A Little Secret

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A Small Adventure to the Water Dragon Roost

Chapter 65: A Small Adventure to the Water Dragon Roost


Sean walked into dad’s office with me. Dad was in a meeting downstairs in a meeting. It may have been about housing or something. I know that some of the older students have been asking if they could move off campus and do housing in town instead to open more dorms to new elementals that are already of age to come into the school. But there’s a big gotta go through a bunch of people and have a bunch of meetings to see if it’ll pass. So, that’s probably what the meeting that dad is in is about. We went to the library in his office like he asked us to this morning through text. Once we did Sean dropped his bag and sprawled out on the couch with his face in one of the pillows.

“I wonder what dad wants to talk to us about. We both did really well on our midterms,” I mutter setting my bag down myself and sitting on the arm of the couch that Sean was laying on.

“I hope it’s something exciting. I feel like I’ve been walking in a track,” He popped his head up and looked over his shoulder at me, “I want a change of pace before I get stuck in a rut.”

“Who knows, we could be doing a field test for something, or he may be having us going to earth to scout something. Honestly, with dad, it could be anything. It could even be a hey you two are coming home for dinner tonight mom wants the family together,” I comment.

“That’s probably half of it,” He grumbled and let his head flop back down on the pillow.

“Probably,” I sigh and lean more on the couch.

We sit in silence and relax in dad’s office. We’re in the second half of the year now. Thank god, this weekend is a long weekend because I think everyone needs a little break. Even though the week off for the spring equinox is going to be in a couple of weeks. The only way someone got most of midterms week off was if all their tests landed on the first two days of the week.

“Can our week break get here already? Or better yet Summer vacation,” Sean’s muffled voice asked.

“You realize Summer vacation is only two weeks long?”


“Because it matches up with three months of vacation on Earth.”

“We should get at least a fucking month to rest before the next year starts god damn.”

“I don’t know, it’s been that way for a long time. I think it’s because of if someone went back to earth to visit family during that time they could keep track and only be there for three months or something. I’m with you on the longer time span here. Two weeks isn’t much time to relax and actually have some fun,” I sigh and nod a bit. I feel a chill run up the back of my neck as if someone gently placed they fingers on my skin. I shiver and put a hand up to my neck looked behind me to see no one there.

Looking over at Sean he was sitting up and looking around himself and we locked eye contacted and looked at each other, “Did you get a cold feeling crawling up your spine too?”

“My neck yeah, but I have no idea why,” I answer and look around the room again, “Maybe it was just a spirit or something that decided it would be fun to goof around before leaving since dad isn’t in his office.”

“What the fuck,” Sean grumbled, clearly not happy with my conclusion, but I feel like he kinda agrees with me about it.

I lean back again let my hand slip from the back of my neck and look up at the ceiling, “I hope it’s something exciting.”

“Fucking same,” I hear Sean adjust himself on the couch and I look down to see he’s now sitting up with his arms resting on the back of the couch. His eyes are closed as his head is leaning back. His black hair is getting longer and he has his bangs up in a clip that I’m sure Jay let him have so he can see. It’s about as long as when we met again and he had that part of his head shaved. He was gaining those muscles that he had back then again too. But, they aren’t as defined. He’s more so built like an athletic swimmer. I think it suits him better than the muscles that he had back in the E.C.U.

I hear a door click and I turn around to look at the door that leads to dad’s office. Hearing footsteps walk through the office I get up and walk over to the door. Opening it I see the back of my father now at his desk and setting probably papers down, “Hey dad!” I speak up which made him jump a bit and quickly turn around.

“Hey Sasuke, is Sean with you?” He smiles at me even though he looks exhausted.

“He is,” I nod and open the door more when I hear footsteps behind me. I move into the office and look over my shoulder to see Sean carrying both our bags with him.

“You wanted to see us pops?” Sean commented closing the door to the library behind him.

“Yes, I actually want you two to come with me to meet the head of the other dragon clans. There’s going to be a meeting today at the water dragon roost. I have to discuss with the dragons what they would like for trading between us and them. We also have to take some royal sapphires back to the water dragon chief. He brought them here during the winter festival and asked for them to polish. So, I took them to Tierney and asked her if she should polish them up and make them look beautiful.”

“Oh, so that’s what Jay was helping with. He kept saying that he had to go help his teacher, but I would never get really anything else out of him,” Sean commented and I looked over at him to see him shift his weight over to his left and put his hand on his hip.

