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What Happened to a Relaxing Vacation??

Chapter 69: What Happened to a Relaxing Vacation??


I thought that this was supposed to be a relaxing couple of days here at the roost. Now we’re in a tournament that we didn’t sign up for. If Umo wanted to see what we could do that bad why didn’t he just ask us to spar with him in the first place?

“I wanna go against the boy with the red eyes,” The man’s voice boomed from the arena floor.

Sighing I stand up from my spot, “Why did you have to do this Umo?” I mumble letting my shoulders slump a bit.

Umo chuckled at my response, “Head on down Sasuke, you’re up.”

I head down the stairs of the area. Same basic start as to how ours went there was someone standing between us. The man has medium, messy, burnet hair, that that partially covers one of his copper orange eyes. His shirt has one shoulder to it and exposes his left peck as the rest of the shirt stops about halfway down his torso, but clings to his body like an under armor muscle shirt and I can clearly see the outline of his abs. His pants kinda look like sweatpants but on the outside of the pant legs from about his mid-thigh down to just past his knees, there is an opening exposing his powerful legs that hide under the baggy fabric. His strong arms were completely exposed displaying his two tattoos, one on his left bicep and the other on his right forearm of the part that I can see of it anyways. Altogether he looks like he’s gonna be a hell of a tough opponent to go against.

“You look so thrilled to be down here,” The girl commented putting her hands on her hips.

“I thought we were just coming to visit Umo not actually be participating in a tournament,” I sigh a bit.

“So quiet, you’ll be down in two minutes top pipsqueak,” The guy I was going against chuckled.

“Yeah, no, I’m not a quitter,” I say very blunt and not even batting an eye.

“Your funeral kid,” The guy chuckled in a deep voice.

“If you say so,” I comment and pull my hands out of my pockets, “Question before we start. On this roster, I haven’t looked at it. Did Umo happen to write down what our elements were?”

“I don’t remember seeing any elements next to your names no,” The girl answered shaking her head.

“Okiedokie, just wondering was all. Thank you for answer my question. I’m good to go now.” I comment and start building up the heat in me.

There was silence between us as the crowd cheered and wanted us to start, “And, begin!” She said and got out of the way.

The guy I was going against came at me at full force. I exhale and when he’s within range I release the built-up heat and send out a shockwave of a vapor trail sending the guy flying in the other direction. He flipped over and landed on his feet. Clearly looking pissed that he was knocked back. I shift myself into a fighting stand and smirk. “Come on, you can do better than that, right? Or are you tired from your first fight?”

This clearly pissed him off because he stood up straight then took a deep breath puffing out his chest and then a large orange ball of fire came rocketing towards me. Moving my arms I take control of his fire and spin it around me and launch it back at him. I follow through and send two more fireballs in quick succession after his fire. He dodged the three attacks, spinning on my right foot I swung my left leg into the air creating an arch or fire at him, jumping I make the second arch right after landing on my left foot I clap my hands together and then extending a spike of fire extending with my hands and then solidified into my staff. Turning I hold my staff to my left just in time to block a dark brown dragons tail. I had to widen my stance but I still slid a little bit from the impact. The guy’s scales were cover his body. His wide tooth smile was a bit creepy because he was clearly nuts.

“That was some hot as fuck fire. You’re gonna be fun!” He cackled and pulled his tail away and charged at me. He came in close and I block his attacks with my staff as he keeps pushing me back and keeping me on the defensive. “Fucking brat just hold still.” He hissed and took another swipe at me and I ducked out of the way. Moving back to give the smallest bit of space he shot another fireball at me that I easily cut through with my staff and then kicked up in the air to send some arcs of fire back at him to get him to back off. He did dodge my flames instead of taking them directly. Are my flames that hard to handle even for a dragon with their scales out?

He clenched his fist and then held his hand out in front of him and his left hand transformed into a dragon’s hand with very sharp claws that look like they could tear through the strongest metal. Shit. A pair of wings burst from his back and a tail. But that’s where he seemed to stop. Is there a rule stating they aren’t allowed to fully transform during competitions?

Without giving him time to do anymore I took in a deep breath and send a stream of fire at him hitting him dead on. Or, at least I thought I did. Instead, there was a huge gust of wind knocked me off my feet. The gust is so strong I land on my back and ended up rolling back up onto my knees. The guy came flying towards me with a look of sheer enjoyment on his face. I’m just able to get my staff up in time before his claws could reach me, but with his speed and momentum he forced me back and I slammed into the ground. His brunet hair falling in his face as he practically hovered over top of me a wicked smirk plastered across his lips. Bringing my legs up I kicked him with both feet as hard as I could in his stomach and got him to let go of me. I rolled over onto my knees and spun around so I was facing him. Picking my staff up off the ground I block his kick and push it off to the side. He spins around and I block him again. Over and over I keep catching and block his thrusts and none of his fire was even phasing me when he would try to throw me off guard. The crowd was roaring as we were keeping each other on our toes.

