A Little Secret

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The End of One Adventure and The Beginning of Another

Chapter 70: The End of One Adventure and The Beginning of Another


“Harley, come on we have to go,” I grumble as I drag Harley out of the dorm with me. It’s six thirty in the morning and it’s the first day of classes.

“But, I’m tired,” He whines dead weighting me more. “Why do we have class so early in the morning?”

“Because it’s our soul weapon class,” I answer quickly. Letting go of him he flops onto the ground and lays there. “I need to get you coffee and you need to start drinking it. Or I get you an energy boost and shove it in a smoothie for you. Gil, Aaron, and everyone else was able to get up at this time last year we should be able to do it too. We’ve been working so fucking hard to not keep pushing forward to catch up to them now.”

“I know, but why do we have to have our class so early in the morning?” He gave my leg a pat and I set him down on his ass so he could stand up and stretch.

“Probably because this is the only way that it would fit in our schedule,” I answer putting my hands on my hips. We have a class with mom this year too. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to keep journals like everyone else had to.” After he’s done stretching we continue on our way to the arena.

The only ones here were Kyo and Snowflake. I look at the three of them a bit confused, “Uh, where’s everyone else?” I ask sticking a hand in my pocket and sticking out my hip to the left as I stopped in front of dad.

“You are everyone in this class,” Snowflake answered me with a small smile.

“You’re shittin’ me right?” I raise a brow at Snowflake and he gives me a resting bitch face in return.

“I am, I’m just giving you a hard time. There’s supposed to be about five more in the class if they decide to show up that it.” Snowflake chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest.

“So, you two aren’t in the class with us?” Harley looked back and forth between Kyo and snowflake confused and this made Kyo flat out start cackling.

“Oh fuck no. We’re just here to help, we’re always student teachers because it makes it easier to break up in groups of three for this kinda thing.”

“That’s not so bad then,” I mumble as I look over to see Harley yawning.

“Get enough sleep there Harley?” Kyo chuckled.

“I did, I just have a rough time waking up,” He answered still sounding pretty tired.

“Well, you’ll get used to it,” Kyo slapped Harley on the back and laughed. “This is the second year we’re helping out with this class so it’s going to be worth it.”

“Oh, great, we get the prodigies in our class,” I turn around when I hear another person’s voice. It was a girl, probably a year older than us honestly. She was well developed and she apparently wasn’t afraid to show it. The amount of cleavage that she was exposing one would presume she has nothing to hide. I wonder if that is actually the case. I put on a tough guy act before just so I could hide my insecurities.

“Yeah, and what of it? Gotta a problem with us learning how to get our soul weapons at the same time you do?” I speak up fully facing her and placing a hand on my hip. “Last time I checked my father makes everyone schedules not you.”

“Ah Vivi you finally decided to accept the class and take it up to get your soul weapon,” Kyo commented and the scowl on her face grew worse.

Why did she decide to decline the class? Why wouldn’t you want your soul weapon? Why does having to learn with us have anything to do about it? It’s not like we done shit to make everyone miserable. We’re just kinda in our own little world so we don’t bother anyone.

“You’ll just go leaps and bounds over the rest of us, what’s the point of even trying?” She hissed at me.

“That isn’t true Vivi,” Kyo’s happy and excited voice turned more serious as he placed a hand on my shoulder. “Just because you have prodigies in the class with you you’ll all learn it at the same time. Depending on when you are able to obtain your weapon is up to you and you alone. You could be the one that gets it first or last, we don’t know.”

Vivi scoffed and crossed her arms under her chest hefting it up as she turned her head away so she couldn’t look at us. The others started to come into the arena too. Only two of them were happy to have us in the group with them and be taught by prodigies. One was indifferent and the last one was with Vivi and not wanting us in the class or to have Snowflake or Kyo helping teach the class. When dad entered the arena it quickly put a stop to any arguments that were starting to spring up.

