The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 2

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chapter 26: Mother

Shocked, Himari thinks of a reason why she did so, but when she did, someone hugged her from the back, she looks at her front to see Shiro fading, and at her back, Shiro. Shiro hugged her from the back when she looked away, Himari blushed red while Shiro was apologizing for breaking their promise. Hearing this, Himari thought of an alibi “It was a dare from one of my friends at school” she said, convinced, Shiro lets go and faded again, this time, leaving her alone at the rooftop. Himari stands alone at the rooftop, while Shiro was at the ground calling out to her, Shiro did a soul call to teleport her to his arms. Surprised, Himari was clueless about what just happened, but Shiro then explains what he did. At the end of the fay, Shiro was thinking of Himari and how he’ll get her to fall for him, but on the other hand, Himari was overly blushing over the fact that Shiro hugged her from the back. The next day, Himari received yet another letter, this time, a name was written on it, “-Shiro” it said in the letter, it contained a flash drive and a letter. “Meet me at the rooftop today after class, there is something you need to know” the day went on with Shiro ignoring Himari, even though Himari was kind of pestering him all day long. After class, Himari went to the rooftop but Shiro wasn’t there, on the other hand, Shiro was at the classroom doing his homework, Himari waited there for an hour but then decided to leave. Before she could even leave, Shiro was at the stairs waiting for her saying that there is something we should talk about. The two went to a family restaurant to talk. “So, what was it that you want to talk about?” Himari asked while looking at the menu. “There is something you need to know. The girl from the other day, the one with the mask, you need to avoid her at all cost, she can manipulate your thoughts and make you do her will, and from what I can see, that’s what she’s been trying to do” he explained. Himari questioned him why and how he knows this, “I am a Divinity selected by the founder, Aruhi Noro” he answered. Himari was shocked after hearing it, the next grand king, was working for the demon hunting council, but even so, she tried to understand his side “Why’d you even join their ranks, instead of joining the ACL?” Himari asked. “All I did is join the ACL, become the next grand king, and join the A-DL, there is nothing wrong with my choices, besides, this is a good opportunity, to have an eye on both sides” he then explains. Himari got his grasps on why he joined, then she questioned him again about his invoker because to her, it didn’t feel right. “The answer is simple, it’s not an invoker, it’s a mixture of both invokers and Divine Legion, all I did was take out the tracker inside the device, and infuse it with 008 and 009 alongside a tail of a ghoul straight from the deep caverns and blood steel used in forging the weapons of Akibara. That’s why every time that I invoke its name, Yukimura, a cloud of blood-colored dust covers him before it covers its arm and transforms his arm into a gauntlet that turns into a sword” he explained once again. The two of them talked about the promise they both made a few months ago, the promise they made before they went into a fake relationship. An hour passed, while the two of them are talking, Shiro got a call from Aruhi requesting his support, Mask and Joker raided their branch. “Look, go home, and watch out for the girl with the mask after I take care of the branch, I’ll go to your house, and let’s continue talking there” he told her, she then went home without any worries, while Shiro went to the branch to take care of business. Upon getting there, Aruhi was waiting for him at the gates, welcoming him. Shiro then went straight to the scene and found out that Mask and Joker were killing Divinities one by one, he then went straight to the fight the two but the two didn’t mind because they have a new weapon with them, an “Anti-Divinity weapon” they call it. The two had their version of DL. They call it upon their name, Shiro noticed this and knew that it was an invoker. The two had some and are now using it, Mask had a gauntlet, and so did Joker.

