A Little Secret

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What's Going On?

Chapter 7: What's Going on?


"So does it make any sense to you?" I asked as Toshiro leaned against the wall.

“With what’s been happening recently that does make some since. What age do you think you were in the memory or dream?” Toshiro asked as he leaned against the wall of the school building.

“I wanna say I had to be around four, I’m not too sure. I know it was before I started kindergarten that’s for sure. It almost looked like it was mid day in the dream if I’m remember right.” I answered trying to remember every detail from it as best as I could.

“Have you said anything to your parents about this yet?” Was his next question for me to answer, I sighed and shook my head.

“No, dad was gone before I got up this morning and so was mom. I don’t know where they went to be honest. Mom didn’t leave a note like she usually does so I’m assuming it was something that she had to rush out of the house to do.” I replied.

It was a fairly humid day out today. The moisture in the air made it hard for everyone to breath. Unless you grew up in this kind of stuff then I’m sure that you would be use to it. You could tell that it was still summer type weather. At least it was slightly cooler then August. I feel bad to the people who play sports that have to practice out in this weather. Don’t get me wrong I love playing soccer, and Frisbee, and kick ball, and a lot of other activities outside but playing for a school just never interest me really.

“I’m usually up fairly early and since we’ve been here he’s told me to report to him every morning when he get’s in. I haven’t seen him yet today either. Maybe he had to do something in Amoura. The same could be said for your mother too.” Tohsiro answered.

“But wouldn’t it have been a smart idea for at least one of them to tell either if us what was going on?” I mentioned as I looked at what time it was on my phone.

“They are adults; they don’t have to tell us where they’re going. I’m sure that everything will be fine to be honest. It’s not like something terrible is going to happen. This school is very calm. Yeah there are bullies as usual but that’s the case in every school.” He added as he pushed himself off the wall and grabbed his bag.

“I would say something stupid like oh there are bullies in Amoura, but that’s no surprise. It’s probably worse sense they have elemental powers.” I said walking with him. With Toshiro being new to this school in particular it was just kind of habit to want to stick around him just to make sure he didn’t get lost so someone didn’t pick on him because of his appearance.

Snow-white messy medium length hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin that looks soft to the touch, the embodiment of snow it’s self. I could tell that just be how he carried his bag slung over one shoulder and his hands in his pockets as we walked that he was open in letting people say something but at the same time had something to hide. I guess that’s probably how I walk. I’ve always felt like I’ve had something to hide but I didn’t know what it was till recently. Is this the fate of all elementals that haven’t been found and taken to Amoura? Just how many elementals are there in the world? Is everything connected with some sort of invisible ribbon that leads us to our fates?

“Sasuke?” I blinked a few times and looked up at Toshiro. I want to say that he must have been close to six feet tall. Towering over my five foot six inch height.

“What’s up?” I asked and realized that we stopped walking.

“This is your class right?” He asked pointing at the room where some other students were walking into.

“Oh yeah. Sorry got lost in thought. I do that a lot.” I laughed sheepishly and walked around him to get to the door. “I’ll see ya later.”

“See you.” He smiled and waved before continuing on down the hall to his own class.

I sat down in the last row that was furthest away from the door that was by the window. There were six seats in each row and I sat in the third seat. So I was in the middle of the row, but that also put me in a place where I could look out the window every now and again and not get in trouble because I was blocked by others. I didn’t necessarily think I was a bad kid so I never really wanted to sit in the back row. Then I didn’t want to sit in the front row because I could see the board just fine. So I figured let the kids with bad eyesight sit in the front so they can read the board and I’ll just sit in the average kid section.

Well average kid my ass. I was far from average with what I am. I’m still upset that my parents for not saying anything to me when I was little about it. Maybe I could have thought about it if they told me and I could have brought my powers back a lot sooner then before. Ugh it was just so frustrating having to sit here and stir over it and then on top of it both mom and dad went somewhere and they didn’t even think of telling me. What am I to them?

“Is it hot in here? Geez who turned up the heater today?” I picked my head up when I heard a girl say that.

I looked over to see her fanning herself. “It was a nice temperature just a few minuets ago.” A boy said.

“Sasuke open the window would ya?” Another boy said to me.

Was I the one making it heat up in the room? Can I affect the heat around me depending on my mood? What if I change to the ice element and try to cool it down? How do I change elements? I’m so confused.

“Give it a rest, if ya can’t take the heat get outa the kitchen.” Sean spoke up glaring at the kids complaining.

“Hellllooooo, Sasuke, open the window already.” The kid repeated.

“Oh, right, sorry.” I said standing up from my seat and taking the two steps over to the window. I got up on the ledge so I could push it all the way open.

“Don’t fall now squirt.” Sean snickered and I rolled my eyes. Just because puberty doesn’t like me all that much doesn’t mean that I’m going to fall out of the window.

“Will you shut it Sean? Or is it too difficult for you to shut the big fat mouth of yours? Do you find entertainment in picking on others? Because I sure as hell don’t like it.” I got off the ledge and stormed over to him and slammed my hand on his desk. “Remember when you were the one being bullied? Remember when I stood up for you? So why the hell after all these years come back to this school district and just start rifling on your old friend? Is it because you’re bigger now? Is it because you think you’re stronger? Growing up just to pick on others should not be a life goal.” I snapped at him.

He looked up at me shocked and then a smirk plastered itself across his lips. “Oh so now do we think we’re some sort of hot shot because we were able to do some fancy tricks to get outa fighting with me?”