Dad had us sit down and he went through the sepal, Kyo and Snowflake showed us their soul weapons, but it’s not like Harley and I haven’t seen them before watching Kyo or snowflake go against one of the others for practice-wise. Going around we were given the option to say what we thought was our greatest fear or not. Vivi was a snobbish brat and scoffed at Harley and me for not being afraid to say what we thought ours were out loud, but then she wouldn’t say what her’s was. Dad continued to give me the Just ignore her look and that it wasn’t worth it to start a fight. The same thing happened with the weapons, but more so everyone was just so lost on what there’s could possibly be. Dad let us out early but had me and Harley stay back so he could talk with us. It wasn’t of anything important just asking how our trip to see Umo and the dragon roost went. He started cackling when I told him I wasn’t allowed to participate because of being a water elemental. But after that, we were sent off to go to our next class. It was with mom so it was kinda strange having their classes back to back, but since they connect with each other it makes sense to do that, I guess.

After that, I was able to get enough of a break to go and get lunch with Sasuke, Aaron, and Gil since Harley had to go to his third class. That’s rough having three classes back to back like that, but he seemed okay with it so I wasn’t going to press the matter of having him talk to dad about possibly getting it changed.

Once two rolled around the four of us met up with snowflake, Jay, and the twins in our science class. I sat next to Jay, Hale and Tate sat together at the table that was in front of snowflake and Sasuke, Gil and Aaron were at the table in front of us, and the Snowflake and Sasuke sat at the table that was across the aisle from me and Jay. It’s not like a normal science class. In this class, we’re learning how to make potions and it dives into a little bit of everything that involves that kinda stuff. It actually sounds like a fun class and I’m glad that I’m taking it with everyone. If we do well in the class we end up talking to someone in the administration office about going further into that particular subject and then we would start on the courses that go with it.

We had a couple of other kids in our class and after our teacher was done giving us the sepal about lab safety and that we would be having lab times as well as class we were given a hand out with the first potion that we are supposed to make with our partner. So, the person sitting next to us at the table. I’m more than happy to work with Jay on this. I’m so fucking bad at science, I’m good with measuring things, but putting things in and knowing the name of things is not the best idea for me.

Everything was going along smooth, we were getting the same type of reactions as everyone else with our basic potion that we were instructed to make. “We aren’t doing half bad,” I mumble crushing the mint leaf that is in the instructions.

“Right! We’ll be done in no time with the rate we’re going!” Jay said happily as he added in the next ingredient into the boiling liquid that was over a Bunsen burner.

“Um…”I heard one of the girls say behind us. I stop mixing and look over my shoulder, “I think we did something wrong,” She said to her partner and then the next second the liquid that was green turned a bright ass purple and exploded. The purple smoke engulfed the room and we all started coughing and we had to quickly leave the room so it could air out.

“What was that?” I ask still pounding on my chest because my lungs felt like they were thick and heavy.

“Whatever that purple stuff was its sticky,” Jay commented and I look over at him as he tries to pull his hand away from his hair. A long purple string going from his hair to his hand.

“Hold on,” I mumble and carefully help him detach his hand so he could relax.

“This is going to take forever to wash out,” He whined.

“I’ll help you scrub it before you take a shower,” I sigh a bit realizing that Jay and I got hit with the worst of it but Aaron, Gil, Hale, Tate, Snowflake, and Sasuke got it too, but not as bad as us and the girls who were working on it. Mrs. Strife was called in to check all of us out. Apparently, the girls miss read and added some different ingredients and ended up making a hair growth mixture that was pretty potent.

Of course, this explosion got the attention of some of the other classrooms and one of them happened to be my history teacher that was directly downstairs. She said that it was alright for me and Jay to miss class. Once the smoke cleared we were allowed to help clean the room and that we would just start the potions over in the next class. We were dismissed after everything was clean and allowed to go back to our dorms. When we got back Jay and I went up to the bathroom and we started with his hair. I literally just stood in the tub and we used almost a full bottle of shampoo after we mixed in the powder that Mrs. Strife was able to whip up for us while we were cleaning just on his hair. I can feel my hair is resting against my shoulders, but Jay’s was more important and I can just wash mine downstairs as Jay takes the shower first.

“Well, on the plus side Gil, you’ll get your normal hair color back faster,” I chuckle a bit as it looks like they just finished cleaning they hair out themselves.

