda what I see her wearing around the campus if I spot her.

“Thank you,” Mom snaps her fingers and a spiraling flame spins into a tight circle and then spreads out and forms into a swirling translucent looking thing that has the slightest red tint to it.

“Go ahead, and keep walking straight. I’ll be right behind you,” Mom said and I nod. Taking a breath, I walk into the portal and I get this weird stomach churning feeling when I walk through. This entire place is distorted and I can’t make anything out as I look around. I jump when I heard footsteps behind me. Mom came through the portal. “Come along dear.” She hooks her arm through mine and we walk together. “That’s right, this is your first time coming through a portal being conscious.”

“It is,” I nod as I continue to look around, “Why does it look like there are different openings to go down?”

“Those are only illusions. This is a dimension that is between ours and the other realms. It’s not like the dimension that a time elemental can make. They create their own rip in time.”

“So, can anything come into this dimension?” I ask.

“There are multiple different pathways in this dimension. The person who creates the portal has to have a place that they want to go in mind and stay focused on that target as the portal forms. Once that’s happened then you can pass through.”

“So, will the portal close once we leave it?”

“Mhm, the way in has already closed because I stepped in. It’s to make sure that no one can follow us in.”

“So, we can only go one way?”

“No, we can go back, there’s always a residue that is invisible to the naked eye. It remains where the entrance was created for about ten minutes or until we exit out of the other end of the dimension. Speaking of which,” I look away from mom to see the same transparent looking swirl quickly coming towards us.

We stepped out of the portal and entered into a dimly lit hallway, “Where are we, exactly?”

“We are in the hall of the Elders. At the very end of this hall is the room where the Elders have their meetings and oversee the academy and our town altogether. There are also other rooms that allow the elders to host the other leaders from different races. In other words, we’re in a very large mansion, but this mansion is half underground and half above ground.”

Our footsteps echo throughout the hall as we walk. “How many people know about the where about of the Elders?”

“Not too many. Only a hand full of people I believe, but I’m not positive on that answer.”

“Fair enough,” I mutter as a pair of stupidly tall, decretive doors dauntingly towers over us. We stop in front of the set of heavy as fuck looking, solid wood doors. “Is this really fucking necessary? I feel like they’re compensating for something.” Mom smacked me for my remark. “Ow, what?”

“Behave,” She hissed at me.

“Okay, okay,” I grumble rubbing the spot on my arm that she smacked. I jump when I hear something crash on the other side of the door. I don’t bother knocking and instead, I just grab the handle and push the door open. When I get, the door open enough for mom and I to get into the room I stop dead in my tracks. On the other side of the room, Sasuke kneeling on the floor and chained by black chains his mouth is open and he looks like he’s looking up at the ceiling. Standing next to Sasuke is Zen and a fox lady with lots of tails, I’m assuming she’s a kitsune spirit. Zen is holding a white and blue flame that has small orbs of different colors slowly wrapping around it in his hand. What’s going on? “What are you doing?” I mutter and my feet start moving forward. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO SASUKE? LET HIM GO!” I Scream and run across the room. I get stopped dead in my tracks when dad comes out of nowhere and grabs onto me.

“Sean, stop. We can’t interfere,” Dad says and holding onto me tight.

“Let me go,” I beg trying to pull away and get out of his grasp, but I can’t. I watch the kitsune pluck the colorful orbs away from the white and blue flame one at a time. Each time Sasuke’s body jolted as if he was in pain. “Please, let me gooooo.” I try to force and wiggly myself out of his grasp, but it doesn’t work.

“If we interfere while he’s under soul chain Sasuke will die,” Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. I hold onto his arm and bite my bottom lip.

I watch the woman pull the little orbs away from the flame. Why the fuck does she look like she’s enjoying herself while doing this? This isn’t right. If something happens to Sasuke while they’re doing this, I don’t care hold long it takes I’m going to kick the shit out of someone here. And Zen of all people, why would he do this? I thought we were friends. The final orb was a crystal blue orb that looked like the color that represents the water element, so all that’s left in Zen’s hand is the blue flame. Without wasting time, he brought the blue flame back to Sasuke’s body and he let it slide off his hand and it entered Sasuke’s mouth. Trailing his fingers down my brother’s throat and to the center of his chest he turned his hand as if he was locking a door and Sasuke suddenly gasped for air as the black chains disappeared and Zen lowered him to the floor.

Dad let me go and I ran the rest of the way across the room and dropped to my knees where Sasuke was laying on the floor, “He’ll be okay, it’s just an effect from soul chain,” Zen explains.

