The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 2

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Chapter 27: The Date

His mother told him everything that has happened with his family and understood why his mother cannot be seen by the other clans as it may strip him off the throne. “You see, I can’t be around you, not until you’re the grand king” his mother told him. After they talk his mother told him to reveal his one-of-a-kind type, Shiro agreed to it and went in to show his type. “The grand type” his mother said. Shiro’s types are all four but with one odd feature, he has wings, though he thought that it would be a hindrance to his plans having wings on him but in his dragon form he has wings too, in addition, their wings look alike. He smirked at the thought that his plans wouldn’t be stopped by anyone who would dare to do so. After a few hours, Shiro bid his mother goodbye and went to his manor at the surface to rest, but Himari was waiting for him at the door. “Where were you?” she asked, Shiro thought of an excuse to avoid her question but has to answer it for her sake. “I went ghoul-hunting at the deep caverns, their queen was pissed off after I killed some of her best ones” he replied. Convinced, Himari went to her room and rested for the night, and so did Shiro. The next day, Shiro and Himari were together again upon going to school, Mai was curious so she followed them when classes ended, Shiro noticed this and told Himari that they’ll be going to a restaurant that he already made a reservation. Himari followed his lead and went with it. Mai didn’t know about this and went home but she was determined to know why they walk to school together without their notice. The two finished their meal and headed home, upon getting home, Himari went to her room and took some rest while Shiro went to the A-DL HQ to report his daily observations and reported that a victim is currently staying over to his place due to unsafety of her former home. After he reported, Aruhi dismissed him with the words, “You’re going to speak to the public tomorrow as the grim reaper” he smirked and went home. When he got there, he noticed that someone was watching the two of them so he played a prank and went inside Himari’s room for about an hour. Mai drew a conclusion from her mind that the two are living together in secret that the school doesn’t know about. The next day, Himari was walking to school on her own from Shiro’s place, Mai went to her and asked her why she was there “We’re living together” she responded. Mai’s eyes widened as she thought that the two were already history but as it turns out, there are unseen sides of the story, or so she thought. That day, Mai asked her why Shiro wasn’t with her and she replied that Shiro has work to attend to so he won’t be able to make it to school. Shiro on the other hand was already at the A-DL HQ when Aruhi told him that it was time that the public to know who the rumored “Grim reaper” is. Satisfied, Shiro puts on a blank white mask as disguise to point out the speech. When Himari was busy at her schoolwork, Shiro was there giving a speech to the rest of the branch including the schools nearby, which includes Shouto high, where Himari is currently studying along with Mai, and Ryuu. The classes were stopped by their homeroom teacher saying that the A-DL has some news to the whole branch. The television in their room was turned on and went to the channel that the A-DL was currently using, there a guy with a blank white mask is giving a speech about to uncover the mask. Shiro on the other hand was standing there wearing his white mask giving a speech in front of the branch and broadcasting teams. He takes his mask off to reveal his face to the public, their school was shocked to see his face into the public as the grim reaper of the Legion, Himari, however, was not surprised whatsoever, and so was Ryuu, Mai, on the other hand, was shocked to see that the next grand king is also the grim reaper. Their homeroom teacher asked Himari if she knew about it and she nodded to confirm that she does know about it. That night, Himari and Shiro was called to the 5 kings’ council for a hearing. Upon getting there, the five king council asked Shiro how he did it, he answered that he used little of his strength to prove that he is on the upper hand to the rest of the Legion, Himari however, was asked how she knew that Shiro was told to go undercover, she answered them that Shiro was the one who told her, questioning Shiro again, he nodded to confirm that he is the one who told her the truth.

That night, the two rested as much as they want as the next day would be more of a challenging day for the two of them. The Shiro protection club knew that Himari is still in a relationship with Shiro, hence, they planned on ruining Himari’s reputation for Shiro. The next day, Shiro was flooded by students wanting to know how he became the grim reaper while Himari was the one guarding him. “Thanks dear” Shiro told her, “no problem, next time, before putting your face on TV, consider the fact that you’re going to be flooded by students the day after” At that time, the bell rang and everyone went to class. At the end of the day, Aruhi called for Shiro for an important meeting. Shiro decided to go, but he accompanied Himari to the manor before he does. When he got into the HQ, Aruhi told him to go to his office, after he does, there was a case waiting for him. When he opened it, there was a kusarigama inside it named “Blood reaper”. He smirked at the note left for him “Shiro, when you get this, it means you are now the leader of the blood squad, it’s the squad where the Legion’s quirkiest members are. Signed, Aruhi Noro, head of A-DL” he read, upon getting the DL, he was curious on what it would be if it’s not I weapon mode, so he called out to it, it turned into a necktie, surprisingly, he wanted to make it a half invoker, fortunately, he has all the things he needed. He went to the Akumu manor and tampered with his blood reaper for an hour. After tampering with it, its design changed as well as its aura. He was happy with the results and went back to the surface and went to bed. The next day, Ryuu asked him if he had changed his normal necktie, his answer was simple, “I have, with a better one” Ryuu knew that it was a work of the A-DL and he has been suspecting that it was another weapon. The day ended with Ryuu not talking to Shiro and Mai was suspecting that the two had fought before the day. That night, Shiro went to his daily report and went home. The next day, Himari woke up Shiro while he was in his bed. “Wake up, it’s Saturday” Himari shouted, Shiro was a bit irritated but he didn’t mind it as he knew that he has to take her somewhere. Before noon, they went to the mall for a date when Mai was also there buying her stuff, Mai accidentally bumped into them while Himari was looking for something. “Surprised to see you here, what’s going on?” she asked “We’re on a date” Himari replied, shocked, Mai was a bit jealous that Shiro took Himari out, but she paid no mind to it and said “So anyways, I’ll get going, I might ruin this” and went on her way. That day, they went to watch movies and ate some lunch, before they go, Shiro went to the restrooms and Himari waited outside. A few moments later, some guys came up to her and asked her if she wanted to come with them but of course, she said no, the guys were pissed off and wanted to take her by force, but Shiro came and beats the hell out of them. After a while, the perverts went on their way with a beat up face, Shiro on the other hand, asked her if she was okay, “I’m fine, you?” Shiro responded accordingly. When they reached their home, it was time for dinner when a girl at the table waiting for them, when they asked her for her intentions, Mai popped out of the shadows alongside Hikaru and Ryuu, the lights flicked on and there was a banner that said “Happy birthday Shiro” Shiro remembered that it was October 27th and it was also his birthday. Himari smiled as she sees Shiro’s priceless reaction towards the surprise. “You planned this didn’t you?” Shiro asked her “Of course, I can’t possibly miss this part of the year” she replied. Himari planned this when she moved into Shiro’s home with the help from Mai and Hikaru, Ryuu on the other hand, just wanted to be there for his friend. At the end of the day, Shiro wanted to surprise her back when her birthday comes by at the 3rd of November.

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