“Tierney did say she was going to ask one of her top students to help, so I naturally assumed that she was going to call on Jason to help her. Jason has the highest control and balances out of anyone she’s taught. Of course, she was top in her class just like Abel was when he graduated.”

“Are we talking about Tierney Lennon? She leads the exploration division for the crystal caves, right?” I ask trying to put two and two together.

“That she does yes. She also owns the jewelry crafting store that you’ve more than likely seen in town. She knows how to make precision cuts into a gem in order to get the most out of them.

“Oh okay, I didn’t know that,” I answer.

“This should be easy to do. Do we have to get changed before we go?” Sean asked his mood sounding a little more upbeat from earlier.

“You shouldn’t have to. You’re both dressed fairly well today. Besides, I’ll be the only one that will actually be at the meeting. The Chief of the water roost wanted me to introduce you two to the rest of the chiefs so that way they know who you are.” Dad turned back around to his desk and moved some papers before walking around and then pulled out three velvet boxes. One was one of the long boxes that looks like it’s holding a bracelet and the other two are square. One smaller than the other. Then he pulled out a bag and put a notebook in it with a pen and the three boxes before closing it up and gently tossing it over his shoulder.

“So, how are we getting there?” Sean asked, “Do we have to travel like the water dragons do?”

“Oh no, we’re just going to take a portal over there since I know where I’m going. When you don’t know you can either travel by land or by the waterways,” Dad explained, “You two can leave your bags behind my desk to make it easier and you won’t have to take them with you.” I picked up our bags from where Sean dropped them on the floor and took them to dad’s desk and placed them on his chair then pushed his chair in.

“Does mom know that we’re all going?” I question walking over to dad as she snaps his fingers and creates a portal.

“She knows that I’m taking the two of you with me. It was actually her idea to bring you two and actually giving the dragon chiefs what they want instead of waiting a bit longer,” Dad answered with a chuckle and motioned his hand towards the portal. “Let’s get going.”

I nod and head into the portal first to lead the way, “I can never get used to this feeling,” Sean commented with a bit of a grumble.

“You’ve been in a portal twice, now right? Well, this would be your third time.” I look back at him for a moment before looking ahead once again.

“No, I went back and forth a couple times when we were moving Hale and Tate’s parents here. So about eight or ten times now.”

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot about that. You felt sick after we were done with that because you went back and forth so many times,” I chuckle and the wisps around us start changing from a bronze orange to a blue. Traveling by portal always cut the time down but it always makes me stagger just a little when we get close to the end because of the colors. Thankfully the smell of salt water helped let me know that we were close to the end and I was able to catch myself and get out of the portal.

I look up right as I exit and there’s a beautiful stone archway carved into the side of a seaside mountain. There are very tribal and intercut designs that run along the arch and when I look up at the top there are two dragon heads facing each other. There are clusters of sky blue crystals at the bottom each side of the arc and some that are scattered the further I look at the mountain. Some of these crystals could easily crush me with how large they are.

“When are we going to learn how to make portals?” Sean asked behind me but I’m to busy looking around to really notice, “Oh fuck, that’s fancy.” I look over to have Sean standing next to me and looking up at the archway himself and taking it in.

That, you won’t learn until at least your fifth year. But, welcome to the water dragon roost you two,” Dad snickered I’m assuming at how the both of us are amazing at the detail and beauty that’s on the side of the mountain. “If you think this is cool looking, wait until we get inside.” I felt dad’s hand press against my back and push me forward. I glance at Sean and dad is doing the same to him.

We walked towards the arch and when my hand swung in front of me there was a ripple effect from the arch as if we were walking into a waterfall that was frozen in time. It was slightly damp feeling in the entryway as we were enveloped in soft blue light from the crystals all around us. Various sized crystal clusters lined the smooth walkway that’s in front of us making us move forward. Dad moved around me and Sean to take the lead. Our footsteps echo as we walk as my eyes adjust to the new light and I can see that on the walls there are various crystals that have been shaped to look like water droplets along with carvings that seem to begin to tell the history of this roost and the water dragon clan overall. I wish I had time to stop and get a good look at these carvings, but slowing down would mean leaving stride with dad and being left behind.

