Zodiac world

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Chapter : 1

'Is there anyone as strong as me' , shouted Max , standing on the bench with his gang of fat boys . It was lunch break and everyone was heading towards the grounds to enjoy the blazing heat of summer afternoon.

'Look at Max , what do he thinks he is 'crid Lily , the golden haired , tall girl to her friends Justin and Victoria . The group of young friends then headed towards the river to give them selves a treat of nice water. 'hey voice Victoria , 'shouted a blonde boy from the behind , 'can I have a word with you '.'sure' she smiled and quickly stood up to went away leaving her friends in dismay . 'so you hate Max , right ' started Justin taking a gulf of orange juice .' well yes because he is ahhhhh he is so annoying look at him , I mean he always shows off and calls him self a barber one and staff '.

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