A Little Secret

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Have I Mentioned How Much I Hate Tests?

Chapter 64: Have I Mentioned How Much I Hate Tests?


After breakfast, I broke off from everyone else. Well, Nero came with me. “You know full well that I’m going to beat you if you are going to race me during these tests,” I mention as we walk across campus to the pool.

“I don’t know the results may shock you,” He chuckled and smacked my back.

“I swear to fuck if you shock me in the middle of the test to pull ahead I’m going to water whip you out of the pool,” I glare at him, locking my gaze with his green ones. I felt a small shock come from his hand that he still has on my back and it made me jump a bit.

A chuckle escaped his lips and he patted my back once more before letting his hand fall, “Great thing about you make an even better conductor than everyone else. Sasuke can just redirect my shit.”

“Is that why you hang around me so much is because you like the fact that I’m a water elemental?” I raise an eyebrow at him as I open the door to the building.

“Na, not even close. I think your kick ass, and your strong as hell, your fuckin’ hilarious when you wanna be, you can be an asshole, but a good asshole, well an asshole that I find fantastic to hang around. You catch onto things quick and you work your ass off. I think that’s enough for me to hang out with you and call you a best friend. I’ve got your back man,” He answered and walked past me with a smirk on his lips. He keeps walking and I stare at his back in shock. Trying to comprehend what he just said. He thinks of me as a best friend? Why? He said himself I’m an asshole. I’m not really all that nice of a person. I don’t think I am, so why? “Ya comin’?”

“Comin’,” I let go of the door and run after him to catch up. “Why do you think of me as a best friend when I’m really not all that nice of a person?”

“Because I don’t give a fuck if you’re an asshole or not. I think your cool and I’ll be there for you even when everyone else gives up on you. Just like Sasuke and that Andy kid. You’re not alone. Fuck, you know that even Gil, Aaron, Harley, and Jay would never leave you alone. And you’re a better person than you give yourself credit for.”

I would be the same way with everyone else. So, I can’t really say anything. I feel like I’m not that nice of a person because of what I’ve done and not really having a role model in my life that I could look up to. But, even after everything happened, Sasuke’s still with me. Andy grew up and changed his attitude a bit, I have a group of friends that we’ll all still up for each other and give each other kicks in the ass when we need to. “I guess, it’s because of everything that’s happened in my past that I have a hard time seeing it that way.”

“Well, ya better fuckin’ start believin’ it. Fuck even Torin and Abel would give you a kick in the ass when you need it.”

“Would? Abel already does that every day,” We both start laughing as we head into the locker room and change. I get changed into my leggings and Nero pulls out his swimming trunks. “Those are gonna slow you down if you plan to race me,” I comment putting on my hair cap.

“I don’t have anything fuckin’ else,” Nero grumbled and looked away from me.

I dig into my bag and find my jammers and toss them at him. Hitting the side of his head square on. “Wear those, they should fit you. We’re roughly the same size.” He looks at me shocked, “How do you think you can even stand a chance swimming against me if you don’t have something that’s not going to drag you down as you swim?” He smirked at me as his eyes shifted from the jammers to me and back a couple of times before changing out of his swimming trunks and into the jammers. “I’m gonna head out to the pool.” I grab my towel and wave before heading out of the locker room and into the pool. It was heated so it was nice and warm in the room and the water was heated but not ridiculously to the point where it was a hot tub. There was still a difference between the temperature of the water and the temperature of the air.

Abel is already here and sitting in one of the long chairs and writing on a clipboard that he brought with him. He’s wearing his swimming trunks so clearly, he wasn’t going to try to go against me with swimming wise today. “You ready to see if you can finally beat your scores you had back in the E.C.U.?”

“I’m bound determined to beat those scores that’s for damn sure,” I smile as he looks up at me with a smirk.

“Good. That’s what I wanted to hear,” He looks back down at his clipboard and continues writing, “Go get warmed up and then we’ll start.”

“Can do,” I nod and head over to the pool. I don’t use my element to help me with these times. I never had them before and I want to truthfully beat them. Back when I was in the E.C.U. I had the best records that I’ve ever had. Of course, that day I was also racing against Andy. I can’t count Nero out for a race yet. I’ve never seen him do an actual race for swimming wise. Who knows he could be faster than I think he is. I get in and do a few warm-up laps before getting out and stretching. Nero came out and walked with Abel when I got out of the pool and started to stretch. After he gets warmed up we get set up on the blocks.

