A Little Secret

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Times Like This is Why I Have Friends

Chapter 63: Times Like This, is Why I Have Friends


One a level that I can’t comprehend…Mr. Reis’s strength when he brought out his soul weapon…it increased what felt like tenfold. And why did his outfit completely change for that matter? Is it from training so much with one’s soul weapon it upgrades not only the strength of the weapon but changes their outfit as well? No, because if that was the case then dad would also have the same thing every time he activated his soul weapon. So, what could it be? Where did I go wrong? Not even my rare ability could withstand him on top of whatever the hell was going on with him. Squatting on top of the pole in the backyard, I overlook the pond as the ice slowly melts in the early spring heat. It’s been two weeks since I lost my moon element and have been strictly placed at the fire elemental prodigy.

“There you are,” A familiar voice of my snow-white haired best friend came from behind me.

I hum and look over my shoulder as I see him, Sean, Harley, and Nero running up the hill in the backyard. Standing up I spin myself around so I can look down at them from my position on the pole, “Why the fuck weren’t you answering your phone?” Sean asks sounding a little out of breath. All of them are a bit out of breath actually.

“I left it in the house because I didn’t want it falling into the mud. Sorry,” I answer and get down off the poll and land on the soft ground. “What’s up?”

“We were worried about ya, and you weren’t answering your phone so we came looking for you,” Nero stated.

“We just don’t want yoos to be alone,” Harley added.

“We all know how you get when something goes wrong. On top of it, you’ve been quiet and distant since that day. We can help. We want to make you smile genuinely and make you happy.” Shiro’s voice was the same as his expression. He was so determined with being concerned about me. He really wants me to be happy.

“I can tell just by that look on your face. You’re replaying what happened with Mr. Reis, right?” Sean hit the nail on the head and I look down at my feet. “Do you want to tell us about it? You haven’t said a thing about the meeting with them and how it leads up to you getting your moon element taken from you.”

I look up at the four of them and they all have the same expression. I sigh a little. There’s no way I can say no, I’m fine now. “Mom and dad aren’t home. I’ll make everyone tea or if you want something else let me know.”

“That’s not what I said Sasuke,” Sean crossed his arms.

“I know. I’ll tell you what happened after I make the tea,” I look at him and let my shoulders drop.

“If that’s the case, would you happen to have chamomile tea in the house?” I jump like a cat who was just startled from focusing on something for so long and end up clutching to Shiro who happened to be the closest thing to me when I jumped. I look over my shoulder and Zen is smiling sweetly at me with his hands behind his back and his head tipped to his left and smiling sweetly like he did nothing wrong.

“What was that for?” I ask in a panic.

“Well, I wanted to see how you were doing and I did promise that I would come and talk to Sean, so…” He continued to smile.

“Ya know, when someone says we’ll talk later it normally means later that day, not two weeks later,” I look over at Sean and he has his arms crossed with a scowl on his face.

“I got caught up in a few things, sorry about that,” Zen laughed sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Shall we head inside then?” I look at Shiro and realize I’m still holding onto him so I let go and nod.

Everyone follows Sean and me into the house. Shiro helps me get the water on for the tea and Sean grabs a cup of water. Once the water was hot we bring out the cups, honey, spoons, tea packs, and kettle to the living room and set it down on the coffee table. I poured the water into the cups and everyone picked what tea they wanted. While the tea bags were soaking we all settled down in a spot. I was sitting on the couch between Zen and Sean, Nero and Harley were sitting on the love seat while Shiro sat in the recliner.

“Before we get started you mind me checking up on you to make sure everything’s okay?” Zen asked me and I nod a little. He places a hand on the center of my chest and took a slow breath in and as he exhaled I felt a different kind of warmth from my own spread through my body making me relax more. The feeling faded when Zen pulled his hand away. I look him in the eyes and he smiles at me. “It looks like your body has completely accepted the switch and it seems a lot more at ease. Internally anyways. Your muscles are tense and I can tell you yourself are taking this hard.”

“I break eye contact with him and look down at my lap, “I’m trying to logically figure out what Mr. Reis did in order to get such a surge in power when he brought out his soul weapon,” I answered truthfully.

“That’s because his soul weapon has been upgraded to a spirit weapon,” Zen answered picking up his cup from the coffee table and holding it in his hands gingerly.

“Spirit weapon?” Harley speaks up first.

“The spirit weapon is when an elemental who has a soul weapon goes to the spirit world and seeks out their spirit animal. Once they’ve met the spirit animal creates a trial for their elemental to pass and if they pass the trial then they will merge with you and combine with your soul weapon to strengthen you and your soul weapon,” Sean explains and I look at him amazed and he shrugged. “What? Do you realize how many times I read that book that your dad left behind?”