“No Sean I’m not a hot shot. You’re an idiot and apparently don’t know who your real friends are and are willing to push your old friends aside to be some big bad buffoon that doesn’t know his way out of a paper bag.” I retorted. Now he was just pissing me off. What bug crawled up his ass and decided to consume whatever heart he did have when we were kids.

“Hey cut it out you two.” The girl from earlier said to us.

“Yeah, do you want to be sent to the principles before we even start class.” One of the boys said pushing us apart and then he looked at me a little wide eyed. “Sasuke your really hot.”

“Uah…what? E-excuse me?” I asked as I felt my face heat up and Sean snickered at my face.

Then I felt a cool hand on my forehead for a moment then it quickly redrew. “Glen’s right. You’re burning up Sasuke. Maybe you should go to the nurse.” I looked over my shoulder as Stevie. The girl who was fanning herself and complaining it was hot in here when I was upset and heating up the room.

I quickly shook my head and laughed, “No, no I’m fine really. My mom and dad have always called me a personal body heater.” I backed away from the three of them and instantly placed a hand in the back of my neck and waved them off laughing.

“But even so. I don’t think someone should be that hot. Are you sure you’re not sick?” Stevie asked me looking worried.

“I’m fine really. Thanks for being concerned though.” I smiled at them.

“That’s enough of the commotion. Everyone sit down so we can get started.” Mr. Randal said walking in with his normal stack of papers in his right arm and his cup of coffee in his left hand. Mornings were not very kind to him.

Every time we had a test he would be practically falling asleep reading his book that he always brought in with him. He was my history teacher back in 7th grade so I knew how he was. I wasn’t surprised at all though when the old junior history teacher retired that he moved up to take her place. He was a really cool teacher and easy to get along with. He was open to helping out any students if they had a problem with their homework and he was very detailed with his notes.

He set his papers down on his desk and took a gulp of his coffee then smiled at us all. “Morning class.”

“Morning.” Some of us said. Other’s sighed or groaned and the rest mumbled under their breath.

“Get out your homework from last night and get out your notebooks so I can check your notes that you were supposed to finish at home.” Mr. Randal said. Rustling of papers echoed through the classroom as we pulled out our homework and notes. Mr. Randal went around with a stamp and placed a stamp in the right corner of our page of notes if it was complete.

After everyone notebooks were check we started class. Class felt like it was dragging on today. Maybe it was just because of the glances I was getting from the other students because of the commotion before class. Or maybe it was the fact that I could feel daggers being dug into my back from the glaring that was possibly coming from Sean. I knew he didn’t like what I said and I could tell that I really struck a cord. If Glen and Stevie didn’t get between the two of us we would have probably broke out into a fistfight. Maybe it would be best if I avoided any sort of contact with Sean for the rest of the day; or for the rest of the school year for that matter.

Oh god why can’t mom and dad just be home and I can ask when we’re going to Amoura. I don’t want to be here any more. I’m tired of feeling eyes on me and people looking at me like I’m crazy or there’s something really wrong with me. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad when I actually start dorming here and I’ll be around others more. It would probably help if I had more then Liz and Toshiro to talk to about things. Well Liz, I barely get to see because of our schedules and Toshiro I just met the guy, but he seemed pretty open and willing to listen to me. But still I don’t want to just dump all my problems on him. I’m sure that he has his own problems and whatever my father has him doing to deal with.

Why can’t today just be done with already so I can go home and just pack up some clothes and some of my extra bedding. Finally the bell rang and I collected my stuff from my desk and wandered out of the classroom.

“Watch your back Kaisai.” Sean said to me and I looked at him with a bored expression.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, you were being an ass this morning.” I answered.

“Language boys.” Dr. Fillmore said as she briskly walked past Sean and me.

“Sorry Dr. Fillmore.” I apologized looking in her direction. “Just stop being a jerk and we can go back to being friends like we were in elementary.”

“Why would I want to go back to being a pathetic kid? I’ve outgrown my old self, it’s time for you to grow up Sasuke.” Then he smacked my books and papers out of my hand and they hit the floor scattering all around me.

With Sean being taller then me he was able to look down on me a bit, which just probably just made him feel even more badass and macho. I sighed as I looked down at the ground and Sean laughed and walked away from me. I squatted down and started to pick up my books.

“What a jerk.” I heard Liz’s voice as I looked up to see her kneeling down and helping me pick up my things.

“Thanks Liz.” I said looking back down at the ground and stacking my stuff back up.

“Not a problem. Why is he being so obnoxious? It’s like he’s got a personal grudge against you or something.” Liz puffed out her cheeks and handed me my papers that she picked up.

“It’s just how he turned out to be I guess.” I answered a little quiet taking them from her and standing up.

“You seem off today Sasuke.” She pointed out as she walked with me to my locker.

“I’ve just been having a lot going on in my head recently.” I answered. “I guess I haven’t been feeling well.”

“Maybe you should go to the nurse. If you’re not feeling well.” Liz said with some concern. “You know you can always talk to me. I’m open to whatever you have to say.” She smiled.

“Thank you Liz…I appreciate it. I think I’ll just go to the nurse and lay down.” I said after putting my books in my locker and closing it gently.

“Well…alright. I’ll come check on you later.” She stated.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll be fine in a little while.” I waved and went in the direction of the nurse. But I wasn’t planning on going there at all. I just wanted to leave. I was going to leave. I needed fresh air. I don’t care how much I’m going to get scolded by my father later. Once I got out side I ran towards the gate of the school. At least I don’t think I will for the rest of the day.

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