“I’ll be sure to have these elements be properly taken care of,” A woman’s voice said and I looked up to see the kitsune lady with a soft smile on her lips as she held onto the small orbs.

“Why did you have to do it? Why did you take them away from him?” I ask.

“Because he was a threat to the student body and to himself, there was no telling if he would just randomly snap one day in class and injure multiple people. The best option was to remove his moon element altogether and make him what he was supposed to be all along.” I looked up at a man who was the owner of the deep voice that just spoke. He’s the only other guy that I don’t know. Is this Gil’s dad? I remember him telling me that he was an elder when I asked him about it one day. But Gil didn’t seem to really want to talk about it.

“He wasn’t going to snap randomly in a class, it’s only when his body and mind are put under a fuck ton of stress that he would snap. And he was fucking workin’ on it damn it. He knew his limits and was having breakdowns less and less,” I glare up at Gil’s dad, “So you can fuckin shove your ideas right back up your mother-fuckin’ ass where they god damn came from.”

I got a reaction out of him and his eye twitched from my comment, “How dare you speak to an elder in that tone.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, let me go find someone who fuckin’ cares. You, sir, need to get whatever mother fuckin’ stick that has been shoved so god damn far up your fucking ass that you can’t see that he was trying and he has all of us as support so he knew that he was okay? No, you fuckin’ no questions asked or allow him to defend himself take away something that’s important to him. I hope that makes you fuckin’ happy asshole.”

Gil’s father stepped toward me and raised his hand. He swung it down toward me when dad showed up out of nowhere and grabbed his wrist, “You’ve done enough Xavier. You’ve already force one of my sons into the fate you wanted I’ll be damned if I allow it to happen again.”

Xavier clicked his tongue and glared at dad, “He’s not even your real son, why do you even care what I do to him.” My grip on Sasuke tightened and my heart pounded. Rage and anger boiling up within me. I gave Sasuke over to mom and stood up.

“Sean is my son and I will not have you disrespecting or harming anyone else in my family. I will not put up with it.” Dad threatens. I can feel the high tensions in the already thick air.

“Boys that is enough what’s done is done,” the lady with the bob haircut commented.

“Sean’s right, ever since you’ve become an elder, you’ve let the power go right to your head and you’ve become blind to everything else. Not even Gil wants to talk with you.” Oooooooohh, shit Dad just went there.

“I’ve had enough of this,” Xavier, clearly frustrated I felt like I was being forced down to the floor and I look over at dad and he’s struggling to stand to the point where his legs are shaking. What the fuck is going on? “You will respect me, John.”

“Stop this Xavier. They don’t deserve this,” Zen butted in and I looked over at him to see him starting to bend forward a bit. _It’s like a fucking invisible wall that’s pressing down on us.

“Xav-” The girl with the bob started.

“DON’T INTERFERE.” Xavier hissed.

I can’t stand up much longer. God, damn it. I put my hand up and focus on Xavier. Snapping my wrist up against the pressure it suddenly dissipated and I could breathe normally against. Bringing my other hand up I can now feel the blood flowing through Xavier’s body. I can feel the tension and him trying to fight back. I take a deep breath and keep my mind clear as I move my hands in a circle to force Xavier’s arms back down to his sides. “You need to take a chill pill and sadly snowflake isn’t here to make you one so this will have to do.”

“D-damn you. You’re just a punk, how the hell did you become the water prodigy?” He hissed at me.

“I was born to be the prodigy, there were just some bumps in the road getting here. As for knowing my rare ability already, thank Sasuke for that and the hours of studying and tests I had to take thanks to Chris.” I smirk a bit as I feel his heart pounding and the tension that he has in his joins and jaw. I’m sure it’s from how pissed off he is at me, “Besides, even when I couldn’t use any of my water element, I still broke the mold for those who were supposed to be elemental in the first place.” I force Xavier onto his knees and I glare down at him, “You fuck with my family and friends, you get to see my worst side, and let me tell you, you don’t fuckin’ wanna see what I have locked away from the world.”

“My, my, what a predicament. You humans sure do know how to make things interesting and entertaining,” I look over at the kitsune lady out of the corner of my eye. She doesn’t look threatening in the slightest, but there’s something that feels off. Something that I don’t like. Bells are going off in the back of my mind as she plays with the small orbs that lightly clink like glass marbles in the palm of her hand.

“Sean, let him go,” I look over at dad and he takes the step over to me and places a hand on my shoulder.

