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Elsie Clermont has always felt like an outcast. She’s the only witch in her coven who can’t control her magic. When she decided to change her fate, she didn’t realize it would lead to freeing an immortal man who seems know more about her than she does. Cain was the most feared in Hell. A professional hit man that was sent after monsters even worse than him. That is until one mistake costs him his freedom. His hope is renewed when a young witch frees him from his prison and he decides to get revenge on the ones who inprisoned him. Book 1 of 4.

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Chapter 1

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The spell room starts to feel cold as I slowly stir the cauldron. It’s to be expected when doing a resurrection spell but it feels a little colder than usual. Not that I did resurrection spells often. In fact, this is my first time.

I zip my jacket up as I stir the potion and it begins to boil. I take the last ingredients needed for the spell and throw them in there. I double-checked the spellbook to make sure I’ve done everything right. Blue candles are lit making a circle around Tot’s bones- my familiar’s brother. The candle represents many things but I’m using them for peace. Tot needs to know that he’ll be at peace here. That coming back is nothing to be afraid of. I give one last stir before I chant the spell, take a step back, and wait.

I smiled to myself when the green smoke poured out of the cauldron and reached Tot. His bones form together, the skin begins to cover his body, and then his fur follows after. It’s not long before he starts moving his feet around, the rest of his body moves and he starts barking. His black fur looks even shinier than before. I finally got a spell right! I think to myself.

After checking Tot over making sure he’s healthy, I turn around to start to clean up my mess. Halfway through I hear the shaking of the cauldron. I look over to find more of the green smoke starting to come from the cauldron and it floats outside of the door. A few minutes later I hear the screams of the coven.

“Holy cheese and crackers,” I yelled and ran out of the room to find out what I had just done.


“A RESURRECTION SPELL!? Do you know how long those take to master?” she doesn’t give me a chance to answer. “Years Elsie. Witches study for years.” My Aunt Michelle- our High Priestess of Divine oven, scolded me.

Despite her being fifty years old, she looks thirty. That’s the wonderful thing about immortality. You stay forever young. She stands in a robe with a towel wrapped around her dark brown hair. Her brown skin that’s a shade lighter than mine still has wet droplets from the shower. Her hazel eyes glare into my brown ones. Bathrobes are the same attire for the rest of the coven including myself.

They’re all currently glaring at me from different areas in the foyer. I didn’t blame them. They had to get up out of bed in the middle of the night because I made a potion. The potion turned out to be so strong it not only brought back Tot but raised the people in the graveyard a few houses over. Instead of wandering the town, they headed straight for the coven house. Which then forced all of us to have to take showers to wash off the chemicals that spilled into the house. Oh, and we had to send the dead back to the other side.

“Aunt Michelle, I swear I didn’t mean to. I could have sworn I measured the ingredients perfectly.” I explained.

I mean I was pretty sure I measured everything correctly. I checked my work and the spell worked, a little too well. It all got jumbled up sometimes and other times I put a little too much power into the spell.

Aunt Michelle sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. She has made a habit of doing that since I moved here a year ago.

“Everyone please return to your rooms,” she ordered. Everyone got up and walked upstairs but not before calling me a few choice names. I started to get up but she stopped me. “Not you Elsie. My office now.”

She led the way and I followed behind. I knew this wasn’t going to be good. She typed in the code to her office door and opened it. There sat her mahogany desk, with her computer and papers that are neat and organized. I took my usual spot on one of the white couches in the corner.

“Aunt Michelle.” I started. She held up her hand, went over to the little glass table on the side of her desk, and poured herself a glass of brown colored liquid. It was most likely alcohol.

“How many times have I told you not to do any spells unless you’re under supervision.” she took a big gulp, set the glass down, poured herself another, went to her desk and took a seat on the cream colored office chair. The rest of her office was just as neat as her desk and everything had a place. White walls, bookshelves with various genres and a few witch meme posters that she must have thought were funny.

“Multiple times but this time was different.”

She narrowed her eyes at me. “Who were you trying to resurrect?”

“One of Tater’s brothers,” I mumbled. “He’s been feeling down lately so I decided to cheer him up a bit.”

Tater is my adorable french bulldog and also my familiar.

“That is not the way to handle things, Elsie. You’re almost nineteen years old, I shouldn’t have to tell you this.”

“I know. I just... I have all this power and I know I can do something good with it. Things just get jumbled up sometimes and I put a little too much into the spells.” I explained.

She shakes her head in clear disappointment.

“You’re wrong, it has nothing to do with how much power you have. It’s about being able to control that power. You’re an extremely powerful witch but you’re not experienced enough.”