“Get ready to lose at your own game Sean,” Nero commented and I looked over at him through my goggles and snickered before looking forward again.

“Ready, get set,” Abel blew the whistle and I launched off the block with perfect form and we started the race. I couldn’t see Nero when I would lift my head up to breathe and then went into the turn and launched off the wall. Swimming as fast as I can the wall speeds closer to me by the second and my hands touch the wall ending the race for me. I take a deep breath when I stand up in the pool. I take my goggles off and look back to see that Nero was just about to the wall himself. I wait for his hands to touch the wall. He comes up gaspings for hair as he takes his own goggles off.

“For fuck’s sake man, you took off like a bat out of hell,” Nero commented out of breath.

“Years of training and practice got him to that point with swimming,” Abel answers for me, “And you tied your old record.”

“God, damn it,” I smack the water in frustration, “One more time.”

“That seriously didn’t tire you out?” Nero questions amazed as I lift myself out of the pool.

“No, I’m going to fucking beat this time. I’m going to do better than I did back in the E.C.U. I have to,” I tell him with so much determination in my voice as I step back on the block and fix my goggles once more.

“Why is it so important?” Nero asked as I grab a hold of the edge of the block with my hands.

“Because” I mumble more so to myself and then focus on the water.

“On your mark,” I rose into position and then Abel blew his whistle and I launched off the block once more. I took off with more determination and power from the first time and I swim as fast as I can flip and push off to make it back to the wall. When my hand’s touch, I lift my upper body out of the water and look up at Abel for the time. He has a soft smile on his lips and he turns the stopwatch around and shows me the time. 44.03 I read on the watch.

“YES!!” I slam my fists against the water in excitement. “FUCKING YES!” I bring my hands back up to my face and pull down my goggles and press my hands to my face.

“I’m guessing you beat it?” I look over to see Nero snickering and leaning on the rope.

“YES!” I laugh and spin around and fall back into the water. I did it. I finally did it. I feel like I can finally push forward now. I stand back up and rub my face. Nero is laughing at my reaction to being so happy and he high fives me and congratulates me before I get out of the pool and I go to the next test. Once I was done with that Nero seemed to be bored with swimming and I got out and Abel had us go take showers and get dressed then we followed him back to his house and we went to the backyard and Nero and I spared to see how much better I’ve gotten since the last time we went at it. Nero still won but I got some wins in there out of the ten rounds that we did.

“Let’s not go to the gym today. I don’t think I can do anymore with stressing my muscles,” Nero chuckled as he stretched his arms waiting for me by the door of Abel and Torin’s house.

“I’m fine with that,” I chuckle tapping the toe of my left foot on the floor, “What time do you want me to come for training over the week?” I ask looking back at Abel.

“You have the week off unless you want to relieve some stress. That’s why we did your tests today,” Abel smiled at me, “I have to turn these into your father anyways since I’m your tutor. But you did a really good job!”

I can’t help but smirk a bit back at him, “Thanks, Abel. I really appreciate it.”

He slapped my arm with the papers and chuckled, “You don’t have to thank me for anything. You’re the one that’s putting in all the effort. I just agreed to be your tutor because I’m a friend and I didn’t want you trying to go through figuring out your element alone.” I looked at him a bit shocked and he smiled, “You were always my favorite when we were at the E.C.U. anyways.”

“Which reminds me, is Paul really your brother?” I ask and it became quiet in the house.

“After months of being here you’re finally asking me questions,” Abel chuckled.

“He’s my half-brother. He was actually younger then I was until I was brought here. So, you can only think of how shocked and pissed he was that I showed up one day and was working in the E.C.U. He wasn’t too thrilled and even threatened to expose me to the others and have me killed,” I stared at him in shock for a moment and then relaxed because with what I remember of him, he wasn’t exactly the nicest person every time Abel and I were together.

“Your brother worked there? What the fuck, why?” Nero blurted out and I look over at him.

