The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 2

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A high school student dreams about a dragon saying that he is his incarnate, he then wants to part ways with it but to no avail. He decided that he'll just wing it, his name is Akumu Shiro, a first-year than managed to get into school even though he didn't like being surrounded by people because of the past.

Fantasy / Action
Tokikaze Kohaku
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Chapter 21: An Enemy Rises

The next day, Shiro tried talking to Himari but to no avail, even though he tried many times in the past and on that day. That afternoon, he was summoned to the 5 kings’ council for an unknown reason. “Child, be careful once you’re up on the surface” the grand king says to him when he asked why the grand king told him about a council on the surface and are hunting demons from all of Japan. Upon hearing this, he said his goodbyes and left to investigate on the council. The day after that, he wanted to know where the other council would be, but he didn’t know where to find it. ’I wish there would be something that would give me a clue’ he thought to himself while walking to lunch. A few moments later, an ad popped up on his phone saying “Need to get rid of supernatural beings that trouble you? Visit the Anti-Demon Legion” he was curious about what it was and found an address. That night, he decided that he’d go there to inspect what it might be. By getting there, guards were at a post outside the building, so he used teleportation to get inside, and he found high-tech cages with demons in it. The demons that were in those cages were the notorious “ghouls of the realm” they were kept hidden as the others don’t want contact with them and yet they made their way out of the realm. He wanted to teleport all of them but someone came in and tried to capture him, so he teleported to his second house near Himari’s. after some time, he left to go to his first house by Mai’s, then the guards that he saw from the building was at his door going to knock. “What can I do for you?” he asked, the guards told him that they need to interrogate him at the legion headquarters for unknown reasons, he agreed saying that he needs to get something before going. Once he was finished gathering stuff he needed before going, the guards escorted him to the legion’s headquarters. It was surprised to see that the head of the legion was there at that time. “Hello, my name is Aruhi Noro” the guy said, introducing himself. “I’m guessing you’re the head of this Legion” Shiro then replies. Itsuka then confirms that he is the head of the legion that caged more than 20,000 ghouls in his chambers. As they talk, the ground shook on its own as if it was an earthquake, but one guard went inside the room where the two were talking and said that the building was under attack. Itsuka and Shiro then went to the scene, what they saw is a girl in a cloak freeing the ghouls from the cages and ordering them to slaughter everyone that was in their way of escape. Shiro called out to his weapons 008 and 009 while Itsuka called out his weapon “Muramasa” the two work in perfect harmony while they fend off their allies from the mind-controlling woman, “Damn it, She’s here” he said. Shiro asked for the name of the girl “Mask, that’s what the legion calls her. She’s a demon that controls the other demons and makes them do as she wishes.” Itsuka replied to him. The ghouls were demons that can change their limbs into their weapons, some can use their hands, or their arms, even their legs, but the worst ones were the ones growing tails. Shiro knew of this and kept his mouth shut to avoid suspicion. After a few hours, almost 10,000 ghouls died and almost 5,000 fled with Mask. After the incident, “Think about my offer kid, you got skills” Aruhi said to him. The offer is about Shiro working for Itsuka at the Legion, yet Shiro has already made up his mind about signing a contract and working for them as an undercover agent. “I’d say no but I’d be lying if I did” Shiro replied to Aruhi. He then explained to Shiro how to sign his contract and when it would be, Shiro accepted the terms and went home. He was summoned by the 5 kings after the day and made him do a report about what happened inside the building. As usual, Shiro would hide things out like how he’s an undercover agent for the Legion when the sun comes up. The 5 kings told him to keep up with the Legions’ plans by joining their forces, Shiro accepted. The next day, Shiro was at class when Noro went to his classroom to pick him up. The whole class was talking about why would the Legion’s CEO pick Shiro up, even Himari was thinking, but of course, Himari went straight to the point and thought that he was there because of business, so she followed them out of curiosity. Upon getting to the Legion’s headquarters, there was a table with 3 seats, the third person was already there, while Noro and Shiro are the only people that the company was waiting for.

Joker and Mask are notorious for being at the A-DL for breaking in and taking demons from them. Shiro knew of this and focused on Yukimura’s strength, his hand became his blade and he stabbed Joker with it. Joker noticed Shiro’s eyes and ran to Mask telling her to retreat. The two fell back with only 3 demons in hand. That night, Shiro told Aruhi that he’ll be tampering with Yukimura and he’ll infuse it with his broken weapons. Aruhi confirmed it and Shiro left. Later that night, Shiro went to his study room at the Akumu manor, there, he cast Ryuujin to help him forge 008 and 009 into Yukimura alongside a tail-type ghoul. Fortunately, everything that they needed was there except for the tail-type ghoul. Shiro went to the deep caverns to capture one tail-type ghoul, but upon getting there, he noticed that the cavern is empty but one ghoul was waiting, it was a tail and arm-type ghoul. It attacked him straight, but he didn’t want to kill him, instead, he chanted a weakening spell, and it fell from the ceiling of the cave. He cut off his tail and retreated to his study room. Almost three hours since he started reforging Yukimura, he took some blood steel and enchanted it so it won’t break. The next day, it was 8 in the morning and the A-DL sent a letter to the school that Shiro won’t be going to school. Kenji Hiiki, their homeroom teacher, told the class about it and rumors fled the class “Shiro might be working for the A-DL” one of his classmates said. The rumor spread through the whole school and a new club rose from nothing, called “Shiro Protection Club” it’s a club that focuses on stalking Shiro when outside school grounds, their president is Miyanagi Tomoe. On the other hand, Himari always knows what Shiro is up to but she keeps her mouth shut.

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