“That is true, but not nearly as fast as yours is growing out,” He smirked at me and I look tuck some of my bangs out of my face.

“Come on, we’ll help you get the gunk out of your hair while Jay is taking a shower. I walked into the kitchen with them and we filled up some wash buckets and took them outside. Aaron ran back inside and made the mixture to help get the gunk out of my hair and then came back out with a bowl of the pasty shit. Pouring the first bucket over my head after bending over so it wouldn’t get all over my clothes I felt a cool, thick liquid on the back of my head seep into my hair. Then Aaron’s shoes came into my field of visions and I felt his hands on the back of my head scrubbing the liquid into my hair and rubbing it against my scalp.

“It feels like your rubbing wet sand onto my head,” I groan a bit at the scratching feeling.

“It’s probably how Jay felt too,” Aaron chuckled as Gil’s hand came in from the right and held the bowl out for me to take some in my hand and start scrubbing from the underside.

“At least his hair isn’t as long as mine,” I hear Jay from behind me as I get to work on my hair and scalp from the underside as I was bent over.

“Gil goes take a shower next,” I tell him right before a bucket of water is dumped on my head.

“You sure?” He questioned and I nodded running my hands through my hair as I was still bent over.

“Yes, I’m sure, you have most of this shit off you. It’s gonna take a little bit to get it off me so you and then Aaron can go. I’ll go last.”

“You don’t have to do that Sean, you and Jay got hit the worst.” Aaron objected.

“I don’t mind, it’s not like we can do much about what happened. With this stuff that your mom made us she said it should stop the hair growing shit in a day or two right?” I ask and Aaron working on my scalp again and I start working on the ends of my hair. I just fucking cut my hair pretty fuckin short too. Guess I’ll just have to get it chopped off again when it’s finally done with this shit.

“Alright,” I just heard Gil say and then I heard him walk back to the house.

“At least it’s coming out halfway decent,” Jay stated as he squatted down. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top with his towel over his shoulders and his hair was sprawled out on the ground around him.

“It is thanks, but I think it’s just because I cut my hair so short right before school started.”

“To be honest, I didn’t really like that stupid short haircut on you. It didn’t really fit you. The shaved chunk of your hair and what you had before chopping it off fit you a lot better,” Aaron confessed.

“That’s why you had a bit of a strain in your voice when I walked in with all of it chopped off yesterday,” I chuckle and get the third bucket that we filled dumped on the back of my head.

“It goes for all of us really. You look better with the medium length style of hair rather than short,” I look over at Jay to see his blue eyes locked with mine and a smile on his lips.

“I won’t cut it that short again, I promise,” I can’t help but smirk at him before standing up and flipping my hair back and then off to the left so I could comb my hair with my fingers to try to get whatever was left over. Jay hands me his towel and I dry my hair off a bit before going back into the house and changing out of these sticky ass fucking clothes and into a pair of shorts and a tank top myself Aaron does the same with his and the two of us get to work on scrubbing out clothes to get the gunk off of them before we even remotely get them near any sort of wash bin to actually properly wash them. When Gil comes out Aaron heads in Jay and Gil come and help me.

“Oh god, what happened? Sean, Gil, why is your hair so long?” He asked in a bit of a panic. “And why do you smell like overly sweet.”

“Science class,” Gil, Jay, and I sighed in unison.

“Sean and I got the worst of it, but a pair of girls behind us got the ingredients mixed up in the potion that we were making and it caused an explosion.

“Oh god, that is really bad. But why is it purple?” He still sounded really confused.

“They apparently made a hair growth serum and the antidote that my mom made after she got there to counteract it won’t stop it until after two or three days. As you can tell, the stuff they made works, but it’s really potent.”

“I can really with Gil and Sean, especially Sean that’s for sure,” He pointed out.

“Thanks,” I chuckle, “These guys say I look better with the long hair and not that stupid short hair that I just had.”

“I mean, they aren’t lying. You look like you’re a middle schooler who hit their growth spurt early with super short hair like that.” Ouch, that one stung.

“Alright, I don’t do it again.” I can’t help but laugh.