“Snowflakes younger brother also works in the E.C.U. He’s actually one of the assholes that put Sasuke and I, especially through hell to get us to agree to the experiments of trying to activate my element,” I respond and he looks even more shocked because looking pissed off.

“What the literal fuck? Do they fucking know it’s easy to kill them?” Nero askes completely serious.

“Oh, he did, after I almost drown him with a teaspoon of water. I strained our relationship even more and he clearly hates me with a burning passion to the point where I’m sure if we meet again he’s going to try to kill me,” Abel shrugged his shoulders and put his hands in his pockets.

“With what they already had developed when we were there it can cause a fair bit of problems the next time someone goes there,” I comment.

Abel sighs heavily and looks away from us, “I brought some of the equipment back here with me, but with how fast they were developing things, I don’t know how well we’re going to be able to protect everyone and especially the new elementals that awaken they powers on earth.”

“We’ll just have to be more on top of things,” I comment.

“Yeah, but you two get going. Don’t you both still have studying to do anyway?” We both groan at his response. “Don’t be like that. You don’t do well on your tests you know you’re going to hear it.”

“We know,” I sigh, “I’ll see ya later Abel.”

“Later man, thanks for letting me hang out and help today,” Nero opens the door and I follow him out.

“Not a problem. You two have fun studying,” Abel snickered as we shut the door.

“He can be an ass sometimes,” I grumble as the two of us head back to the school.

“But he’s a cool asshole. He fits in with the rest of us assholes,” Nero chuckled.

“That’s true,” I laugh and we talk about random things and figure out when we would be able to go to the gym and work out during the week to relieve stress from our midterms. When we got to his dorm he split off and I went the short distance to my own dorm and walked in.

“Welcome back,” Harley called and I looked up after taking off my shoes at the door to see him sitting at the table with his hair up in a small ponytail and him wearing his reading glasses.

“Thanks. What ya reading?” I ask walking over to him.

“English for Mrs. Snyder. My test for her is tomorrow, but I have to leave soon to do my test for Mr. Snyder for my element. He wants to get it out of the way so I can focus on my other studies,” He explained not looking up from his book.

“Did you want me to come with you for it? Even if Mr. Snyder doesn’t want me to help I can be there for moral support,” I offer to him sitting down in the chair closest to me.

“Depends on how much studying you get done,” I looked over the corner of his glasses at me with a small smirk before looking back down at his book and flipping the page.

I groan and lightly tap my head on the table, “I don’t wanna study. I suck at taking tests in the first place.”

“Why? Have a hard time remembering things?” Harley asks.

“Kinda,” I sigh, but also my writing sucks so much and when I write my spelling I terrible. If it wasn’t for auto correct on the phone no one would really understand what I was saying because I suck at it.”

“Then you should pick up lessons with Mrs. Snyder, she was an English teacher back on earth and she’s going to be getting a high-level class next year for English. I’m sure she would be willing to teach you too.”

“Hhhhnnnngggggg, that sounds like it would be painful,” I chuckle by the end of it and pick my head up off the table.

“It’s not that bad. She is harsh with somethings yes, but really not that bad,” Harley chuckled, “It’s probably the only reason I am where I am with talking because of her.”

“I’ll think about it, how does that sound?” I asked raising an eyebrow at him.

“Okay, you think about it. Or I’ll just talk to her about it if I don’t get an answer from you in a few days.” He looked over at me and smiled.

“You’re a slave driver,” I chuckle and run my hands through my hair, “But I’ll think about it and I’ll let you know.”

“Good,” He goes back to his book and continues where he left off.

“I’m going to go up to my room and study myself. Let me know when you’re heading out and if you want me to come with,” I stand up from the table and push the chair back in after stretching and cracking my back.

“Will do,” He nods and I go to the kitchen and grab a glass of water before heading upstairs to my room. I pull out my history notes and book and sit down at look through everything that I’ve written down. I looked over the stuff more of what I stared because my teacher said it more than once and it was also on prior tests so it may end up being on the midterm.