Witches are taught how to use their magic at a young age but their powers aren’t fully developed until they turn eighteen. Once our powers are fully developed the men and women are all put in our coven house until we learn to control our powers and could live in the human world without exposing witches.

Growing up like any other witch, I was taught about spells and the history of witchcraft. Once my powers fully came, it wasn’t long before I realized they didn’t work like everyone else’s. An example would be like tonight. I did everything perfectly in that spell, I was sure of it but of course, my magic added more than needed and I messed up once again.

Mom always told me I could be the best witch in our family. Maybe in the coven. I always nodded my head and smiled but inside it pained me that I kept disappointing her by messing up. Sure, I was good at making spells. I just wasn’t that great at controlling the power I put in them. I tried though. I always tried but it always seemed to backfire.

“Just go to bed. I’ll figure out your punishment later.” She dismissed me.

I got up from the couch and walked out of the room. I closed the door behind myself and found my only friends leaning against the wall. They had already changed from their robes to casual clothes.

Patrick’s short light blue hair was still something that always got my attention whenever I looked at him. His white shirt and black basketball shorts clung to his light brown skin. Cynthia had the same stance as him. I don’t know if it’s a twin thing or sibling thing but it’s like they always coordinate with each other. He moves, she moves. Cynthia has light pink hair in a ponytail, she wore a floral nightgown and her bunny slippers.

“Don’t even say it,” I said to them.

“You’re an idiot,” Cynthia said on autopilot.

“It was for a good cause!” I argued.

“How is bringing back your familiars’ dead brother for a good cause?” Patrick raised an eyebrow at me.

“Cause... I love him so much.” I smiled sweetly at them but in unison, they both just shook their heads at me. “And you can’t have Tater without Tot.” I joked which caused a matching set of glares. Tough crowd.

“You can’t keep doing reckless spells like that El. Just because your aunt is the High Priestess doesn’t mean the elders won’t make you leave.” Cynthia scolded me. Sounding more like a mom than a best friend.

I sighed. I knew they were both just worried about me. This wasn’t the first time I had done something like this. I just needed one win just one and maybe everyone in the coven would stop looking at me like all I do is mess up. We said our goodnights and we went our separate ways.

I walk up the long staircase to the second floor. There are four floors to this huge mansion. We all thankfully have our own rooms. I don’t think anyone could handle sharing a room with me. When I got to my door, I typed in my code and the door clicked unlocked. Security was a big thing here and the mansion was always on lockdown.

One of the many downsides of being a witch was that we had a lot of people gunning for us. The small number of humans that knew about us, who feared us. Hunters who hated us and other witches who envied us, and supernatural creatures who were just plain a-holes.

Witches are everywhere. Blending in perfectly in a world full of humans. There are different covens all over the world. We are known as the Divine Coven. All covens in the witch community have different names. I don’t know exactly how many covens there are in the world but there are many.

Witches sit on powerful positions in the world which helps fund our coven. Money was something that came easy to us not only because we were able to use spells to attract it but witches are immortal. We developed the spell for immortally decades ago. I couldn’t do it myself but once I chose my desired age an elder witch would come to perform the spell on me.

Before I could even take off my robe, Tater and Tot both ran up to me. I pick both of them up and let them pepper me with kisses. Tot looked good for being dead an hour ago. I set them down and Tater immediately starts looking over Tot and licks him.

“We got in trouble today, handsome,” I told Tater.

He barked at me in encouragement. Familiars are connected with their witch. We feel each other’s emotions and that’s how I know how appreciative he is for what I did for him. He has been so down lately, he could feel something was coming but just not what. It worried me that Tater is the only familiar in the mansion that has this uneasy feeling.

He was given to me when I was fourteen when he was still a puppy. Tater and Tot go to the much too big, a dog bed in the corner that they now share and fall asleep quickly.

I take my robe off and the towel on my head. I walk into my closet and grab a pair of shorts and a tank top. It was feeling a little cold so I decided to do a little spell to light a fire in the fireplace. The fire lit instantly when I said the words and the room was starting to feel warmer already. At least I didn’t mess that up. I take a seat on the couch in front of the fireplace to warm myself up.

My room is a nice size. A queen-sized bed is on the far side of the wall, two doors that lead to a bathroom and closet. On top of the fireplace was my tv mounted on the wall. The rest of the walls are filled with posters of my favorite shows and movies.

I needed to find a way to prove to Aunt Michelle and the coven that I could control my powers. That I wouldn’t end up like my mother. I needed a spell that no witch has ever done. That no witch has ever seen before.

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