“But-” He put a hand up to stop me before I can even get started. Sighing I drop my hands and release Xavier from my blood control. “Can we leave, please. The air reeks of asshole whose ego has inflated to the point where it’s going to explode.” I turn on my heels and start back towards mom and Sasuke. She has Sasuke’s head resting on her lap as he sleeps soundly. “Help me get him on my back please,” I mutter getting down on one knee and grab Sasuke’s arms and pull him up so he’s up against my back.

“I shall take my leave as well. You all enjoy the rest of your evening,” The kitsune woman walked towards us and gently patted the top of Xavier’s with her free hand and brushed some of the girl with the bob hair cut’s bangs out of her eyes she walked halfway across the room before she disappeared. I look over at Zen when she leaves and he smiles sadly at me and mouths ‘I’ll talk to you later.’ I nod slightly and tighten my grip on Sasuke’s arms before standing up and bumping him up and then quickly grabbing his thighs.

“I don’t know your names, but sorry for this being how you get your first impression of me.” I look between the two ladies, then I look at dad as mom is now over to him and holding his hand. Glaring at Xavier once more while he glared right back at me and I could see that he wanted to do something, but he just clenched his fists and kept his mouth shut. “Later Zen.”

Mom and dad kept their voices low, but I could tell that they were saying their goodbyes as well. I kept walking and didn’t bother looking back. I just want out of this damn room. I feel Sasuke shift on my back after I leave the room and get a couple yards away from the big ass fancy as fuck doors that go into the fucking large ass room.

“Nugh,” Sasuke groaned in pain and exhaustion in my right ear.

“Sasuke?” I look at him turning my head just enough so I can see him better out of the corner of my eye.

“My chest hurts…everything hurts…” His voice cracks as I stop walking.

“I’m sorry,” I mutter and look away from Sasuke.

“That was extremely reckless what you did back there Sean.” I flinch a bit when I head dad’s stern voice and I turn around to see him with mom walking over to us.

“I know,” I answer, my voice practically a whisper and look down at the floor. I hear their footsteps come closer and then I see shoes come into view.

The weight of a hand is on my head and I look up to see dad smiling at me, “But, I’m proud of you.”

My eyes widen as I stare at him, “I could have easily gotten all of us in trouble. I don’t know what repercussions my stupid actions could have on any of us. Why are you proud of me? I was stupid for the way I acted.”

“If you stayed in line and let others push you around, you wouldn’t be you. You would be chained up by society and let yourself be imprisoned in the way the rest of the world wants you to be,” Rubbing the top of my head he slides his hand down so that it’s resting on my cheek, “The same goes for you Sasuke. I know you’re awake.”

“Doesn’t mean I wanna move,” Sasuke grumbles into my shoulder.

“I didn’t say you had to. You’re more than likely sore anyways,” uncl…I mean dad chuckled and lightly patted my cheek before moving his hand towards Sasuke’s head.

“You are our boys and nothing will ever change that,” Mom chirped happily, I look down at her to see her hugging dad’s arm with a sweet smile. “Now, how about the four of us head home. We’ll get Sasuke into a bath and Sean can work on his healing ability then we can decide what we want to do for dinner as a family.” She’s trying to keep us from thinking about what just happened. I smiled softly down at her.

“Can we have pineapple pizza for dinner?” I ask as we walk.

“Eww, no, pineapples do not belong on pizza,” Sasuke protested.

“Of course, it does! It brings a sweet flavor to the pizza!” I laugh. Is Sasuke really going to be okay? Is he just a fire elemental now? There are so many questions I wanna ask. I know there is really nothing that I can do to change what happened.

“No, we should have something other than pizza anyways. We just had that two days ago.”

“But that was different. That was for movie night.”

“Exactly, I really don’t want pizza that close together.”

“Fiiiinnnneee,” I sigh heavily and bump Sasuke a bit to adjust my grip on his legs.

Mom giggled at mine and Sasuke’s bantering as dad made a portal for us to head back. We were all quiet going through the portal and we ended up back in dad’s office. The room was dark, but from how dim the light in the portal was, my eyes quickly adjust to the darkness and the faint moonlight that’s peeking through the shades.

“What time is it even? We weren’t there for that long, were we?” I ask turning around to look at mom and dad.

“Time moves differently there. I’m sure that you felt how heavy the air was correct?” Dad spoke first.

“Why?” I ask as I let Sasuke down, but he still leaned on me just to stay up.

“Because it’s a sacred area, and Shi Wang is also there.”