I could tell that he was getting really frustrated with how he wasn’t landing a hit, though. He tried to take my feet out from under me and instead I jumped up at the last second and flipped backward and nailed him in the jaw. I landed on my feet and I watched him stumble back from the hit. Not losing the chance I thrust my staff into his gut and then blast his stomach with a fireball and send him flying again.

I follow after him as he hits the wall and I stick my staff close to his face and make a small spike of fire come out of the end, “This match is over.” The woman called out and I made the spike of fire disappear along with my staff. Panting heavily I hold out a hand to help my opponent up. Staring at it for a moment he actually does take it. “What’s your name again kid?” He asks looking down at me.

“Sasuke Kaisai,” I answer him, “What about you?”

“Kudos,” He chuckled, “You’re a pretty good fighter so being so young, I’m very impressed.”

“Thank you, and it’s a pleasure to meet you Kudos,” I shake his hand and he pulls me into a one arm hug and slaps my back.

“The pleasure’s mine Sasuke,” He chuckled and let me out of the hug.

The lady came up to us, “Kudos, you can go back to your seat or go to the infirmary to get checked up on, it’s your choice. Sasuke, you have the choice of either picking your next opponent or choosing someone else who can then either decide to go up against you or they can choose another person from the roster. Which do you choose?”

I hum to myself and think about it for a moment and then turn and look up at our small group, “JAY WHAT DO YOU WANNA DO?” I call out to him. If he wants to go against me then it would just be a rematch from our last tournament that we went up against each other in. If not, then I’m interested to see who he picks. I watch Jay cross his arms from his seat and I could tell he was thinking about it.

“I’LL CHALLENGE SOMEONE ELSE,” He yelled back down at us.

“AND WHO DO YOU CHOOSE?” The woman questioned.

“UMO,” I could just tell Jay was smirking and watched him look over to him and placed his hand on his hip as he looked down at him.

Umo chuckled, “I accept.”

“Then you are welcome to go back to your seat,” She says to me and I nod and then head back up to where everyone else was.

I pass by Umo and Jason as they head down together. “Good luck guys,” I smile at both of them.

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t lose,” Umo chuckled.

“We’ll see about that,” Jason smiled back at him as he was putting his hair up higher.

“Fight nice you two and please don’t severely injure each other,” I sighed looking back at them as they kept walking.

“We won’t,” They said in unison.

Shaking my head a bit I head back to everyone else and sit down next to Sean again. “That was epic,” Sean commented and high fived me.

“Thanks.” I can’t help but chuckle.

“That was smart using a vapor trail to start it off. It seemed to throw him off for the entire fight. He seemed to be waiting for you to do it again so he didn’t want to go full out and get hit with it in mid-stride,” I look over at Gil as he explains to me what Kudos was thinking through our fight.

“What about Jay and Umo?” Abel asks.

“Neither of them want to lose. But both of them want to go up against you. Jay wants a rematch and Umo is ecstatic to just see what he saw for your abilities. You got both of them fired up to do this,” Gil smiled over at me.

“As long as neither of them overdoes it,” I sigh but still laugh lightly.

“I think Jay will be able to kick Umo’s ass,” Kyo comments.

“Of course you do. Umo’s no pushover though,” Sean mentioned.

“KICK HIS ASS JAY!! SHOW HIM WHAT THE GRIM BROTHERS ARE MADE OF!!” Kyo shouted down at them and Jay looked up at us and nodded and I could tell he was really happy.

“READY, BEGIN!” The woman did the same thing she did with my match and quickly got out of the way.

Jay was the first one to move. Stomping his foot on the ground in front of him he lifted his arms up in front of him and brought up a wall between him and Umo. Turning his arms he pushed it at a breakneck speed towards Umo as he himself ran behind it. Seeming like he wasn’t even phased by it, Umo took a few steps towards the oncoming wall. Jumping like it was nothing he landed on the wall for only a moment before he launched off it again but this time towards the wall of the area where he compressed his legs and then launched himself up and backwards sending himself jumping over the wall that Jay created as if he was doing the pole vault at a track and field competition. Landing gracefully back on his feet the wind from the collision of the two walls blew his hair more so in front of him. Without wasting a second Jay was already on top of him with his fist pulled back as it’s covered in rock and he thrusts it forward. Umo ducks and places his hands on Jay’s stomach and launches him up into the air like he was as light as a feather. I follow Jay as he brings his hand back that has the rocks surrounding it and the rock gauntlet separates and hover around his hand. Thrusting his hand forward as he reaches the peak of him going upward he launches the rocks down towards Umo.

