A Little Secret

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Let's Go See Umo at the Earth Dragon Roost!

Chapter 68: Let’s Go See Umo at the Earth Dragon Roost!


“Sean…Sean wake up,” Abel’s voice echoes in my head and I sit up and blink slowly. Bringing my hands up I rub my eyes and run my hands down my face.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep,” I yawn and look to see Sasuke’s passed out with the book that he was working with is leaning against his head and his notebook at a diagonal and his pencil still in his hand. Jay is dozing and catching himself after his head drops as he has a scroll on his lap. Kyo is hanging off the couch with a book on his chest and his notebook on the floor. Torin is stretched out on the floor passed out himself and his scroll rolled back up.

We’ve all been helping Abel and Torin with working on the books that they were finally given permission to pull from the cave. “Don’t be sorry, it’s three in the morning. It’s time to call it. We all need sleep. Can you help me get some sleeping bags set up?”

“Sure,” I nod and stand up. Twisting my torso I crack my back. Then I help Abel get out four sleeping bags. I take the scroll away from Jay and get him to lay down. I toss a sleeping bag over Kyo after taking his notebook and book and setting them on the coffee table. And Abel gets Torin up and to his room then I get Sasuke up long enough to make it to a sleeping bag and get him to lay down. I turn off the lights then crawl into a sleeping bag myself and pass back out again.

I shoot up off the floor when I hear a phone buzzing on the table. Scrambling up to my feet I in over and it’s my phone with the alarm that I had set was going off. Sighing I turn it off and leaned down on the table and gently tap my head to the tabletop. Standing there for a few minutes I drag myself off the table and back over to my sleeping bag. Laying back down I relax and end up drifting off again.

This time I wake up and look at my phone that’s still in my hand. It’s eight in the morning. Sitting up and dropping my phone on my lap I rub my eyes and get the eye gunk out of the corners of my eyes.

“Good morning,” I look over and see Abel walking out of the kitchen with a cup of tea.

“Morning,” I answer back, “What time did you get up?” I ask him as he walks over to the table.

“Not too long ago. Did you want some tea?” He asks as I stood up and twisted my back to crack it.

“Na, it’s all good. I’ll just get some water, thank you though.” I walk around Sasuke and Jay and get to the kitchen. Grabbing my cup from last night I refill that with water and then walk back out to the table and sit down with Abel.

“You and Sasuke are going to visit the earth dragon roost right?” Abel asked.

“Tomorrow yeah. Kyo and Jay are going with us,” I nod rubbing my thumbs against the glass. “I hate leaving especially when there’s so much work to do, but Umo was getting on us about coming and spending at least one night over at the roost.”

“Don’t be upset about it. Torin and I have been keeping you guys from actually enjoying your vacation. You need a break. We’re not going to be losing any time with anything with you four going and getting some fresh air. Next time I’ll have to come with you, I haven’t been there in a couple of years,” Abel chuckled, “Oh, doesn’t Aaron have a concert thing that he has to do? Do you remember where it is?”

“I honestly think he said it was at one of the roosts. Sadly we can’t go because it’s more of a private show. That’s what he told us anyway,” I shrug.

“Damn, that sucks. I really want to listen to him sing. I’ve heard some kids from time to time talk about his voice when I’m walking around on the campus, so I’m curious.”

“You know you can always ask him,” I smirk and raise a brow, “And I’m sure even back then you could have asked him too.”

“Believe me I wanted to, but with how heavily surveillance that place was, I wasn’t about to ask and then someone hurt Aaron because I was the one that asked him to sing. They may have taken it as he was going to hurt someone.” He looks down at his cup of tea, “When the headmaster first told me to figure out a way to get into the E.C.U I thought he was insane, but he wanted to know what Otto was doing, so I did what he wanted me to. But, to find out that Chris was there and that’s why Otto was there…then not too long after you came and joined. While getting to know you more it made the nervousness of being there go away. Almost in a way, I kinda looked at you like a younger brother than a coworker. Even though back then you were only three years younger than me. Even more so now.” He looks up at me and smirks.