“Shi Wang? I didn’t see anyone else in the room when we came in, though,” Sasuke comments.

“You both noticed a door that was behind the desk correct? That’s where he is. Shi Wang is reaching his limit.” I stare at dad and blink slowly.

“Um…” I start.

“Shi Wang, he is a time elemental love. He’s the second time elemental. Chris was the third and John is technically between the third and fourth, with him being a moon elemental but also having time as his base element,” Mom explained to us.

“But…I thought that time elementals could only live for a thousand years?” Sasuke points out.

Dad nods and crosses his arms, “That is true, but with the help and convincing of father time, he was able to extend his time until the prodigy of the time element was born once again and trained to be able to take on the responsibilities of Amoura itself.”

The pressure in the room becomes heavy. How long has this been going on? Why does the fate of this world rest in the hands of a time elemental? Weren’t the dragons, elves, fairies, everything here before we were? So why? Why is it up to Chris to take on the burden of the world? Just what does it mean? What the fuck is going on with us elementals? Amoura? Everything! “Go take care of Sasuke and decide what you two want to do for dinner,” Mom states in a serious tone.

“But,” I start and dad holds up a hand, “Later Sean.”

I bite my bottom lip and look down at the ground, “Let’s go,” I mutter to Sasuke adjusting my grip that I have on his wrist.

I help Sasuke walk out of the office and we slowly make our way to the stairs and take them one step at a time. I got him to his room first so he could sit down on the bed. “How are you feeling? Everything still hurt?”

“Mostly my chest hurts, and my body feels like I’ve run a marathon with how tired I feel,” He answered, “You didn’t happen to get to a star elemental when uncle was making you study Basic of The Elements did you?”

I shake my head, “No. I think it was one of the next ones I was going to work on, along with magnetic, and spirit,” I answer.

“Ah, dad’s probably going to get on your ass to finish that and learn the rest of the elements,” Sasuke chuckled at me, “I asked because I was wondering if you knew exactly what they were doing to me.”

I shake my head, “No. I know that Zen was holding a bright blue flame and there were a bunch of little orbs that were floating around it. All the orbs that were present had a different color to them. Then the kitsune spirit lady was pulling them away from the fire.”

Sasuke looked down at his lap and the grip of his hands tighten on each other. His arms shake and he takes in a deep breath, “So…I’m just the first prodigy now.” I put a hand on his back before pulling him into me and hugging him. His entire body is shaking in my arms and I he takes a sharp breath in. He starts crying. I don’t know what to say to him. This is my fault. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to make it up to him. What can I even do to help other than hug him and wait for him to calm down? I just sit there with him and rub his back as he cries into my shoulder. It’s just something that he needs to let out. He doesn’t show anything bothering him in front of everyone else really. This is the least that I can do for him.

We sit there for a couple of minutes before he starts to calm down and his sobbing turns into hiccups. He pulled away and wiped his tears away from his face. “You okay?” I ask and he nods as he sniffles and hiccups. “Let’s get you into some swimming trunks and I’ll start some water up and we’ll get you relaxed okay?” He just nods again and I pat his back before standing up and going toward his door. I look back at him. “It’ll be okay. Think about what you want to do for dinner wither we’re going out or staying in as a family.”

“Okay,” His voice cracked before I left the room and went to the bathroom and got the tub set up and water started. I stand up and sigh a bit. Pulling out my phone I notice that I have some messages. Unlocking the screen and going into our group chat for our group of friends I look at what I’ve missed.

Jay: Hey! Has anyone seen Sean or Sasuke?

Snowflake: I haven’t seen Sasuke since this morning now that you mention it.

Aaron: I know that Sean told me, him and Sasuke were going to have lunch at the cafeteria today, but I didn’t get a chance to go. But I didn’t see Sasuke in our piano class today.

Nero: He wasn’t in history today either.

Gil: I know that Sean had to do his extra lessons with Abel today. Does anyone have his or Torin’s number? Maybe he’s still there.

Nero: No good, I just asked Torin if he’s seen either of them. He said that Abel told him Sean was worried about Sasuke so he asked to cut lessons early and raced home.

Kyo: Yo!

Jay: Ky-Ky, have you seen Sasuke or Sean?

Kyo: I haven’t, I know that I saw Sasuke heading in the direction of the headmaster’s office today around lunchtime, though if that helps.

Harley: One of them must have their phone on them then.

Snowflake: Possibly on silent for Sasuke if he’s with his father.

Kyo: Makes sense for that. But what about Sean?

