The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 2

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Chapter 28: Shinigami's visit to Shouto high

The next day, Shiro went out to report to Aruhi leaving Himari alone at the house. After a bit, she got bored, so she called her friends, Tomohime Yama, Hayasaka Hanabi, and Kirishima Kyouka. The went on and nothing has happened at the A-DL yet, Shiro stands at his office while doing some work in investigating deaths that concerns ghouls. After half a day, Mask was found in broad daylight going into the HQ, Shiro called his squad, the blood squad, to the post. Mask was at the center of all the members of the blood squad but Shiro is nowhere to be found. “Tasatsu no Shinigami” someone shouted from above, it was Shiro calling out to his Blood Reaper. It hit Mask from the back and he dragged her out to the open to ensure that she can fight by herself. Bot on the other hand, Itsuo was handling Joker on his own, and it seems that he is having a good fight against him. After an hour, Mask was struggling to find that the A-DL’s Shinigami has something more powerful in hand, it led her to her despair and after a few minutes, Shiro activated his dual blade mode by his Ryuuketsu Yukimura. And sliced her head off. After the incident, Mask was found to be Miyanagi Tomoe, and was given a pull out form from the school. That night, Shiro went to Himari’s room to talk to her about something important, after a few minutes, Shiro went to his room and got some sleep. The next day, Himari was going to wake Shiro up, but to her surprise, Shiro wasn’t in his room, his uniform is also not there, so she thought that it had something to do with the A-DL. Himari dressed herself up and went to school. When she got there, Shiro was not yet there and there was only one person in there, their homeroom teacher and Akuma clan adviser, Kenji Hiiki. The two talked about Shiro and asked her how Shiro became the Shinigami of the Legion, Himari answered him accordingly. In the middle of the day, a person with a white mask, black coat, and red necktie came in and the class was amazed that the famous “Shinigami” has come to visit the class. He explained how the world works with the “ghouls” around. “In this world, there are human-like creatures called Demons that I like to call “Ghouls”. These ghouls are nice creatures but if you get on their bad side, they can kill you. They kill by their own bodies known as “arcs”. Arcs are what makes them very impenetrable by anything. But they can die like humans as they have their lifespans.” He explains to the class. The first people to get a grasp of what he’s saying is Himari, Hikaru, Mai, and Ryuu, the rest of the class picked up what he said but they’re confused. So Shiro sent his Ryuuketsu Yukimura and Tasatsu no Shinigami to explain it to the class. He explained to them that ghouls use them to fend themselves if they are agitated or appalled. And he also explained their tactics to prevent ghouls from killing humans in the surface. “If you manage to encounter these ghouls, give me a call” he then added. He bids them goodbye and heads towards the door, “Himari, I’ll pick you up at seven” he said before leaving. At the end of the day, Shiro went to his house to pick Himari up, they went to a restaurant where Shiro booked a reservation for them. After eating dinner, they were on their way home but was stopped by Joker’s appearance midway. Fortunately, Shiro has both is DLs to fight him with, he went out of the car and sliced Joker with the katana mode of his kusarigama called “Tasatsu no Shinigami” Joker didn’t see him go through so he was shocked that the speed of the Shinigami is faster than a month before also, he was shocked to see a new DL in his hand. Joker fled after some time, the two went to the manor before Joker could strike again. The next day, Shiro went to class with Himari having his arm, upon getting to school, a swarm of students wanted to question him about the visit, but he carried Himari and ran towards the classroom where their homeroom teacher was waiting for the class. After a few minutes, class started and Shiro was a bit bored. He took a look at his phone and saw a message from Aruhi saying that the HQ is in trouble. So he excused himself from Kenji and went on his way to the HQ. On his way there, he encountered 001 almost 7 meters from the HQ, so he went out and tackled him, their clash severely affected the HQ that it salvaged more than one fourth of the Legion before 001 disappeared once again. The Legion was glad that he was there to fend off the Legion, because if not, the Legion would’ve been destroyed. That night, Shiro went to the deep caverns to talk to his mother about the progress he’s made for the day. “Izanami, I’m afraid to say that your right hand man, Mask, has passed during one of her raids at the A-DL, the one who killed her, me, the leader of the Blood squad” he told his mother, his mother was pleased that she was dead “After all, she was a pain in the ass while she was here, although, she is a good acquaintance, she’s still very much heavy to carry” Izanami replied. After an hour of them talking, Shiro bids his mother goodbye and went on his way to the A-DL HQ to report his daily progress. It ended with Shiro waving goodbye at Aruhi’s window before he left for home. When he got home, Himari was waiting for him at the table about to eat dinner. “Hey, you about to eat?” Shiro asked her, she nodded. Her stomach growled while Shiro was taking his shoes off “Alright, alright, I’ll join ya” he said. After taking off his shoes, he then washed his hands and ate dinner. That night, he sent Himari to her room and planned how her birthday is going. The next day, October 30th, it was a normal day, no calls from the HQ, no raids, but a normal class day. After classes ended, Shiro took Himari to another restaurant, their meal was outstanding, once they’re finished, Shiro paid the bill a little bit too much and didn’t wait for the change before he left. When they got home, He tucked her to her bed and went to the living room where he planned out the party for Himari’s sweet 16. Two days passed just like that, nothing serious nor deadly, but at the second of November, Shiro didn’t come to school, nor came home. She slept on her own that night, Shiro on the other hand, was stuck at the A-DL HQ fighting off Joker when he raided. Shiro got stuck because his squad were too outnumbered and he listened first to his members’ cries. While aiding them, he got simultaneously hit by Joker’s invoker “scythe” and this damaged him the most. “You squad is your greatest weakness, Shinigami” Joker said in a distorted tone. He got what he said so he told his squad to back down and leave the area, and they obeyed. Once they left, he ordered them to ensure that the demon lock system is opened. Once opened, not each one of them could escape the room, so Shiro has all the advantage of taking their heads but he didn’t take Joker’s head, instead, he took all the heads of the rest and let Joker escape. After he got out of the room, Atsumi Orihime, his squad member asked him why he let Joker escape, “While we were fighting, the hole on the roof is caused by Joker’s Scythe and my Tasatsu no Shinigami” he replied. Convinced, she let him off the hook and Shiro left the facility. The next day, Shiro went to school with Himari. On the other hand, Ryuu was with Mai. At class, Shiro glanced at Himari because he felt that someone was looking at him, and he was right, Himari was looking at him. Himari instantly looked away, blushing, Shiro on the other hand, has no clue whatsoever. Ryuu on the other hand, felt that there was a strange aura around the class, and it came from Mai, when he looked, Mai’s mind was disturbed with why Himari is living in with Shiro. He thought for a second, and figured that she’d be jealous of her. ’Damn it, why not see my love instead of that dragon killer’ he thought to himself imagining he’s talking to Mai. The classes ended, Shiro was bothered by demons’ eyes looking at him, Himari was flustered by Shiro’s glance, Mai was bothered by Himari living with Shiro, and Ryuu was jealous that Shiro’s getting ladies attracted but he doesn’t. That night, Shiro went to the HQ to do his daily report and once finished, He went home and rested. Before he laid down on his bed, he checked his phone for messages and saw one under Aruhi’s name, when he opened it, Aruhi was planning to give him another DL that he could tamper with since a personal DL is the holders’ responsibility. That night, he saw Himari walking downstairs going to get some snacks and drinks, he went back to his room with the thought that she might think that he’s following her around the house.

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