“Haha, very funny,” I chuckle, “A lot of shit happened back then that’s for sure. I wish I knew where Chris went, though. I still have a fuck ton of shit I want answered.”

“Your guess is as good as mine with where he went. I can’t get anything out of Otto,” He sighed and I heard the squeak of their third step from the bottom and I look over to see Torin coming down the stairs.

“Morning you two,” Torin still looked dead tired.

“By how you look I honestly think we all need a little bit of a break from working on these books,” I chuckle a bit.

“That’s the plan. I’m gonna hand out with Nero,” Torin smiled and put a hand on my head and pushed my head forward walking past.

“Oh, You finally going to tell him?” Looking over at Abel I see him smirk. “Maybe I’ll go with Sean and Sasuke to the earth dragon roost so you can have to house to yourself a bit again. Have some brotherly bonding.”

“Whatever ya wanna do man,” Torin commented and went into the kitchen.

“It’s up to you Abel if you want to come you’re more than welcome to and you know that,” I smile at him, “I know Umo won’t care, he loves meeting people.”

“Oh, he comes out now?” Torin commented coming out with a cup of coffee.

“I smell coffee,” I look over my shoulder and Kyo is sitting up on the couch.

“Welcome to the world of the living,” I comment and then get a pillow thrown at me as Abel and Torin snicker.

“But, thanks,” Kyo yawned and ran his hands through his hair then brought them down to his face.

“If you want some coffee the stuff’s still out,” Torin mentioned.

“I made a full kettle of water and it’s still hot,” Abel added in.

“Eh, if it’s too cold just stick it on Sasuke. Awake or asleep he’s a personal body heater,” I state with a chuckle.

“I liiiivveeee,” Jay says sitting up and his long hair is everywhere.

“Good morning to you too,” I chuckle.

“What time is it?” He asks as Kyo comes walking back into the living room with a cup of coffee.

“I’m up,” Sasuke quickly shot up and looked around.

“Oh thank god your up, you were asleep for three days!” Jay grabbed a hold of Sasuke’s shoulders and it made Sasuke’s eye’s grown wide.

Everyone started laughing and Sasuke’s shocked expression quickly turned into a pout with him puffing out his cheeks.

“You were out Sasuke, normally it just takes the smallest thing will wake you up. Not this time,” I chuckle, “I’m glad you were able to get some sleep, you clearly needed it.”

“I think the long nights of research and reading were finally catching up,” He chuckled and rubbed his eyes.

“Last time I saw you sleep like that was when you got sick after my birthday,” I smirk at him and lean my cheek in the palm of my hand.

“Oh yeah, that was rough, you were giving off so much heat when you were sick I honestly thought you were gonna set something on fire,” Kyo mentioned.

“That’s why I went home just to make sure I didn’t get any of you sick. That was the last thing anyone else needed,” Sasuke defended. “Anyway, what are the plans for today.”

“Well, since we have you four for one more day, I’m thinking we could try to crank out as much as possible before your trip,” Torin spoke up first.

“Oh shit, it’s tomorrow already? Damn, that went fast,” Kyo perked up.

“I’m really excited to go and visit the earth dragon roost!! It’s been a huge motivator for me!” Jay hopped up like he normally does with her chipper. He must have slept enough where he wasn’t his normal dead self in the morning.

“Good,” Abel laughed lightly and stood up, “Now that everyone’s up I’m going to get started on breakfast. Pancakes and sausage good with everyone?”

“Yes!” Jay, Torin, and I said in unison.

“Did you want help?” Sasuke offered standing up and cracking his back.

“If you want to, I wouldn’t mind,” Abel nodded and Sasuke followed him into the kitchen. I look over at the couch and Kyo’s head ion his arms with his coffee sitting in front of him and I think he fell back asleep.

“I’m going to get Sasuke to evaporate your coffee if you don’t get up,” Jay leaned over the coffee table and grabbed a hold of his bothers cup.

“Do it and you know that it will not end well for you Jay,” Kyo answered bluntly and I snorted and start cackling.

“No fighting in the house. If you need to cool off go jump in the pool,” Abel yelled from the kitchen.