Harley took my spot with helping wash our clothes when Aaron came out so I went in and took my shower. After showering I helped finished up with washing the shit out of our clothes and we hung everything up to dry. Tying my hair up into a baby ponytail we wandered over next door to see how Hale, Tate, Sasuke, and Snowflake were doing. It seems like they were pretty much where we were and just finished scrubbing their clothes and showered.

I went and helped Nero in the kitchen since he was cooking dinner for them, we just hadn’t decided yet. We talked about how our other classes went because the others have already heard about what happened during our science class. When their dinner was done we left back to our own dorm to pick out something for dinner and then Aaron and I got to work with making it. Everyone wanted to help but it was easier if it was just two of us in the kitchen at the time working on food. After dinner, we watched a couple of episodes of a random anime before calling it a night.

Waking up to my alarm in the morning, my hair is already down to my fucking shoulder blades. This is gonna be a long ass fucking day that’s for damn sure. Thank god I still have some hair ties. And it for sure was. My classes today were one right after another. It was the fucking worse. I had to keep taking my hair out and retying it up because it was getting too loose. By the time I was done with my last class I had it up in a bun and when the bell rang I have just flopped over my desk and I got a couple of pats on the back from some of the girls that were in my class. What happened yesterday quickly spread through the school. I know that I got some snickers from a fair bit of guys, but I got a good amount of support from the girls in the school. I bumped into the two girls that are in the class with me and they were going through the same struggles but they still felt really bad. I had to keep telling them that no one was made at them and we were having a good laugh, I didn’t want them to be so upset. After it seemed like they were taking it a bit better, I told them that after all of the hair thing is over and we’re done struggling Jay and I would take them to a café and we could have a good time and laugh about the entire thing. They seemed to really like that and one of them blushed a bit when I say Jay’s name. I think Jay has a secret admirer, that’s cute. Once they left I wandered all the way back this hill filled, up and down campus to make it back to my dorm.

By the time I get back, Jay has been apparently braiding his hair because it was in a very beautiful French braid, but that still didn’t stop it from laying on the floor. “I’m back,” I sigh slipping out of my shoes.

“Welcome home!” Jay perked up happily as I came over to the couch where he was sitting and flop over the arm of the chair and face plant into the cushion that was next to Jay.

“Thanks,” My voice is muffled by the cushion. Feeling jays hand on my hair and he pulls out my hair tie and lets it fall.

“Your hair grew a fair bit today,” He chuckled.

“So did yours,” I comment right back at him and chuckle.

“One more day and it should stop,” I turn around so I’m laying on my back and fiddle with my hair so I have it pulled out from under me

“It will we just have to power through. Oh, and the girls that had the accident came up to me today, they were still really upset about what happened so I told them after all of this is done and we get our hair back to how we want it that we would take them out to a café.”

“I’m fine with that,” Jay laughed a bit, “Hey, can you leave a chunk of your hair long enough for me to braid when we get our hair cut?”

I look up at him as he already has a part of my hair in his hands and he’s braiding it. I can’t help but chuckle a bit, “Yeah, I can do that. I promised I wasn’t going to chop it all off this time around since no one seemed to really like it.”

“I mean, it’s your hair, you can do whatever you want with it,” Jay commented a little embarrassed.

“I didn’t want to go that short originally, but it was just easier to chop it all off because it made it quick.” I shrug, “So I wasn’t really all that attached to having such short hair.”

Shortly after Aaron and Gil walked in their hair wasn’t as long as ours but we still got a chuckle out of how they had their hair pulled back themselves. It wasn’t too soon after that Harley came in and we all talked about how our days went and Harley, Aaron, and Gil picked on Jay and me for having to go on a little date with those girls to get them to cheer up. We both didn’t mind though, it was something different for a change and we didn’t have people hating us.

