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Chapter 16

We arrive in the UK where it’s afternoon. It’s cloudy and looks like it’s going to rain. I zip my jacket up and follow Cain into the car that’s waiting for us outside the airport. Cain, Pierre, Mira, Patrick, Cynthia, and I all drive to another one of Cain’s estates.

I didn’t talk to him the whole plane ride despite the revelation to myself that I wanted to consider furthering things in our whatever relationship. Cynthia thinks I’m afraid he’ll leave me because I have some leftover resentment towards my parents. I probably do and one of these days I need to deal with that. I can’t keep stuff bottled in so I’ll start by telling Cain that I want to start something with him.

We pull in from a home that has to be bigger than Cain’s two houses combined. It looks like a freaking castle. When Cain told me stories about his childhood, I never imagined this. I was thinking more about a small cute cottage. Not Hogwarts.

“Is this a castle?” Cynthia asked, echoing my thoughts

“No, this is my childhood home.”

“This makes the coven mansion look like a trailer,” Patrick said.

We all get out of the car and a man in a suit comes out the front door and helps us with our bags.

“Mr. Adams, it’s good to see you again.” the man greeted. He has fair skin, balding hair, and a thick English accent.

“Likewise Callum.”

We walk inside and it is just as big as the outside. I watch as Pierre pulls Cain to the side. They talk for a bit and Cain nods his head a few times. Cain reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a pen and paper. He writes something down, hands it to Pierre, and puts his hand on Pierre’s shoulder. They exchange a few more words before Pierre leaves out the front door. Cain walks over to me and puts his arm around my waist. This time I actually like it.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“Pierre is going to save us some time by going to get Anastasiya.”

“Doesn’t he need help?”

Cain shakes his head. “No, he’ll be fine. It shouldn’t take him long.”

I nod. “So this is where you grew up? You are a prince.”

“It wasn’t always this big. We’ve built on every couple of decades.”

“Won’t Eve be here?”

“No. She hasn’t been here since Adam died.”

He grabs a hold of my hand and leads me down a hallway. I notice that Mira, Patrick, and Cynthia are all gone. Probably either going to explore or to their rooms. I look at the walls and I’m fascinated by all the paintings of Cain. In the paintings that he’s younger, he’s smiling with his family. As he ages and his family start to disappear from the paintings, his facial expressions become stern and emotionless. I force Cain to stop a picture with four other people with Cain. There is no doubt that this is Eve, Adam, Abel, and Awan.

Even with how old the painting looks Eve looks beautiful. She has tan skin, long brown hair, green eyes and she’s wearing a dress that looks formal and elegant. Standing next to her is Adam. The artists who did these paintings were able to capture the kindness in his brown eyes. He has dark skin, his hair is curly and he’s wearing a suit. Abel and Awin look like twins. Both with curly black hair, light brown eyes, and smiles as wide as their father’s. Cain looks about twelve or thirteen in this painting.

“You were so adorable.”

“Yeah. I’ve always been very good looking.”

I laugh. I look at the other paintings. As the years go by so do the members of his family.

“Eve made us sit in the formal room and get painted every few years. It was exhausting, sitting for hours. I didn’t mind when Adam, Awan, and Abel were alive. But she went too far when she forced me to do another painting when she visited me in Hell.”

“She visited you?”

“More like she visited Lucifer. It wasn’t until after Adam had died.”

“How is she still alive but Adam isn’t?”

“Lucifer granted her immortality. Adam was human and died shortly after I killed his son.”

He stands in front of the painting with his whole family. We stood there for a little while and I didn’t say anything as he continued to look at the paintings.

“Sorry, just got lost in my thoughts.”

“No need to apologize. I understand.”

We continue to walk down the hallway and stop in front of a door. Cain reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a rusty golden key. He uses it to unlock the door. The room is outdated and the fireplace off to the side is lit. Our bags are next to the king-sized bed.

“I haven’t been here in a while.”

“Have you missed it?”