Soon enough we were all eating breakfast and then went back to work on where we all left off last night. We took more breaks this time and eventually just gave up and went and hung out in the pool because it was so fucking hot today. Not that it bothered Sasuke, but it bothered the rest of us. Sasuke still got it anyways since he can walk on the bottom of the pool. We all joked around splashing each other. Nero, snowflake, Harley, Aaron, and Gil stopped in to see who we were doing the research to just ending up joining us in the pool for a while instead. Sasuke kept an eye on the time since he could dry off the fastest between all of us. Abel decided that he wanted to come with us so that he could take a break from being stuck in a stack of books. Torin asked Nero if he wanted to hang out since he wasn’t going with us to the earth dragon roost. Harley was fully on board with going with us since he was able to get what he wanted to do done this morning. Snowflake kept saying that he wanted to go but he wants to be the one to organize everything for Torin and Abel so they can present it to dad and the head of their department at the end of the summer break. We tried to tell him taking two days off isn’t going to put him behind but he still declines the offer. Sasuke pulled him off to the side and talked to him. It looked like they were having a mini argument and I wanted to step in to see what was wrong but Abel stopped me. Shortly after they came back over and snowflake is coming with us. We already got a no from Hale and Tate because they were with their parents and went to see the pixie kingdom that was a couple days away. They wanted to do stuff as a family for the summer and I completely respect that.

Mom and dad were both busy, so it’s just a small group coming. After we figured that out I sent a water message to Umo to let him know who all was coming with Sasuke and myself and that we would be heading out in the morning. We dad at least go back to working on our books for a couple more hours before we called it a night and went back to the dorms to pack and shower.

“I’m glad that you’re coming with us Harley,” I comment as I sit on the couch with the book I’ve been working on and my notebook opened up on the coffee table.

“So am I. I’m glad that the base player for Aaron’s band got better and she was good to go so Aaron said that I didn’t have to come if I didn’t want to,” Harley smiled at me sitting down with a cup of tea.

“Where were they going anyways?” I ask since I couldn’t get the location out of Aaron or Gil.

“The earth dragon roost,” He answered and laughed a bit. “I honestly think that Aaron wanted it to be a surprise for everyone too. Aaron and Gil were super excited to be allowed to be the entertainment for the roost. “But I think that the concert that they have to do is tonight. Mrs. Strife made a portal for them to get there in a short period of time since there was no way they were going to make it with everything they had. Aaron and Gil wouldn’t let me help with getting everything there, so that’s how I ended up coming up with Nero and Toshiro.”

“Well, if they’re still there then we’re going to make them stay and let us help carry things back. They won’t have a choice in the matter,” I chuckle and close my book and set it down on the coffee table.

“True, I’m not letting them get away with doing that again,” Harley laughed lightly.

“Guys!” Jay hopped over to us and jumped on the couch.

“Jay!” I respond back with just as much excitement and then laugh and rest my cheek in the palm of my hand, “Sup?”

“What time are we leaving in the morning?” He asked and showed me his phone that Kyo was asking because Sasuke didn’t know.

“What time do you guys want to leave? Seven or eight?” I ask them.

“What’s up?” Abel questioned coming down from upstairs. He decided to stay the night in our spare room so he didn’t have to get up way earlier to meet with all of us.

“Do you want to leave at seven or eight tomorrow morning?” I ask.

“I would say we should leave by seven thirty- eight absolute latest. I can make a portal to get us there not a problem, we should just make sure we have most of the day to be able to see things. Since it’s not like we’re going to be there all week and it’s only two days.”

“It doesn’t seem like a long time, but we have to get ready for getting back into the start of classes and then there’s helping your guys as much as we can with your research before school starts for the new year…two weeks is not a long enough summer break,” I grumble.

“It’s not no, but it’s not so bad and you don’t forget what you’ve learned over the year with having only two weeks for a summer break,” Abel pointed out.

“That’s true. We should be getting out schedules this week too for the year,” Jay nodded.

“I wonder what classes we’re going to be placed in this year,” Harley tapped his bottom lip.

“It all depends on what headmaster thinks you’re ready for. For your main courses at least. The electives are something that you wrote out what you want to do on a list in one of your classes,” Jay answered for us.

