A Little Secret

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Why Did Finals Have to Come so Fast?

Chapter 66: Why Did Finals Have to Come So Fast?


“Wwwwhhhhyyyyyy,” I whine into a pillow on the couch. Harley, Gil, Aaron, Jay, and I are all in the living room area. I’m sprawled out on the couch, Aaron is in the recliner. Gil has my feet on his lap, and Harley and Jay are on the love seat. We have snacks, drinks, and our notebooks and books scattered everywhere in the living room. Classes have been over for the past three days, but our finals start tomorrow. Why do I have to get up at butt fucks early to do the water final?? I know Abel said I have to go and that he’s going to be there as well to make sure it all goes well. But I’m going to be with all the first years and then they’re going to get pissy with me and I don’t want to do it.

“Because finals are important and yes you have to do the water final with the other new water elementals. Abel already told you that you have to,” Gil answered obviously reading my mind.

I groan and lightly kick his lap to receive a rather hard smack on the back of my calf in return, “Hey now, if you’re going to get frisky can we at least go upstairs first. Everyone else is studying,” I snicker, “OW! God fucking damn Gil that hurt!” I jump picking my head up and hissing as I look back at him to see him having a firm grip on my calfskin between his pointer finger and thumb with a deadpan expression on his face.

He slowly blinks at me and let’s go, “We should get back to studying too.”

“But, I’m pretty much repeating the basic of the elements and I’ve aced all my tests this year, do I really have to study? Besides it’s in the afternoon so I will have time to study tomorrow,” I answer pulling my legs off Gil’s lap and sitting up on the couch.

“Didn’t you not get to the space element, moon, and time?” Aaron asked with a slice of an orange half in his mouth.

“We covered it in class and Chris did have me go over time. I got help with the moon element form both dad and Sasuke, and space I kinda powered through during class. I’m Mrs. Scott’s favorite anyways so when I had a question about something she would explain it more to me. And dad was more than happy to drill it into my head like he did for Sasuke. I know that book inside and out at this point,” I sigh and flip myself around and hang my head off the couch and my feet are propped up on the back. “Maybe if I sit like this I can retain everything better because of all the blood rushing to my head,” I groan.

“It’s not going to help you with miss spelling words on your writing final,” Gil sighed and got up off the couch.

“Hey now, that was a low blow,” I watch his feet then shift my upside-down gaze to see him turn into the kitchen.

“No, it wasn’t, but if you don’t flip back up in the next five seconds you’re going to fall and hit your head,” Gil warned and I snorted.

I was laughing too hard and my feet slipped off the back of the couch and I slid and nailed my head on the floor, “Oooowwwwww,” I whine and curl my body in on itself and flip myself onto my knees but I keep my head and hand between my knees as I hold my head because of the pounding.

“I TOLD YOU!” Gil yelled from the kitchen and started laughing.

“You didn’t tell me you saw it coming,” I hiss.

“You should learn to trust Gil more when he says something like that,” Aaron commented but I didn’t lift my head to see if he unburied himself from the book he was reading and taking notes.

“He did give you a specific time frame too,” Harley proceeded to add in.

“I know, but he said it like he was joking,” I grumble finally sitting up and rubbing the back of my head. I open my eyes to see a glass of water being held in front of my face. I look up to see Gil smiling down at me, “Oh, thanks,” I take the glass of water and take a drink from it.

“Tomorrow I think our tests get out at the same time. Did you want to get some lunch?” Gil asked as he sat back down on the couch.

“Sure. Where do you want to meet up?”

“Want to meet up outside of the dining hall and then we can decide if we want to eat there or go into town and eat?” Gil offers.

“That sounds good to me. Harley, Aaron, Jay?” I look to them.

“I have all but one of my finals tomorrow so I won’t be able to join you guys, sorry.” Jay apologized sounding a little disappointed in himself.

“What time does your final get out again?” Aaron asked.

“Around twelve is when it’s technically over, but it’ll all depend on how fast I get it done,” I answer his question, “Don’t you three have your soul weapon final tomorrow morning too?”

“We do yes. It’s a pass-fail class, though,” Jay commented with his normal smile.

“If you are able to summon your weapon and it is a solid shape then you pass, if not you fail and have to take the class over again,” Aaron continued off Jay to explain it to me further.

“So, the three of you have your soul weapons I’m assuming?” I smirk.

“Of course, they do,” Harley chuckled and I looked over at him as he leaned back.

“Headmaster Kaisai specifically put all of us together in a class so that way we didn’t upset others with the fact that we were going to have a much higher success rate with obtaining our soul weapons than the other students,” Gil spoke up pushing up his glasses.

“Gil, are you actually going to try out your contacts tomorrow?” I look over at Gil with a raised brow, leaning forward so my elbows are resting on my thighs.

“I haven’t decided yet. I don’t want to really be bothered with them right now since its finals week. Maybe during our vacation, I’ll wear them,” He sighed with a soft smile.

“Are you just nervous to wear them?” I look over at him.

“It’s not that no. I just haven’t worn them in a long time. It was a good thing my last pair ripped on me before we had to go on that mission where we were caught by you. Otherwise, I would have had to be very careful with them,” He chuckled.

“You know I would have gotten you whatever you needed.”

“I know, but asking for my glasses would have been next to impossible for you to get,” He laughed lightly.

“But, Chris was where, so was Otto and Abel. I’m sure any of them would have come to get them for you. Especially Otto who was going back and forth more than Abel was,” I lean back against the couch with my cup in both hands.

“Do you think things would have been the same if I was there with them that day?” Jay asks and I look over at him to see him resting his head on his knees and his fingers weaved between his toes.

“It very well could have been,” I nod and smile.

“You’ve never given us the full details on that day. None of you have really. I can understand not wanting to talk about it,” Jay said very peacefully and keeping his voice soft.

