The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 2

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Chapter 23: Blood-lust Yukimura

At the end of the day, Shiro was walking towards his house thinking about his job at the A-DL while studying but he then stopped thinking after he sensed that a group of people is following him. “Come out, I have no time playing with you. If you don’t, I’ll be forced to get you out of there” he said while looking at the building the group of girls was hiding. Tomoe was the first to come out of their hiding spot, then Hikaru, Himari, and Mai. Shiro asked them why they were hiding behind the building and why they were following him. “Club activity” Hikaru said. Shiro was confused at that moment but he brushed it off saying “Let’s walk home together shall we?” and the four went with Shiro while going home, leaving the other girls that were hiding. Shiro whispered into Tomoe’s ear that he knows that there were more girls following him beside the four of them. After getting home, Shiro had a call from Itsuo saying that the headquarters were attacked by Joker and Joker alone. Upon getting there, Shiro called out to Yukimura and darkness covered his coat, then his arm, the darkness dispersed when Yukimura was covering his arm. Aruhi asked him about how he tampered with his Divine Legion, “I simply reforged it to do better while I fight” he replied. Aruhi was a bit suspicious but he brushed it off when they began to fight Joker which then immediately retreated after seeing Shiro.

Disappointed, Shiro wanted to go home to get some sleep but was called by Aruhi for a meeting. At the meeting, Shiro was promoted to special class officer and was given another Divine Legion to tamper, this time, the weapon was a leg. That night, Mask came at the hideout with Joker, there came another demon with the codename 001 on his mask. “Boss” Joker said to him. Shiro on the other hand looked upon the history of the A-DL and found something very intriguing, “codename: 001, type: unknown, age: unknown, identity: unknown” that’s what it said in the report. He is also notorious for destroying almost half of the whole headquarters. Shiro was intrigued by this and wanted to hunt it down, this was then acknowledged by Aruhi and Itsuo. The next day, Shiro was at class when Itsuo was ordered to pick Shiro up for a mission, Shouto high granted the A-DL’s wish and took Shiro with them. Upon getting to the HQ, Aruhi was waiting for Shiro in front of the door. “I see you’ve tampered with your Yukimura, can I see it?” Aruhi asked him after they entered the facility. Shiro was given the dummy to test out his tampered Yukimura. “I call this the Blood-lust Yukimura” he told Aruhi. Shiro called out to his Divine Legion and a dark cloud covered his suit then his arm, the Yukimura that was once colored in silver turned into a grayish gauntlet with red accents to its features. Aruhi was amazed by how Shiro managed to “upgrade” his Divine legion, but he is also suspicious of him for tampering it a little bit too quickly. The Divine Legions are tracked by Aruhi but when Shiro got to his house the night before, Aruhi couldn’t track his DL. Shiro was fast to destroy the other dummies and it hasn’t stopped since. Aruhi then told them to stop the operation and told Shiro to take some rest, though he has not seen a single drop of sweat from him, even though he ran at Godspeed for 30 minutes straight. While resting, Shiro thought of the possible nicknames the Legion would give him, ’Grim reaper, God speed, Blood forge’ the words popped in his head while thinking, it only broke when a guard came in and told him that there was an attack by Joker alongside with Mask. When he went to the scene, there was ghouls being freed yet again by Mask, then using them again as puppets to keep the Legion from their reach. Shiro knew that this tactic of hers is not going to work with his new Yukimura, so he called out to his tampered weapon and black with crimson red dust covered him more of the said dust covered his arm that eventually covered only his arm. His Bloodlust Yukimura then appeared at his right arm then he called out one more time, this time, the gauntlet became his sword. Mask then laughed at his sword as she thought that it could not reach her, but her thoughts are taken aback when Shiro’s Yukimura’s blade turned into a whip with blades at all edges.

This was feared by both Mask and Joker while Shiro was just emotionless. Both Joker and Mask retreated without ghouls in hand that day, then later that night, Joker and Mask met up with 001. 001 then scolds them for not bringing any ghouls to him and told them that they’d be killed mercilessly if that happened again. Fortunately, 001 didn’t mean what he said. The next day, Shiro wasn’t found at the school, nor his house giving a form of absence at the A-DL and to the school, saying it was family business. A few moments later 001 himself raided the A-DL’s demon chambers. Aruhi called out to Muramasa and went in the action by himself without Shiro at his side.

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