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Chapter 12

“I won’t make you do anything you aren’t comfortable with. I want my Loyal back but I would never force anyone to do anything they didn’t like.”

It’s not that I wouldn’t like it. Because trust me I would. I love sex. I am already developing feelings for him. What I do know is that I need to do this. Not only to find his Loyal but to help myself. Someone had answers to what I am and what I feel. And I can’t help but feel like Lilith or Hell could have something to do with it. Cain has been reluctant to share anything he but maybe his Loyal will.

“Let’s do it.”


Thirty minutes later I’m wearing a short white silk dress with nothing underneath. The dress clings to my body making my boobs and butt look bigger. I’m confident in myself but when I walk into Cain’s bedroom it’s like everything flies out the window and all I’m left with are my insecurities. Cain is only wearing a pair of black boxers and his tan eight pack leads down to my prize. I take deep breaths and close the door. I say a few words and the room becomes soundproof. Cynthia, Mira, and Patrick are in Cain’s theater room but I don’t want any of his staff being able to hear us.

“Are you sure about this Elsie?”

“Yeah. Anything to help you find your Loyal.”

“This isn’t just about my Loyal Elsie and you know it.”

“Then what is it about?” I asked breathlessly, as he came closer.

“This is about me and you. It’s about how we feel for each other.”

I shake my head. “I barely know you. I don’t even know your favorite color.”

He smirks. “You’ll know everything about me once we do this.”

“This is just about getting your Loyal. It’s more like helpful sex.”

Helpful sex? What is wrong with me? It’s like my brain stops working whenever I see this man shirtless. I need to snap out of it. I plan to do just that but he moves faster than I can blink. His strong arm wraps around my waist and he pulls me against me. His bare chest against my low cut dress. My nipples harden and I know he can feel them.

“Having sex with me will do more than just let our powers connect. It will open up my whole self to you. You’ll see and know things I never let anyone see.”

“You bonded with Lilith .”

“I already told you the bond had nothing to do with feeling something for each other. For her it was a key to keep my monster locked up. She threw her key away the moment she shoved me down there. ”

“You still haven’t told me why they put you in purgatory in the first place. ”

“I don’t want to discuss that right now. You’ll know the truth about everything soon enough. I owe you my whole being Elsie. You freed me when everyone else turned their backs. Even if you did it without knowing, you wouldn’t have been able to do that spell unless you felt some kind of empathy for me. You didn’t know who I was and yet you let me out. I influenced you but it was your heart that did the rest. You are my life now Elsie. I’m too old to not take what I selfishly want. I know I’m an asshole and at times a little crazy but from now on I’m yours.”

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t expect him to give me a full on heartfelt speech. He’s mine? How did I feel about that? Everything seemed to be moving so fast. Too fast. One minute I hated him and the next I felt free with him. Like I could be myself. That I didn’t have to hide the darker parts of myself. I know if I do this there is no turning back. So instead of thinking with my head I think with my heart and close the space between us.

His arm pulls me tighter as he devours my mouth. Our mouths fit perfectly together as if they were made for each other. As if I were his and he was mine. I run my hands through his hair and he moves my braids to one side to kiss my neck. I moan as he sucks and lightly bites parts of my neck. He grabs the end of my dress and lifts it over my head. It falls to the floor and he stops for a second and just stares at my body.

“You’re so beautiful Elsie.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” I laughed nervously.

“No.” he said in a serious tone.

He doesn’t kiss me again but simply moves his head down my body. He stares at me like he’s admiring every curve and imperfection. I’ve never had a man look at me that way. I’ve only ever slept with a few guys that were uneventful. And they never made me feel so beautiful.

I close my eyes and let myself feel the sensations. He moves me in front of a mirror hanging on the wall.

“I want you to watch yourself. I want you to see how perfect you are.”

I feel the urge to cover my body but he doesn’t let me. He runs his hands up and down my body for a time, touching me everywhere except where I wanted to be touched the most. He locked eyes with me in the mirror and slowly moved his hand from my breast then he began slowly running his hand to the edge of my stomach.

He lowers even more and teases my clit with his finger. I moan as he pushes his finger inside me. I rest my head against his chest as he went deeper inside me. He slowly moved his fingers in and out of me and began rubbing my throbbing clit in slow, firm circles. Another moan escaped my lips.

I tried to grab his wrist because the sensations were so strong. He’s stronger than me and grabs my hand and puts it behind my back. He kisses my neck and I could almost hear my wetness.

“I want you to feel everything. I control your body right now. I want you to know I’m the only one who can make you feel like this. I haven’t even put my cock into you and you’re already soaking my fingers.”

He withdrew his fingers, turned me around, and kissed me. At this moment absolutely nothing else mattered. He crushed one of my breasts in his big hand and got down on his knees in front of me, rolling a nipple between his wet fingers and thumb as he left a trail of kisses down my stomach, then down even lower.