After a while, I switched to my mythology class notes and book and had to re-read a couple of chapters that I didn’t really take that many notes on and ended up adding a fuck ton of notes that I think are probably important. It’s really cool, in the class we’re going over all the different gods and goddesses from different cultures. It’s interesting to think of how they all would end up controlling different parts of the domain that they reside in for the overworld or underworld and if they would get along if they meet. How would they divide it? Would they all share the same type of underworld and the spirits that go there mingle when you tie in all the histories of the different religions? But all the souls are pulled into a cycle here. Unless is there a part that’s not told and the spirits from the spirit realm decide with you go back into the cycle or you are cast to another way of life in the afterlife? Who decides that? Are we given the choice if we’re good? But, Mr. Wang, wasn’t given a choice, he was cursed and his soul can never be returned to the cycle. So, in the end, are we just kinda like a Sims game where we’re just told to do certain actions and make it through life there’s nothing else to live for?

I lean back into my chair and sigh as I put my hands behind my head and look up at the ceiling. There are seven years that I’m here at the school to make sure that I’ve mastered my abilities and I’ve got a solid path as to what I want to do when I get out. There are so many things that I want to do now, though. I want to explore the rest of Amoura, I want to visit the other kingdoms, maybe make some new friends from the different races, I want to see the spirit realm and the spirit village that resides here on Amoura. I want to know more about this world before I go and decide what I want to do for the rest of my life. I was given a second chance in just this round I can’t let it go to waste. Why is it that if as prodigies the only one that remembers their past lives is Gil? But, I guess I can look at it as we can either be living to learn or learning to live. It all depends.

I knock on my door brake me out of my thoughts and I look over at my door to see Harley poking half his body into my room as he held onto the door frame. His eyes half closed and keeping his head down a bit, “I didn’t wake you up did I?” He asked a bit timid.

I straighten myself up and shake my head, “You didn’t wake me at all. I was just staring at my ceiling and taking a break from studying,” I chuckle, “What’s up Harley?”

“I’m going to head out for my test now if you want to come with me to the gym,” He spoke a bit louder this time and a look of relief rushed over his expression along with a smile as with knowing he didn’t wake me.

“Sure, I’ll come. I’m starting to get stiff from sitting for so long anyway,” I stand up and stretch. Twisting my body to the left I crack my back and then to the right to crack the rest of it. I then put my hands together behind my back and shift my arms and crack my upper back with my shoulder blades before swinging my hands in front of me once more and rolling my neck to loosen my muscles.

“You look more like you need a massage then to be going to the gym with me with how loud your back cracks,” He chuckled as I walked over to him.

“I’ve always cracked my back like that and it’s always been that loud. It happens if I sit for too long,” I answer and the two of us head back downstairs and we get our shoes on. I run into the kitchen and grab two canteens.

“Does everyone else also have to take these kinds of mid-terms?” Harley asks as he takes the canteen from my left hand holding onto it himself.

“I think they all have to do like checkup matches to make sure they are keeping up with training for their elements. But I don’t know who does the tests for them and I think it’s either during this time with mid-terms or it’s during finals. With everyone else, I think they get their test once a year or every other year until you graduate? I don’t know, I would have to ask mom or dad about it.”

“Aaron, Gil, and Jay should know, too right?”

“I would think so. They would probably also know if we have to take it every year or if we take it every other year,” I nod, “We’ll ask them about it later.”

“Yeah, it’s just curiosity is all,” Harley chuckled as the gym that we are going to for his test came into view. I take a couple of strides ahead of him and get the door first and have him go in before I follow right behind him.

This building is one of the larger buildings that are on campus. It’s where a fair bit of the exams obtaining to elements are held considering there are obstacle courses and what not in here. The room that Harley and I entered, in particular, has a bunch of thin panels that are in a giant circle taking up the center of the gym.

“Damn, I’ve never been in another elements section of this building before,” I mutter looking around. Abel’s taken me to the water portion of the gym before when the rest of the classes were done for the day. The kids that stayed behind had no idea who I was and what I was there. They did know Abel and ran over and talked to him. They laughed at him, at us when he told them that I was the new prodigy and that’s why I wasn’t in any of the main classes. I don’t think any of us really have any good experiences in this building.

“I know! I love doing the moving doors!” Harley exclaimed and jogged ahead of me over to Mr. Snyder who was sitting on a bench and writing on a clipboard. “Afternoon Mr. Snyder!”