I look between Aaron and Gil and the smile at me and nod before I look back at Jay and Harley, “Like I’ve told you two before I was a part of the E.C.U. when I was on earth. E.C.U. is the Elemental Capture Unit. I only joined because there was a chance that if I worked there I was going to be able to see Sasuke again. I had so many questions to ask. On my birthday which was the day before I met Gil and Aaron. Andy challenged me to a swimming race. I kicked his ass, it was two out of three. The second run I beat my own record and matched an Olympic world record at the time.” I sigh and pull my legs up to my chest, “Andy was pissed, everyone who watched called me a freak. I told them off and Abel had to hold me back so I didn’t jump into the crowd and start throwing punches. Chris and Otto watched the race. Chris had me run some papers for him and then let me go home for the day. He came over later and that’s when I learned that I had that extra chromosome that elementals have, but it went dormant before it could take over the other chromosome’s and actually turn me into an elemental. Obviously, my element was water, but fast forwarding to the day I actually met Gil and Aaron, I just made it to work then was told that there were two elementals in the park,” I set down my cup and point to both Aaron and Gil. “When with Andy and two other guys. Andy and I were the only ones to go out of the van and to the park. Aaron and Gil were goofing around. I went first and told Andy to stay back. I just wanted to talk to them first. In, my heart I wanted to instantly start asking them if they knew Sasuke and if he was okay. How he was doing, just so many things, even though I knew it would send them into a panic or they would look at me like I was insane if I did it. So, I choose the better option and just kept it to small talk. But, Andy being stupid impatient and an idiot flashed his damn badge and told them we were a part of the E.C.U.”

“I knocked him back into a tree with a sound wave and Andy came after me.

“I wanted to reason with you two and try to have it not end up in a fight, but I wasn’t given that chance before you knocked me back like that,” I glance over at Aaron with a resting bitch face.

“Sorry, I panicked,” He puffed out his cheeks.

“You had every right to with how Andy was back then,” I raise my hand up, “Anyways, I get up and run over to stop Gil from landing a hit on Andy as Aaron was going against him. But, it honestly looked like you were just toying with him by how you were dodging. I didn’t know why I could head Gil in my head, but I was so clueless about all the other elements that it makes sense. But then Andy hit the stupid button with that damn ringer.”

“The ringer is something that only elementals can hear and it’s meant to render us to the point where we pass out,” Gil explained to Harley and Jay.

“So why didn’t Sean pass out too?” Jay asked.

“Because my element was dormant, but god damn did I get a migraine and had a hard time functioning the rest of that day.” I set my drink down on the coffee table. “Thinking back on it, if you were with them Jay, I think you three would have been able to get away because it would have been three on two with how Andy did that and on top of you being an earth elemental you could have easily overpowered us and trapped us.”

“That is true because you have a very strong mentality so my mind control wasn’t working,” I look over at Gil and he’s smiling softly, “Don’t worry, that’s a very good thing.”

“But, at the same time since Andy had the button from the ringer system on him and since we didn’t know it, not even you knew so he still could have used it on us,” Aaron points out to me.

“That’s also true…” I mumble putting my right hand up to my lips, “But, my main question is, you two could have easily gotten yourselves out. The first time I was there with your food and I got Aaron untied neither of you went for the key or anything else that was in my pockets. Why?”

“Because, yes, we were upset with you, but we could also tell that you weren’t lying when you said you only wanted to talk,” Gil said quietly.

“Also, there was something about you that was different, and we noticed that right away when we first met in the park. It’s why we asked you those questions,” Aaron smiled at me happily.

“The three of you became really close during that time. I’m really glad you did. I’m happy that with everything that did happen you ended up here, with us,” Jay commented and I couldn’t help but let a small smile slip.

“There are some things that I still wish could have happened differently, but everything happens for a reason, right?”

“That’s right. When you think about it in a sense we’re all connected by a ribbon. No matter what at some point our ribbons were going to intertwine and we were bound to meet. Especially for us,” I look over at Gil and he has a small smile, but it’s almost like a nostalgic type of expression to go along with it. None of us say anything as we wait for him to continue, “Ever since the first prodigies we’ve always found each other, wither it be on earth or here. I know I’m not supposed to say anything about our past lives, but it really is as if we’re all bound to each other. We have those ribbons that are so tightly bound together that we’ll always be able to find each other, no matter what lifetime it’s going to happen.”

“Question Gil,” I speak up and get Gil to look at me.

“Hm?” He hums.

“Back then, Chris said that he knew both of your past lives. Were you thrown back into the cycle before the rest of us?” The smile fell and he pulled his legs into his chest, “You don’t have to answer me especially if it’s going to upset you looking back on it.” I wave my hands in front of me. Fuck, now I did it, didn’t I?

“I was, but other than Mr. Kaisai, Chris, Otto, Zen, my father who was actually my brother in my previous life, and Gabriella were the prodigies that were there. Everyone else wasn’t around. I was miserable, Xavier was my older brother back then. He was always kicking me down and looking down on me like I was a waste and continued to belittle and degrade me and thought it was pathetic that I was even considered a prodigy with how weak I was. I was a nervous wreck. I had a hard time doing everything. I was always looking for someone that I knew wasn’t born yet and wasn’t there. I was in a depressed spiral and I couldn’t get myself out of it. There was no light or opening. I couldn’t find any sort of daylight slipping through any cracks. I felt like I was alone. Chris, Otto, and Mr. Kaisai would always try to cheer me up and I knew that all I was doing was wearing a painful mask whenever they were around to make them feel like they were helping and that I was okay,” I glance down at his fingers as he begins to rip away at the skin around his nails, “I couldn’t take it anymore when I was sixteen I killed myself. I couldn’t make myself have to try and keep a happy face in front of everyone in school. I couldn’t take being anymore hated then I already was. I felt so alone, no matter how much Otto, Chris, and Mr. Kaisai tried, I couldn’t do it I was drowning in my own darkness, I didn’t have the one I needed most around to pull me out of the black wasn’t even in existence,” I quickly got off the floor and sat down next to him and pulled him into a hug and Aaron is quick to follow me as the waterworks start and Gil grabs a hold of both of us and starts sobbing. “It didn’t matter who I talked to what anti-depressants or meditations, and everything that everyone had me do, I couldn’t pull out of it.”