Their fight took on for more than an hour to finish, in the end, the two fled knowing that they won’t stand a chance, Shiro on the other hand, was emotionless while fighting the two as he was bored fighting a fight he always wins. The night finished and Shiro went to Himari’s place to talk once again but Mask was already there while Himari was keeping her distance at her. Joker on the other hand was behind Shiro ready to attack. Joker hit him with his invoker but did nothing but slip past him because Shiro knew this and chanted silently “Ouroboros: water frame” it caused him to become water himself and he can change his form from formed water to fluid water. Joker was shocked and stood back, Mask, on the other hand, is almost touching Himari. Shiro rushed to her and got touched by her, she smiled as she thought that he was under her control, but when she ordered him to move, he didn’t instead, and he hit her with Yukimura where he chanted silently. The two fled after seeing Shiro wasn’t under Mask’s control after getting touched. After the two left, Shiro asked if Himari was okay, she responded accordingly. “You have a lot of explaining to do mister” she said to him, and it out a smirk in his face. “The 5 kings’ council ordered me to watch the council opposing demon, the A-DL, and they also told me to join when they offer me the job. After I join in, they gave me this Yukimura, to confirm that I’ve joined in, but I was still using my invokers before I started using this. The first time I’ve used it is when Joker broke them by the swing of his invoker “Scythe” after it broke, I told Aruhi that I’ll be tampering with it so he allowed me to do so. That night, I went to the deep caverns to find a ghoul with a tail, and fortunately, I found one. Upon my return to the manor, I instantly forged a new Dl, this time around, it’s half invoker that I called “bloodlust Yukimura” I also put a red gem on top of it as a self-cleansing feature. After a while, their presumed boss, 001, came to the HQ to assist both Mask and Joker to their break-in attempt, of course, they called me to take them out, so I did. I thought that 001 would be my challenge but it turns out that he is just a bit more powerful than Joker but less than mine, so after that, I disappeared and didn’t talk to anyone, getting depressed. After a few days I suppose, you and one more person went to my house to check on me, I presume that you used your spare key. Well, days came by minutes as I did nothing and just thought of you and worried too much and started to mumble sorry over and over again. Well, that is until you gave me that kiss I was trying to know the reason of. That night, I went to Tomoe’s place to break up with her but she cried and left without notice, so I thought about going to the HQ to report but caught her there in the form of Mask, I broke her mas and she fled off to replace it. I went home to rest for the night and went to school that’s when Mask and Joker attacked the four of you. That’s the first time the four of you have seen my Yukimura. After they fled, I walked Mai to her house since it’s close to mine and went to the HQ where Ryuu was waiting for my arrival, I told him to stay out of it and insisted so I teleported him to his home and went into Aruhi’s office to report Mask and Joker’s behavior towards the branch and especially towards me. After that night I sent a letter to your locker and removed my prints after putting it there so you won’t be able to know that it was me who did it, and so that you won’t suspect a demon for it” he explained to her. She got a grasp of what has happened with the person who lies on both sides.

“Beware of the man that lies on both sides” Himari recalls these words when she knew that Shiro has eyes on both sides of the realm, the one serving the realm and the one opposing it. “That’s not right, the realm has two sides, one serving it, the 5 kings’ council, and the one opposing it, the deep caverns. The A-DL is not a part of the realm.” Shiro explained again reading her thought. That night, Shiro told Himari to move to his house to keep her safe from Mask. Himari got a little psyched and instantly agreed to his condition of course set her conditions as well. That night, Himari packed her stuff and moved to his house right away. That night, the two of them rearranged their deal. The next day, the two walked towards the school that left Mai wondering how the hell the two made up. After school, Shiro accompanied Himari to the manor and told her to take her demon scent in her off so that Mask would think that she isn’t in there. After a while, Shiro went to the A-DL HQ to serve his term and went home, upon getting there, Himari was found lying in her bed inside a room besides Shiro’s. Shiro went to the realm after seeing her soundly asleep and went to the deep caverns, this time, not one ghoul tried to attack him and he went deeper inside the cave. Upon getting to the end of the cave, his eyes widened to see a woman so familiar that it gave him goosebumps. “Mom, why’re you here?” he asked. His mother is the queen of the ghouls and asked him how he’s doing in the surface under the name “001” “It’s great, I also got inside the A-DL as the grim reaper and have been selected to be the next grand king of the realm.” He enthusiastically answered.

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