“Uuuhh, no, no I don’t,” I answer.

“At least twenty, if I don’t know that book forwards and backward and upside down then that’s just sad,” He chuckled, “I had a fair bit of time to read it and take notes.”

“Fair enough,” I smile back at him.

“You are quite right Sean. Though, it’s not that anyone can go to the spirit realm. There are only two options. They must be chosen to by a spirit or by the spirit realm itself. Then you will be given a max of forty-eight hours to decide. At the end of the forty-eight hours, the portal will open if you have chosen to take up the trial or never appear. There must be no doubt in you that you want to take this trial,” Zen explained to all of us, “Us elders can do nothing to innate the trial nor can we interfere.”

“Really?” Nero asked with a raised brow.

Zen nodded in response, “If you decide to not take up the trial will it be offered to you again?” Shiro inquired before taking a sip of his tea.

“That, I don’t know. It may, or may not. Myself personally have yet to be offered the trial. Even being a prodigy it doesn’t mean that we will be chosen to take the trial. I think that the spirits and the spirit realm are very picky considering great power comes great responsibility and those who are given an even greater power such as a spirit weapon could potentially lose control of themselves.”

“Why is it only Mr. Reis that has a spirit weapon then?” I question out of curiosity.

“He’s not the only one that has it. There was one more who took the trial that I’ve heard of and actually watch over.” I sit up straight at his response.

“Who?” Harley spoke the unspoken question we all had. I have a feeling I kinda know…

“His name is Jaden Wang. He was born long before I came around that’s for sure. He was actually around when headmaster Kaisai was a kid. He and his brother looked up at him like an older brother. From what I was told by the first-time elemental Jaden was offered the trial and he took it without hesitation. But when he came back from it he was breaking down and losing control. In fear of hurting the ones, he loved the last earth prodigy, fire prodigy, his father, and a spirit placed him in an amber crystal. The spirit then placed a curse on the amber where it will not release him until his has complete control of his powers once more and can keep his spirit weapon under control. He will not age, or lose time on his lifespan while encased in the amber, until the day he can return to society and live life once more. To this day Jaden is still within the amber and hidden from everyone else,” Zen spoke in a quiet tone, “He’s in the room that branched off the room that’s behind where we sit as elders. I have to check up on him every day to make sure that he’s still alive. I’m not a sight elemental so I cannot peer into his mind to see how he’s doing.”

“Wouldn’t Gil be able to do that then? Being the prodigy of sight?” I spoke up.

“Gil hates his father, you know that,” Sean spoke up.

“I know, but it’s not like he would have to deal with him if Zen is the one keeping track of him,” I comment.

“What about the first time elemental?” Harley stated.

“Yeah, ain’t time elementals suppose to kick the bucket after one thousand years or somethin’ like that?” Nero added on. “On top of that if he’s the first and still kickin’ how are we supposed to know when time elementals actually die and know the timeline for their offspring and what not?” I glance over at Zen to see him smile.

“They are yes, that is very true,” But it seemed like he wasn’t done with his statement, “And your right, he’s not the first. He’s actually not even a prodigy as you all should know it is headmaster Kaisai’s twin brother Chris who is the prodigy of the time element. It is actually very strange and he was cursed at a young age. When he first came to Amoura it was during the day of reckoning. And when I say a young age I mean he was under the age of one hundred when he came here. He actually followed a spirit into their portal and when he was discovered they cursed him. That he must suffer in this world as the one who sets the flow of time until the next day of reckoning.”

“Then what happens after that day?” I asked.

“Then he can rest in peace as his soul will forever be one with Amoura and the elders and guardians will guard him forever more. It is a never-ending curse for his soul will not be allowed to go back into the chain of rebirth. It’s also why the room that we sit in feels so different and the hair feels heavy to those who first step foot in the room. Even with not being the prodigy he is still a very strong time elemental.”

“Why was he given such a harsh curse just for simply having his curiosity get the better of him?” Shiro asked.

“I, honestly have no idea why. It was never something that I was ever told and I think it is a part of his curse that he can’t tell a soul why it is that he got such a terrible curse placed on him. But he accepted it and has been going strong.”

“Wither you accept it or not, a curse is a curse,” Sean comments with some frustration in his tone.

“That is quite true,” Zen agreed with his soft smile.

“What about Jaden? Do you think he’ll ever wake up?” I ask trying to change the subject a bit.

“Maybe, there’s no real way to tell,” Zen shrugged.

“Could Gil be able to give it a try?”

“That’s true, maybe he could look into his head and see how the progress is going?” Shiro offered as an option.

“Could he make it through that amber though?” Harley points out.

“It doesn’t hurt to try,” Sean added in.