I tangled my fingers in his messy hair as he buried his face between my legs and began kissing, nibbling, then licking me up and down the creases of my inner thighs. He breathed in deeply like he was if savoring the smell of me. His hot tongue dragged across my clit making me arch my back. Then wrapped his mouth around my clit. I cry out as he puts two fingers inside of me. I gripped his hair tighter and it wasn’t long before he had me coming. I can barely hold myself up as he takes his fingers out and stares up at me as he puts them in his mouth. Damn. Watching him taste me has to be one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.

He moves his hands down my body and grabs a handful of my ass. He lifts me up and I let out a little laugh. He carries me to the bed and lays me down. He smiles at me with his green lust filled eyes. I feel my eyes get a little heavy and Cain kisses me again.

“Don’t get tired of me yet. We’re just getting started.”

He looks down at me as he grabs the waistband of his boxers and pulls them down. I stare at his fully erect cock. It’s imitating, hard and everything I want.. He reaches over to his nightstand and pulls out a condom. He definitely came prepared.

“Don’t you want me to return the favor?” I asked.

He shakes his head. He uses his teeth to rip the condom and slowly rolls it on his cock.. I watch him and I feel nothing but lust. I lay my head on the pillow and spread my legs for him. He grabs the back of my legs and pulls me towards the edge of the bed. He teases my opening before pushing inside of me. I feel pain because of how big he is. He stops and looks at me with worry.

“Don’t stop. I’m okay. It’s just been a while.”

And it has. Jaxon and I had that benefits thing going on but we hadn’t had sex in a while.

He glares at me. “Let’s say for my sanity that you’re a virgin.”

I nod my head and remain serious and tried to hold in my laugher. He pushes back inside of me. He gets all the way inside me and I lift my leg to give him a better angle. I think it’s going to be a long ride but two strokes in and he’s coming. I hear him groan and I look down in disbelief as he pulls out and takes off the condom. I didn’t think it was going to be that fast and I definitely didn’t feel any magic. I get ready to say the ‘it happens all the time’ speech.

“It’s okay. I know it’s been a while.” I said in a soft tone.

He takes the condom off, wraps it up and throws it in the trash.

“Don’t feel bad. Most men can’t last long. Nothing to be ashamed of.” I pat him on the shoulder.

He rolls my eyes. My eyes widen when he grabs a hold of my hips and flips me on my stomach. I hear the sound of another condom before he grabs a hold of the headboard and lines his cock up to my entrance. He leans down and whispers in my ear.

“I’m not a man, love. I’m a monster.”

He thrusts into me and I moan. The pleasure mixed with pain is too much. I grab ahold of the sheets to bring myself back down. I hear the headboard crack as he uses it to move in and out of me faster. He reaches around me and rubs my clit, bringing me to another orgasm. I feel my whole body shake with pleasure. He keeps moving in and out of me making me forget everything around me. He flips me back on my back and puts my legs on his shoulders. From the new angle, I can feel much more of him. He keeps pumping into me and I come over and over again. I lose count of how many times. I feel a split in my chest but it’s not painful. In fact, it heightens my pleasure. I know he feels it too because he moves inside of me as he will never let go. Like he’ll never let go of me.

I can feel our souls bonding together and our magic goes with it. I whisper the chant to find his Loyal while he remains inside of me. I see a map form in my head with the exact locations of his Loyal. More than that, I can see each of them in their caskets. They are asleep and waiting for Cain. It’s more than that though. I see inside of Cain. I see imagines of him before he was sent to Hell. His life was peaceful and he was happy. Earth was healthy and everything looked pure back then. He had his mom, dad, and his two siblings. They were his world and they were all he needed in life. I feel his monster forming inside of him at a young age. He felt so angry all the time. Every little thing set him off. He tried to control it but it was too powerful. As he got older and stronger so did the monster. He tried to fight it off but it was always too late. I feel the love he had for his family but I also feel the guilt he felt for what he did.

The blood of his brother will forever remain on his hands. I see his life in Hell. He was taken care of, like a prince. He got everything he ever wanted but he never knew if people were being nice to him because they wanted to be or for who he was. He grew up not knowing when someone was his enemy or his friend.

He eventually left Hell but there was a condition. He had to kill for Lucifer. They gave him an assignment and he handled it. Along the way, he met each one of his Loyal and they became the only people he could truly trust until me. He doesn’t understand why he feels so deeply for me. He doesn’t care, all he cares about is if I feel the same way as him. Because he’s willing to do anything he can to get me.

I feel him thrust into me one last time before he comes. He falls on top of me and a blast of magic fills the air. It’s silver and red. It reminds us of ourselves. He looks down at me and from the look in his eyes, he knows we’ve seen everything about each other. Instead of giving him an answer to the question I know he wants, I kiss him. He grabs the back of my head and pulls me closer.

“You know what this means right?” Cain asked while I got up to put my clothes on.


Arms wrap around my waist and Cain pulls me back to him. With my back against his chest, he whispers in my ear.

“You’re mine.”

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