“It’s okay,” I say quietly.

“It’s the sound prodigy that you were looking for, wasn’t it?” Jay asks, “You were looking for Aaron, but his soul wasn’t released back into the cycle yet. We all have such tight bonds, but there are certain ones even among us where there are certain prodigies that have an even stronger bond. Like if we were siblings in one life but not in another life then we would feel a bit empty and that we’re missing someone to talk to. But, there’s also points where our souls never forget the bond of love and caring for another. Every life the sound and sight prodigies have always been there for each other. The one that I remember from my past life the sound and sight prodigies actually got married, even though Gil’s past life wasn’t able to conceive they still deeply loved each other all the same.”

It fell silent in the living room other than Gil’s muffled crying into me and Aaron, “Gil I promise, I’ll never leave you alone again. No matter what. I’m not going to let that happen again.” I loosened my grip a bit on Gil so Aaron could get a better hold on Gil, but Gil kept a death grip on my shirt and wasn’t going to be letting it go anytime soon it seems.

“What’s in the past is in the past. We’re here now and we’re all going to make the most of it. We love you Gil and that’s what’s most important,” Harley spoke up as he got up and came over to us and put a hand on Gil’s head.

“Hakuna matata,” Me and Jay said in unison.

Gil’s sniffling and hiccups turned a mixture of those two, but with giggling mixed in. “You’ve said that to me before. You both have. It’s whenever I need it most that you two bring up that phrase.” Aaron let Gil lose a bit as Gil finally let go of my shirt and started wiping his eyes. Jay brought the tissue box so Gil could blow his nose. His glasses were fogged up from crying and he just looks like shit.

“That’s what we’re here for,” Jay laughed and I couldn’t help but chuckle myself.

“I’m sorry I made you remember that,” I apologize and Gil shakes his head.

“No, I should have said something about it long before. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I feel like I’m so quiet,” Gil answers.

“I always just figured that you were naturally quiet. You’ve always been so soft spoken. That’s why it startles me when you raise your voice,” I laugh lightly and it makes everyone else laugh.

“I guess you’re right. It’s hard for me to raise my voice unless no one is listening to me at all,” Gil smiled at me his eyes puffy and his cheeks are red.

Gil’s been pulling all his hair back into a ponytail lately, I think it’s because of finals being so close and he needs to really focus on everything. Either way, it was nice to be able to see both his eyes, “Are you okay Gil?” Aaron asks quietly and Gil nods, “Good. Go take a shower. How about after finals are done it’ll just be the five of us and we’ll tell each other a bunch of stuff about ourselves, that way it’s all out in the open. I think if we do that we can grow a lot closer as friends and we’ll be inseparable.”

“Then it’s settled, Wednesday we’re all done with finals, right? So, we’ll pick something to make and then we’ll sit around and hang out and talk that doesn’t involve our studies, and we’ll put on a movie or anime and we’ll enjoy each other’s company and talk,” Harley exclaimed.

“What do we want to make!” Jay hopped in adding to the excitement.

“Maybe we should talk about what we want to do for food wise on Tuesday. I think all of us only have one of our finals that day,” I offer as an option.

“And I’m done on Tuesday!! I’m going to be dragging myself into the house after my three finals tomorrow but then I am done on Tuesday and that makes me so happy,” Jay laughed happily.

“I think that you should take a shower though Gil. And we’ll get everything cleaned up. All of us have to get up early tomorrow,” I comment.

“I agree, go take a shower first Gil. The rest of us can talk about who’s going after you,” Aaron keeps his voice soft and helps Gil up off the couch. Aaron gives him one more hug and then Gil heads upstairs and to his room.

We clean up the living room and decide that I’ll go last or even just shower in the morning because I have to leave an hour later than they do for my first exam. Even Harley’s first final is at bums fucks thirty in the morning. When Gil is out he yells down to the rest of us and Aaron is the next one to take a shower. I go up to my room and clean up a bit as I wait for Jay and Harley to take their showers and then I just decide against taking a shower tonight because Gil should be sleeping by now, so instead I just change into shorts and hit the sack for the night.

Laying down in bed I stare up at the dark ceiling. It’s been a long time since I thought back to the E.C.U. and everything before then. God, damn it feels like it’s been so long ago now like it was just a dream. There were so many ups and downs. So many things I found out. And yet everything is still so much in the dark. I sigh and put my right arm over my eyes. There are things that I just want to be answered and I don’t know how to even go about trying to get them answered. These are things that I shouldn’t even be thinking about right now either. Especially with my tests tomorrow. I’m not worried about that really. But, I haven’t been in any of the physical water element training from the get-go. Hell, I started training before I was even starting classes. Why am I nervous about this though? I can’t be nervous. I shouldn’t be nervous. I’ll be fine. Abel will be there, everything will be just fine. I should try to get some sleep. There’s no point in losing so much sleep. Everything will be fine. I’ll ace the test and that I’ll never have to worry about it…until I have to take the refresher exam. No, nope, nope, fuck nope. Go the hell to sleep and stop thinking for once. I sigh again pulling my arm off my face and rolling over to my side. Closing my eyes, I take a slow breath in and then exhale very slow to relax the muscles in my body and allow myself to drift off the sleep.