After the second day, my hair finally stopped speed growing and it made it down to my ass. I have never had my hair this long in my life. Before we went to take care of our hair Aaron braided a part of it by my right ear and then we clipped off the rest and he placed a hair tie in to hold it in place. He braided it down to my collarbone and I was perfectly fine with that. Once that was done we went and got our hair cut. Gil had his hair down to his shoulders and he actually has bangs now. Apparently, that purple that he got dumped on his head lasted a lot longer than we were told so his roots were just starting to show, but it’s really awesome that he’s not hiding either one of his eyes behind his hair anymore. I think it’s a really good change for him. Aaron got his hair cut back to a medium length where the back was just below his shoulders and his bangs were kinda in his face but it was easy for him to move them. Jay has his hair back up to his hips and his bangs back as well that was kinda swooped. And I got mine cut back to being layered and a medium length but I wouldn’t let them cut the braid that Jay did and I told them I wanted to keep it. My bangs were somewhat out of my face so I could see and I kept my hair at the medium length like I told everyone I would do.

Everyone was happy with how their hair turned out and as we were leaving we ran into the girls again. This time Jay and I set up a solid time for us to have lunch with them and we picked later in the day. We had a lot of fun and it seems like the girls really liked their new hairstyles that they got. It was super nice to see that they weren’t bumbed out any more about it.

Now, if the girls have a question about something in our science class, potions class, whatever the fucking hell you wanna call it, they ask us if they have the right stuff or how much to put in it since neither of them seemed to be really good at measuring. Days were flying by projects were due, on top of still practicing with Abel and the stressful work of trying to figure out how the mother fucking hell do I get my god damn soul weapon. But, with my friends, it was all manageable somehow. Before we knew it it’s June and I’m sitting outside with everyone as we decided to do a big picnic for dinner.

“Are you guys thinking of signing up for the tag team tournament for the solstice festival this year?” Kyo asked before taking a huge bite of his sandwich.

“When is that? I want to send Andy a message about it to see if he can come and maybe see if anyone else wanted to come to the festival,” I ask stopping myself from putting my fork full of pasta salad in my mouth.

“It’s the week of my birthday. It’s kinda like back on earth when the state fairs would come in, but this just lasts a week it goes from Sunday to Sunday. The summer festival is always more lively than the winter festival, but that makes sense why,” Sasuke chuckled. He chopped his hair too. It was longer in the front and short in the back. It was short enough to spike but I could tell that he was too lazy to do it.

Hale and Tate have differently styled bangs now so it’s much easier to tell them apart, and Snowflake actually kept the long hair but got the top part layered. “It’s gonna be stupid hard picking a partner though. And we can’t use our rare ability for it right?”

“Right,” Snowflake nodded, “Most people hate it when we sign up for tournaments before they feel like they can’t win against us and it’s unfair.”

“Well, they can fucking suck it up, that’s what I gotta say. If they really wanted to beat us then they need to work harder. We bust our asses to stay in shape and keep our skills up,” I grumble and then take another bite of my salad.

“I normally don’t participate. I just enjoy watching,” Gil said quietly.

“This is gonna be really hard to pick partners. I want to partner with all of you,” Aaron smiled and looked around at us.

“Well, we still have a few weeks to think about it and decide partners, so it’s all good,” Sasuke laughed, “Either way, it’s gonna be a lot of fun and I’m really excited for the festival.”

“It’s yours and Harley’s first! We’ll have so much that we’ll have to do!!” Jay looked over at me bouncing a little with how excited he was and it makes me chuckle.

“I’m excited too,” I smile back at him.

We all started talking about random things that involved the festival and what exactly they want to drag Harley and me around to do first. Abel and Torin actually walked in on the conversation to see how we were doing and they joined us for our picnic. It was an awesome time to be able to relax and just be able to hang out with friends. I hope when the festival comes rolling around we can do the same with Andy here and he won’t be under a strict watch. It’ll all be worth it. Everyone made me send the message to Andy while we were still having the picnic and they all wanted to say something. It was so fucking cool when we were done Abel took it from me and he blew on it and it turned into steam and disappeared. He said it’ll make it there just as fast and I told him he needs to teach me how to do that. It got everyone to laugh and they were down for watching to see my fail miserably. But, that’s what friends are for right? There’s still so much that we have to do and it’s sure as fucking hell going to be a hell hole and a half, but by the time that week off for the festival comes rolling around, I’m excited to finally be able to relax, maybe…who fucking knows there’s so much shit we have to do. Times like this, I honestly kinda wish that Sam, Nick, and Andy were here with us. I think if Sam and Nick would have been able to straighten their outlook on things and would have been really good friends to have around. Andy has gotten a hell of a lot better over the years. I wonder how Sam and Nick are doing themselves. I hope that everything’s going well for them.