“Yes. More than I thought I would.”

I take my bag and set my clothes inside the empty drawer, I do the same for Cain’s.

“Do you know where your Loyal are?”

“Yeah, Lilith put them in my family graveyard.”

“Where is that?”

“It’s about thirty minutes away.”

“We should get going. The longer we stay here, the chances are higher that she tries something. Maybe she already has.”

“It’s better to go at night so no one can see us. I don’t want anyone to see me here just yet.”

“Then what should we do in the meantime?”

He smirks at me. “I have a few ideas.” He lifts me up and throws me on his bed.

He gets on top of me with his arms holding himself up.

“Wait! Before we get down to business. I just want to say that I like you.”

He raises an eyebrow. “You like me?”

“Yeah, so if you wanna do this thing. I’m ready.”



“I already told you that you were mine.”

He leans down and kisses me on the lips. I moan into his mouth as he grinds his body against mine. I put my hand on his hip and push him on his back. I get on top of him and unbuckle his jeans. I get them down his ankles and he’s left in his silk boxers. His cock is hard and is pushing against his boxers. I pull them down in one motion and hold in my gasp. I still can’t get over how big he is.

I’m not a pro but his cock looks too good not to suck. I put my mouth around his tip and I heard him let out a hissed breath. I put him deeper into my mouth, tasting every inch of him. His hips move, nearly making me choke but I manage to keep from taking too much too fast. Hearing his moans spurs me on and I get more and more enthusiastic. It isn’t long before I hear his finally moan and his cumming in my mouth. I swallow as much as I can but I’ve never had a guy cum in my mouth before.

He looks down at me like I’m a goddess just for giving him a blow job. I wipe my mouth and he yanks me on top of him. My clothes are pulled off in a second, he puts a condom on and I lower myself into him. I like this position. Being able to determine how fast or low we go. How much I take of him. I tease him as I slowly lower myself down.

“Elsie,” he growled.

I smile down at him. “I’m in charge.”

He takes off his shirt and his hands immediately go to my breasts and rub my nipples.

“I’ve been thinking about getting piercings on them.”

His eyes darken and he thrusts his hips, now being fully inside of me. Moving my hips in ways that bring out moans in both of us. I rub my clit as he continues to play with my nipples. He sits up to where now he’s staring into my eyes. He wraps an arm about my body and we move together. This position is so much more intimate. Our naked chests pressing against each other, his beautiful green eyes staring into my brown ones, his silky brown hair wet from sweat. I trace my hands down the scars of his body. Even with them, he’s so perfect. Battle scars is what i like to think of them as. They will always remind him of the battle he went through and still goes through today. I only hope I’m able to ease his pain just by being with him. I’m so close as he moves his hands down my body grabs a hold of my ass and fucks me as he owns me. He moves faster inside of me like he can’t get enough as it’ll never be enough.

“You’re mine, Elsie.” He gets more aggressive. “Say it or I won’t let you come.”

I don’t need his permission to come. I move my hips faster to get myself off but he stills my movements.

“Bastard.” I groaned and it turns into a moan when he thrusts up. “I’m yours.”

He thrusts into me harder before I’m coming. I grab his hair and pull which seems to turn him on even more. He cums inside of me. He falls back and I lay on top of him. We lay there for a moment just catching our breaths.

“We need to get up soon.”


“I’m taking you out to eat. Now that you’re my girlfriend we can have our first official date.”

“Never said I was your girlfriend. I said we could start talking about a potential relationship.”

He slaps my ass, I groan in pain and pleasure

“You said it yourself. You’re mine.”

“I just wanted my orgasm.”

“Love, we are going to take a shower together; you’re going to put on a sexy ass dress and then I’m going to take you to a nice restaurant. When we get back I’m going to make you scream so loud, Lilith herself will hear you.”

“Bad joke.”

