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Chapter 19

Cain punches his fist through the wall of his guest room. He had fucked up and he had no one to blame but himself. He wanted to tell Elsie the truth but he knew Hell would have killed her. When the first demon impregnated a human that child destroyed cities. When Lucifer realized the power the child had he killed everyone involved. The child, the father, and the mother. He killed innocent people to cover the damage the child had done. When demons continued to impregnate women in hopes of making an army, Lucifer built a special unit of hunters who are well equipped to kill anyone with demon blood.

Elsie's involvement with Cain made her an even bigger target. If Lucifer ever found out that Elsie not only freed Cain but she's the half-demon? It would take everything Cain had to protect her. And Cain would. Cain would give everything he had to make sure Elsie was safe. He pulled out his phone and dialed the number of the security guard Adelaide had hired for him. The phone ringed before a man's deep voice answered.

"I want a girl named Elsie Clermont watched day and night," he demanded into the phone. "And I want updates every hour."

"Yes, sir."

Cain hung up, stripped out of his clothes, and went into the shower. He turned on the cold water and let it run down his body. Coldwater was the only way to calm him down. To help him think. He wanted Elsie. He wanted her like he's never wanted any other woman. She was strong, fierce, and determined. Utterly unique. She was his obsession. Everything he didn't want to feel for anyone came rushing through him as soon as he laid eyes on her. And now because of his mistake, he might never be able to hold her in his arms again.

How did he go from worshipping her body to having her look at him with such disgust in a day? He had to make it up to her. When this war with Lucifer was over with he would do everything in his power to win not only her trust back but her heart. Elsie was planning on going home in the morning. Back to the coven house with that guy Jaxon. That pathetic excuse for a man. Cain thought. Without warning, rage flared from deep inside Cain, hot and possessive. His body tightened up of its own accord, ready to fight. Something about the idea of another man even being close to Elsie, turned his stomach. The thought of any man putting his hands on her filled him with a rage he'd never felt before. Cain turned off the shower and went to bed.

The next morning Cain made sure to get up so he would be able to see Elsie off. He didn't even check in with his Loyal, he just went straight to her room.

"I want you as far away from this as possible. Is that clear?" is the first thing he said when she opened the door. Cain's heart skipped a beat when he laid eyes on her. She had her hair braided and even with swollen eyes from crying she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

"Is this because of what you did? This isn't about you anymore Cain. Lucifer or whoever in Hell put a demon inside my mother and now she'll spend the rest of her life in prison. And then to make matters worse they'll be a group of hunters looking to kill me."

"I won't let that happen."

"Yeah? How?"

"I'm going to have you watched. No one will even get near you without my say so."

"Having me watched doesn't do anything Cain. Like you said Hell has eyes everywhere. I'm still involved in this and I'm going to stay involved."

"No, you're not. This isn't a game Elsie. You helped me get my Loyal and I will be forever grateful but this is as far as it will go. "

"Like I said this isn't just about you. I've decided to stay here and help you."

"No!" His eyes flashed red. "I can't see you hurt. You're young Elsie. You need to worry about your life. I will make them pay for the pain they've caused your family. Think about your father. What would he want for you?"

Cain saw the tears forming in her eyes.

"My father isn't here and I know that it has something to do with Hell. I'm going to find out and you're going to help me. I'm not arguing about this anymore. We aren't together. You don't get to tell me what I can and cannot do. Now, you're going to help me with a locating spell."

He hated how stubborn she was but he understood her need to help her family. Everything Cain was doing was to avenge his family from the people who took it all from him.

"I thought you said the spell it didn't work when you first tried it?"

"It didn't but if we can use the same energy we used to find your Loyal then it should."

"We'll have to have sex again," Cain said all too eager to have her body under his.

Elsie rolls her eyes. "We won't. I'll just channel the energy from the last time. I can barely look at you right now. I don't want your hands on me."

Cain was hurt not because he wanted to have sex with Elsie but because he wanted to feel connected to her in that way again. He had never felt the way he feels with Elsie.