“Sean,” I jump a bit when I feel a hand on my shoulder. Looking over I see Abel looking at me with a raised brow.

“What’s up?” I give him the same look back.

“You zoned out on us,” He chuckled and slid his hand off my shoulder.

“I guess I got caught up in thinking,” I smirk at him.

“Oh wow, you were thinking?” Torin commented and Abel instantly punched him in the side.

“I was thinking of my projects asshole,” I laugh and everyone else ends up laughing with me. We picked on each other and I couldn’t help but nail Torin in the face with some water, which then resorted to me being chased around by him and being tackled. Yeah, I think that they would have fit in with this group too.

The tapping of sock covered feet echoes on the wooden floor as a man that stood around six foot three inches in height with short-medium length black hair that’s slicked back and out of his face exposing his golden gaze as he focused on the path ahead.

“Chris!! You came back!!!! Welcome back!!” A young man who looks to be no older than twenty years old with medium length rust-colored hair that just brushes his broad shoulders came running up to the black haired man with shining green eyes with his left eye being framed by his uneven bangs. Slowing down he to a walk as he caught up with Chris he looked slightly up at the man with black hair and golden eyes.

“I have no choice but to come back here Sam, you know that,” Chris grumbled. Sam, as Chris called him, is far more built than Chris himself. Sam is built like a football player, which is fair that he was so used to his training regimen back when he did play football that he kept up with it. Same wore a simple gray muscle shirt that stopped just above his belly button. And what looks like blue, baggy sweatpants that stop just above his ankles. A part of his tattoo on his left leg was showing as his wrapped around his leg. Sam also has a tattoo under his left eyes of what looks like a greater than symbol and a dot in the center and a beauty mark under his right eye. Along with what looks like the inside of a peace sign on his right forearm and what you can see of two thick black strips that go from his elbow and the second strip is halfway hidden by the short sleeve of his muscle shirt.

“Awe come on Chris, it’s not that bad,” Sam commented and slapped his back.

Chris looked at him with a very displeased expression on his face, “Samuel…” Chris sighed heavily stopping making Sam stop himself.

“What Lady Esmerelda has been very kind and caring to everyone here, I don’t understand why you always seem to look so sour,” Sam stated putting a hand on his hip.

“Sam, I know that you were best friends with Andrew and Sean, but there are things that you’re completely blind to. Where do you think Andrew and Sean are now?” Chris questions the young man directly.

“Aren’t they on Earth still? They both work the same job right?” A softer male voice spoke up. Chris and Sam looked over towards the voice. A man around Sam’s Age walked over to them. He has light brown eyes and a golden yellow hair. The left and back part of his head was shaved along with a bit of the underside of the right side of his head is shaved as well. The top part of his hair is layered and drapes over his right side. His dark maroon shirt was opened exposing his chest and a few his abs before it was pulled and held closed by a deep green sash. His baggy jeans are ripped up and were turned into shorts as he walked up to Chris and Sam in bare feet just like Sam.

“Yeah, before Lady Esmerelda brought us here we were able to hang out with Andy for a night and Sean was there at first, but then went home that night, like a dick.” Sam crossed his arms over his chest and huffed a bit.

Chris’ eye twitched the slightest bit before he closed his eyes and inhaled, his hands coming together and weaving his fingers, “They are no longer on Earth. There’s so much to your best friends that you two don’t even know.”

“Then why don’t you tell us? What happened to them? Lady Esmerelda or any of the other spirits hear in this manner for that matter don’t allow us to leave or even know what’s going on.” The blonde stated putting his hands in his pockets. His tone wasn’t harsh and he wasn’t mad at Chris’ statement either.

“Nick has a point. Out of us three humans here, you’re the only one that’s allowed to leave,” Sam states and taps the back of his knuckles to Chris’ chest.