Umo dodged the rock like bullets that were making small creators in the dirt as they missed the target. The last two Umo stopped dodging and put a hand up stopping the two small rocks that would have hit him. ­So he can control earth too. That makes sense with him being an earth dragon…but I thought he wouldn’t have been able to do that. He took one of them and threw it into the pillar that Jay brought up to land on so he wouldn’t hurt himself coming down from such a high height. The speed that the rock flew into the pillar made if crack and collapse. Thankfully Jay was already down back on the ground.

“He’s just playing with Jay isn’t he?” I mumble as the two of them get into hand to hand combat.

“It looks like it,” Sean answers and I glance over at him to see him leaning back in his seat.

“He’s trying to exhaust Jay so he can pin him and be done. He doesn’t want to use up all his energy in this fight,” Gil explained to us.

“Pfft, he was at our last tournament and watched it right?” Kyo snickered and I look over at him and he’s leaned back in his seat with his hands behind his head, “Jay’s not even using half of his energy even with what he’s doing. Umo’s in for a long hall if he thinks he can wear Jay out.”

“Umo is a friend too and I don’t want to see him lose, but at the same time I kinda do because I hope that Jay can prove to him that it was a bad decision to sign you guys up without even asking,” Sean states.

“I feel like he was excited and wanted to have a chance to go against one of us, but didn’t want to be rude and ask if we would spar with him when we came to see the roost and relax along with having a good time,” I add in as a suggestion.

“More so Gil or Sean,” Aaron chuckled and I looked over at him to see him smirking at us.

“More than likely,” Gil laughed lightly.

A huge boom snapped my attention to the battle that was going on in the arena. Jay was standing on one leg and there was a huge cloud of dust on the other side of the area. There was loud coughing came from the cloud and the sound of rubble being moved. The dust cleared and Umo was coughing. He looked a bit banged up and pissed, but having a good time? “Hot DAMN that one stung. Guess I better stop playing so nice hey Jay?” He laughed and stood back up a bit more slowly than I thought he would.

“Oh good, I was getting worried there you were just going to let me use you as a punching bag because you were afraid to fight me,” Jay snickered and his foot went down.

“I was hoping that you would run out of energy pretty fast, but I guess you have a lot more stored up than I thought. So, we’ll just have to wear you out a bit faster,” Umo commented and bent forward a bit and two large wings burst out of his back and he spread them wide. Umo went flying at Jay and Jason just bent backward fast enough to not get hit by Umo speeding through. Popping back up he spun around kicked his foot up bringing up a wall between him and Umo as our dragon friend was charging back at him once more. Umo took a sharp turn to avoid smashing into the wall but his wing sliced through it like it was a knife cutting through warm butter.

With the tempo of the battle changing the crowd started to cheer louder as it seems like Umo was starting to become serious for the battle and he was countering with what seems like the limited about of earth control that he does have. He couldn’t stop the large boulders that Jay was sending his way but he was able to slow their momentum in order to get out of the way or use them as a launching point. Umo got in close and they started to go into a fist fight. Umo seemed to have the upper hand on Jay as he would bring his wings in and out to help move away or dodge. Jay took a wrong thrust and Umo took full advantage of this moment of his slip up and punched him in the stomach and sent him flying into the wall.

“JASON!” We all shouted at the same time when he fell to the ground.

Umo charged forward as Jason was lifting his head. Seeing that Jason was panicked a bit three walls went up around him and we couldn’t see him. Umo brought out his claws and grabbed a hold of the slab of earth that was in front of him and ripped it away from the person it was guarding. Or, it was is more like it. Jason was nowhere to be found. An earth silhouette of Jason came up from the ground. Turning around quickly Umo swung an arm through the silhouette and cut it in half. The silhouette looked like it was dissipating but then spread out but then thickened and started spinning around Umo. It continued to get thicker the more that Umo swatted at it and tried to use his wings to clear the sand, but it didn’t work, the sand just kept getting thicker and shortly we couldn’t see him at all. The sand began to close in on Umo and then the sound of chains clanking against each other started to become more audible. The sand was turning into Jay’s weapon. Being able to see Umo again he looks just as confused. The sand shot in focusing on his torso. Umo didn’t have time to move let alone think and the sand chain links squeezed his body and wings so he couldn’t escape. The sand dispersed and was replaced with metal chains that shined brightly in the sun. Jay emerged out of the earth slab on the right that he had created and he was holding the two blades to his dual kusarigama. Walking up to Umo he crossed the blades in front of his throat and held them there. The crowd, everyone was silent.