The alarm goes off and I launch off my pillow and look around the room in a daze. I run my fingers through my hair a couple of times and stretch before swinging my legs out of bed and going to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and then go back to my room and get on some shorts and a tank top. When I come out Aaron is dressed and dragging himself to the bathroom, “Morning.”

“Morning,” He yawns and leans against the wall, “Why are you up so early, you don’t have your first final until eight.”

“I’m going to go for a run. I figured might as well before taking a shower anyway. And it’ll fully wake me up,” Besides, I’m up this early every morning to run, but I’m normally out of the house before everyone else is out of their rooms. Didn’t I tell him this before? I feel like I did. “Go to the bathroom man and wake up, I’ll see ya later,” I chuckle and start down the stairs.

“See you later Sean,” He yawned.

“See ya,” I chuckle a little from the bottom of the stairs. Slipping on my shoes I make sure that I have my key to the dorm and then head out. The morning air is kinda cool, but it makes it easier to run.

I start jogging along the path dodging around people who were walking and then make it to one of the small paths that have been ground into the dirt to make it to the path that runs just along the last row of trees that makes a trail around the school. This is a much harder run because of the roots I have to dodge along with the natural steps that they create going up the hills. Also, some of the earth elementals made some stairs within the path to make it a bit more challenging than it already was. No matter how many times I run this I’m always exhausted by the time I finally make it back to the dorm. God fucking damn it’s heating up fast. I’m fucking soaked in sweat. That’s May for you though, kinda cool in the morning then can easily skyrocket in heat. Ugh, I need a fucking shower. Do I have time? Fuck I didn’t bring my phone with me it’s still up in my room. Thank fucking god the dorm is back in sight. I pick up the pace and make it back. Standing in some grass I stretch a bit before unlocking the door and going back into the door. Running upstairs first I grab my phone to check the time. Okay, I have time to shower and grab a quick bite before running to the water section of the elements building. Tearing through m dresser I grab a pair of shorts and a muscle shirt along with a new pair of boxers and socks. Grabbing my towel, I speed walk out of my room and down the hall to the bathroom. I toss my clothes onto the counter my towel on the rack that’s right next to the tub and then hop into the shower. Keeping my shower quick, I get out, dry off and throw on my clean clothes dry my hair once more. Grabbing one of the headbands that we have in the bathroom I push and hold my bangs back with it before brushing my teeth again and then heading downstairs to get something to eat. Filling my canteen with water I make sure I have my phone in my pocket, grab my keys from the key ring, put on my shoes and then make sure the door is locked and run to the elements building.

It doesn’t take me to long to get to the building I need to be at and thankfully Abel is waiting outside of the building. “ABEL!!” I shout and wave my hand as I slow down to a jog and then stop in front of him as he pushes off the wall of the building. “Good morning.”

“Morning, Sean, you seem to be in a better moon then I thought you would be in for this,” Abel chuckles and opens the door to the building.

“Well, people already fuckin’ hate me so, I might as well make the most of it right?” I laughed walking into the building.

“I guess that’s a way to look at it,” Abel laughs a little as we walk side by side down the hall. “To be fair, you’ve always been the kind to not like others get you down. It’s another huge reason why I’m here for your final. Not only do I have to be here for it, but I need to make sure you don’t blow a gasket and go after someone.”

“Haha, I forgot how to laugh, fuckers deserve it if they get on my nerves,” I grumble and get a sharp elbow in return to my arm, “Ow, that fucking hurt.”

“You have to keep your calm, even when people get on your nerves. You’re the headmaster’s son and the water prodigy on top of it,” Abel lectured and I sigh granting myself another elbow.

“Ow, fuck, okay, okay, I get it. I know I have to behave,” I look away from Abel, “Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, be stronger and stand on higher ground than others. You’ve always done it since I’ve met you. So, prove it here and now. You’ll be going first in this final,” Abel drops on me as he opens the door to the room where I’ll be taking the exam. There are around fifteen kids in here. All varying in age from probably sixteen to somewhere in their early twenties.

I take a slow, deep breath in and then exhale as I walk into the room with everyone staring at me and Abel. I watch most of the girls leaning into each other and whispering to one another. I walk with Abel over to the teacher for the water element or at least one of them, it doesn’t look like the others are here just yet, “Morning Abel. So, this is the famous Sean that my top student gets the pleasure to train on his own. I’m a bit jealous,” The older woman smiled at me and Abel and crossed her arms over her chest, “I’m Mrs. Essert. You can call me Mrs. E if you please.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Essert,” I smile at her, “I’m-” I get cut off.

“We know who the hell you are, Sean Kaisai. Why the fuck are you here? To fucking watch us or some shit to get pointers on how to properly use your element,” Some of the guys around the kid started laughing and high fived him. I take a slow deep breath in and slowly blink at him with a resting bitch face.

“Fiacre!” Mrs. E hissed.

I can’t help but start laughing and it makes the kids go silent as I stop and put my hands in my pocket and tip my head a bit to the left and look at the burnet asshole that called me out, “Oh no, I’m not here to watch, I’m here to ground you into the floor and show you just how far you still have to go in order to get up to my level,” I answer in a deadly serious tone and give him another resting bitch face. “So, by all means, try to belittle me try to degrade me, I’m going to prove to you why the fuck I’m the prodigy of this element and you are far from it.”

“Fiacre, Sean may be younger than you, but I can assure you, he is the prodigy even though he has yet to be officially named the prodigy. Why do you think he’s been under my tutoring? You will not with this if you’re making it into a contest,” Abel added in and put his hands behind his head, “But by all means, if you wish to make a fool of yourself go for it.”

Fiacre glared at me and then back at Mrs. E and at Abel, “Sean is going first considering he was being tutored and it is best for us to be able to figure out exactly where he is with his training,” Mrs. E said with a very simple smile.

“Sorry, we’re late!!” I hear another woman’s voice and turn to the door and saw a woman who’s about as tall as mom and a man come into the room. The man looks to be shorter than I am.