“But it’s up to him if he wants to do it. I’m sure he doesn’t want to see his dad as much as he can help it,” Nero comments leaning back in his seat.

“Gibert’s already told the rest of us that he does not wish to go to the elders unless it is a dire matter. He’ll do his duties with Aaron that the sight and sound prodigies have always done, but other than that he does not wish to see the council,” Zen answered our questions and statements.

It fell silent once again as we sat there in the living room. “Hey Zen,” I speak up. He hums as his cup is on his lips, “Why did you choose to be an elder?”

He finished his drink and set the cup back on the coffee table before speaking, “Well, I didn’t so much choose to become an elder as I was chosen to be one. There’s a rotation for elders, I think it’s every couple hundred years and then four new elders are chosen. The guardians are the ones that chose the new elders, as to why I was chosen, I’m assuming it was to counterbalance Xavier’s stubborn and overbearing personality and his jumping to conclusions without hearing the full story to things.”

“Why the fuck was he even chosen then? That’s fuckin’ ridiculous,” Nero retorted and it made Zen chuckle.

“Your guess is as good as mine. I’m going to assume it’s because he can make the harsh decision that the rest of us don’t want to make. But if we all agree on something then we are bound to our word. Just like what happened with Sasuke losing his moon element and being stuck with being the fire prodigy. But, I did not know that Xavier was going to be that pig-headed and force you into your rare ability and make you snap,” He sighed heavily and ran his fingers through his hair, “Me and the girls agreed to it because we could see how much you were improving and we knew that you would be able to push through. You have pride and confidence, it just happened that Xavier was the breaking point, and him bringing out his spirit weapon was uncalled for.” He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back on the couch and frustration, “Then on top of is he had the nerve to ask Lady Esmerelda to come to the meeting, making sure that I would be forced to use the other half of my ability instead of simply sealing your other elements and giving them back to you one at a time. I hate that man so much, he gets on my nerves and I can’t stand being in the same room as him, just like Gilbert I want to teach him a lesson, but I know he’s much stronger than I am and my element isn’t for fighting. Being pleasant with that man is very difficult when you want to rip him a new one about his attitude.”

“I’m so sorry you have to work with someone like that,” Shiro said quietly.

Zen sighed heavily, “It’s none of your faults, I shouldn’t be complaining about it either. He just rubs me the wrong way and I always feel like he’s up to something, but I can never figure out what because he doesn’t do anything that sets off alarms to anyone or anything else.”

“Who knows, what will happen. The best thing is to just keep an eye on him without looks suspicious,” I mention, “There’s nothing else that really can be done.”

“Sadly,” He sighs heavily and looks up at the ceiling.

“If there’s anything else that we can do you know that you can come talk to us or summon us,” Shiro offered to him. Zen lifts his head from the back of the couch and smiles at him, “I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for the support.”

We moved onto different topics and told Zen how we were doing in our classes. He seemed to relax and whatever extra tension that was in him went away. Mom and dad came home and joined in for the conversation. They convinced Zen to stay for dinner, but Sean, Shiro, Nero, Harley, and I all decide to head out since it was movie night and it was mine and Sean’s night to cook for everyone for the movie.

“What do you guys want for dinner anyway?” Sean asks as we walk down the hill as a group.

“Hmm,” Shiro hums as he crosses his arms.

“Can we have that homemade mac and cheese that your mom taught you how to make?” Nero asked me, “That shit is fuckin’ fantastic!”

“That does sound really good right now actually,” Shiro agreed.

“I’m down for that,” Harley nodded in agreement with the two of them as well.

“Do you guys have everything we need to make it?” Sean asked me as I crossed my arms over my chest and looked up towards the evening sky. I think so…”

“No, we’ll have to go and pick up more noodles since we don’t really have the time for making them. I had the last box of shells the other night when I made the tuna mac salad to go with the fish we were having.” Nero spoke up.

“Other than that, we should have all the cheese still since you were planning on making the mac and cheese either this week or next week anyway,” Shiro added in for reassurance.

“That’s not bad then. So, a quick trip to the store then we can go back and start working on dinner.”

“Is it in our dorm or yours tonight?” Harley questioned and I locked eyes with him for a moment.

“It’s in our dorm tonight,” I answered with a smile.

“Sounds good,” He nods.

“It’s not that they care if we have shit scattered everywhere. We’re all working on tests and shit anyways,” Sean chuckles as we take a left when we get down to the bottom of the hill instead of continuing on straight towards the school grounds.

“That’s true,” Harley mumbled and looked down at the ground. I pat his back so he looks up.