“Okay, and then he takes whatever works best with the core classes he puts us in,” I finish as Jay and Abel nod.

“Is it just headmaster that does it? Because that’s a lot of students to make schedules for?” Harley asked.

“No, no it’s not just him who does it. I think he has a system that he runs everyone through that will place them in the core classes and then give suggested classes for that student. And when he runs the papers that we filled out through the system it will try to fit the classes that the student wants in,” Abel explained to us. “I’ve seen it before but it’s kinda hard to explain the machine. It’s ancient I can tell you that much, but it runs on some sort of power that I don’t know what it is.”

“Has anyone really looked into it?” I questioned

“Guuuuuyyyyyssssssss, what time?” Jay whined.

“We leave at eight,” I answer quickly.

“Thank you!! Now we can continue with the conversation,” Jay said looking down at his phone and texting his brother back.

“I think there’s a team in the research and development department that has been looking into it, but I haven’t heard anything from them about a breakthrough with it. We could be using it completely wrong, who knows,” Abel shrugs.

“So what got you and Torin into researching about Melancholy dragons?” I lean back into the couch more.

“He’s researching the dragons and I’m working on sun elementals. The two of them went extinct at the same time,” leaning on the back of the couch he looked over at me.

“How can an elemental go extinct if we’re still here?” Harley asked softly.

“Since the last sun elemental which was supposedly almost one thousand years ago, there has not been another sun elemental in our history. The same goes for melancholy dragons, they went extinct at the same time. I want to know why. Both Torin and I want to know why” He answers very seriously. “But, who knows what’s in store for us for the next few days. I suggest we get some sleep. As much as we can.”

“It is late anyway,” I laugh lightly, “And Umo is a ball of energy like this one,” I put a hand on Jay’s head and he perks up.

“You like it and you know it. I bring a spice to your life,” He snickers at me and I can’t help but laugh.

“You do,” I smirk at him.

“Before we get on a tangent, let’s get to bed,” Harley smiles at us and I end up yawning. “That’s the sign to call it a night,” he chuckled.

We all said our goodnights and did what we needed to before heading to bed. I set my alarm on my phone just to make sure I was going to get up early enough because I do want to run before leaving since I haven’t ran for the past few days with binge reading and taking notes for Torin and Abel. I lay down and let my body relax closing my eyes I feel myself drift off to sleep.

My alarm went off what feels like way to soon and I started falling asleep again while I was sitting up. Forcing myself up and out of bed, I got changed into compression shorts, normal, gym shorts, and a tank top. Grabbing my ankle socks I wander over to my desk and put them on and then grab my headband and slip it on pulling my hair out of my face. I head to the bathroom and do my normal then quietly make it downstairs, get a drink of water, slip on my shoes and leave the dorm. Tapping toes on the stone in front of the dorm I exhale slowly and then start my run. It’s already getting hot this morning. But it’s not so hot that I can’t run. When I figure out how my schedule is I’m going to get back into running every morning. It gets me up and moving early. Today is going to be a busy day that’s for sure. I’m still surprised that Kyo and Jay have never meet Umo before. But, they did say that they don’t really leave town all that much and when they do it’s not far. So, this should be fun with them. It sucks that Nero didn’t want to come, but it’s a good thing at the same time since he can be with Torin. Hopefully, he’s not too rough on him when Torin tells him. Keeping that from Nero has been rough that’s for sure, but I know that Torin wanted to tell him himself it was just working up the courage to do it. I hope that he doesn’t back out on it. If he doesn’t I’m gonna fucking tell Nero myself. I can’t keep not saying anything about it when he’s one of my best friends.

It feels really nice to be able to run around campus with only getting slightly out of breath by the time I make it back to the dorm. I walk into the house and everyone is up and moving around. “Morning.”

“Morning. I thought you were still sleeping, but I should have known better.” Abel chuckled.

“It’s all good,” I smile and slip out of my shoes, “I just wanted to get a run in before we had to leave. I just don’t know what we’re going to be doing today.”

“You could have woken me up, I would have gone on the run with you,” Harley offered.