“Elena, Jasper, glad you could make it. Were you able to get everything done?” Mrs. E questions.

“Yes! Everything’s all set, he’ll be here soon too! But he said that we can start before he makes it,” Elena answered and then looks at me, “You must be the kid Abel’s been looking after! You’re a lot younger than I thought you would be. He talks about you like you’re his age,” She giggles and rubs under her nose, “Well, you two aren’t too far apart in age so I can see why.”

“I’m Jasper and this is Elena by the way,” The guy greets and holds out his hand to me.

I pull my hand out of my pocket and shake his hand with a firm grip, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Is everyone here?” Elena asked looking around.

“I think so, for this class anyways. No one from the afternoon class said they needed to take their final this morning with this class, so I think we’re all set,” Mrs. E. stated then clapped her hands, “Alright, everyone else against the wall Abel can you explain to Sean how he can perform the final really quick while everyone else gets seated?”

“Of course,” Abel puts and hand on my shoulder and walks me out to the center of the room. “Okay, so these vents give us access to water. Be sure to pull it straight up or angle it to come out with your movement out of another vent. This is going to be the most challenging part since we’ve only trained on open surfaces and out of canteens, but I think you’ll be fine. Stay focused and you can display everything that you’ve learned other than your blood control got it?” Abel keeps his voice low and explains what he can to me within the short period of time we have. “Feel the water and let it flow, you’ve totally got this. You’re better and faster than your old self. You proved that.” Gently tapping his knuckles against my chest I reach up and grab a hold of his hand like Nero and I do and he matches my grip. He pulled away and then went and walked over to the other teachers. “Whenever you’re ready Sean, you can go ahead and start.”

I look down at the floor and close my eyes to listen, to focus on the sound of the water that’s flowing under my feet. Focusing on the sound of the water I exhale slowly and in one smooth motion, I pull water from the running water under the floor and smoothly through the vents going into the first motions that Yesterday morning Abel and I practiced and made sure that I had down. Show them what I can do. And that’s just what I plan to do. I tone out all the conversations that are going one on the one side of the room and go through ability after ability transitioning smoothly between them. The most difficult part of this was controlling a large amount of water to allow me to display water walking, water glide, hydroporation, and finally water mimicry. Becoming water and controlling the water at the same time is something that I literally spent a month learning how to do just so I could do it at this exam. It shows the utmost control and will prove to them that you are the prodigy of water.” I come out of the water and solidify myself once again and then slowly let the wart flow back into the vents until the floor was dry and I was standing in the middle of the floor lowering my hands down to my sides and exhaling slowly before looking up very calmly at the group.

I look around and then my eyes instantly snap over to a particular raven-haired and golden-eyed man that I call my father standing with his arms crossed by Abel and a very confident and proud smile spread across his lips as I could see the same proud expression in his eyes. Nodding a bit while the other water elemental first years were dead silent I took a step towards the group and they instantly started whispering as I continued to walk over, “Who’s next? I’m excited to see how far everyone else is!” I smile happily at Mrs. E.

“There’s no fucking way that had to be staged, Mr. Caito had to of helped him with that. There’s just no fucking way,” Fiacre hissed and stepped out of the crowd and stormed towards me. I stopped walking and he grabbed a hold of my shirt. “What the fuck did you do? You had to have fucking someone help you. You can’t fucking do that with only being here for not even a mother fucking year. You never once fucking stepped foot in this room in the morning or afternoon class. I fucking have friends in the afternoon class and none of them have seen you in that class either.” He pulled me so that my face is inches away from his and his breath is hitting my face. “Fucking explain that fucking shit to me, Sean.”

“Fiacre, that’s quite enough!” Mrs. E. scolded as I kept calm.

I grab a hold of his hands and pry them off before stepping away from him, “Look, just because I caught onto this quicker than you doesn’t mean that you have to be fucking butthurt about it. I was told to show what I know so I did. It doesn’t mean that I was trying to set the bar to an ungodly level that you can’t possibly obtain right now because that’s not why I’m here. This is how the finals are done. I technically don’t even count when it comes to any of you taking your final. I wasn’t trying to best you in anything. So, fucking calm your fucking balls and focus on your own final.” Turning away to end the conversation I feel a hand on my shoulder and my body is forced to turn around and I’m met with Fiacre’s fist to my mouth. I stumble back two steps and catch my footing and instantly retaliate and throw a punch back at him. “Mother fucker!” I yell and block another one of his punches and hit him with two quick jabs to the stomach before roundhousing him in the side and sending him stumbling. I take a step towards him and both my arms are grabbed and I’m pulled back. “What the fuck, let go of me!” I hiss and look back to see both Dad and Abel holding me back.

“That’s enough Sean,” Dad’s expression was stern and serious, but his voice was calm.

“He mother fucking started the cock picking fight I’m just fucking putting him in his place. He fucking needs a good ass kicking,” I glare at the kid who in return but Jasper was on the floor with him and had a hand on his shoulder.

“No Sean. You need to chill,” Abel snapped right back at me.

“We’re going to take Sean out for some air. Please, continue with your finals, we’re sorry for the interruption,” Dad apologized and then both dad and Abel drug me out of the room.

“Sean,” Abel started as I pulled away from the two of them.

“I fucking tried to walk away. I did, you fucking, saw me. I stayed calm and the mother fucker punched me,” I instantly start to defend myself as to why I went after the kid.

“We know you did Sean and you had every right to retaliate. You were being the better person, but we needed to separate you two before something worse happened,” Abel explained to me pulling out his bandana and pressing it against my mouth and nose as I was wiping off the blood that was on my face.