"Whatever you need."

Cain watched as Elsie got everything together and called her coven. Elsie, Cynthia, Mira, and Patrick all sat in a circle in Cain's living room. They had pushed the couches back and made markings on the hardwood floor. Cain set a metal bowl in the middle of them with herbs inside. She took a knife, cut her hand, and poured her blood into the bowl. She wraps her hand in a rag and starts to chant with her coven.

Cain couldn't help but look at how beautiful she was. Her dark brown skin seemed to glow as her magic was poured into the spell. Her perfect plump lips moved in the same way as the rest of her coven. As they said the last word Cain felt a sensation in his chest as Elsie channeled their bond. His vision went dark before he saw what she saw.

Brandon Clermont starts to pack his bag in a hotel room. He pulls out a bracelet from his pocket. It's the same bracelet he gave Elsie for her tenth birthday. She'd never taken it off until a few months before he left. He had told her he wanted to add something special to it.

"I'm sorry Elsie. I failed you and now you're in danger. I should have listened to your mother and told you everything about yourself. I was such a coward." Brandon said to an empty room. Tears fell down his face and Elsie wanted to comfort him.

"I'll make it right." his eyes flared with determination.

He puts the bracelet back in his pocket and went toward the nightstand. Before he can pick up his room card, the door busted open. Two people in all black go straight for him. Brandon reaches into the nightstand and pulls out a gun. That he most definitely didn't have when he was at home. He holds it up like he's done it a million times as he fires shots at them.

He's able to shoot both of them but that's not enough to slow them down. He throws the gun like it's useless and fights them head-on. He punches the shorter one in the face and blocks a kick from the taller one. The shorter one recovers from the punch and returns it. Brandon's head snaps back and blood drips on his nose. From the way they move Cain could tell they were demons.

"Dargruth, that body of yours is getting a little weak." The taller one mocks.

"It's strong enough to beat you." Brandon sneered at not only the demons but at his demon name.

The shorter guy says something under his breath and a portal opens up. Instead of a colorful, portal, it's red and flames come out of it. It opens fully and more people come out followed by someone they least expect. Lilith.

"Well isn't this a fun little party?"

Lilith moves across the room, her feet barely touching the ground. Her black hair is pulled into a bun and her flaming red crown rests on her head. She was wearing a black lacy top, red jeans, and spiked leather boots. The demons bow but Brandon lifts his head higher.

Lilith tsks at him. "Always rebelling. I used to like that about you back when you were my guard. But then you came to this filth place and fell in love with your assignment. That whore ruined you. You could have had anything you wanted."

Brandon glares at her and tried to move towards her but the demons grabbed him. "Don't you ever call my wife a whore. She was twice the woman you'll ever be."

Instead of being angry, Lilith smiled and the demons gulped. She walks over and drags one of her sharp red nails down his cheek, cutting him.

"You're going to regret that and I'm going to have so much fun breaking you."

The demons drag him and they all disappear into the portal.

The vision pulls them to another scene. This time Brandon is in a dark room, hanging from chains. They can hear screams all through the place. Cain knows that they're in hell. Brandon is barely recognizable with two swollen eyes, bruised up and down his body. Cain could feel Elsie’s pain as she watched tears fall down her father’s face. All too fast the vision cleared and their back in Cain's living room.

"Oh my god. I'm never doing that again." Mira slurred.

She grabs the side of her head. Patrick and Cynthia look like they're in pain as well. They weren’t used to the strength of Elsie's power. And being taken into a vision that strong wasn't easy for them.

"Are you okay?" Cynthia asked Elsie, putting a hand on her shoulders to comfort her.

Cain wanted to do that. He wanted to walk over to her and pull her into his arms. Elsie felt the same and looked over at Cain. He hated seeing the pain in her eyes. Elsie being as strong as she is, gives Cynthia a simile.

"I'm fine, it was just hard seeing him after so long and now that I know where he is, we're getting him out. Even if it kills me.”

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