“I’ve just gotten so used to running alone. No one’s really wanted to go on runs with me,” I answer truthfully, “I’ll remember it for my next run, though if you still want to do it. I would be more than happy to have the company.”

“Sounds good,” Harley nods and chuckles. “You still have time, go take a shower and finish packing up.”

“Can do,” I run up the stairs taking the steps two at a time. Heading to my room I grab a pair of cargo shorts, and a muscle shirt then goes and hop in the shower. I took a quick shower, got changed and then went back to my room and packed a day’s worth of clothes into my bag and then wandered back down. Abel made me eat something. Then it was time for us to meet up with the others and now we’re off in the portal that Abel made to the Earth dragon roost.

“Still cannot get used to this,” I mumble as I walk next to Sasuke.

“It’s okay. I don’t think it’ll ever be a normal type of feeling, but it severely cuts travel time which is the positive thing,” Sasuke chuckles.

“True, we were thinking it was going to take us a decent chunk of the day to get there originally. Or we were going to bug mom or dad to make a portal for us right?” I look over at him and he nods.

“I think it’s a half a day walk to the roost when not using a portal. It’s nice having a roost so close but at the same time, it’s a decent distance away. And mom and dad are at the light dragon roost remember? There’s a dragon council meeting about finding the cave,” Sasuke commented.

I inhaled, “That’s right, I completely forgot that was today. Wait, does that mean Umo won’t be here?”

“I think that he would have asked to stay back so he could have fun with us and show us around. Since we had this planned before we found the cave,” Sasuke muttered shifting his gaze back to looking in front of us.

“Oh!! We’re almost there!!” Jay exclaimed making me jump because he’s been so quiet.

Jay ran ahead of us towards the end of the portal and then he disappeared, like going through a wall. We follow him shortly after and come to this cliff. Walking over to the edge and look down. It was a decent drop down to the bottom that’s for sure and there were ledges big enough for someone to land on. “Damn,” I mumble. It’s like an empty moat or some shit.

“Shouldn’t Umo be here already? How do we even get down? Are there stairs so some shit around here?” Kyo said and I looked back at him to see him standing next to Abel and snowflake.

I turn back to the ledge and take a deep breath and cup my hands around my mouth, “UMO GER YOUR ASS UP HERE WE’RE HERE! WE NEED YOU!” I yell as loud as I can and my voice echoes.

“Sean!” Snowflake hissed at me.

“What?” I turn around and raise a brow at him confused.

I feel a huge gust of wind hit my back and I widen my stance after taking a step forward to catch myself and I notice a huge shadow on the ground looking up I see a dragon that has tans, browns, and golds block the sun for a moment before it shrinks in size quickly to a human size and comes falling back down to earth. “Shit!” Harley panics and uses his wind to slow the one falling. With Harley’s wind, Umo gently touched down on the ground.

“Sean!! Sasuke!!!!” Umo jumped at both of us and knocked us down. “I missed you guys!!!”

“It’s good to see you too Umo,” Sasuke laughed.

“What’s up, man? I thought you were going to meet us up here when we got here?” I comment chuckling as I pat his back.

He pops up and laughs, “I got caught up talking with your friends. Aaron and Gil right? They did a concert here last night!!! It was so cool!!! But then I heard you yell so I blitzed up here. I hope I didn’t scare your friends from doing that now that I think about it,” He sat the rest of the way up on his knees and put a finger to his lips.

I sit up myself and so does Sasuke, “As long as they’re still there you can apologize when we get down there. But, Umo, these are our friends.” Sasuke mentioned.

“That’s Abel, you’ve probably met him before,” I start pointing at Abel and he waves.

“It’s good to see you again Umo,” He laughs.

“Then the white-haired kid is snowflake, but everyone just calls him Shiro. And the second blonde is Kyo. The third blonde with long hair is Jay. And the ginger is Harley,” I introduced everyone.

“It’s actually Toshiro Unido, Sean just calls me snowflake,” Shiro smiled sweetly walking over to the three of us. “It’s a pleasure to officially meet you Umo.”

Umo took Shiro’s hand and shook. A huge smile rose up on his lips, “You’re Lumi’s soul!!! But, Toshiro isn’t your real name is it? I can tell from your grip. What’s your real name?”