“The winner is Jason Grim.” The girl called out quickly ending the match. Jay’s shoulders shifted upwards and I could see them shaking. He dropped the blades away from Umo’s throat and started to laugh. Making the chains disappear.

“Oh, man Umo that was fun!!! You really made me think there!!” Jay laughed happily.

Umo still seemed stunned and confused. But after Jay slapped his back he seemed to snap out of it. There was a bit of an uproar that started and some of the dragons in the stand were saying that Jay cheated but Umo quickly put a stop to it and said that Jay won fair and square.


Dragon’s one at a time started standing up and clapping. Soon enough everyone in the stadium was standing and we were all clapping and some were even whistling. Kyo had jumped out of his seat and ran down to the arena floor and over the wall. He jumped on both Jay and Umo and they were all laughing. “Not all of us are the prodigies,” Abel chuckled and I looked over at him to see him lean back and put his arms up on the back of his seat, “But I don’t mind being shoved in the group with you guys that’s for sure.”

“Good, because you’re stuck with us,” I snickered before Sean could say anything. I look back at Jay, Kyo, and Umo as they seem to be having a fun discussion. The announcer lady walked over to them and was more than likely having the same discussion that she had with me and Kudos.

Jay did the same thing that I did but it was Kyo’s turn to pick. Most of the dragons in the arena were edging Kyo on to pick another one of us to go against. I’m sure that they just want to see what we can do against each other. Kyo gave them what they wanted and he picked to go against me. Our fight lasted much longer than our first one did when I had a mind down but was able to over-power me and he ended up winning it. Yeah, I wasn’t too thrilled with losing to him again, but he’s just so difficult for me to counter because of his strength. Kyo decides to go against a dragon as his next opponent and that seemed to be a bit more of a challenge for Kyo. He didn’t lose, but he just barely won it. If he didn’t have a split second reaction faster than his opponent he would not have won it. The tournament was a lot of fun. There was only one incident when two dragons were fighting that Gil and Sean had to get involved and stop the fight. Let me tell you watching Sean using blood control and Gil getting into someone’s head at the same time, it makes everybody go silent. They ultimately made the guy have kinda a mind down like we get.

The tournament took up the majority of the day, none of us won it, but we were all perfectly fine with that. We had fun and just for the hell of it Umo allowed Sean, and Abel to show everyone just how to cool some of the stuff a water elemental could do and they had their own sparing match just Sean wasn’t allowed to use his blood control. Afterward, there was a huge feast. It was a lot of fun and an amazing time, but by the time that we made it back to the room that we were staying in we all just ended up crashing shortly after. Hell, Aaron didn’t even make it into his shorts he just fell asleep in his boxers. I can’t blame him though, he wanted to get knocked out but didn’t want to do it the easy way. He accidentally caused himself to have a mind down. There were so many dragons asking if he was going to be okay because he just collapsed out of nowhere. It scared the shit out of his opponent too who scrambled to catch him so he wouldn’t smack his head against the ground. But damn Aaron is just about as flexible and quick as Harley. After going against a dragon He went against Jay and ended up losing. Jay and Kyo made it to the semifinals but ended up getting taken out in their last battles. Even though they didn’t win it was still a lot of fun and I could tell that both of them really did enjoy themselves too. They aren’t bad losers and that makes it better. But, on the plus side, this tournament isn’t a two-day thing so we’ll be able to see the rest of the roost and possibly have a calm day.

I woke up to the sun shining on my face. Sitting up I rub my face and look around at the other beds. Everyone else was still in bed, but Sean, his bed was next to mine and it was empty. Did he go for a run? I quietly get out of bed and slip on my shoes. Sean wasn’t far but he was standing and looking out one of the large windows that were in the hall that connects where we are staying to Umo’s room.

“Morning,” I said quietly and lean up against the wall by Sean.

“Morning,” He answered back quietly.

“What’s up?” I ask curiously.

