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His Luna Queen [Discontinued]

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Amora Carter has been abused by the Luna Eclipse pack since she can remember. When Amora was only young, her parents were killed in a rouge attack which was placed upon her old pack. After her parents died Amora was stripped of her role in the pack and made a slave. Once Amora turned 18 her life was about to change maybe for the better... Ryker Dean, cold hearted, monster. He is the King of all werewolves. He has everything; The fame, The looks and the money. But there is one thing that he is missing. He was a dark obsidian, slowly giving into his own dreary ways. She was the ray of light that he needed to bright up the darkest of days. What will happen when the Luna Eclipse pack asks for the kings support? Will Amora finally be saved from her own personal hell? Or will it just get worse? Keep reading to find out!

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Chapter One:

A bright, fluorescent light escaped into my bedroom, lighting up the surrounding walls, making it apparent that dawn has approached faster than anticipated. I have always preferred mornings over the dim fall of dusk because it reminds me that no matter what dreadful things happened the day before – something bright and beautiful was always ahead. This thought kept me hopeful of a bright future where my fate is filled and I’m happy with a loving mate and children of my own. I know this is impossible, ‘Alpha’ Aiden says that wolves like me don’t deserve a mate and a good life because we are nothing but the waste of this supernatural race. The leftovers.

Opening my eyes was a mission in the early hours of the morning, there was no need for an alarm clock, it was the same routine every day. It has been for as long as I can remember. Get up, make the packs breakfast, and clean the packhouse. But it never used to be like this, I was the original Alpha’s daughter, I was loved by all among the pack. A miracle baby of sorts.

My parents had difficulties conceiving a child after an incident happened with my mother. I was never old enough to be told but from what I’ve heard it was a cruel situation to be found in. Their happy ending all came crashing down when I turned 6. An ambush on our pack by an army of rouges cost us the lives of the beloved Alpha and Luna.


“AMORA!” I could hear my mother yell from the kitchen, where she was helping prepare the packs meal. My mother loved cooking for the pack because my father was a very possessive Alpha male so anything that my father saw as dangerous my mother was kept well away from it.

“Yes Mamma, I’m coming.” I ran down the stairs giggling to myself when Aiden, the packs beta barged past me in a rush looking rather phased about whatever was going on outside. The Beta was always a bothered person he always walked around with an annoyed look on his face so this didn’t exactly raise any suspicion in my mind of what terror could possibly be going on just past the front of the wood.

I made it into the kitchen where there were pack members running frantically around trying to get the children and the women to the safe house. Even though we had female warriors it didn’t mean that every female wanted to train to fight. It was always their choice, that was one thing that I respected about the Black Rose pack because most Alpha’s believe that women are too weak to help in battle.

“Amora, there you are...” My mother came and picked me up into her arms automatically basking me in her scent. She always smelled of freshly baked cookies. At that moment of time, my mother’s best friend entered the kitchen and was straight away called over. Her name was Maria and was a lovely lady. She would occasionally babysit me when my parents wanted time to themselves. Maria was always one of my favourite people to be around because she was always smiling but today was different there was no smile on her face only panic.

“Maria, I need you to take Amora to the safe house and don’t let her out of your sight. I need to go and help the Alpha.” My mother said in her Luna tone, my mother hardly ever uses her Luna tone of the people of the pack. She always believed that a truly respected leader can lead their pack members without assorting their power, so I knew this was a serious matter and didn’t bother in arguing. Maria took me into her arms and rushed towards the safe house, just like her Luna demanded.

As we left the building I took in the surroundings and all I saw was patches of fur lunging at each other. More specifically rouges fighting with the pack, my pack. The grass was slowly turning a dark shade of red being stained with the blood of our enemies and some of the noblest warriors I have had the pleasure of growing round. I spotted my father and mother in the distance with a group of rouges surrounding them. My heart started to race, and my pulse started to climb to the roof of my throat until I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

Maria continued to walk down the steps leading to the safe house and just before the shutters closed, sealing the rest of the pack from the world, my life changed for the worse. Rouges attacked my parents ripping them limb from limb. I caught my mothers’ eyes as life slowly drained from her body. My chest felt heavy as the bonds between the Alpha and Luna - my parents - shattered like glass puncturing any working organs making it impossible for me to breathe. I was certain that I would die from the pain residing in my chest at that very moment.