I get off of him, he takes off the condom and throws it into the trash. I get off the bed and have to hold on to the bedpost while I wait for my legs to stop shaking. I see Cain smirk to himself and he walks his sexy naked ass into the bathroom. A minute later I hear the shower running. I get my legs uncontrol and I join him. I step into the shower and adjust the temperature. When the water gets a little hotter, Cain yelps.

“Fuck! That’s hot. How do you shower in this?”

I rolled my eyes. “How are you from Hell and you can’t even handle a little warm water.”

“Warm water? The fiery pits of hell aren’t even this hot. How do women handle this?”

I shrug. “We’re stronger than men.”

We wash up and Cain insists that he washes my body and I wash his. That causes a semi quickie inside the shower. The man has stamina. I picked a good one. Once I’m all clean I use my magic to change my hairstyle. I was getting bored with the braids and changed into my natural curls. Surprisingly Cain asked me to style his hair too. Which was his mistake.

“Elsie, change it back.” he growled.

I hold in my laughter as I put on my black dress. I gave him a red Mohawk with his hair shaved off on the sides. It’s not his style but it still makes him look hot.

“You look hot.”

“I’m not going to dinner like this.”

He finished tying his tie and glares at me. “Do I need to put you over my knee?”

“Settled down there Christian Grey.”


I laugh. “We are definitely watching those movies when this is all over. Maybe they’ll give you a few ideas.”

I walk over to him and rubs my hands through his hair changing it back to his brown hair I love so much. I slick it back and he looks even better now. I grab a pair of heels and slip them on. Cain grabs my hand and we walk out the door.

The restaurant Cain takes me to is in a small village. When I walked inside I didn’t expect it to look as nice as it does. Table cloths on the table, fancy silverware, and servers who are in classy uniforms. It looks like the formal dinners Aunt Michelle forces us to go to. Speaking of Aunt Michelle. I need to call her and let her know everything is okay. I know Mira has probably been filling her in. And even though Cain convinces her to let me come, I want to make sure she knows I’m okay. I still need to ask Cain how he does that mind control thing.

A host takes us to our table by a window that looks out into a beautiful lake. A waiter comes around and takes our orders. I get steak, roasted potatoes and vegetables and Cain gets salmon, asparagus, and mash potatoes. Cain choices us a bottle of wine even though I’m not 21 yet. He then reminds me that the legal drinking age is 18 here.

“To our first official date,” I said and raised my glass to clink with his.

When our food gets here we eat and talk about random stuff. I learn his favorite ice cream his pistachio, he’s always wanted a dog but never had time for one and that he hates any books or movies that have to do with supernaturals.

“It’s unrealistic,” Cain argued.

“Of course they are. If they were too accurate the person who made them would be found and killed. They let some facts slip by but if it’s too on the nose. They would suddenly disappear.”

“I get that but sparkly vampires? Come on.”

“Hey! Don’t talk about Edward like that. He was my first book boyfriend. And you shouldn’t judge him. The age difference between him and Bella was wide. Like us.”

“Yes, but I’m older than everyone.”

“Ugh don’t remind me. I’ll remember that I don’t like old men.”

“Old? You weren’t calling me old when you had your legs on my shoulders.”

And now I’m remembering it. Cain smirks as he knows.

“Shut up.”

The waiter comes over to collect our dirty dishes and Cain whispers something in his ear. The waiter nods and Cain slips him some money before the waiter walks away.

“What’s that about?”

He smiles at me. “You’ll see.”

A moment later a song becomes louder on the speakers. I look around and notice that there are only a couple of people left and the tables have been pushed back leaving a little area open. Cain stands up and extends his hand.

“Miss Clermont, May I have this dance?”

I smile at him. “You may.”

He leads me to the little dance floor, puts his arm around me, I put one hand on his shoulder and the other is locked with his. He stares down at me as he takes the lead and we dance together. As we dance I realize I know this song. It’s called: Infinity by Jaymes Young. I can’t help but think if he picked this song on purpose or not. We stare into each other’s eyes and everything else around us quiets and we’re the only two in our world.

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