“Fiacre is a first-year water elemental and he’s actually the top of the class, so naturally he’s going to get pissed when someone who has been having private tutoring comes into the take the final exam at the same time and does ten times better than him. It is quite an upset, even though your score and what you do does not affect if he’ll get the top marks in the final.” Dad continued to explain to me and he put up a hand before I could argue with him about it so I shut my mouth and put my hands in my pockets so he could continue. “The reason you have to take the final with one of the classes for the first years is because there need to be at least ten other witnesses that are not prodigies in order to officially announce someone as the prodigy of that element. Back when I was young it was a heavy struggle going through classes because we are able to catch onto things quickly and it’s second nature to us. I pared you with Abel to be your tutor because he holds all the records within the water element classes. He excelled almost as fast as you did yourself. Because of this, I knew that he would be able to keep pace with you. It’s best to pull the prodigies out of the main classes and allow them to have a private instructor that will keep pace with them and not hold them back.”

“To be fair,” Abel started and put his hands behind his head and leaned on his right, “Everyone’s tutors have mildly gone through the same hatred that you prodigies go through yourselves, so we understand what it’s like to be hated because your different. Question for you Sean. Has Nero ever told you who his tutor was when he was a first year?”

“Well, no, we haven’t really talked about it. I don’t want to push him to tell me something he’s not comfortable talking about.” Even though I kinda did that with Gil last night. God fucking damn it I am an ass for doing that.

“Torin was the same. He excelled like I did,” Abel answered me point blank without even a pause. I stare at him dumbfounded.

“But, I thought that-” I get cut off.

“That Nero and Torin haven’t seen each other in a long time or since they were in the orphanage together? Yeah, they have gone a few years not really seeing each other, but that’s because we had just gotten done with our main classes when Nero entered into the school and he was going much faster at mastering things than the kids in his class. Headmaster pulled him out. Torin disguised himself to train Nero. Now, grant it I told him he didn’t have to do that for Nero and he’s changed quite a bit in the last two years, but he still felt better making himself look older because having a student teach a student was unheard of. Every one of you has had someone who personally had relatively the same hatred placed towards them that the prodigies have. And like your guys instead of giving into the hatred and pulling back to match up with everyone else in the class we thrived on it. You did amazing this morning I’m very proud to call you my student and also my friend.”

My breath caught in my throat as I stared at Abel and he kept his normal aloft smile on as if it was something very casual. I look down at the floor away from my father and Abel, “Thank you, for everything you two have done to help me.”

“You’re my son, of course, I’m going to help you,” Dad chuckled and I felt a hand slap my back making me look up at him smiling. He jumped slightly and reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, “I have to get going, Harley’s final is about to start and I have to be there to watch that one as well.”

“Alright, I’ll catch ya later dad,” I smile and he puts a hand on my head pulls my headband down over my eyes.

“Later Sean, I love you,” He chuckled and I felt my heart skip and when I pull my headband away from my eyes he’s gone.

“Asshole,” I grumble but I still can’t help but smile and slide my headband back into my hair.

“Also, I know I promised that I would let Torin open up to Nero on his own, but you have to promise to not tell Nero alright?” I look back at Abel with a very confused look at I raise a brow at him, “Torin is Nero’s older brother. His last name is Ulric even though he never says it. If you look at the record boards they only give a person their last initial after the first name. Otto’s also tested the DNA between them and they match. He told me his parents were really young when he was born. You’ll have to ask him about the details. Don’t worry about me getting read the riot act, I know it’s going to happen,” He chuckled, “What time is your next final?”

I pull out my phone and sigh, “I should probably start heading over to the history building.”

“Basics final?” He questioned.

“Yeah,” I grumble still not wanting to go, “I was literally told that I could still pass the class with a high grade even if I don’t show up…” I trail off.

“Don’t even think about it. You know the headmaster and your mother will be furious if you skip out on a final,” Abel instantly broke my chain of thought.

“Fiiiiinnnneeee, I’ll go to the final,” I mutter and pout looking away from him.

“Good,” He chuckled, “Come on, I’ll walk with you.” And the two of us walked towards the exit of the building. “How many finals do you have today?”

“Just the two, I’m done for the day after my basics final. So, I’m going to be going with Gil to go and get lunch. We were planning on meeting outside of the dining hall and go from there,” I answer checking my pockets to make sure that I had a pencil or a pen with me. “Okay good.”

“Almost forget a pen?” Abel snickered and I glared at him a bit, “Don’t worry, I forget pens and pencils all the time.”

“I try not to. But, yes, I do have one of each in my pocket,” We stop in front of the building. “Does this mean we’re not going to be hanging out anymore after this school year is over?” I ask bluntly.

“Oh, god no,” He chuckled, “Of course we’re going to keep hanging out. I’ll let you know when I won’t be around and I’m going out to do something. But you know you’re welcome over to the house anytime. And I’m always more than happy to actually race you. We haven’t done that out of how long we’ve been friends now?”

“True, we’re totally going to have to do that soon. I want to see how fast you are,” I smirk at him and he punches my shoulder, but not hard enough for it to hurt.

“I’ll catch ya later. Just shoot me a text when you want to hang out. Good luck,” He waved and when continued walking.

“Can do, see ya later,” I wave before heading into the history building and to my classroom to get ready for my final.

It wasn’t hard. In fact, I think that my tests that Chris were giving me were ten times harder. I finished it in close to an hour and that’s with triple checking myself. Handing it in and then walking out of the room and heading to the dining hall. Gil isn’t here yet…I’m sure that his test is a bit harder than mine. Standing there and waiting Gil still showed up. I check my phone and see that I’ve been here for almost an hour. Maybe he went back to the dorm. I’m going to go check. I start towards the door and pull out my phone. Hey, I’m going to head back to the dorm really quick, are you there? I hit send and put my phone back in my pocket. Walking with my hands in my pocket I slow down when I come close to the science building. I don’t know what it is, but my gut is telling me to go behind the building. Following my gut, that’s just what I do.