End of Flashback:

It was funny watching my parents growing up because my father would constantly try and keep my mother away from simple tasks like sewing, gardening, and driving. He would make the excuse that anything could happen. Even the tiniest of mistakes could harm her.

I lost so much that day, my parents, my Alpha and Luna and my reason to live.

After the rogues were defeated the whole pack was feeling the loss of their Alpha and Luna but I felt the loss the most. The pain never really left after their death, but when do you fully accept the loss of those you love so deeply? After the memorial for all the pack warriors lost, Aiden was assigned the new Alpha of the Luna Eclipse pack. I was far too young to claim the title, but Aiden took advantage of that and claimed the power for himself.

The first change that was made when Aiden became Alpha was stripping me of all the power and authority that I had over the pack. Word had spread around the pack that he saw me as a threat to his leadership. So, to protect his title and power that was gained he stripped me down to an Omega.

An Omega was basically the slave of the pack. Even though I still had all the power of an Alpha in my body, I was not to be respected and treated like one. When an alpha gets stripped of their title, they cannot then go on to be the future alpha.

The Luna Eclipse pack hasn’t had an Omega since my great-grandfather became alpha. Since Aiden was given the title of alpha the number of omegas has been increasing by the day.

I quickly got dressed in the most decent piece of clothing that I owned and made my way down to the kitchen. On my way I ran into Sophia, she was also an omega and was also my best friend I had met her when I was seven, just one year after being stripped from my title.

“Hey Amora, do you want help making the packs breakfast before I begin my chores?” I adore Sophia, she was older than me by a few years and always has my back. Even though my rank was stripped from me she always treated me like the daughter of the alpha.

This small gesture was enough to help me remember where my roots sprouted from and the power that runs through my body. It was enough for me to hold on, to continue the memory of my parents, the true Alpha and Luna. Not some wanna-be Beta trying to live up to the expectations of a real alpha male.

“No thank you, Sophia, I don’t want you getting in trouble again” Alpha Aiden punishes us in the worse ways that he can think of. I still have the scars on my wrists and ankles from when I didn’t make his eggs the way he wanted. That will be a day I never forget. He left me in the cells chained to the wall with concentrated silver for extra effect and starved me for a week. When a wolf encounters concentrated silver it burns the first few layers of skin and disconnects us from our wolves so we can’t heal any damage that can leave permanent marks. It is the worst kind of pain any wolf will experience.

Sophia continued down the long hallway towards the bedrooms where she will begin her daily chores as I continue down the stairs towards the kitchen. Walking into the kitchen already knowing what to prepare because it’s the same every morning. I make a direct B-line to the cupboard to get the pancake mix. When I turn around Aiden is right behind me trapping me in between the counter side and his body. His dark brown eyes make their way into mine like a dirty pool of nothing but hate.

“Alpha Ryker is coming over for a meeting later this evening. You are to prepare a meal fit for a king, anything less than this will be a sign of disrespect and will result in consequences greater than you have ever experienced.” I learned long ago never to challenge the Alphas threats because they will more than likely live up to their tale.

Alpha Aiden always treated me worse than the other omega’s. Some say it’s because I’m meant to be alpha now that I’m eighteen, but the real reason is that I refused to be his Luna. I wanted to wait for my mate and accepting his offer was both an insult to my mate and myself. I am not some distressed damsel that needs to settle with anything less than what I know I deserve just to free myself from this lifestyle I’ve been forced to live.

“Yes, Alpha.” Lowering my head to show respect and understanding. I never had to do this until about two years ago when Aiden became paranoid of me gaining my power back. So, by bowing my head to him it shows everyone else that I think he is more superior to me. Not likely but if that is what I must do to avoid the whipping then I will do it.

After preparing breakfast, I started with my other chores. I was thankful that Alpha Ryker was coming today because that means that I get to finish early to prepare the meal. Alpha always told me that he didn’t want omegas in other alphas presence because it is disrespectful to others.

He never bothered with hiding us before, until around seven years ago, one of my father’s old allies thought he saw me and started to ask questions.


After a long day of chores, I finally got to finish making the meal for the alpha and the rest of the pack. This evening is going to be an interesting evening I could already tell, even if I won’t be present. I just have a feeling that something is going to happen, and I won’t like it.

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