“It surprises me sometimes we started off at the bottom of a cliff but our rooms are looking above the cliff. I don’t know, maybe I’m just thinking too much,” He trails off and doesn’t really explain things to me.

“Why is it that we start at ground level or below it and then end up so high?” I ask a bit confused.

He nodded, “Yeah, I wonder if it’s a dragon thing, but then I think back to when we went to the lake. I guess I still can’t really get that place out of my head. Just for some reason, I want to know more. I know that this is supposed to be a relaxing vacation for us before school starts, but…” He trailed off again.

“There’s a lot of things that we have to learn. And a lot more that we’ll be helping Abel and Torin with. I think we all want to help solve the things that have even seemed to fall into legend here. Abel and Torin knew that they wouldn’t be able to keep us from helping them and I’m sure that’s why they are actually letting all of us help to get more info.” I put a hand on his shoulder and made him look at me. “We’ll get there, It’s just going to take some time.”

“But it’s like a book. I want to keep reading until I get to the end of it,” He finally smirked at me. “Do you ever have moments where you feel like none of this is real and we’re just in some crazy dream?”

“There are times, yeah, but we know that’s not true, otherwise me pinching you or slapping you wouldn’t hurt. We are a part of those legends and we can help unravel some of the legends here too. We’ll help figure them out. Maybe ask around and see if anyone knows anything else. We’ll get there. But, for now, we need to take a break from all that thinking and just have some fun. Umo is going to be showing us around today. We can get some stuff for everyone before we head back tomorrow. What do you say? Let’s have a relaxing and fun day. See the rest of the roost and then we can get back to the grind when we get back. And we’ll also be getting out schedules from the next school year too.”

“Okay, I’ll give it a shot,” He smirked at me and elbowed my side.

“What has you thinking that way? Rough night?” I ask and he looks away from me and back out the window.

“Yeah, it was a bit of a rough night. It was one of those dreams where you feel like your useless and just no matter how hard you try you have no energy and can’t even run?” I nod when he looks back at me. “Yeah, that was the dream.”

I put a hand on his back, “I’ll be alright. It was just a dream.”

“Good morning you two!!!” Umo exclaimed and it made both Sean and I look over to see Umo running down the hall towards us and he jumped at the last second and tackled both of us to the ground in a hug.

“Morning,” We answered in unison, Sean’s coming out more of a groan that mine did.

“Is everyone else up!?” Umo has so much energy any time of the day it seems.

“I don’t know. No one else was up when I got up and saw that Sean wasn’t in bed,” I chuckle.

Umo gets up off of us and helped us up. The three of us went into the room and everyone was getting up or dressed. Aaron was awake which means that he must have gone to the bathroom already. “Morning everyone!!! You ready for a fun day of exploring the roost?” Umo clapped his hands happily making everyone look at us.

“I’m ready for it!” Harley perked up happy and ready to go.

“Can we eat first?” Abel grumbled a bit throwing his hair up into a messy bun and his sports headband around his neck.

“Yes, yes we can eat first,” Umo chuckled, “I’ll let you all finished getting dressed then we’ll go get food in the hall. Then we can go exploring.”

And that’s just what we do. We go and get food. There are some other dragons around in the hall when we go and eat and they kinda bombard us with questions but we answer what we can to the best of our abilities. After eating we head out with Umo and he shows us around. More climbing stairs and actually going down some hidden slides that Umo showed us. We got to see an underground lake that is lite by crystals. It was peaceful and tranquil at the same time. Umo told us this is where dragons from the roost get married because the lake is full of spirit water and is one of the connections to the spirit realm that they protect. The connection apparently opens twice a year on the solstices. The entire roost is amazing and almost everyone that we met there was very friendly. There are also some kids that run around the roost who have a different race parent. But, since the dragon is the more dominant gene that’s what their child ended up being. Some of the dragons Umo pulled us away from because they didn’t enjoy us being in the roost but Umo quickly put a stop to any advance that they tried to pull. We knew that if we tried to protect ourselves and ended up being the victors of a fight if it broke out it would cause tensions, that’s why Umo stopped it himself.

When we finally made it back up to the hall it was already time for dinner. We decided to spend the night and then we would head out in the morning. Umo was more than happy about that and he made sure that we had a good time and all of us just ended up hanging out in his room. It was indeed a relaxing day and a lot of fun for a couple of days. I’m glad that we were able to come and visit and with Abel being able to make portals we were able to get here faster to stay longer. It was upsetting to have to head back, but it’s also exciting because we get to see the rest of our friends again and we also get to learn what we’ll be doing for our classes that start in a couple of days.

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