“How bout we change that pretty red hair of yours not what it’s cut,” I heard a guy snicker.

“Hey, hey, let’s go purple man. Red is fucking overrated,” No it’s not. Red is a beautiful hair color. I pick up my pace and it turns into a sprint putting my hand on the side of the building I take the corner and stop dead in my tracks as my breath catches in my throat. Gil is laying on the ground and his deep red hair spread out across the ground that trails up to him as his hair slowly changes to purple and the clanking of a bottle hitting the ground with three guys around him. “Gil…” I mutter my fists clench I bite the inside of my cheek. My heart aches in pain. Taking a step forward I break into a sprint and full force throttle the guy who was holding the bottle that was holding the liquid that changed Gil’s hair.

“BACK OFF MY FUCKING FRIEND!” I scream and without waiting to see what happened to the guy I punched I spun on my foot and slammed my heel into the second guy’s stomach with all the strength in my leg that I could summon. Hot tears well in my eyes as I plant my foot firmly on the ground before spinning pushing off again and jumping over Gil and collide my fist with the last guy’s face. Landing on the dirt behind Gil I spin around and hold both my arms out and snag both of the two that I nailed first with blood control and hold them in their places. “You mother fuckers picked the wrong kid to fuck with. You go after my best friend you get my fangs.” I swing my hands down and force the two guys I have in my control down to their knees.

“You fucking might be the water prodigy but you can’t hold down three at a time. “I look over my shoulder and see that the third guy behind me is Fiacre and he’s wiping the blood from his mouth.

“And you shouldn’t be fucking with two prodigies,” I spat back at him.

“S-Sean, I’m so sorry,” Gil’s voice cracks.

“Don’t be,” I answer wanting to look down at Gil but I know if I take my eyes off Fiacre he’s going to come after me, “Are you hurt?”

“They broke my glasses so it’s hard to see, but other than the fact that it was three against one,” I hear Gil shifting around under me.

“Fucking purple head here is a damn prodigy, he’s weak as fuck,” Fiacre cackled and in the blink of an eye Gil was around me and had Fiacre by the throat.

“Don’t leave your thoughts so much in the open. What happened to you keeping them quiet when the three of you got me from behind and I didn’t hear you coming.” Gil’s voice was sharp and cold. It’s almost like he’s turned into a completely different person.

“W-what the fuck?” Fiacre’s voice shattered from his confident tone just a moment ago as he struggles to get even those words out. Gil says nothing as tears start welling up in the corner of Fiacre’s eyes. “S-Stop, please,” He begs. Gil must be doing something mentally to him. Gil may not look physically strong, but if you leave your mind so wide open and he’s able to dive in, he will find your fear and bring it to the forefront for you to experience over and over again. Gil lets go of Fiacre’s throat and he drops to his hands and knees.

I release the two I have in my grasp, “Get the fuck out of here before we kick the shit out of you then drag your deadbeat asses to my father’s office,” I hiss at all of them.

“C-Come on, l-let fucking go,” Fiacre’s unstable voice cracks as he stumbles to get up to his feet and runs past me and his other two friends scramble to their feet as well and they all run.

I look at Gil and instantly cover the short distance that’s between us and hug him tightly. “I’m so sorry, I should have come looking for you sooner. I was getting worried when you hadn’t shown up yet.”

“I’m so sorry,” His voice cracks as he buries his face into my shoulder and wraps his arms around me and clutches onto the back of my shirt.

Hugging him tighter I lean my head against his, “Don’t ever be sorry. Next time if you can reach me through thoughts call me. I will drop whatever I’m doing to come help. Got it?”

“Mhm,” He hiccups from crying into my shoulder.

“Is there anything we can do for your hair? What did they do? We’re going to get you back to the house and get your contacts in and then take care of your glasses okay?” I rub his back as he continues to cry on my shoulder and not let go. “We can go to mom about your hair if you don’t want to a hair salon about it. We’ll get everything figured out I promise.”

“Okay,” His voice muffled in my shoulder.

He finally pulls away from me and I can get a better look. He’s got a bruised left eye and his lip is split wide open. There are also burn marks on his neck. His bangs were sliced clean off so they’re above his eyes now instead of covering his right eye. The rest of his hair has chunks cut off it and whatever they poured on his head turned most of his hair purple there are some spots that are still his deep red natural hair but not much.

“Glasses, glasses, glasses,” I mutter as I look around and find them broke in half on the ground not too far from us. I go and pick them up and notice that both lenses are shattered too. “I’m sorry Gil, there’s no saving them.”

“It’s alright Sean, I kinda figured when I heard them crunch earlier,” The disappointment in his tone makes knots in my stomach as I walk back over to him.

“Come on, let’s head back to the dorm and get you cleaned up before we do anything. While you’re taking a shower and getting your contacts in I’ll make some lunch and call mom,” I reassure him I hold out my elbow to him and he hooks his arm with mine and holds onto me. We take a slow walk back to the dorm and I unlock the door. We take off our shoes and then I help him up the stairs to make sure that he doesn’t trip. When we make it to his room he tells me where his contacts are so I grab him a pair and then he takes them from me and heads to the bathroom and sits down on the edge of the tub. I focus on healing his eye and split lip and get them done as best as I can considering I still have to work on it. And then I let him take a shower and I go downstairs.

Sighing heavily, I pull out my phone and call mom. Please don’t be in an exam please don’t be in an exam.

Sean, sweetie what’s wrong? You never call.” mom answered.

“Hi mom, are you busy?” I ask rubbing my right bicep as I walk around downstairs with my phone.

“No, no, sweetie my finals don’t start until tomorrow. What happened? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, one of the first year kids was fucking butthurt about me showing up at the final and almost got into a fight with me. It would have happened if dad and Abel didn’t drag me out of the room. But, apparently, he was pissy enough and went after Gil with some of his friends. I healed Gil as best as I could for now. He’s up taking a shower and I was wondering if we could come home and you could fix his hair. The assholes did a number to it on top of fucking breaking his glasses,” I explain as I pace around the kitchen.