The long hall finally opens to four different paths. Dad instantly breaks to the left and Sean and I follow suit. There are sounds of muffled talking and laughter coming from ahead of us as we walk into huge open space It’s so high I can’t even make out the crystals that are acting as an artificial sun and sky in here. We are on a tall bridge that doesn’t have any side railings to stop anyone from falling off, but it’s a very wide bridge that’s made of beautiful blue-gray stone that has specks of white throughout it that looks like it can possibly be marble. There are other bridges scattered around the open area. There are other people walking along the bridges as well as the bustle of a fairly busy looking marketplace down below. We stick close to the right side of the bridge as we pass by a few small groups of dragons in their human forms.

“If we have time we can go into the market before we leave tonight,” I look over at dad and he’s looking straight ahead of us but there is a small smile on his lips.

“Fuck ya, I’m down for that,” I chuckled at Sean’s response to dad’s offer.

“I wanna check out the entire place,” I comment and dad looks at me through the corner of his eye and the smile grows more so into a smirk.

“That will have to wait for another day Sasuke,” He says then looks ahead once more.

He picks up the pace when we get close to the end of the bridge and then we instantly hit a set of stairs. We went up about four flights of stairs the crystals in the stairwell glow a gentle purple before we enter into another hall. That has arches up to the ceiling with intricate details that I wish I had time to stop and look at and the crystals are once again displaying the artificial daylight. Our footsteps echo once again off the walls around us as we walk. The smell of salt water stings my nose the closer we get to the door at the end of the hall. Just how high up are we? Dad opens the door and a huge gust of brisk wind hits us and I have to squint from the sun shining into my eyes.

“We’re almost there. We just have to cross this bridge and then go up another flight of stairs and we’ll be at the meeting hall,” Dad explained to us and then stepped outside, “Close the door behind you, please.” I let Sean go ahead of me and I close the door like dad asked.

“Sasuke looks at this view,” Sean exclaims as I not up to him and then look up. My eyes widen and I stand there speechless the sun is glistening off the water’s surface of a vast ocean that stretches off into the horizon. We’re easily hundreds of feet up in the air already and it’s a long way down to the point I can just make out the soft sounds of the crashing waves below.

“Oh wow,” I mutter. This view is so beautiful.

“Boys, hurry up!” Dad yells and I pull my eyes away from the view to see dad’s standing at the other end of the bridge waiting for us.

“Shit, coming!!” Sean and I say in unison and run across the bridge. Sean is a bit faster than me makes it there first.

Once we caught up we continued on back into the mountain and directly up to another set of stairs just like dad said. It was only a few flights up a spiral staircase and then it opened up into a wide hall with decorative paintings and fabrics spread and draped on both sides. There are circular windows that let in a soft breeze which is strange for how high up we must be by now. But it gives a beautiful view from what I can catch a glimpse of as we walk.

Dad stops suddenly and I look over at Sean and he shrugs. I look back ahead of us when I hear the clapping of feet on stone come from the hall that branches off just to our left that’s slightly in front of us. A blur came racing out in front of us and suddenly came to a stop. The guy standing in front of the three of us looks to be around our height, has shaggy, medium length dark chestnut brown hair with uneven bangs that make his bright yellow eyes stand out even more so against his lightly tanned skin. His pupils are slit like a cat and like Andy’s after his dragon half was awoken. The skin-tight gray shirts collar goes halfway up his neck and covers just the tips of three scars that are on the right side of his cheek and that run down his neck. The sleeves stop at his elbows and then from about the middle of his forearm down is wrapped with white bandages that stop at his knuckles. On his left arm between the sleeve and the wrap, there’s a tribal tattoo exposed. The shirt itself stops a little under his ribcage showing off some of his abdomens before a burnt orange wrap covers the brim of his dark gray pants. His pants themselves have a large square hole cut out of the front of them that starts at his upper thigh and then stops just below his knees. The bottom part of the pants cling to his lower shin as if they’re sweatpants and then from where his pants end down his feet are wrapped in the same color wrap that his arms are in the same fashion that exposes his toes and what looks like his heels as well.

The guy looks to be around mine and Sean’s age. His face lights up and his long pointed ears perk up just before he comes sprinting towards us, “JOHN!!!!” my dad tosses the bag that’s holding the jewels to me and he staggers back a bit when he catches this guy in his arms.

“It’s good to see you too Urmoissia,” Dad laughs as he gives him a hug in return.

“Why haven’t you come to visit me at the roost. I’m so bored with all of fathers lessons,” Urmoissia puffed out his cheeks and then looked around and his eyes lit up again, “You brought, Kiyoshi and Ignatius with you too!! Wait…” he leaned over and sniffed towards me, “You smell like Ignatius, but you don’t look like him. And you, your not even close to looking like Kiyoshi,” he points at the both of us.