“Don’t worry about it really. We would honestly help clean things up a bit to make sure that no one’s work would get damaged or anything like that. It was our turn to have the movie night at our dorm in the first place so that’s why all of us have been trying to keep the dorm clean. Otherwise, it was a huge ass mess,” I chuckle. With it being mid-terms week we all have projects for our classes or were studying for tests and have everything everywhere. My room looks like a bomb went off with books and clothes scattered about and hanging off everything they can hang on. But, no one was going in my room anyways so I can just clean it after mid-terms or between breaks when I can go back to the dorm for a bit.

We head to the store and grab more boxes of noodles than we really need to make the mac and cheese just so we have extra in the house. It’s at the point where for the week it kinda fends for yourself unless you feel like making food for everyone type of week. We also grab more fruit and veggies since we all make our own little snacks with them and we always run out of them quickly.

“For us we have a list and we rotate on which two go to the store to pick up everything,” Sean comments and I look over at him as he has his hands behind his head and he’s leaning back on his right foot as he watches the three of us pick out everything we may need for the week”

“We all should probably go tomorrow though just to make sure that we have everything for the week that we’ll need and we can get extra snacks that everyone likes,” I overheard Harley talk to Sean as Shiro was putting apples and oranges into our basket.

“True, we should do that just because of it being midterms and what not,” Sean grumbled and I chuckle a bit.

“Okay, I think we should have enough,” Shiro mentions and we all head up to the registers and pay for what we grabbed. Exchanged the basket for a paper bag and then we went back to campus and to our dorm.

Sean and Harley went back to their dorm for a bit so they could come over with Jay, Aaron, and Gil. Kyo and the twins were cleaning up the dorm a bit when we walked in. After putting things away and double checking to make sure that we had everything for the homemade mac and cheese I joined in with the cleaning up everything and getting it ready.

Once they came over Sean and I went to the kitchen and started working on dinner as everyone else chose the lineup of movies we were going to watch for the night. Since Sean got here and he has all his anime we’ve been rotating Saturdays between Disney and anime. Tonight, was an Anime night, so Sean brought over a backpack full of anime and told everyone to have at it since we finished Soul Eater the past anime movie night. We continue to pop in and out of the kitchen to answer questions. Well, mostly Sean does because the back of the box explanations weren’t enough for everyone and they wanted to know more about the anime.

When they finally decided on K Sean was able to give his full attention to helping me finish up with the mac and cheese. When it was done, they paused the anime and all came and got something to eat. We ate and watched K. Hale and Tate were always commenting on what they thought was going on in the underlying of the anime and occasionally we would pause and overload Sean with questions about things and he would either answer the question, laugh, or tell us to just keep watching. We cranked out the twelve episode first season with skipping the opening and ending after watching them once and we watched the movie that’s technically the second season to it K The Taken Kings. We wanted to hop right into the next season of the anime, but we all decided against it because of how it was almost two in the morning and we all needed to study and clean, and Sean had extra lessons with Abel on top of studying.

Nero was also working with Torin and sharpening his skills with his element. Harley had his extra lessons with Mr. Snyder. When his teachers realized, he was going through the motions of learning things much faster than the other students they talked with dad and dad pulled him out of the classes and asked Mr. Snyder to teach him so he could have one on one training and someone and not have the other students start complaining. Both Harley and Sean are going to get the same treatment that we all got when we did while taking our basic’s exam with the class, but there was nothing that we could do to help them with it. Mrs. Snyder has been helping Harley with his accent since he made it very apparent how he didn’t like us having to think about what he said before responding to him. Considering she has her masters in English she took it upon herself to help him and now unless he gets really excited his accent really doesn’t come out. Well, we still hear that he’s Scottish but he doesn’t really use the lingo from Scotland except for the occasional slip in here and there. But by the sounds of it, dad is working with the English department and they are working on adding a higher level English course for people to take with Mrs. Snyder. It sounds like next school year they’ll more than likely start the new level of English and allow students to sign up for classes at the end of this year.

After everyone helped to clean up and there were no leftovers to split up between the dorms so Sean, Aaron, Gil, Jay, and Harley went back to their dorm for the night considering we told them don’t worry about the dishes and we’ll do them tomorrow to take breaks from studying and what not. Everyone took their turns in the bathroom and do what they normally do at night. We then all said our good nights and went into our rooms for the night. I sprawl out on my cool bed sheets and relax into my pillow. Everyone made me feel a lot better and get my mind off things. But still…the things Zen said today…I didn’t think Dad’s friend is still alive. Does that mean no one’s told dad that he’s encased in amber? Did Jaden not want dad to know in the first place? I have so many questions that I want to have answered. I turn onto my side and look out the window. My body is adjusting just fine to not having my moon element either. It makes me wonder if it was just a fluke that I even had the moon element in the first place considering I’m the fire prodigy. I could always mark it off as I was supposed to have a twin and they were supposed to be the moon elemental. Since that happens. Could it be that Ava was actually supposed to be the moon elemental, but somehow when she died her abilities went to me instead? No, that’s so stupid, there’s no way that’s even a thing…still though…what would like be like if she was still alive? I would be a middle child first off with Sean being my older brother now. I haven’t thought about her in a long time…I’m a terrible big brother. I crawl under the covers and pull them up to my shoulder. Sighing quietly, I close my eyes. I should try to get some sleep.