“That’s fine sweetie, I’ll be here all day. I’ll make food for you both too. Just come home right after Gil is done taking a shower okay?” Mom’s voice had so much worry and concern behind it.

“Can do. Thank you so much.”

“You don’t have to thank me, sweetie. Hailie is over too, Aaron’s mom, she says she wants you two here so she can look Gil over and you.”

“Mom, I already told you I’m fine,” I can’t help but chuckle.

“Don’t give me that, you’re getting checked out too just to be safe.”

“Okay, okay, we’ll come as soon as Gil gets done with his shower. I love you.”

“I love you too sweetie. I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Sounds good, bye mom,” And I pull my phone away from my ear and hang up. Sticking my phone back in my pocket I wander back upstairs and knock on the bathroom door, “Hey, mom wants us to come right to the house when you’re done. Mrs. Strife is there too and she wants to look both of us over. Mom’s also going to see what she can do with your hair.”

“What about lunch?” He questioned as I hear the water turn off.

“Mom’s going to make us something to eat. It’s more than likely going to be ready by the time we get there,” I answer leaning against the door.

“Sounds good, I’m almost done. Just give me a few.”

“Take your time I don’t want you to rush,” I push off the door. I’m going to toss my pen and pencil in my room then wait downstairs.”

“Alright,” I walk away from the door and go down a few doors to my room. Tossing my pen and pencil onto my desk I also reach into my pocket and place my canteen there as well.

Gil comes down dressed and with his contacts in. once we get our shoes on we head out and out of town too. So, it was through campus and into town then up the hill to the house. “Mom, we’re home,” I call out when I open the door.

Mom comes running into the hall from the kitchen and instantly hugs both of us when we’re in the house, “I’m so happy the two of you made it here safe,” I hug mom with my left arm. She pulls away and looks up at me and instantly frowns, “You said you were fine, your lips are split, that’s not fine.”

Mrs. Strife comes out of the kitchen and she gasps, “Oh my god Gil, what happened sweetie,” and she ran over to us and grabbed Gil’s face and pulled him down so she could get a better look.

“It’s my fault,” I instantly take the blame.

“It’s not your fault Sean,” Gil protests as Mrs. Strife has a hold of his face and is looking him over.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Strife, I did my best to heal him. I overdid it a bit at my element final this morning,” I apologize, “and it’s my fault that Gil got hurt in the first place. One of the kids was in the class that I had to take my final in and he was pissed at me. We almost got into a fight and I’m sure he was still pissed and then he took it out on Gil by outnumbering him.”

“Enough of that. You two are eating first and then we’ll take care of everything,” Mom said ending the conversation.

Mom and Mrs. Strife push us towards the kitchen, we grab some of the pizza that mom and Mrs. Strife made and sit down at the table with our plates and some water. “Mom, is there any way to get the purple out of his hair?”

“I thought a bunch of it came out when I took a shower, but when I looked in the mirror it looked like I didn’t do a thing,” Gil explained before taking a bite.

Because of my split lip, it was harder eating so I had to take small bites, “Is it like a hair dye?” I ask, “It was a liquid that changed from clear to purple when the dude said the color.”

“By how you described it, it sounds like it’s multi-dye. It’s a mixture of three different types of plants that are then mixed with the mucus of a Peno snail that allowed the liquid to change into any color that is said while it is in its liquid state. Once it’s placed onto the thing you want to dye it will act like a normal dye to the thing that it was placed on,” Mom explained to us. “So, it’s as if he dyed his hair. The best thing to do it to dye the patches of red that are left after I fix your hair and then you’ll have to let it grow out. I wouldn’t suggest us using pufponet root because it acts like a bleach and that can severely damage your hair even though it would get out most of the dye it would turn your hair more so into a light lavender color then fixing the problem.”

“So, my better bet is to just let my hair grow back out and power through with the purple until it washes out with growing out,” Gil asks.

“The thing is, this isn’t like normal dye, it’s not going to wash out. It stays that color the entire time,” Mrs. Strife said and Gil sighed heavily.

“This is the one and only time I’m ever going to dye my hair. I’m never doing it again. But I’m not walking around with patches of my red, that would just look stupid,” Gil runs his hands through his hair. “At least they didn’t cut it so bad that I would have to get it all chopped off.”

“That’s true it’ll be a fair bit shorter than what your use to but we can make it work,” mom smiled happily at him.

“What are we going to tell everyone else when they see you?” I ask putting my hand on my cheek.

“We’ll just tell them the truth. It’s the best thing to do, especially with our friends,” Gil smiled at me.

“Sounds good,” I smile back at him and flinch a little from my lip breaking back open.

“Both of you eat first and Sean we need to get your lip to stop bleeding,” Mom said and got up and got a wet towel for me to put on my lip.

“It’ll be alright. I know you can pull it off and the purple will make your eyes pop more,” I comment and get Gil to chuckle.

“It’ll just take a little time to get used to it,” He smiled softly.

He looks like he’s going to be okay. I’ll have to let everyone know in the chat about it just so they aren’t shocked when we get back to the dorms. I’m sure that everyone is going to want to see him and see how everyone did on their first day of finals before going back to studying.I’m sure he knows that we’ll always love him no matter what his hair looks like.

I know, you’ve always got my back. Thank you, Sean.

You don’t have to thank me for anything. We’ll always be friends and that’ll never change. I get my lip to stop bleeding and then I can get back to eating. Gil gets done first so mom pulls him away to help take care of his hair and when I’m finished eating Mrs. Strife checks me over to make sure that the split lip is the only thing that I have that’s injured and patches me up. We just gotta keep moving forward.

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