“What the fuck man?” Sean hissed at him.

“Umo, these are my son’s Sean and Sasuke. They’re the new prodigies of fire and water,” Dad explained to him. Umo looked at me and dad and I look over st Sean to see a pissy expression on his face and I elbowed him.

“Sean!! Sasuke!!” I look over when I hear our names and then I’m almost tackled with Sean as a particular ginger wraps an arm around my neck and pulls me into him. His hair’s gotten a bit longer since the last time I saw him. It’s just past his shoulder now and just on his grip, I can tell he’s a lot stronger.

“Andy!! God damn, I missed you!” Sean laughed.

“It’s great to see you too Andy!” And chuckle myself and hug him back.

He pulled away from us and smiled, “How are you doing Mr. Kaisai?” Andy looks to dad with a huge smile on both his lips and in his eyes.

“Andy his name is John,” Umo retorts finally letting go of dad.

A tall man probably around 6’6" with deep red hair that was a bit darker than Gil’s it went past his shoulders with the left side of his head shaved and his bangs somewhat sweeping over his right eye. He has two piercings in his left ear that I can see that showed nicely against his tanned skin tone. He was a lot bigger in muscle than Andy and Umo and it was clear he wasn’t afraid to show it considering he wasn’t wearing a shirt at all. Easily showing off his two fire tattoos. One on his left pec and the other on his right side. Then he has two black bands on His bicep on his left arm. His black pants only had on full leg covered and that’s his right leg. His left pant leg was cut off as if it were short shorts and exposed His leg until you got down to His mid shin high leather boots that on his right leg the pants were neatly tucked into. His purple gaze looked down at us and his hands landed on Umo and Andy’s heads as he pulled them away, “What were you two told about running off like that?” his voice was deep but not really deep.

“Ozzon, fuck off man, these two are my best friends,” Andy hissed and looked up at him.

“If I fuck off and I didn’t get here first would you think Zeo would have been as nice as I am now?” Ozzon rose a brow at them.

“But Ozzy look!! It’s John!! And he brought his sons with him!! They’re the new prodigies,” Umo stated and Ozzon’s gaze moved to us.

I wave a bit, “I’m Sasuke and this is my older brother Sean.”

“I’m the water prodigy and Sasuke’s fire,” Sean finished.

“So, you’re the new fire prodigy?” Ozzon moved around Andy and Umo and leaned down so his face was inches away from mine.

“Did you want to test that and find out if I am the actual prodigy?” I rose a brow as I matched his fierce gaze.

“Show me your blue flames and I’ll believe you,” He snickered like he was right and I wasn’t the prodigy.

I smirk and step back from him and lift my hand and create a bright blue flame, “That better or did you want me to cover my body in it to show you I can’t burn from the heat?” I chuckle and close my hand into a fist to extinguish the flame.

Ozzon looked at me as he leaned back up to a standing position and placed a hand on his hip while tipping his head to the right. His purple gaze looking at me through his deep red bangs he started snickering and then his snicker turned into laughter, “Damn kid I like you! Your name’s Sasuke, right? Good name for you, very strong!” He took a step towards me and smacked my shoulder. He stung like a bitch and I rubbed the spot he hit as he laughed, “Damn John you have some good kids! This is going to be fucking fantastic!”

“There you three are! Why did you run off so fast like that?” I step to my left a bit to see who asked that question.

The man that was jogging up to the five of us has short golden blonde hair with bangs that are flipped over his right eye helping cover a bit of the scars that are on his face. But that doesn’t deter from his hazel eyes. He has another set of three scars on his right shoulder that he has exposed for everyone to see and his bicep down to the middle of his forearm was wrapped in white wrapping as his left shoulder and bicep are covered by a pale green fabric that looks to be possibly silk that is tucked into a deep green sash where the extra was swaying behind him. His warm gray pants are tucked into black knee-high sandals that look like they could come from the anime Naruto. He slowed down to a stop and he was a height between Umo and Ozzon.

“John is here and he brought his sons with him. I think Umo smelled John and then Andy was drug with him and I chased after the two of them,” Ozzon explained.

Andy got between Sean and me and slung his arms over our shoulders and leaned his weight on us, “These two are my best friends. Sean here is the water prodigy and Sasuke is the fire prodigy. Guys this is Veivary, he’s the next heir to the wind roost.”

