The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 2

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Chapter 24: The Raid

001 called to Joker and Mask while he is going into the fight, Mask and Joker were the ones freeing the demons while 001 was the one fending for them. Ghouls and humans were dying in each second passing while 001 and Aruhi are clashing. The Legion is still searching for Shiro’s help as they know that only he is capable of clashing with 001 on even grounds. After an hour, 001, Mask and Joker took off with less than 15 ghouls in hand. Many more raids came when Shiro wasn’t around, almost half of the whole headquarters were destroyed, and ghouls are back at action killing civilians. It’s been a week since Shiro went missing, and the A-DL is still searching for him, his Yukimura is not found within the radar of the Legion, Shiro is also not found at School. Nothing was able to catch from Shiro from the last week while Shiro was spending his time at the Akumu manor trying to tamper with his Yukimura, wanting it to look better. Raid after raid, that’s what happened to the headquarters while Shiro was at the Akumu manor. But when the time he got back, Shiro was scolded by Aruhi for not answering calls from HQ. 001 then raided again but this time, Shiro was there to compete. The two clashed yet no one wanted to interfere, their battle was fast as the speed of light, and they are taking hits from one another, and in the end, 001 vanished and only Shiro remained standing on his feet. The Legion still has no clue why 001 vanished while Shiro was wounded badly, but they still took Shiro to the hospital as the infirmary was one of the destroyed. Shiro never intended to show his rework of Yukimura that fast but since he was fighting at speed of light, it was fine for him to take it, besides no one knows that 001 is not a ghoul, but a demon, which is why he is feared by Joker and Mask as well as the other demons.

From that day forward, Shiro has been visiting the deep caverns from time to time since then, also he doesn’t speak much but when he does, he only says one word like “Ok” “Fine” “sure” and he doesn’t go to school anymore, he just takes the tests whenever their homeroom teacher texts him to. Even so, he still gets full marks and perfects his scores at all subjects. Before leaving school after a test, he wanted to come by to Himari’s place and say goodbye, but he was then shocked after seeing that she isn’t there. Instead, she was waiting for him by his house “What were you thinking? Why’d you leave school suddenly?” she asked, Shiro told her that it was a secret that only he knows. Shiro invites her in his house for some soda when she refused to, taken aback, Shiro insisted that she does but again, to no avail. He then gave up and let her go, that night, 001 raided the unfinished headquarters while Shiro was sleeping in his house, he was woken up by a message that 001 is on the loose and attacking the unfinished building. Shiro hurried up to go when Mask and Joker were waiting by his house, fortunately for the two, Shiro went easy on them so that he’d save some of his energy to fight against 001. It took Shiro a few minutes to finish off the two when he realized that it was a bit late at night. He rushed to the HQ alongside with ghouls fighting him from all angles that took him seconds to finish. When he got to the HQ, 001 had killed several divinities and when he saw Shiro, he rushed to him engaging battle. The two clashed once again and yet after several times of the two hitting each other, 001 vanished yet again, and only Shiro knows what happened inside their zone. Even so, Shiro won’t give a word of what happened, but he did say that 001 vanished out of something mysterious. After that, not one word was heard from Shiro, even if they were in a state that he has to go to work. It’s been a month since he joined at the A-DL and yet he was a bit bored that Mask, Joker and even 001 is afraid of him, although they did try and attack him, they were still held inferior against him, so there were no raids while he was there, yet he stayed there for quite some time while attending classes again. Shiro was attending classes through text messages from his teachers, the texts consist of the pages where he can find the content of the day’s lesson.

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