Chris looked between the two boys. He has not told them anything about him being an elemental or anything about what has been going on and where he has been. Breaking his eyes away from the two boys he looked to his left and then his right, taking a slow breath he opened his senses to be sure that there was no spirit watching them. Quickly grabbing their wrists he pulled them with him down the hall. Taking a few turns he stopped in front of a door, letting go of their wrists he slides it open and walked inside. After Nick and Sam were inside the room Chris closed the door. One could clearly tell that this was his bedroom in this large manor. It has a thick mat that seems to be used as a bed neatly folded and placed over in the corner of the room, along with a blanket and pillow on top of the mat. Other than that the room was fairly plain. Just looking like a traditional Japanese style room. Nick and Sam stopped mid-stride as Chris stopped time around him. Everything started to have a faded tone to it as he walked away from the door and placed a hand on the boy’s shoulders startling them when he walks past them. “No one should bother us now, but I wanted to be sure.” Chris sighed.

Both boys looked at each other before looking at the back of Chris’ head. Turning on his heels he looked back at the boys, “I stopped time so we should not have to worry about an interruption.”

“Stopped time?” Nick questioned quietly looking a bit confused.

“Bra, what creepy, hoodoo, voodoo did you fuckin’ get into to let you do that shit?” Sam chuckled putting his hands on his hips.

“It’s not hoodoo voodoo, I’m a time elemental,” Chris answered in a very blunt and slightly annoyed tone.

“You mean like in fairy tale type of elemental?” Nick pondered, though he didn’t mean to ask the question so loud.

“Yes, and I’m not the only one. Long story short, I was with Andy and Sean for a good while. Even while you two went to visit Andy and Sean was there for a short while. Both Andy and Sean are now on Amoura. Sean, you would think stepped back in time because he looks younger than the last time you two saw him. He’s also now adopted into the Kaisai family and has become the water elemental prodigy. It just took a little push in his gene’s to be able to get his water element to fully kick in. Unfortunately, it took hurting Sasuke to do so. Andrew is now at the water dragon roost training to become the next head of the water dragons. He is, in fact, half dragon. His scales and dragon half woke up when Sasuke used his rare ability of his fire element for the first time while they were fighting each other.” He explained giving them the long and short of his time with their friends. Nick and Sam stare at their black haired friend dumbfounded. “Another kicker since I have you two going. I’m not twenty-three like you two guessed when we first met. I’m so much older than you and Sean is my son.”

The two boys were speechless. All they could do was stand there. No sound, nothing. It was almost as if all the gears in their heads trying to process everything have stopped altogether once that slipped from Chris’ mouth. “Now, let me ask you again, has Esmerelda told you why she’s brought you two here? If you can answer that question I will tell you more. If not this conversation is done. The choice is yours.”

“L-Lady Esmerelda has never said why we are here. When she brought us here she asked if we were best friends,” Nick stammered out.

“We’re more than just best friends, and that’s all she seemed to care about. But, other than that we haven’t been told anything. We’re a bit lost ourselves as to why we’re here,” Sam shrugs his shoulders as he looks down at Chris as he leaned against Nick, and arm going over Nick’s shoulders and pulling him in closer into his body, “And if anyone hurts him I will go after them.”

Chris smiled at the two of them before sighing softly to himself and standing up. Walking over to the two of them. He stopped when he was parallel his shoulder almost brushing Sam’s. Looking straight ahead towards the door to the room he takes in a small breath, “The lock that Esmerelda chain’s me here so no matter how long I’m gone, I’m not allowed to go about my life I’m forced to come back to this manner.” Bringing a hand up to his throat it stopped and a ripple effect from his fingertips touching something showed the reflection of metal shining in the low light. The metal of someone who is chained and imprisoned, someone who cannot speak of who has him chained down. “I’ll do what I can to find things out. It’s what I’m good at. Keep your ears open yourself. Who knows maybe I can dig something up as to what exactly she has planned.” Nick and Sam turned so that could see Chris’ side. Sam adjusting so he was behind Nick and resting his hands around Nick’s waist and his head on top of Nick’s considering Nick was around five foot ten as Sam was six foot one. Chris looked over at them. “I’ll pay Sean a visit as well. See if I can borrow some things.”