Veivary bowed to us, “It’s a pleasure to meet both of you.”

“Veiv, you don’t need to bow, a simple handshake is just fine,” Dad speaks up and Veiv’s eyes light up and he looks like he’s about to cry and he shifts his body so he’s directed towards dad and bows repeatedly.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I forgot you don’t like it when I’m so formal,” His voice was so panicky like he did something wrong.

Ozzon slide over to him laughing and slaps Veiv’s back and it makes a loud echo, “Fuck man just give him a hug already and call it a day.” In a smooth motion, Ozzon pushes Veiv to dad and dad hugs him with a soft chuckle. “That’s more like it!” Ozzon cackled happily.

“Ozzon, our fathers are in a meeting can you keep your cackling down, please?” A lighter toned, yet serious voice pierced through Ozzon’s laughter.

Ozzon stopped and turned his body so he wasn’t looking behind him and it also opened my view to see three more men walking up to us. The one who was the one who called out to Ozzon was in the center, his shortish raven blue-black hair shined in the light as he walked closer to us. His bangs made his bright green eyes pop and helped show off how much of a sour attitude he was showing on his olive skin. His dark blue shirt has the collar popped and exposes some of his chest and stops about halfway down his torso showing off some of his stomach. There are holes exposing his shoulders and then the sleeves the selves stop just past his elbows. His gray pants are neatly tucked into black thigh high boots that have an ice blue strip running down the inside of the boot on both boots and matching soles.

“Zeo come on, you know they can’t hear us they’re two hallways down,” The guy with platinum blonde that is pulled over his left shoulder commented with a light laugh himself as they stopped in front of us. He has a total of four piercings spread across his long-pointed years and brown eyes that look deep to his pale skin. Two more piercings are in the eyebrow that his bangs expos as they flick up and to the left. His white top has two diamond cuts in it, the larger of the slits is at an angle more so in the center of the cropped top exposing the bit of cleavage his pecs create and the other is off to the right that shows off a little bit of his collarbone and more of his right pec. The right sleeve has a cut in the bicep and is a long sleeve that goes to his wrist. The left sleeve stops at his elbow and clings to his body just like the rest of his shirt. The royal purple sash that he wears comes up in the back to look like it was almost tucked into his shirt but then drapes exposing his abdomen and most of his right leg as the sash trails down his left leg and stops close to his knee. His right leg as a tribal tattoo that wraps around his thigh and goes down to almost his knee and then it looks like he’s wearing black wrap a few wraps around his upper thigh and around his midsection to make sure nothing is exposed. And finally, his purple and black knee-high sandals with laces in the front help complete what he’s wearing. He’s the same height at the raven-haired man who he called Zeo just moments ago.

“His voice carries,” Zeo hissed clearly not pleased and his long ears dropping a bit and he glared at the platinum blonde who was happily back at him.

“Guys can we please not fight, Andy does have more guests that’s not us. He may be used to the fighting that goes on between us, but let’s not do it in front of the elementals,” This last guy who’s around Umo and Andy’s height has long flowing, black hair that has a strong hue of purple to its shine that looks like it’s tied up behind his shoulders and cascades down to his knees behind him. His red eyes popping against his practically white skin and black hair. His black tank top showed off his shoulder tattoo on his left shoulder and his band tattoo that is only two bands on his bicep. His right arm, however, has a shoulder strap over his right shoulder and then a matching black sleeve that runs down his right arm and stops at his wrist so only the smallest bits of his right arm and his hand are exposed. His tank top is bunched up showing off a small bit of his stomach. A purple wrap holding up and breaking up the amount of black that he’s wearing as the sash covers the top part of his black capris that go down to the middle of his shin then matching purple sleeve like socks that are like ankle socks but will the heel and the balls of his feet are exposed to the air.

“I’m aware of that Ryzirth, you don’t need to point out the obvious,” Zeo grumbled crossing his arms over his chest. “How have you been Johnathan?”

“I’ve been doing just fine,” Dad’s laugh was more of a disappointed sigh, “I see you still don’t know how to be all that pleasant with others.”

Zeo glared at dad, “I will slit your throat.”

“If you can catch me, but we already figured that out didn’t we?” Dad smiled at Zeo with a bit of cockiness in his tone which made Zeo bite his lower lip and look away from dad.

