The Tale of Demon Boy Volume 2

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Chapter 29: Blood Squad's Secret

The next day, it was Himari’s birthday, so the five are not at school, they all left an absence letter to Renji, their homeroom teacher. That day, Ryuu, Mai, and Himari were at the Akuma manor preparing Himari’s room for the surprise, Shiro and Himari on the other hand, are at the mall. Shiro was stalling Himari by letting her do whatever pleases her. Himari on the other hand is confused why he brought her there so she asked “The answer is simple, it’s your day, and I want to be the person spending it with you” Shiro replied. Himari blushed when Shiro gave his reply and thought that he was taking their fake relationship seriously, and took him by the hand and spent the day there at the mall. Before dusk comes, Shiro told Himari that it was time to go home, and Himari agreed. Instead of staying at the house, Shiro alongside Himari teleported to the realm and went to the Akumu manor “What’s the meaning of this?” Himari asked, “Wait here, and don’t move, else, my guards will report to me and I’ll instantly be here” he replied. Time passed and she stood there not knowing what is happening until Shiro came by and told her to go to their manor. She obeyed him and realized that no one was there, she then went to her room. The lights were closed, it was very dark, she opened the lights and Shiro stood in front of her, behind him is a well-decorated room with a cake in the center of it. Tears fell down from her face, Shiro asks her why she was crying “In my life, Hikaru was the only one that I celebrated my birthdays with all these years, these are tears of joy, I’m overwhelmed by everyone, troubling themselves to set this up for me” she replied. Happy, Shiro hugged her tightly and said, “Just wing it, they probably think that I’m not your real boyfriend” she smiled and hugged him back. That night, Himari slept nicely after the party, Shiro on the other hand, is restless. Shiro went to the A-DL HQ to check his squad if they are getting along fine, and fortunately, he didn’t have to mind a thing, but he did mind why Aruhi called him to his office. “I presume you know why you’re here” Aruhi said. Clueless, Shiro replied accordingly. Aruhi smirked as Shiro forgot that he was going to get his new DL. “What’s the name for it?” Shiro asked, Aruhi told him it wasn’t named yet, and he should give it a name. The DL is a left gauntlet type that matched the look of his Yukimura, but it was black in color. He gave it to him and said “Since you can tamper with your DLs, I give you this opportunity to name your own DL” Shiro said his goodbyes and left the facility and went to the Akumu manor, in his study room. When he was there, he gave the name “Tosatsu Kaoku” to it and tampered with it so that it’d have the same features as Yukimura and belong to his set, “Ryuuketsu” that he named himself. That night, Shiro got no sleep whatsoever upon finishing his “Ryuuketsu”. The next day, Himari returned to the surface to Shiro’s manor, and so did Shiro. Himari asked her his sleep was good and he made up a lie that said it was, but in reality, he didn’t sleep at all forging his Ryuuketsu. That day, Shiro went to work at the A-DL HQ. Himari on the other hand, met up with her friends at the mall and chatted for a while, while they were there, Yama asked her why she sent a letter of absence to school the day before, “Well, Shiro and I spent the whole day together” she answered “besides, yesterday was my birthday, and he said he wanted to spend the day with me” she added. Shiro on the other hand was training with his squad when Himari texted him that she’ll be going to the Akuma manor to train herself. He texted back and went to his squad to tell them that, it’s time to stop their training as they have already improved. Atsumi, the squad assistant, wanted more training sessions with him, fortunately, it was approved by Shiro, so hours went by like minutes, Atsumi is bruised while Shiro is unscathed. At the end of the day, Atsumi gave up and Shiro didn’t even break a sweat. “I told you so, I won’t go easy like before” Shiro told her. She smiled as she knew that he wasn’t kidding. That night, Shiro thought of ways to make his squad spill beans why he’s been sensing demons whenever he was around them. Himari on the other hand, went back to Shiro’s house to sleep. The next day, Sunday, Shiro went to the A-DL HQ for an emergency raid, Aruhi told Shiro to hunt Joker down with his subordinates, Shiro did not obey him and went on his own, Atsumi, however, heard their conversation and knew that Shiro won’t obey him even if he said yes, so she rounded up her teammates and went after Shiro. Joker was invading the DL creation commission that works under Aruhi, they are responsible for making DLs for the Japan branch. Shiro called out to Ryuuketsu and hits him hard, his DLs are consuming his body for its strength, and Joker on the other hand, invoked his Scythe to counterattack him. the two clashed for an hour-long and Shiro was going easy on him, until Shiro invoked again “Ryuuketsu” his kusarigama became a scythe, his gauntlets had red veins covering it, and his eyes are comparable to ghoul’s eyes. Atsumi saw this and got shocked that her squad leader, Shiro, could go that far just to kill Joker. The scythe on Joker’s hand vanished like it was air and Shiro’s scythe was gaining energy from it. Half an hour passed Joker fled and Shiro reverted his Ryuuketsu and saw his subordinates at a corner. Shiro vanished and teleported behind them saying “Tell me, which clan do you belong?” Atsumi was shocked that Shiro knows she’s a demon but for all of them to be demons, she wanted to know their clans. “Akumu clan branch” Atsumi Orihime said. “Yami clan branch” Tamashi Shinzo said. “Kage clan branch” Seigyoku Akira said. “Akumu clan branch, Atsumi relative” Shouyu Koseki said. “Akuma clan branch” Kazumi Aiko said. “Akumu clan branch, Kazumi relative” Zetsubu Jiku said. With that, Shiro knew why he’s sensing demons with him whenever he’s with them. That night, Shiro slept soundly, when Himari returned, She found no one at the first floor of the house and went upstairs to look for Shiro, fortunately, she found him sleeping soundly in his bed, she kissed his forehead and bids him goodnight. The next day, Himari was walking with Shiro while going to school while taking him by the arm, Shiro smirked as he thought that it was an act to keep the public to know that they’re lovers and so he winged it.