I’m startled awake by the crack of thunder that shakes the house. I look around in a panic and notice that it’s pouring outside. “I DIDN’T DO IT I SWEAR!” Nero screams through the house and I sigh heavily and fall back onto my pillow.

I lay in bed for a bit longer until my bladder says otherwise and I finally get out of bed and use the bathroom. It was time to get up and start cleaning my room anyways. And I did just that. I started working in my room. “Knock, knock,” I hear and Hale’s voice coming from my door.

Stopping and turning around I smile at him, “Morning.”

“Morning. You want some breakfast?” He asked leaning against my door frame. “We were thinking of going out to eat this morning and having a little study session.”

“Oh, sure. I was just going to clean my room first because I didn’t want to start studying just yet,” I chuckle softly brushing some of my black hair out of my eyes so I can lock eyes with his light orange ones.

“We’re not leaving just yet. It’s only seven. We’re also seeing if this rain will calm down so we don’t get over soaked. The lighting isn’t too thrilling either, but Nero is also like a lightning rod himself so I kinda don’t feel like being shocked every two seconds from being next to him.” He sighed heavily running his fingers through his long blonde hair. “I need to dye it again my blue is practically gone.”

“Na, I like you with your blonde hair,” I snicker a bit putting the clothes that were in my arms in my hamper so I could wash them later. His and Tate’s hair grows like weeds. Hale’s hair specifically was already down to his mid-back so he was constantly pulling it up into a high ponytail. Then Tate’s was down to his ass and he was keeping it in a bun so It looked like a swirl of blue and blonde looking at his bun.

“I need to get a haircut at least,” I protested.

“That I will agree with you on, but you look good with long hair too, so it’s not like it’s a bad thing that you have long hair,” I comment going over to my dresser and getting out a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

“I at least want the split ends cut off and be able to see through my hair again.”

“How long did you want to get your hair too?” I ask curiously as I take off my shirt and toss it on the side of my bed.

“I want to get it down to my knees before I chop it chop it, but I also want to make sure that the hair down to my shoulder blades is my blonde hair before doing it too. Just to make sure my hair stays healthy.” That’s good that he’s concerned about keeping his hair healthy even though he loves to dye it blue. Even then he doesn’t go a harsh blue.

“What were your thoughts on a short hairstyle when you do get it cut that short?”

“Well cry a bit because I’ll be able to feel a breeze on my neck, but other than that I want to probably shave a bit, but other than that I have no idea,” He shrugged as I changed into my pants and threw on some socks.

I cackle when he says that and look at him, “Oh god I can see why you would do that. It’s been since we were little that you had short hair, wasn’t it?”

“I think so, yeah,” He nods trying to think back on it.

I stand up and walk over to him, “Let me brush my teeth real quick and then I’ll be down.”

“Sounds good, I think Toshiro is still getting ready anyways,” He motioned over to the still half dead looking white-haired best friend of mine that was dragging himself out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. His hair was soaked and looks like he barely attempted to dry it. “I’m surprised that he even made it through this far with being a teacher assistant with how much of not a morning person he is.”

“I mean, he can be a morning person sometimes, but I feel like he was up later than the rest of us if he’s dragging himself around this much,” I look at Hale.

“OW! DAMN IT NERO!” Kyo shouts from downstairs and I turn my attention there. Hale and I run over to the railing and look down.




“NO!” I go from watching Nero and Kyo in the living room and Kyo getting up and falling over the back of the couch before running into the kitchen and Nero following him to looking back at Hale.

“I’ll go break them up. Can you get Toshiro to put a little hop in his step? I’ll go make some coffee in case he wants it too.”

“Sounds good.” Hale goes to me first and heads downstairs then I head down the hall to Shiro’s room. The door is cracked open so I knock and open it the rest of the way. “Good morning,” I smile and leaning against the door frame before my eyes lock on the porcelain white skin. My eyes trailed down the smooth features and lining of muscles that were creating definition on his skin. Nothing was being hidden from my view as my eyes trail up his torso and following the just visible lines of abs peeking out and reach his firm chest and collar bones that stick out. When I get up to his face a light pink break up his skin as he runs across the bridge of his nose and along his cheekbones making his ice blue eyes pop even more.

