The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 2

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Chapter 25: Sorry

Days went by like hours, Shiro did nothing but study. Himari, on the other hand, was getting worried about him even though she still thinks of the day that their fake relationship came to an end. A few days went by, Shiro missed an exam, Himari was more worried about him since then because for the record, Shiro never missed an exam even though he doesn’t come to class or school. The hands of the clock don’t seem to move in Shiro’s world and are quite down in the dumps. Himari chose to pay him a visit, but when she did, the doors were closed, the lights were off, and letters were sent at his mailbox for a daily basis, and yet he hasn’t read any of them. Himari then entered the manor only to find out that Shiro shut himself inside his room only leaving trails that he teleports into the kitchen to grab some food, she goes into the rooms to look for him and was successful to find him, and yet he was at a corner, his room was a mess, his hair’s also a big mess. She goes up to him, but when she did, she could hear him mumble the words “sorry”. He mumbled this multiple times then she knew that he had experienced something that would bring him to the state that he is in. “Is there something wrong?” Himari asked him, he didn’t answer and kept mumbling the words sorry over and over again. She started to hug him tightly but he was unable to recognize her actions, minutes went by and Shiro’s eyes started to tear up, in his mind, he was only thinking of Himari and no one other. The words “sorry” that comes out of his mouth is for the fake break up they had at the feast, he knew that he made the wrong decision and yet, he has not recognized Himari. About half an hour has passed and Himari was still there at his place when she heard someone that came in the doors, it was Tomoe, she wanted to check on Shiro and wanted to find out why he hasn’t been coming to school for a month.

Shiro was not only unable to answer their questions, but also he cannot speak but mumble apologies. This pissed off Tomoe and she began scolding him for not trying harder, Himari on the other hand, tried stopping Tomoe from doing anything rash but to no avail. the day passed on to them like it was minutes, Shiro still is out of his mind, while Himari and Tomoe are both worried for him. After classes ended the next day, she went to Shiro’s place again to check if he’s any better, but it was all in vain when she found him still on the same spot as he was the day before. In Shiro’s mind, he wanted to die for making disastrous decisions, and ending his own life is his way of apologizing for all his wrongdoings. At that moment, Himari did something that made Shiro realize that his life isn’t really worth ending, Shiro gained his consciousness and hugged Himari tightly. At that time, Himari bids Shiro goodbye then left, Shiro on the other hand, went to Tomoe’s place. “What brings you here dear?” Tomoe asks him, Shiro was in no mood of being chummy and said “Let’s end this act” Tomoe’s eyes widened after hearing his words and tried asking him his reasons, “This act of yours lead me to want to kill myself” he answered. Knowing this, Tomoe thought that he knew that she was Mask but it wasn’t the case, he just wanted to break up with her, this time, for real. “What I’m saying is, let’s break up, for real this time” he said to her. The more reason for her to be angry, she has always dreamt of being the next queen when she heard that Shiro’s going to be the next king, but that dream of hers was shattered by the next grand king himself. Because of anger, Tomoe left and went somewhere that she thought that Shiro wouldn’t find her, but she was wrong again to find that Shiro was waiting for her outside the A-DL HQ in the form of Mask. “I knew it” he said. Mask then tried to deny his reason but to no avail, with Yukimura, he cut her mask to the ground exposing her face, fortunately, Aruhi wasn’t around when her mask was torn, so she fled before being seen by Aruhi. The day after that, Shiro was up and going back to school. Ryuu, Mai, Hikaru, and as well as Himari were waiting for him inside their classroom. A normal day passed the five of them when suddenly, Aruhi called Shiro for some reason that he had to leave the four unprotected. While Shiro was at the HQ, Mask alongside Joker appeared next to the four, unknowingly, Mask was aiming for Himari, while Joker was aiming for the rest. Shiro thought that it would be a lousy plan for them, so the call was a pretense for him to be out of the scene. Shiro responded quickly and called out to Yukimura. The four has not seen this weapon of Shiro, on the other hand, Joker and Mask wanted to test him if he could still stand on his feet, so they tackled him. the four watched Shiro beat up the two of them without being fazed by anything, “As expected of the grim reaper of the A-DL” Joker said before retreating. With this, Ryuu remembered that he heard a rumor going around town saying that the A-DL had a grim reaper that was stronger than any demon they captured, after the two fled, Ryuu asked him if he knew of the two that attacked them. “The cloaked girl, Mask. The guy, Joker” he said. Mai gave their situation a thought when she realized that the A-DL had been keeping something from the public, well, it always had but this time, it was certain. The five of them walked home, while Mai was asking Shiro how he appeared in front of them when he was going to his works’ place. Shiro genuinely answered that there was no call, it was only to lure the two of them in. that night, the five of them got home safely, Shiro went to the A-DL HQ when he got there, he found Ryuu at the gates. “I knew it” he said. Ryuu wanted Shiro to explain what is happening but Shiro didn’t answer and told him to stand back and get out of the way, because if not, Ryuu will be sent home by force. “Try me” Ryuu provoked him and so he did, Shiro grabbed him by the neck and teleported hi to his house without anyone at the HQ seeing him. After it happened, Shiro went inside to Aruhi’s office to report. “It’s been a month Shiro” Aruhi told him, he nodded to confirm that it took him that long to report back. “What brings you here son?” he then asked “I came here to report, about the behavior of Mask and Joker” Shiro answered. Aruhi smiled after hearing that he has something good to report, “I’m all ears” Aruhi told him. “It’s like this when Mask and Joker are on the move, they make sure that I’m not here because they’re afraid when they’re afraid, their ability decreases drastically” he reported. The two talked for a while, catching up on the things Shiro missed for a whole month, after about an hour, Shiro left for home and slept. The next day, Himari found a letter inside her locker, it said that they should meet at the rooftop later after the classes. She was confused at first thinking that it was an anonymous lover but she didn’t mind it and asked her friends. Shiro didn’t know where it came from, Hikaru was inside the classroom, Ryuu just came in, and Mai had been with Ryuu, so she has no clue about it, so she decided to come after class. The day went like an infinite clock, it took long for the class to end, and the start was too slow for her. But even so, classes ended and the four were waiting for Himari, but when she came, she said that she’d be meeting the person that sent her the letter. The four agreed and went ahead, or so they think. Himari went to the rooftop and said “Shiro, fancy seeing you here” Shiro was behind her but she didn’t mind him until she got to the rooftop. “Now tell me, why send me the letter?” she asked him. “I know that you know why”. At that moment, Himari thought again and told him that she thinks that it was a love letter, but she wasn’t correct about that. Shiro sent that letter to her to apologize and for her to explain. “Explain what?” Himari asked him, “Explain the kiss you gave me the other night”

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