Upon getting to school, Mai was with Ryuu when she found that Himari was with Shiro and Hikaru was with a guy going to the same school. Ryuu took a look and realized who she was with, he instantly went to him and told him to go to his class without distractions. “What’s wrong with you? Do you even know who he is?” Hikaru asked him “I’ve known him more than any of us, the five heirs” Ryuu answered. The guy Hikaru was with got scared and wanted to run but Shiro caught up to the situation and knew who he was “Well, well, well, Ryuu what do we have here?” Shiro asked, “This is none of your business” he replied. Pissed off by his reaction, he wanted to reveal Ryuu’s secret but he looked at the situation again and noticed that Hikaru and the guy were walking to school together “Aren’t you supposed to prioritize your schooling instead of women?” Shiro asked the guy. Ryuu thought that he was the only one who knew him, but he was wrong when Shiro also knew who the guy was, he then ran past Shiro and went to his class. Shiro and the four on their way to the class when the five and the guy crossed paths again “Didn’t I tell you to go to class?” Ryuu asked him. He got scared so he ran. After classes ended, Himari was nowhere to be found, and the four are looking for her. After an hour, they found her at the park with the same guy when they were going to school. Ryuu got pissed off and went in to punch him “What the fuck was that for?” the guy asked. “That was f0r not prioritizing your studies, mom strictly told you to focus” He then angrily said. Shiro facepalms as he was avoiding him to spill beans on his “illegitimate” brother. “Wait, your brothers?” Hikaru asked the both of them, “Yes” the guy said, “yeah” Ryuu replied. Hikaru was shocked that they are brothers, and the guy she was with is an illegitimate child, but she didn’t mind. “What you need to do is get the hell out of here, mom’s going to get mad about this” Ryuu tells His brother. He goes away and Ryuu went to talk to Shiro, “Right, about him, how did you know that there was an illegitimate child?” he asked, Shiro answered his question directly, “I have sources from all over the realm, which is why I know every royal’s weak spot” Ryuu was paralyzed after hearing that there is a mole in each domain and instantly went to the realm to report to his father. “Father, there is a mole in every domain, we need to set a meeting with the five kings’ council to talk about this” he told his father, “Don’t worry son, that is the topic the council is going through right now” he answered.

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