I can feel the tension in the air and I look at the side of snowflakes face and that smile hasn’t left his lips but I can tell he’s forcing it. “Umo, that was a little rude to ask,” I laugh trying to jump in so there was no argument that starts up.

“No, no, it’s okay Sean. My real name is Snow,” He answered Umo and I stared at him amazed. “I do prefer being called Toshiro or Shiro, though if you don’t mind.”

“But Sean calls you snowflake,” Umo points out.

“That’s because he’s an asshole.” I fall back down like an arrow hit me, “But he’s a good asshole. And there’s only a very few people that I allow to call me snowflake.”

Umo started laughing, “I can see why you guys are friends.” Popping back up on his feet he helped me and Sasuke back up. Everyone else came over and introduced themselves to Umo and then he showed us the way down the cliff to the entrance of the earth dragon roost. Aaron and Gil were still standing there and were super happy to see us.

“I’m sorry we didn’t tell you guys,” Gil said quietly.

And I quickly shook my head, “Na, don’t worry about it. Did you two have fun? Where’s the rest of the band?”

“They already went home. Mom came and got them and we said we wanted to stay and we’ll come back with you guys,” Aaron answered.

“Sounds good,” I chuckle.

“Come on!! Let me show you where you’re staying so we can drop off your bags! Dad’s away for the day. I think he’ll be coming back late tomorrow night, so we don’t have to go see him first,” Umo bounced as he walked away from all of us with his hands behind his back.

We follow him quietly, “I didn’t know you could transform into your dragon form already,” Gil spoke up breaking the silence between all of us.

Umo spun around on his heels and walked backward. A huge smile on his lips, “Mhm!! Not too long ago actually!!”

“I thought that dragons could always transform into their dragon forms?” I comment putting my free hand in my pocket.

“Nope! It’s kinda like with Andy. We are born in our human bodies, but with all our scales out and we can’t control the random switching between forms when we’re babies. So much different than when you probably learn growing up.”

“Andy’s only half dragon though,” I mention as we walk up a flight of stairs and we’ve taken so many turns that I don’t know which way we were going anymore.

“I know, it’s going to take him longer, but he does have a dragon form himself. Even if it’s something that you can’t see yourself, we dragons know he has one. It’s also why the rest of us want to see him succeed as the next chief of the water roost. He’s very strong. Anywho! We’re almost there!” He took another turn and then we walked across a stone bridge and into another section and then we wandered into a large room with beds that make a circle. “This is the guest rooms. One of them anyways. It’s the one that’s closest to my room. Since it’s more than just four of you we’ll have to settle for being here sleeping wise. There’s enough room in my room, but not enough to have comfortable nights rest.”

“Here is just fine, thank you Umo,” Sasuke said. There were two beds with stuff on them already, which means that Aaron and Gil were in here for the night last night as well.

“Now!! What do you want to do today!? We can go to the market, I can show you around. There’s a little competition going on today for games if you want to go watch that we can! It’s all up to you. You guys are my guests and I want you to have a really good time!”

“Can we go to the market first. I really want to see it.” Harley answered quickly.

“We can! The competition doesn’t start until later today anyway. So, we have plenty of time!” Umo nodded happily. “Let’s go! I’ll show you the way.”

He shows us the way to the market and it’s not crowded, but it’s still busy that’s for sure. It’s kinda like the water dragon roost but also different.

“This place is huge!” Harley exclaims.

“Have at it! It’s a lot of fun! Watch for the young ones though especially when they have a sneezing fit,” Umo pats Harley on the back.

“That’s why I’m here right,” Sasuke chuckled.

“That’s right! You can totally handle their flames not a problem! We’ve got this!” Umo pumped his fists into the air. “Let’s go have some fun!!”

We head down the last set of stairs into the marketplace. Even though it looked kinda like the water roost marketplace there was a hell of a lot of different things here.

We spent longer in here than I thought we did because Umo drags us to the arena that they have. It has this big Roman feel to the design of the place with how it’s also carved into the mountain itself and there’s a wide open sky view.