“M-Morning,” fumbled out of his smooth lips as we locked eyes.

“Something bothering you this morning? I never see you drag yourself around this much in the morning.”

“N-N-N-No, not at all. J-Just stayed up a bit longer than I should have. S-so I’m having a bit of a rough start this morning,” He slid the towel off his head and clutched it to his chest.

“You sure? I mean your looking a bit red. Do you want me to check to see if you’re getting a fever?” I offer and take a step in the room and Shiro rapidly shakes his head his hair wiping back and forth.

“N-No, no I’m okay really, I’ll be out in a minute, just let me get dressed and I’ll be right down,” He declined and I sigh a bit and place my hands on my hips.

“Alright, Hale is making coffee if you want some. I’m going to go and brush my teeth,” I spin on my heels and grab the handle to the door and gently close the door behind me. I hope he’s okay. He looks like he’s not feeling well. I head to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Looking at myself in the mirror. I should get my hair cut myself. It’s getting long. Finishing up in the bathroom I make my way downstairs where Hale and Tate are sitting between Nero and Kyo to keep the two separated. “Shiro will be down in a few he was getting dressed when I poked my head in,” I comment and go into the kitchen to get some water.

I watch the rain hit the window as I drank my water. I have a feeling it’s not going to let up anytime soon.

“Morning,” I heard Shiro’s cheerful voice ring out.

“Morning Toshiro,” The twins said in unison.

“Mornin’ snowflake!” Nero sprang up.

“Don’t you dare give him a hug,” Kyo snapped.

“What’s wrong with a little spring in your step in the morning?” He snickered.

“Those two,” I sigh and walk out to the living room to see Kyo with nothing but his feet hooked onto the back of the couch as he holds onto Nero’s shirt with one shirt and the other his keeping himself up off the floor. Toshiro walks up to them and gently pat’s Nero’s head before walking towards me and the kitchen. He smiles sweetly at me before heading into the kitchen himself.

“You okay with going out for breakfast?” Tate asks getting up as Kyo lets go of Nero and Nero went stumbling forward and his head smacked into the wall by the stairs. I flinch a little from watching that happen and then walk over.

“You okay?” I ask Nero as he’s now sitting on his ass and holding his forehead.

“Yep, I’m good. Just a bit more energetic than usual. You know why though,” He laughed a bit before running his hand through his hair a couple of times.

“It’s all good,” I chuckle, “It’s like when he’s really hot outside for me I feel more energized.”

“Right!!” He exclaimed and got back up on his feet. I look over at Kyo and he’s still laying on the floor.

“You are going to make me go to the loony bin is what you’re going to do Nero,” Kyo groaned.

“Na, you’re already here,” He chuckled as I stood up myself, “We going to go eat or not?”

I hear a knock on the door and Nero races over to the door before I can even take a step. He flings the door open, “Jay!!” He exclaims and Jay jumps in and hugs Nero happily his hairs sticking up a bit.

“I love thunderstorms!!” Jay giggles happily.

“How are you not being electrocuted right now?” I ask.

“It’s simple really since Jason is an earth elemental Nero has a hard time shocking him,” Shiro answers walking out with a cup of steaming coffee in his hands.

“You can see he keeps me grounded,” Nero snickered and Jays starts giggling uncontrollably as Aaron, Gil, Harley, and Sean sneak past them and into the house.

“Morning,” I smile before finishing off my glass.

“So, we doing this or what?” Sean asked with a yawn before running his hands through his hair and on his face.

“Yep, we just need to throw our shoes on and we’ll be good,” I answer and take my glass back to the kitchen and put it in the sink before running to the door and getting my shoes and slipping them on. Everyone else who hadn’t gotten their shoes on yet did the same and then we grabbed umbrellas and left the house.

We decided to go to the jet and split up into three booths to make it a bit easier. I sat with Shiro, Harley, and Sean. Aaron and Gil were with Jason and Nero in the booth behind us and then on our side on the other side of the mini half wall they had in the restaurant was Kyo, Hale, and Tate.

We all kept each other in the conversation and had a really fun time. None of us wanted to leave but we all knew that we had to go back and study and Sean and Harley had to get going to their extra class with Mr. Snyder and Abel. When we got back I went right back up to cleaning my room and stopped to read through a part of my notes and start making flashcards. I’m anxious but excited for the mid-terms at the same time as weird as that sounds. Gil, Aaron, and I were able to catch up with everyone in our soul weapon class. Thankfully there was no mid-term for that class, well it’s not an official mid-term but we pretty much had to display to dad last class that we could fully summon our soul weapon. There is one for the history of soul weapons too. I also have a test in my History of Amoura part II class, Dragon Language the basics which are both a written test and a speaking test, and finally my martial arts class.

