The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 2

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Chapter 30: A-AC: GC

The five kings’ council already knew of the moles in all domains but they have no clue where it could be found, so Ryuu offered his help to search the domain for the moles. That night, Himari asked Shiro about the moles in all domains “There isn’t, it was just a distraction for my real goal” he replied. Shocked, Himari asked for his intentions, he didn’t answer and avoided the question by changing the topic. That night, Ryuu got permission to have a search team and look for the moles. Shiro on the other hand, cloned himself and ordered it to sleep, while the real one goes into the A-AC: GC HQ, in the deep caverns. Upon getting there, the ghouls around him bowed down to him as respect to the son of the queen and to respect the “Grand arc”. After some time, Shiro bids his mother goodbye and went to the surface to study while the clone is sleeping, this way, Shiro can both sleep and study at the same time. The next day, Ryuu sent a letter of absence to his teacher and didn’t come to school and so did Shiro, Shiro spent the day at the A-DL HQ training with Itsuo, this time, Itsuo is using his personal DL called “Genjitsu” and Shiro used nothing but his bare hands. While training, Shiro was on the upper hand, while Itsuo was bruised and almost fainting, even though Itsuo was using his Dl and Shiro wasn’t. At the end of the day, Shiro was sweating and Itsuo was sent to the infirmary. Ryuu was still searching for the “moles” in all domains, but to no avail, he has no leads, no traces. Then he realized that Shiro wouldn’t reveal a secret if it was that big of a deal. ’Shit, even the five kings’ council was duped’ he thought and sent the search team to an end. That night, Ryuu went to the five kings’ council while they were at a meeting and told them that there is no mole hiding in all domains, Shiro is just using it as a distraction so that the five kings won’t be a hurdle to his real goal. The five kings didn’t believe him at first but the Akumu king believed him and said “My son likes keeping secrets, he won’t reveal it unless it was very necessary for the realm, and his mission now is to keep an eye at the surface’s anti-demon council, not the moles hiding in the realm” the Akuma king is convinced by this and summoned Shiro to the five kings’ council. “What do you need?” Shiro asked them “We heard that there were no moles hiding, is that correct?” the Yami king asked, he made up a lie to make Ryuu look bad in front of the council and thus, they summoned him next to Shiro. “You called sir?” Ryuu asked the Yami king “Shiro, here, thinks that you only said that there was no mole, is because you’re lazy to look for them Shiro even got one of them, “Speak up, ghoul” Shiro ordered “We ghouls have been watching the realm for quite some time and we report to Shiro about what happens to the realm everyday” the ghoul said the kings then asked Shiro why he sided with the ghouls “I didn’t side with them, I just tortured one of them so that they’d abide to me” Shiro answered. The five kings were convinced by this and let him off the hook. Ryuu on the other hand, was ordered to continue the search. That night, Shiro was dismissed and Ryuu was ordered to continue. Shiro puts a clone in his bed and ordered it to sleep and he went to the deep caverns to ask his mother about the news from the other ghouls. Fortunately, there was a new threat to the A-DL, Joker’s brother named, “Percent” it seems that the two work perfectly. Shiro wanted to leave so the Queen ordered Joker and Percent to escort her son out of the caverns, Shiro declines “We can’t get others to find out right?” he said, so Queen halted the two from escorting him out instead, she sent them to the surface as surveillance. The next day, Shiro hasn’t been seen anywhere from the house to the realm, no trace of him, Himari also can’t see his traces. At the end of the day that the four are searching for him, it all went in vain as they found no clue where he is, the A-DL is also searching for him but to no avail. “There is one more spot we could look for him” Himari said. The three followed her to the realm and they were discouraged that Himari was leading them to the deep caverns where their last straw sits. “What are we doing in here?” Ryuu asks, “I don’t know, I just thought that this is the best place for him to hide, besides, he has many secrets lying in his sleeves” Himari said.

Hikaru got a grasp of what she’s saying but is still confused why Shiro would go to the deep caverns. Ryuu o the other hand, was suspecting that the moles lie on the deep caverns so he used their time there to look for the “moles”. While they look, there were no sign of ghouls anywhere, they went deeper to investigate if Shiro is hiding there, after an hour, they went out of the cavern with an empty hand, and Shiro wasn’t hiding there. The truth is, Shiro was at a different branch, at the German branch. There, he was killing more than he bargained for, and it went on for a few days until he decided to come back to the Japan Branch. That day, Himari was looking for him at the park where he saw her sitting on the swing. Himari on the other hand, wanted to feel Shiro’s presence. Shiro is around her but his presence isn’t felt by Himari because the night before Shiro left, he disabled Himari’s senses to find out where he would be, of course, it only works on Shiro and Shiro alone, also, he did this to all his friends. Some time has passed, the three went to fetch Himari but Himari wasn’t there, instead, a different child was sitting at the swing. Himari was taken hostage by a man in a black suit, a black hat and a black plague doctor mask. “How’re you?” said the man in a distorted voice. Himari didn’t speak but instead punched the guy, unfortunately, the guy blocked her punch with his hand. He lets go and said goodbye before he left. Himari went back to the swing and found her friends waiting for her there. “Where have you been, you said you’ll be on this spot” Hikaru scolded her. “I know, I know, there was this guy that looks like a plague doctor, and he abducted me but let me off when I didn’t answer his question” she explained. “What question?” Ryuu asked “How’re you” she replied. Ryuu froze for a bit and told the rest to follow the man with the plague mask. The man was waiting for them at the roof at the A-DL HQ, “I know who you are” a voice of a guy was heard “That’s odd, how come you know me and she doesn’t?” the plague doctor said. Himari froze as she realize who he is. Upon realizing the identity of the plague doctor, she hugged him tightly and said “Welcome home” the plague doctor hugged her back then pushed her away from him and vanished. Mai and Hikaru are clueless, Ryuu thought that he went inside the tower, Himari thought that he went home. Ryuu went inside the HQ to investigate the plague doctor. Fortunately, he found him at the DL facility. “Come out of there, I sense that our kind is killed in this facility” he warned him but the plague doctor insisted and continued his work, Ryuu called the three and they found the plague doctor inside the DL facility. The four warns him but all their efforts were in vain when he insisted. “Shiro, stop man, this isn’t you” Ryuu said “Not me? Not me?! None of you know me but myself and myself alone” he answered. The four wanted to come close to him but his aura changed when his DLs appeared, his aura had killing intent on it, unlike Shiro that was more subtle. “Ryuuketsu” the plague doctor chanted silently and his DLs appeared in front of them. His DLs changed form as his aura change. His DLs had their own unique auras that matched his “Yukimura, Tasatsu no Shinigami, Tosatsu Kaoku” the three names he chanted.

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