Jay: He normally keeps his on vibrate. It’s like he doesn’t like the cat text tone I put on his phone or something.

Gil: It made him fall off the couch when he was sound asleep when it went off. How could he not want it on sound anymore after that?

Nero: Guys c’mon focus here.

Aaron: Sean, come on Sean!! You can answer your phone, right? It’s had to of gone off enough times from us messaging in the group chat.

Snowflake: He could have the chat on silent from classes and just forgot to turn it back on.

Harley: No, that’s not like him. It’s a habit for him to turn his phone back on vibrate when classes are over for the day. Something’s wrong. I can feel it.

Aaron: We should go searching for them then. Maybe their parents know where they are.

Kyo: If we run around like chickens with our heads cut off looking for them we’ll get absolutely nowhere.

Aaron: That’s why I suggested we go to their parents.

Gil: It’s not going to work. They went with their parents.

Harley: What did you see Gil?

Gil: It’s not good.

Snowflake: What happened? What’s going to happen? Gil, don’t keep us in the dark.

Gil: This isn’t something that I can’t say. It’s not my place.

Kyo: C’mon man just tell us.

Nero: How are we supposed to say it’s okay with you just goin’ oh I know but I’m not gonna tell ya?

Gil: I didn’t say it like that Nero -_-

Snowflake: Gil, please…

Gil: Sasuke’s not going to be the same when they get back.

Nero: What the fuck man? What does that fucking mean?

Snowflake: It’s not what I think it means is it?

Gil: Possibly yes.

Jay: NO

Aaron: TwT Why????

Gil: I’m sorry, I didn’t see that much oTL

Harley: It’s not your fault.

Snowflake: All we can do is wait.

Should I text the group back? If I do then they’ll be blowing up both our phones and probably rush over. And right now, I don’t think that’s what Sasuke really needs. I need to get him to relax. But I need to let them know at least.

Hey guys. We’re back. Sasuke’s in a bit of rough shape. Please don’t blow up his phone and let me get him to relax first. He needs to adjust.

It didn’t take long at all for one of them to respond back to me. Harley: What happened exactly?

He’s not a moon elemental anymore.I have to go the bath is almost full and I have to heal Sasuke. I’ll talk to you guys later. I put my phone back in my pocket. Leave the water running and go back to Sasuke’s room. He’s sitting on his bed in his swimming trunks, so he at least did change like I asked him to. I walk up to him and put my hands on my hips, “Mom and dad come up to see you?” He nodded his head and it stays silent between us. I stick out my hand to him and he looks up from his lap and at me. His crimson red eyes look so dull and dead like he’s exhausted. He’s got bruises and dried blood where cuts should be all over him. “Well come on. Don’t make me pick you up and carry you. I’ll do it too, you know I will. I won’t let you fall into a spiral just like I will never let you drown. Now come on, take my hand and stand. You can lean on me to get to the bath.”

He took my hand and I pulled him up off the bed, “Thank you,” He muttered quietly while he used me as a brace to help him to the bathroom. I helped him into the tub and got him to relax in the water. Well, almost completely relax. I can tell water still doesn’t sit well with him. But he’s getting a lot better. “Now, don’t complain if this takes a while Abel just started working with me on healing.”

Sasuke didn’t answer me and I sigh a bit before getting to work. The water glowed a pale blue-green like crystals were reflecting off it. The glowing moss that provides the light in the house dims a bit from the glow of the water. In a way, it makes it a bit more relaxing in the bathroom. I can tell that Sasuke is starting to relax as well. His shoulders are slumping a bit more and he actually closed his eyes and took a slow deep breath.

“The water feels like it’s getting cold,” Sasuke finally spoke up.

“Then you warm it up yourself. You have the body heat of three people combine,” I answer and I make him chuckle. “So, start producing some heat.”

“Do you want me to boil you out of the room?” He opened his eyes and looked over at me. I can tell already that this is helping. He’s starting to get some life back in his eyes.

“Good luck with that. You’ll boil yourself out of the tub before that,” I snicker at him.

“Not if I get out of the tub and hug you and not let go,” A smirk spread across his lips.

“Remember where you are right now. You’re flumped down in my element. I will dunk you in the water.”

“I’ll evaporate all your water.”

“Then you’ll cause steam, which is still water just in a gas state.”

“Yes, do you have a hard time controlling it.”

“Well played sir. Doesn’t mean I can’t condense it back to its liquid state, though.”

“So, I’ll make it a dry heat.”