“Hey,” I wave as Mr. Snyder looks up from what he was working on. He smiled at the both of us.

“Afternoon you to. I’m glad that Harley brought someone with him it’ll make the sparing part of the exam much easier. You had your midterm yourself didn’t you Sean?” I nod to answer his question, “Good, then you roughly know that he’s going through his basic part of the test first like you had to. Then the sparing will come after.”

“Sounds good to me. Do you want me to pop a squat on the bench then so I stay out of the way?”

“If you wouldn’t mind, sorry Sean. But I will need your help with running the stopwatch after Harley gets a few practice runs in.”

“Na, don’t worry about it. I’m here to help not get in the way,” I chuckle and walk around the bench so I don’t get between Mr. Snyder and Harley and then sit down on the bench. “And Yeah, I have no probably with that.”

“Oh, Mr. Snyder, can you tell us if the other prodigies have to take a refresher exam like other students have to?” Harley questioned as he stretched his arms.

“Until you graduate you have to take a refresher exam to make sure that you keep up with your skills. For you, as prodigies, you technically have to take it once to twice a year. Everyone else is allowed to choose if they would like to take it every year or every other year until they graduate.” He explained to us looking over the papers on his clipboard.

“Why do we have to take it so many times?” I groan.

“It was a set rule put in by the council that prodigies must be monitored to make sure that they stay in line,” He stops what he’s doing and looks at me, “I’m not a fan of it either. The prodigies have always been placed in the same dorms since the school was created. It’s just a good thing all of you are friends and you aren’t trying to kill each other.”

“Why do we exist?” I ask and I feel both of their attentions turn to me, “I mean us prodigies. Other than the rare ability and traits that we hold we’re not different from everyone else. Everyone’s soul goes through the same cycle of reincarnation so what makes ours so special?”

“I don’t think I can answer that question for you Sean. It’s a very good question though. From what I know the prodigy has always been one to quickly catch on to learning their element and excel to be able to complete the training that normally takes at least two years to complete. You naturally will excel in things that others struggle in. It normally causes others to hate the prodigies. But other than excelling and the rare traits and abilities you all have I’m not entirely sure what makes you all so different from everyone else,” He answered truthfully before standing up, “Okay Harley, are you ready to do a couple of practice runs?”

He nods and goes over to the huge circle with a bunch of panels and then swings his arms and creates large gusts of wind and the panels start spinning. The spin around quickly and then slow down until they are all going at an even pace and the keep each other spinning by the air flow they all give off. I watched Harley’s shoulders go up as he took a breath in and then lower before he moved towards the panels and then disappeared within them. From time to time I would catch a glimpse of him weaving his way through them gracefully like he was as light as air himself. Not once was there a slip up on his part making it through to the other side.

“Do you want to do another round or do you want to give it a god?” I heard Mr. Snyder question from the other side of the spinning panels.

“No, I think I’m good.”

“Sean, can you grab the timer that’s on the bench,” Mr. Snyder called out from the other side of the panels.

I look over to my left and see the stopwatch. Picking it up and stand up and walk over to the panels myself, “Alright, I’m good whenever you two are.”

“Ready, Go!” Mr. Snyder’s voice rang out and I hit the start button when he said go.

Harley flew through the panels like there was nothing in front of him. We did these three times and I called out Harley’s time when his entire body was out of the panels. Next up was a balance test for him where he had to go over a series of planks in a set time and he had three chances to beat that score or match it. Once he was done with that then it was onto the sparing match to test his skills and see how far he’s come. I used the water from the canteen that I brought with me to go against him. He was given three matches just like I was for the main part of the exam. But we went for a few more rounds after before I had to call it because I was feeling how tired my muscles were getting. Harley was very understanding and helped me stretch to try to get the knots out of my muscles. After that, I helped him stretch and Mr. Snyder left to go and turn in the papers that he was writing on for the test to my father.

“Do you want to go get something to eat I’m starving,” I ask Harley as I pull what water was left on the floor up and put it back in the canteen so I can dump it into the nearest sink.

“I could go for some food right now,” Harley agreed with a smile.

“I have arrived~” Aaron’s voice echoed through the room. I look over to the door to see him, Gil, and Jay coming in. “Well, we have arrived,” he chuckled.