It was more classes than what was recommended to try and keep your sanity, but dad let me through to do the five so now I get to power through it. Thankfully it’s not like a college or university back on earth where you crank them out the classes in the one semester. We get more in-depth with everything and these classes go for the whole year. But that also meant that final were ten times harder it feels like. But, we also cover a hell of a lot more materials during that time too.

I should probably go downstairs and get something to eat. I’ve been up here almost all day since we got back from breakfast. Setting down my pen on top of my notebook I move away from my desk and head out of my room as I stretch. I jump when a loud bang and crash comes from downstairs. Running over to the railing I look down to see Shiro sprawled out on the bottom steps and clutching his chest in pain. One of our pots that we normally put flowers in that was sitting up on an end table was shattered across the floor and the table was knocked over as well and the railing was broken.

“Shiro!” I race downstairs and Kyo gets to him first.

“Snow, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hit you that hard,” There’s panic in Kyo’s voice. They were probably practicing against each other for their martial arts classes. I get down to them and kneel on the steps.

“What happened? Are you okay? Clearly, you’re not that was a stupid question to ask,” I rifle off at Shiro.

“We were practicing I got a little too harsh with my hits and I caught him off balance and sent him flying,” Kyo gave me the gist of what was going on and why the couch and everything was pushed to the walls of the living room.

“It’s just a bruise, it’s not a big NNG,” Shiro tried to sit up but instantly clutched his chest as his face contorted in pain.

“It’s not just a bruise, we’re taking you to the infirmary,” I said and making it sound like I’m not taking any protesting. Kyo and I carefully got Shiro up and put an arm over each of our shoulders and then picked his legs up and carried him out the door. There weren’t too many students out and about, but the ones that were asked if Shiro was okay and if we needed help. Shiro tried to play it off like it was nothing major but every time he took a breath he was in a lot of pain. It wasn’t uncommon to see people being taken to the infirmary like the way that Kyo and I were carrying Shiro, but it was rare to see one of us prodigies being carried to the infirmary.

Mrs. Strife was working when we got there and she had us take him to the tanks. It was easier for her to heal him that way then to do it in a room. We had to help him get his shirt off because he couldn’t lift his arms without being in tremendous pain. There’s a giant bruise on the right side of his ribs and a bunch of scattered bruises all over his torso. Mrs. Strife came into the room shortly after and we got him into the tank. Once he was in and it filled Mrs. Strife made a bubble over Shiro’s nose and mouth so he could breathe as she worked on him.

Kyo and I walked out of the room and sat in the chairs that were just outside. Looking over at Kyo I can tell he’s really upset about it. He exhales loudly and leans back in his chair while running both his hands through his hair. The tension in his neck and face I can just tell he didn’t mean to hurt Shiro. “Shiro will be fine. He knows you didn’t mean to do it,” I put a hand on Kyo’s arm and he looks at me through the corner of his eye through the triangle that was being made by his arm.

“I know, but I hurt him and that was never an intention. And I feel like an ass and I should have never asked him to practice with me,” His hands dropped heavily onto his lap as he looked up at the ceiling.

“If he didn’t want to practice himself you know he wouldn’t have agreed to help you practice. Don’t be so hard on yourself Kyo,” I try to reassure him. “Mrs. Strife will get him fixed up. He’ll more than likely have some painkillers just to help dual the pain that’s left, but Mrs. Strife knows what she’s going and you know that.”

“I still feel like shit though. I didn’t mean to, I just got too wrapped up in it and I ended up hurting him when he wasn’t paying attention. I’m a terrible best friend,” I smack him with the back of my hand on his arm but I end up shaking my hand at it instead of really hurting him. “What was that for?”

“You’re not a terrible best friend. You two have been together through thick and thin, you know he won’t blame you and know that he’s going to be okay and that he’s so much stronger than he looks,” I hiss at him trying to get Kyo out of this little funk. His blue eyes locked with mine and he sighs heavily after we have a stare down for a solid minute or so. “You know he’s coming back to the dorm with us tonight, yeah that means we’ll probably have to deal with a drunk off pain meds Shiro, but that’s what we do. That’s why we’re his best friends.”

“I know,” He mumbles and breaks eye contact and looks down at his lap before leaning forward and placing his elbows on his knees.

“Then stop feeling bad, or you know that Shiro is going to slap you for being upset, or worse he’s going to give you his icy glare,” I shiver at the thought of that glare he can give.