“Tell me, who are these two? They smell familiar, but I don’t know their faces,” The platinum blonde asked pointing at Sean and me.

“Go ahead and introduce yourselves boys,” Dad motions towards us as Zeo goes and takes a swipe at dad for him to completely freeze in place with his hand raised and dad sighs, “Every time,” Dad moves out of the way and so do the others like it was a normal thing and then Zeo swings at nothing but air and stumbles forward to the point where he falls forward and tumbles.

“Damn bastard you stopped my fucking time,” Zeo hissed.

“Zeodrein, if you don’t mind my sons would like to introduce themselves to the rest of you. It’s important that you get to know all the prodigies and you know this. You trying to get payback on the countless times we’ve gone against each other and you’ve failed can wait.”

“I’m going to get you old man,” Zeo hissed at dad standing up clearly pissed off and patted his butt to get any dust off him.

“Hmm, last time I checked you were two-hundred years older than I am, so who’s the old man again?” Dad asked and I couldn’t help but snicker as Sean snorts and starts cackling, which in turn makes Ozzon burst out in laughter.

“He fuckin’ got ya on that one Zeo,” Andy cackled leaning forward and putting more of his weight on Sean and me.

“Just get on with it, and we will introduce ourselves in return,” Zeo grumbled crossing his arms and looking away from us knowing that dad was right but also not seeming to want to admit it.

“I’m Sasuke the fire prodigy,” I go first to get it over with.

“Name’s Sean, I’m the water prodigy,” Sean commented.

“Urmoissia, but you can call me Umo, I belong to the earth dragon roost!” Umo officially introduced himself with a wide and happy smile.

“Ozzon, fire roost. You guys should come by, we have great hot springs,” Ozzon snickered.

“Veivary, wind roost, it’s a pleasure again,” Veiv laughed happily still sounding a little nervous.

“Airae, it’s nice to meet both of you. I’m from the Light dragon roost,” The platinum blonde smiled and gave a small nod.

“Zeodrein, dark roost,” Zeo, still pouting didn’t even look at us to introduce himself.

“And I’m Ryzrith, you can call me Ray if you want. I’m from the poison roost, don’t worry I won’t do anything fishy unless you want to try your hand at the death kiss,” The guy with long hair snickered and winks as he pokes Sean’s cheek since he was closest to him.

“I think I’m good thanks,” Sean and I said in unison.

“Every time you ask and you know every time you’re gonna get denied,” Andy retorts and it makes Ray snicker.

“Well, it’s worth a shot, you never know, one day someone may take up my offer,” He stuck out his tongue at Andy.

“So, what are you here for? Grandfather never told me the three of you were coming, but you clearly were allowed in,” Andy asked looking between me, Sean, and dad as he stopped leaning on us.

“I always have access to the roost’s because if something happens I need to be able to get to the chief of each roost as soon as I can. But your grandfather requested I bring Sean and Sasuke with me so that the other chiefs could meet them. But, the other reason why we’re here is to return your family jewels. We were asked to polish them and for these sapphires, in particular, we had to have Jason and Tierney do it since they are the highest skilled earth elementals.” Dad motioned for the bad so I took a step towards him and opened the bag. He pulled out the long box and held it in his left hand and opened the box with his right. “Your grandfather told me these were your mother’s. They’ve been passed down in your family for longer than any of us have been alive.”

Ozzon whistled as all the dragons leaned in to get a better look at the gems, “Little Jay did this!! He did such a spectacular job!!”

“The workmanship done to help pronounce the beauty of the sapphire and on top of it to make the gold as if it was already created to be placed around it,” Zeo commented sounding very impressed.

“These weren’t in the gold before Right? The last time I saw them was last year at the annual ball, but they were resting on a pillow,” Umo mentioned.

Dad shook his head, “It was a request from the chief to help make the sapphires shine like they once did when his daughter would have them in her hair. That’s what I was told.”

“But why would gramps want them polished and spruced up like this?” Andy asked really confused.

“Andrew, the ball is the spring equinox, it will be your first time and I’m sure it has something to do with that,” Airae mentioned in a soft voice.

“Damn straight and you guys are hosting it this year,” Ray snickered and elbowed him.

“Oh, would that mean that all the elemental prodigies are allowed to come? They are the ones that Andy is closest to,” Veiv asked curiously.

“Your guess is as good as ours honestly,” I shrug as I hear the box click shut and the weight of the long box come back to the bag. Dad took the bag from me and closed it.