I’ve stopped with the healing water and put my hand on my knee as Sasuke and I stared each other down. The corner of my mouth twitches and I can’t stop from smiling and then it turns into laughing. This causes Sasuke to laugh with me. He pulls a hand out of the water and steam lifts off his skin as the water evaporates. “How do you feel? Any tightness or sore spots I missed?”

“Unless you can fix my pride, no, I feel pretty lose and I don’t feel sore anymore. Thank you,” His smile fell slightly.

“One step at a time man. First food, then pride. Besides, I don’t think you have anything to have your pride hurt about. I’m sure you did your damndest while you were there. If I could have been there from the start I would have backed you up.”

“Thank you. I really appreciate it.”

“You don’t have to thank me. Now, did you think about where you want to eat?”

“What time is it?”

“Um…” I pull out my phone and click the power button to light up the lock screen. I also have seven messages, which I’m assuming is from the group chat, “It’s quarter after eight.”

“Damn. I was hoping that Momma Manson would still be open, but I can’t justify going there when it’s so close to them closing for the day. The time difference between the Elder’s place and everywhere else really messes with your sense of time.”

“It really does. I mean, if dad can teleport us there then we can make I in no time flat and still do it if you want. Yeah, we’ll get scolded from Momma Manson, but it’ll be worth it” He really wants to go.

“Well,” I stand up off my stool and grab him a towel, “Then finish drying off and get changed. I’ll let mom and dad know where you want to go to eat.”

Sasuke catches the towel and nods, “Thank you.”

“For what? I didn’t do anything,” I look at him confused.

“You’ve done more for me then I would have asked for.”

“I’m your older brother, it’s what I’m supposed to do,” I pick up the stool and put it back between the sink and the cabinet. “No get dressed before I go and pick out what you’re wearing to dinner. And It’ll be the cheesiest fucking thing I can possibly find out of your clothes.”

“That’s not fair. You better not or I’m going to like a fire under your ass,” He protests and puffs out his cheeks like a child. I walk back over to the tub and reach into the water and pull out the plug in the train. Setting the plug down I hold my wet hand up and flick the water at Sasuke’s face. It hit his face and sizzled like a hot frying pan.

“Get dressed,” I smirk and head out of the bathroom.

I wander downstairs and mom and dad are in the living room, “Hey.” I announce my presence in the room.

“All finished?” Mom asked looking up from the book she was reading.

I nod and walk over to the couch, “Sasuke wants to eat and Momma Manson’s café if that’s okay.”

“’Yes, that’s fine dear,” Mom answered with a smile. “I’ll give her a call and make sure it’s okay if we come for dinner.”

“Thanks,” I return her smile before she stands up and picks up her phone off the coffee table and walks out of the room.

“It’s going to take some adjusting. Don’t let him over do it for matches and training outside of classes,” Dad comments.

“I will if you answer my question from earlier.” I stand up straight and it becomes quiet between the two of us.

“I’ll explain things later Sean,” He answered and I sigh heavily with a loud and annoyed groan, “When both of you have the time, I’ll sit down with both of you and answer questions okay?” His golden eyes intently staring back at me. There’s a mixture of emotions I can tell that there’s a lot running through him right now. He has that uncertain look in not only his eyes but his expression as well.

“Fiiiiiinnneee,” I whine loudly and turn on my heels and walk out of the living room and go to the living room to get a drink. He looks so confused and like he’s trying to sort things out in his head. Mom’s probably the only one who can get dad to talk, though so, it’s probably best that I don’t push him and try to get him to tell me what’s wrong. I feel like I know what’s wrong and it’s because he was only allowed to stand by and watch as Sasuke had the rest of his elements taken away from him. It’s probably worse than the feeling that I was getting and mom and I came in while he was under soul chain. I can only imagine what Sasuke had to go through and dad wasn’t allowed to interfere. Then I have so many questions that I want to ask Zen. But he said that he would talk to me later, so just maybe I’ll get more explanation as to what exactly happened and why he used soul chain on Sasuke. Ugh, my head hurts. Now’s not the time to be getting all worked up. I need to stay positive for Sasuke. He’s the one that needs it right now.

“Sean!” Sasuke’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts as I turned around with a cup against my lips to see him standing in the doorway to the kitchen completely dressed and with his shoes on, “Hurry up, we’re about to head out.”

I nod and down the rest of my water, place my cup in the sink and speed walk out of the kitchen, and to the door and throw my shoes on. The four of us then head out to go and get dinner at momma Manson’s café. Everything should calm down in a day or two. So, we’ll see what happens.

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