“How did it go? We figured you came to help Harley with his test when neither of you were in the dorm.” Gil said in his usual quiet tone and pushing up his glasses.

“We think it went well,” I shrug and chuckle giving Aaron a high five as they walked up to us.

“I got some of my best times today! I think it went great! I even beat Sean in a few grounds!” Harley exclaimed as him and Jay double high fived.

“You beat Sean!” Jay exclaimed with excitement.

“Hey, I had my tests this morning and Nero and I went for a bit longer after my test was over so I’m tired,” I answer and it makes everyone chuckle.

“It’s okay Sean, we know that you normally put your all into whatever you do,” Gil patted my back, “So, only having a few hours between your exam and helping with Harley’s of course you’re not going to be in your best shape when going more than one or two rounds.”

“Thanks, Gil. I really appreciate it,” I sigh.

“Anywho, since we’re all here and we’re not having a movie night for just us this week do we want to do something before going back to the dorm and rotting away and complaining as we study?” Aaron asks looking at all of us.

“I’m kinda hungry, I could go for something to eat,” I answer quickly.

“Same,” Harley agrees with me.

“Mkay! So, where do we want to go?” Jay questioned bouncing a little as he stands in his spot.

“I’m feeling like we should go to the dining hall. I want options,” Gil chuckled.

“I don’t have any objections to going to the dining hall for food and then heading back and doing more studying,” I shrug.

Everyone else agrees and the five of us head out and to the dining hall. We all get different for dinner so it was a good thing that we went to the dining hall. We limit ourselves to being there for a half an hour. Snagging some fruit to eat before we leave the hall. I feel my phone buzz and I pull it out to see who text me.

Toshiro was taken to the infirmary. He’s got a couple of broken ribs from him and Kyo practicing. Mrs. Strife suggested that I let you be the one that goes through the healing sessions with him so you can work on your healing a bit more. It is a bit shaky, but that’s why we didn’t do anything with it for your mid-term.

“Snowflake got hurt while him and Kyo were practicing,” I speak up without looking up for my phone.

Are they still in the infirmary?

“Oh god, how bad is it?” Aaron asks.

“Kyo knows he’s supposed to hold back when he’s not practicing against me,” Jay hissed and grabbed onto some of his hair and pulled.

“He has a couple of broken ribs, but by how Abel worded the text they must be already done.”

I think they already left and are probably on their way back to the dorm or already there. I would suggest giving them some space. Mrs. Strife had to give Toshiro some really strong painkillers, so he’s going to be a bit loopy until he can fall asleep.

“Abel suggested that we give them some space. Just so we’re not overloading a loopy snowflake. He was given some stupid strong painkillers to help knock him out,” I sum up the text to them, “Him and Mrs. Strife wants me to do healing sessions, though.”

“He possibly was freezing up the tank if she didn’t completely heal him then. Mom more than likely got him into the tank so she could do a full body heal,” Aaron answered crossing his arms over his chest.

Can do. I’ll go over and see how things are going. If he’s already sleeping I don’t worry about it until he wakes up.

“You should go over and see how everything is going. Maybe get another healing session for him in before he falls asleep,” Harley suggested.

“I was planning on doing that,” I nod as the dorms came into sight. When we got to Sasuke’s dorm I split off from everyone. Kyo came out of the dorm while I was heading there.

“Hey, I was just coming to tell you all that Shiro’s hurt,” Kyo said quick.

“We know. I got a text from Abel. If he still up?” I ask as he walks backward.

“He is. Just very much so out of it,” Kyo warned.

“Alright. Everyone else should be back in the dorm now. We just got back from the dining hall,” I walk back towards the door.

“Sounds good. I’ll give them more details. Sasuke’s in there with Shiro to make sure he doesn’t do something stupid.”

“Alright,” I nod and spin around on my heels and pick up the pace to make it to the door faster. I don’t bother knocking and just walking in. “Hey!” I announce my presence and look over to the couch and I see Sasuke and snowflake kissing. Sasuke’s eyes are wide and he looks shocked and doesn’t know what to do as snowflake as him in a tight embrace. He pulls away from Sasuke and starts laughing. Um…so are they dating? I’m sure Sasuke would have said something to me if they were. So, what the fuck is going on here? Why are the two of them kissing. This clearly wasn’t like one of the accidently ones they’ve had before. I just want answers but I don’t want to be rude either. “Hey, you two,” I said and got their attention.