“That is true. But I have gotten numb to that look since I’ve known him since we were little kids,” Kyo chuckled softly. He cupped his hands together and squeezed them while taking a deep breath in. He closed his eyes and I watched as he relaxed his muscles before he opened his eyes again. “But, your right. If I try to apologize I’m going to get smacked and then I’m going to be told it wasn’t my fault and he was the one who wasn’t paying attention.”

We sat there in silence as the only sound was a couple of the nurses walking around and another student here and there whispering and asking why we were here. But other than that, we sat there for a good hour before Mrs. Strife came out of the room and shut the door quietly. “Well, you certainly did a good number on him Kyo.” She smiled sweetly at him. You can tell that She’s Aaron’s mother because of the smile. “You broke four of his ribs, but other than the massive bruise I got his bones back together. He’s going to have the bruise, but have Sean come over and work on healing the bruise. He was at the limit that I could keep him in the tank before he started frosting the tank and I couldn’t see him anymore.”

“I’m so sorry,” Kyo dropped his head and Mrs. Strife put a hand on his head and gently stroked his hair.

“Don’t be sorry Kyo, it’s okay. I’ve seen kids come in with worse injuries from you alone. But, I can see why you’re so upset with it being one of your best friends,” She giggled. “But, I’m going to give him some strong pain meds for the night. I’m going to need the two of you to watch him until he falls asleep. He’s going to be very loopy and more than likely not going to remember anything he says or does from the meds. So, if you can keep him under control that would be best. I’ll also contact Able as well to have him over while Sean is working on the bruise. But that will have to wait until tomorrow so he can rest.” Even Mrs. Strife is looking out for Sean’s training. It makes me happy to see that he has so much support.

“I think we can do that,” I smile happily back at her and she looks at me and nods.

“Then if you two can come in with me. I gave him the pill already and then I’m going to give you three more for him for over the next few days,” She motioned for us to follow her into the room. We do so and Shiro is sitting on the bed looking exhausted. He’s back in his shirt and pants with his shoes on but not tired. He noticed us come in and he smiled weakly.

“How are you feeling?” I ask walking over to him.

“As good as I can be right now. But I’m all good,” He smiled and pointed at Kyo, “You.” I look over at Kyo and he blinks a few times confused, “Come here, I want a hug. I’m not mad but I want a hug.”

Kyo closed the distance between them and I could tell that he was being very gentle with his hug, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, you know better than to say that to me,” I just managed to make out. The two of them hugged for a minute or two before breaking apart and then we got Shiro back on his feet and had him hold onto both of us.

Mrs. Strife handed Kyo the glass bottle with the three pills in them and reminded us that he’s already taken one so it’ll start hitting him in a half an hour or sooner. We got him back to the dorm and got him to sit down on the couch and get his feet up before Kyo and I pushed it back to where it’s supposed to be. And we had him sit there and not move while we put everything back and cleaned up the vase and wood from the railing.

“That wasn’t so bad,” I sigh in relief after I wipe down the floor just to make sure we got all the shards from the vase.

“Sssaaaaasssssskkkkueeeee,” Shiro whined I looked at Kyo and he took the towel from me and took it back into the kitchen and I went to Shiro.

“Yes, Shiro?” I ask with a soft smile.

“Sit with meeee!!” He giggled and patted the couch cushion, “I wanna lay on your lap please~” I think the pill kicked in.

“Sure, not a problem,” I laugh lightly and walk around the couch and sit down next to him.

He giggled and hugged me leaning a fair bit of his weight on me, “You’re so warm~”

“I would hope I was warm with being a fire elemental,” I comment with a small chuckle.

“I’ll be right back Jay said he needs help with something,” Kyo said and I look up at him as he walks out of the kitchen looking at his phone.

“Sounds good. We’ll be here,” I answer.

“I’ll be right back I promise. Don’t let him do something stupid,” Kyo said as I heard him open the door.

“Will do,” I call back before the door closes and it’s just Shiro and myself in the house.

We sit there in silence as Shiro holds onto me happily. I gently place a hand on his head and stroke his snow-white hair. “You know Sasuke, I really like you~” Shiro giggled and I looked down at him.

“I know you do, we wouldn’t be best friends if we didn’t like each other,” I can’t help but chuckle as I look down at him and my red gaze meets his ice blue eyes.

“Well I know that silly,” He sat up a bit and flinched a little.

“Careful,” I said gently keeping my hand on the top of his head.

“You don’t get it at all, you’re so oblivious,” He sighed but there was still a smile on his porcelain skin. I tip my head as I look at him and blink a couple times waiting for him to explain how I was oblivious. Instead, he grabbed my cheeks with his cool hands and pulled me forward and my lips pressed against his. My eyes widen as I feel my head skip and my stomach does flips as his cool, soft, thin lips press harder against my own making the kiss deeper as my face feels like it’s on fire. Do I kiss back?

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