“Well, we’ll find out soon. But for today we need to return these jewels and I also need to get the order of what crops your roost’s want us to plant,” Dad said taking the bag in his arms once more.

“That’s right, planting season is coming up,” Veiv commented as we all started towards the conference room as we were following dad.

“Right around the corner actually. It’s about three weeks away before we start planting. It’s warming up fast,” Dad chuckled.

“You guys should come to our next festival!” I look around at the others, “It’s a lot of fun and we always hold a tournament.”

“Are you guys allowed to enter?” Airae questioned.

“Fuck yeah we are!” Sean exclaims.

“Doesn’t that piss other elementals entering the tournament off? You prodigies are a lot stronger than they are,” Ray asked.

“It does. They don’t want us in the tournaments. We’re not allowed to use our rare abilities in a tournament, but since we have to keep our skills top notch to make sure we don’t lose it or we can stop each other if one of us snaps, it makes it more difficult for someone who’s going up against one of us to actually move forward,” I answer Ray’s question.

“Didn’t some assholes try to sign a petition to get you guys to stay out of the tournaments?” Andy questioned.

“Yeah, that didn’t make it that far,” Sean snickered, “So, we’re still allowed which I’m fucking stoked for! I can’t wait to enter and kick some ass. The main goal is to beat Kyo, he’s the champ right now!”

“The next festival is the week of the summer solstice correct?” Zeo said looking down at me.

I nod, “It is yes.”

“I’ll talk to my father about going, maybe if all of us are there we can make bets on which one of you is going to win,” He snickered.

“Dad’s not involved in the tournament,” I answered with a flat expression and Zeo frowns a bit.

“Only the elementals that are enrolled in the school are allowed to participate in the tournament,” Dad says ending any conflict that could start up. “Wait here.” Dad motions for us to stop as he continues to walk up to the door. He knocks three times and then heads into the room leaving me and Sean in the hall with Andy and the others.

Andy was explaining some of the layout of the upper part of the roost but he didn’t get too in-depth before dad poked his head out and tells Sean and me to come in with him. I thought the air would be tense like with the elders, but it wasn’t like that at all. The chiefs were laid back and seemed to enjoy getting together. They were a bit intimidating that’s for sure, but they easily break the ice and seemed to really enjoy meeting us. I thought they were going to be really strict and serious. But, I’m totally wrong. Maybe with their son’s, they’re serious, but they seemed to be enjoying their time together. It’s nice to see how all the dragon chief’s get along so well and there’s no inner conflict that I see between the races.

There’s another knock on the door and Andy comes in. He walks up to us and then bows at the chief’s, “I know I’m interrupting and I apologize, but they others were wondering if we would be allowed to go down to the market for a bit,” He stood up and laughed a bit, “In truth, we’re getting a little bored sitting around.”

“That’s fine with me Andrew,” His grandfather rose a hand up, “Why not take Sasuke and Sean with you. It’ll give us more of a chance to talk with John.”

My eyes widen and I look between Sean and Andy and they look so excited, “I don’t mind, I’ll come and find you all when we’re done. Considering I move the fastest between all of us,” Dad comments and puts a hand on his hip and chuckles a bit.

“It’s because you’re so small Johnathan. If it’s a foot race you want I can assure you you’ll lose against me and my son,” The chief of the wind roost cackled, “But yes, go, have fun. Don’t do anything stupid.”

“Fuck yes!! I mean thank you very much!” Andy bowed then quickly grabbed mine and Sean’s wrists and pulled us out of the room with him.

“Yeah!! You were able to get them to come along!” Umo exclaimed and bounced and hugged me happily when Andy shut the door behind us.

“Come on let’s go!” Veiv laughed and took off down the hall.

“Hey wait up! That’s not fair Veiv you have to at least jog! Stop using the wind in your favor damn it!!” Ozzon yelled after Veiv and chased after him. The others take off after them and Andy stays back with me and Sean and runs along with us.

The market is so bright even though it’s just lit up with crystals. The market has seemed to die down since we breezed over it when we first came in. But there were so many vendors and shops. Sean and I were pulled around everywhere by Andy and the others. It was so much fun to see a little bit more of the roost even though it was just the market.

We were all relaxing in one of the little cafes that they had in the market when my dad popped up out of thin air, “Did you boys have fun?” Dad asked with a smirk.

“Awe, the meetings over,” Umo pouted and his shoulders slumped.