“WELCOME EVERYONE!!!” Umo shouted over the crowd of dragons with a couple of different races here and there. The crowd quieted down. I’m shocked at how loud Umo can be and how much of a dominance presence he gives when he’s the one in charge. “I’M SO GLAD EVERYONE IS HERE!! FATHER IS AT A MEETING AT ANOTHER ROOST, SO HE WILL NOT BE JOINING US TODAY. BUT, WE ALSO HAVE SOME VERY SPECIAL GUESTS WITH US TODAY. WE HAVE SOME OF THE PRODIGIES FROM THE ELEMENTALS HERE WITH US!! FOR THEIR SAKE NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO PICK GOING AGAINST THEM IN THE FIRST AROUND UNTIL I EXPLAIN THE RULES OF THIS COMPETITION TO THEM. NOW, WITHOUT FURTHER ADUE LET’S GET THE FIRST TWO INTO THE RING AND GET THIS THING GOING!!” The crowd erupted in a roar once again when Umo finished and he sat down in the larger chair that overlooks the stadium down below.

“Mind explaining this competition to us?” I raise a brow at him.

“It’s like the tournaments that you have, but here you are welcome to use to rare ability if you feel like it’s needed. I kinda entered you guys into the tournament before asking while you guys were having fun in the market. But this competition is one round elimination. Only twenty were allowed to enter and anyone on the list is fair game, but once they lose they’re done. You can choose to keep going or you can choose to pick the next two fighters and take a break. It’s up to you.” He explained with a smile. “I didn’t put you or Abel in it though Sean. We don’t have water easily accessible for the two of you and it’s kinda not all that fair for Sean to use his rare ability. Same goes for Gil you’re not in this either.” I mean, I’m not gonna complain, but he does realize we can take the moisture out of the air right?

“I don’t think he does Sean, but it’s probably best that he doesn’t know.” I look over at Gil and he locks eyes with me.

“Does that mean it’s just those three that aren’t in it?” Toshiro questions.

“Yes, so it’s you, Sasuke, Aaron, Harley, Kyo, and Jason that I signed up for this tournament along with myself. We took the last seven slots that were available.” Umo smiled sweetly at snowflake like he was completely innocent.

“Thanks for the heads up or asking Umo,” Sasuke scolded him but chuckled a bit.

Kyo started snickering and Jay as a shit-eating grin on his lips, “I think it’s about time we step it up a bit with competition don’t you think Ky-Ky?” Jay comments.

“Oh? And what does that mean exactly?” Umo chuckled and placed his cheek in his hand.

“They’re the Grim brothers. They next to never lose,” I explain to Umo.

“We’ll see about that then,” Umo smirks, “These aren’t your classmates that you’ll be going against. These are dragons.”

“Challenge accept,” Kyo cracked his knuckles, “And you said we can use our rare ability right?”

“That’s right,” Umo nodded.

“Even better. Not that I think we’re going to be needing it, but just in case,” Kyo chuckled.

“Are you competing in this too?” Abel asked.

“Of course, I like to take part in these things. I get antsy when I have to just sit and watch,” He chuckled. “Let the fun begin.” Did Umo set up this competition just to be able to judge what almost all of us could do? And he knows about my rare ability so I can’t blame him for instantly taking me out, and I think he was only trying to be fair to Abel too since it’s not like our arena back at the academy. Just what is Umo wanting to see? Does he want to see if we stand a chance against a dragon?

“Those are good questions, but it’s not just he wants to see how well everyone can do, but he wants to see exactly WHAT they CAN do before using their rare ability against a stronger opponent that’s not another elemental. I think this is something that’s been on his mind since watching the last tournament that we had.”

I just hope that no one gets hurt.

“If something happens we’ll step in wither Umo likes it or not.”

I’m fine with that plan.

“Alright, then that’s settled. I honestly just thought we were going to be spectators, but now we have our own job to do.”

I hope that Kyo and Jay don’t overdo it. I really do.

“They’re both strong, I think they’ll be okay. We’ll just stay on our toes. I think if you use your rare ability and I combine it with my abilities we can immobilize even a dragon. That’s my hope anyway.”

I hope so too.

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