“Seeaaann!!!” Snowflake smiled happily and tried to get up but Sasuke held him down, “Sasukkkeeeee, let me goooo, I wanna go say hi to himmm,” He whined.

“Ho no, you need to sit here,” Sasuke said.

I walk over to them, “I got the text from Abel, do you want me to try to do a healing session on you before the painkillers fully kick in and ya pass out?” I ask.

“That’s okay Sean, I don’t hurt right now~” snowflake giggles and took my hands in his, “You’re just as cute as Sasuke you know that? I love how brotherly you are with him,” He pulled me in and I didn’t want to fight it in fear that I was going to hurt him and he wrapped his arm around my waist and hugged me.

“Um…thank you,” I put a hand on his head and gently stroked his hair a few times, “You should try to get some sleep though and let those pills do their work. When you wake up I’ll do a healing session for you.”

“But I don’t wanna sleep. I have to studyyy,” Snowflake whined.

“Well, take a nap and we’ll wake you up in an hour or two how does that sound?” Sasuke offered as a suggestion.

“Do I have to?” He whines and looks up at me like I can save him from taking a nap.

“You should take a nap, you can barely keep your eyes open, to begin with,” I chuckle, “I’ll help Sasuke get you up to your room.”

“Fiiiiiinnneeeee,” He whines loudly and let’s go of my waist. I look up at Sasuke he mouths thank you and the both of us carefully help him up to his feet. We get him up the stairs and into his room. Once he’s under the covers it doesn’t take long for him to actually fall asleep and then Sasuke and I sneak out of the room and shut the door so there’s just a crack open.

“I know what you’re going to ask, we’re not dating. He’s clearly very clingy when he’s under heavy painkillers,” Sasuke answered my unspoken question.

“Okay, okay, fair enough,” I put up my hands and chuckle, “I’m not used to him hugging me anyways so that was really out of the blue.”

“Thank you for helping me get him up here and actually getting him to go to sleep,” Sasuke looks exhausted.

“You should take a break yourself,” I pat his shoulder before heading back down the stairs to go into the living room. The door opens and Nero comes walking in. He opens his mouth to say something and I put my hand up to my lips, “Snowflake is sleeping.”

“Fuck man, what happened to the railing?” He asked keeping his voice low.

“It’s a long story,” Sasuke sighed.

“I’m going to head back over to my dorm and study. Call me if he wakes up and I’ll do a healing session with him,” I look back at Sasuke.

“Will do, thank you so much again for the help. I didn’t know what to do,” He said and smiles at me.

“That’s what I’m here for,” I laugh, “I’ll see ya later.”

“Don’t kill yourself studying man,” Nero chuckled and punched my arm.

“I won’t,” I laugh and wave then head out.

I cross Kyo’s path again when heading back to my dorm and told him that I helped Sasuke get snowflake up to his room and got him to go to sleep. I also told him to let me know if he wakes up. Then I go back to my dorm. I sigh heavily when I close the door behind me and rest my head on it.

“You okay there Sean?” Jay asks, “And don’t worry, I read Kyo the riot act because of him doing that to Shiro.

“I’m fine, I just don’t think that none of this was needed the day before mid-terms officially start,” I chuckle a little.

“That’s very true, but let’s all just breathe and then focus on our studies. We’re setting up to do a study group in the living room and we’ll have music playing in the background,” Jay put a hand on my back and pushed me further into the house.

I helped finish setting up for the study group and then ran up and got my stuff and brought it down. We made some popcorn and orange juice. The five of us focused on our studies and took little breaks now and again to change the music and eventually we picked an anime we’ve all seen before and put it on as background noise. I also had to stop and go over to Sasuke’s dorm again to do a healing session with snowflake because he woke up. Then it was back over to my dorm for the rest of the night and study a little bit more then off to bed early because of tests in the morning. Fucking hate tests, fucking hate mid-terms, but I hope that I get a good grade.

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