Dad nods, “It is. It’s time to head back up and meet your fathers to head home yourselves. As for Sean and Sasuke, we’re heading home from here.”

“But it feels like we just got here,” Sean whined in a bit of protest.

“Sean, we’ve been here for hours. It’s already almost eight o’clock,” Dad answered.

“We’ve been here for six hours already? It doesn’t feel like we have,” I said amazed.

“Time flies when you have fun,” Ray laughed and stood up, “I had a lot more fun than usual!! Thank you so much for coming! It was wonderful getting to know you two more. Totally come by the roost sometime and I’ll show you around there.”

“The same goes for the rest of us,” Airae smiled with a light laugh himself.

“This summer you have to come to the earth roost!!” Umo grabbed my hands and held onto them tight, “Bring the other prodigies too!! I haven’t seen some of them since they were kid kids and they didn’t know they were going to be the prodigies!!”

“I think we can do that,” I smile happily at Umo.

“We were planning on going somewhere for the break anyway. I’m sure everyone will be ecstatic to go and see the roost,” Sean added in.

“Awesome!!!!! I’ll Tell papa!!! I’m super excited!!!” Umo exclaimed and hugged me.

I hugged him back before he moved to Sean and then dad. Ozzon smacked my back knocking the wind out of me, “Come to the fire roost at some point too. I wanna have a match against your flames see who can take the heat longer,” He snickered.

“I’ll try, we only have a two-week vacation for summer and none of us know how to make portals so we have to walk or get rides,” I answered looking up at him.

“Then I’ll talk to my dad and see what we can do about coming to the solstice festival,” His gaze shifted from me to dad. “Think we can work something out and we can have a bit of fun there too?”

“I’ll keep in touch with your father and the other chiefs and see what we come up with for the festival. Maybe change some things up a bit,” Dad smirked and pulled his hands out of his pockets.

Ozzon gave Sean a high five and then picked dad up into a hug. The others all said their goodbyes to us and then headed out leaving Andy with me, Sean, and dad. “I’ll walk with you for a bit,” He smiles but I can tell he’s sad.

“Sounds good,” Dad says and then the four of us make it through the market and back to the stairs that head towards the entrance of the roost. We didn’t say anything just enjoyed each other company as we walked. When we got to the entrance we stopped.

“This is where we gotta go our separate ways,” Andy sighs trying to keep a smile but it’s more forced than a genuine one.

“We’ll see each other again that’s for sure. We all just have to get back to training and now we know where you live so we can come and visit,” Sean elbowed Andy to get a genuine smile out of him.

“That’s true,” Andy chuckles, “And if everyone else is going to be coming to be coming to the festival it should be interesting.”

“All the chiefs have not been to one of our solstice festivals in a very long time. I’m sure we can think of something for you all to be able to get involved as well,” Dad comments and puts a hand on Andy’s shoulder and looks up at him a little bit. “You know full well you’re always welcome in our home, no matter what the situation is the door’s always open.”

“Thank you, Mr. Kaisai. I’ll remember that. And you know that ours is always open to you,” Andy nods with a soft smile on his lips. He gives dad I hug before moving on me. “Don’t get in too much trouble pipsqueak,” He says with a chuckle and slaps my shoulder, “You have a rival with Ozzon. He likes your spunk.”

“I’ll try not to get into trouble, no promises, and same goes for you,” I snicker and push him towards Sean.

The two of them hug and whisper to each other before pulling away and high fiving each other, “You better keep that promise,” Sean comments grabbing a hold of Andy’s hand.

“I will don’t worry, dragons don’t go back on their word,” Outmatching Sean in strength he pulls Sean in for another hug before letting go and stepping away from us. We walk through the vail as the same ripple effect happens from when we entered. I turn back to see Andy smiling and waving at us before the ripples stop and it’s as if he vanished.

“How did he do that?” I ask amazed.

“He’s still standing there,” I look back at him to see a smile on his lips, “He’s not going to leave until we walk through the portal.”

“It’s an illusion of the vail. It makes it look as if no one is there to help protect the young dragons,” Dad explained as he created a portal, “Come on boys, we should get back, you have homework you have to do and we need to eat.” Sean reaches out with his fist and gently touches the vail with his knuckle creating a ripple effect long enough to see that Andy did the same thing. The bond between the two of them is something that not even the distance that we live apart can taint their friendship. I look at the vail one more time and wave before spinning on my heels and walking into the portal.

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