The Fallen

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An Angel who lost her memories of her past lover. A fallen who craves the love of his angel. A child not knowing their true destiny. Ezra awoke from the healing stone with no recall of her past memories. Only feeling the tragic pains of the lost of two loved ones that were dear to her heart. Yet can’t pin point who.

Fantasy / Romance
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Ezra gasped as she woke up from the water indulged healing stone. With no memory of what her past held. Only left with the feeling of lost. The lost of two lives dearest to her.

Her heart hurt.

Her head hurt.

Yet she could not remember. No matter how hard she tried.

Lucifer screamed in agony. Hearing his love did not want him anymore. His love who he sacrificed everything for. He should have hated her but her couldn’t.

Something didn’t seem right. But he couldn’t get into the gates of heaven no matter how hard he tried. Until that ban had been lifted, he would never know whyhis Ezra left him. There was no other way to contact her.

Not even in her dreams. This wasn’t the work of Ezra

It was the work of someone else.

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