The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 2

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chapter 22: Alliance

“I, Aruhi Noro, now assigns you as one of us, the Anti-Demon Legion” he says to Shiro. After they sign, Shiro noticed that someone was there and holding a camera. He then asked if he could use the restroom, Aruhi acknowledged it and Shiro went out of the room. After coming out of the room, he sensed the presence of Himari nearby so the chanted his searching seal to find where she is, he found her going down the staircase out of panic. Himari on the other hand was stopped by Shiro while she was going down the stairs. Himari asked him about what it was with the contract and the Legion, but Shiro avoided those questions by asking her why she was avoiding him. She told him that she was pissed off at him for declaring that they were over before the feast ended. “We’re not really in a relationship you know” Shiro the said. Those words pierced Himari’s heart that made her cry. Shiro asked her why she was crying but she told him to teleport her at her house and out of there, so Shiro obeyed. Shiro then came back to the others after some time and told them that there was something that bothered him from the time being, Aruhi then asks him about it. “The security in this place is a bit off, I mean, Mask barged in here to easily, and he can do that again” Shiro answers. This realization made the company more powerful as after 3 days, the guards have increased and the guards also possess “Divine Legions”. Divine Legions are weapons forged from the parts of the ghouls and infuse them into steel. Itsuka gave one to him and accepted it, saying he’ll only use it when the time is right.

A few moments later, a guard entered the room with bad news, another raid. Shiro and Itsuka went to the scene, fortunately, Itsuka’s divine legion is with him while Shiro’s invoked weapons are at his waist. The rest of the remaining ghouls that were caged were being freed one by one. “Joker’s here too” Itsuka said. “Joker” the nickname for the demon with a clown mask and is suspected as the leader of the council opposing the A-DL. Shiro wanted to fight with his Divine Legion to find out what it was, but he kept on using his invoker. About half an hour has passed, and the Legions is still clashing with the other demons, Shiro on the other hand, is killing the ghouls being controlled by Mask. A bit more has passed and Joker rushed to Shiro, with Joker’s invoker, 008, and 009 broke down. “Come, Yukimura” Shiro called out to his Divine Legion. His suit was covered in the light as it wraps around his arm, then the suit became a gauntlet bearing the name “Yukimura”. He smiled as he felt he knew how to use it, Aruhi was confused at first because no one in the Legion can master their Divine Legion for the first time they use it. Shiro proved that he was different, He used his Divine Legion with ease and it’s his first time using it.

Joker and Mask are notorious for being at the A-DL for breaking in and taking demons from them. Shiro knew of this and focused on Yukimura’s strength, his hand became his blade and he stabbed Joker with it. Joker noticed Shiro’s eyes and ran to Mask telling her to retreat. The two fell back with only 3 demons in hand. That night, Shiro told Aruhi that he’ll be tampering with Yukimura and he’ll infuse it with his broken weapons. Aruhi confirmed it and Shiro left. Later that night, Shiro went to his study room at the Akumu manor, there, he cast Ryuujin to help him forge 008 and 009 into Yukimura alongside a tail-type ghoul. Fortunately, everything that they needed was there except for the tail-type ghoul. Shiro went to the deep caverns to capture one tail-type ghoul, but upon getting there, he noticed that the cavern is empty but one ghoul was waiting, it was a tail and arm-type ghoul. It attacked him straight, but he didn’t want to kill him, instead, he chanted a weakening spell, and it fell from the ceiling of the cave. He cut off his tail and retreated to his study room. Almost three hours since he started reforging Yukimura, he took some blood steel and enchanted it so it won’t break. The next day, it was 8 in the morning and the A-DL sent a letter to the school that Shiro won’t be going to school. Kenji Hiiki, their homeroom teacher, told the class about it and rumors fled the class “Shiro might be working for the A-DL” one of his classmates said. The rumor spread through the whole school and a new club rose from nothing, called “Shiro Protection Club” it’s a club that focuses on stalking Shiro when outside school grounds, their president is Miyanagi Tomoe. On the other hand, Himari always knows what Shiro is up to but she keeps her mouth shut.

While the school is having rumors, Shiro was ordered to go undercover at his school and go demon hunting at night. “You should never let anyone see you especially your classmates.” Aruhi told him, he nodded and went to the A-DL training room for the initial training with Itsuo Hyougo. At the training, Itsuo couldn’t follow Shiro’s footsteps with his eyes nor his senses, so Itsuo was seen punching the air blindly while Shiro would hit him at the parts where humans could faint. Any legion member considers him as the “One-man army of the legion” because of his strength and yet, he is losing after facing a regular undercover agent. A few minutes have passed and Aruhi noticed that the speed levels inside the training room were faster than the speed of light itself and when he looked, Shiro was the one running, while Itsuo was at the center, fainted. Shiro stopped running and Itsuo was sent to the infirmary, while Aruhi asked Shiro about his speed “I never thought that I was that fast, although when I look at the time, it’s slow” he said. This shocked Aruhi as Shiro didn’t show his speed at the fight Joker and he had.

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