“Can we come with you?” Sam asked.

“We’ll see what I can do. For now, try to be discrete if you try to find out information yourselves. No one else is allowed to know of this conversation, understood?” They both nodded as if they were nodding to their parents. “Good,” Chris said and the stillness around them began to flow once more. Walking over to the door he placed his hand in the slot, but he didn’t pull the door open. He didn’t look back at them, just stared at the crack between the door and wall, “We are dealing with a spirit that is cunning and sly. She has thousands of years on me. Behave yourselves and she shouldn’t harm you. You two seem to be her favorites…” He trailed off. Taking a step back and turning around to look at the two of them he smiled sweetly, “So, maybe if you two ask her about me taking you out of the manor maybe she’ll allow it. For now behave,” He opened the door and took a step out of the room before tipping his upper half back in, dipping his back and looking at the two of them upside down, “Oh, and when you two get a bit frisky I would suggest keeping it down, some of the spirits are planning on slipping a peek the next time. Just some things I’ve heard on my walks here and there around the manor. Have fun~” Chris stood up straight once more and closed the door behind him leaving two very red-faced, embarrassed boys standing alone in the room.

The smirk on his lips was spread wide as he put his hands in his pockets and walked down the hall once more. Just what type of game is this woman playing? What is it that she found that she wanted to have two humans in her possession? Taking turns and dodging spirits who were cleaning the manor as he weaved his way through this endless labyrinth and finally making it to his destination. Esmerelda’s room. Knocking once he opened the door and walked in.

“You know my dear child, you and my two little beans are the only ones that are allowed to get away with opening my door with one knock and not telling me who it is that is coming in.” A beautiful silk voice danced around the dim room. This voice belonged to a gorgeous kitsune, dressed in even more revealing clothing that she normally wears with her kimono while she is out of her room addressing others. In fact, she was not wearing any clothes at all. Her voluptuous chest is covered by parts of her long silver hair that has the slightest shine to it as the ends floated in the waist-deep pool of water that’s in the room. Her eight tails were resting in the water as well her hair showing peeks to her light peach skin. Turning around slowly in the water exposing her hourglass figure to Chris. She crossed her hands over her chest. “Don’t you know it’s rude to stare at a woman as she bathing.” She pouted but not of it was even phasing Chris.

“If you possibly think that you are going to get me into that pool with you, you are sadly mistaken. I am not even remotely attracted to the woman who killed my wife after she gave birth to our son and then made him have to grow up alone.” His heart pounding with anger he clenched his fists. His shoulders shaking and this caused the kitsune in front of him to smile. It was a sickeningly sweet smile and there was no hint of regret or even sympathy behind those sharp lavender eyes or soft expression. Bringing her hand up to her luscious lips she brushed her fingertips across them. Pulling down on her lower lip the soft smile spread into a wicked one.

“You know that I love playing with you. It only takes time before this fox can ensnare its rabbit.” Her smooth voice having a hint of lust as her eyes trailed down his body undressing him with her eyes.

“You have not been able to take me back under your full control in over twenty years, what makes you think that I would allow you to do so now?” He growled at her.

“Oh~?” She giggled as she slowly walked over to the edge of the pool and sank down into the water. Propping her arms up on the ledge she rests her chin on her arms as she looks up at him. She did not say another word to him as she stared at her.

“What are you planning to do with Nick and Sam?” Chris questions bluntly.

This made Esmerelda sit up a place her hand over her lips as she giggled, “Now, dear that’s for me to know and you to endlessly search for to try and find out~” Her hand slides to her cheek as she tips her head staring at him.

“I can tell you this now Esmeralda, whatever game you’re playing it’s not going to win,” Chris lets slip from his lips as barely a whisper, but with enough strength that her fox ears flicked the slightest bit when the words echoed in her eardrums.

Her gaze turns cold as she stares at the raven-haired and golden eyes man that was standing in front of her, “Oh, but my darling, sweet Christopher, the fun has only just begun,” Her smooth lips curl into a satisfied smirk as she slid her left hand off her cheek and brought her fingers down onto the smooth water’s surface.

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