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Chapter 20

My father is in Hell. I never would have thought but it explains a lot. The missing phone calls, the disappearing, him knowing to keep me away from mom. A lot is started to add up.

“We need to get him out.” I said.

“We can’t. Hell’s security is almost impossible to break through. They’ve definitely made it even harder since I’m back. The only way for me to get in is with my royal key and Lilith took that ages ago.”

“Well, we have to do something. I don’t know how long he’s even been there. What if he’s dead?”

“Tap into your bond with him.”

“My bond? I don’t have a bond with him.”

“You do. You’ve just never tapped into it. Close your eyes and focus on him.”

I did as Cain said and looked for the bond that I supposedly have with dad. It took a while and I almost gave up hope before I felt that familiar string. It was smaller than Cain’s bond string but just as powerful. I could feel the love of dad and see our memories together. My stomach tightened of how much I missed him. I cleared my mind and looked inside the string to see if he was alive. Tears almost overcame me when i felt him breathing. I couldn’t see him but i felt his relief because he could feel me too. He sent a bundle of love in the bond but also fear. I opened her eyes and looked back at Cain.

“I felt him. He’s alive.”

“Good. Our only concern is what Lilith will do to him.”

“What’s the plan?” Mira asked, just as worried.

“I’m waiting for Pierre to get back with Anastasiya. He doesn’t have any way to contact me but from our bond I know he’s okay. Once they get back we have to prepare.”

“How do we prepare to fight Hell?” Patrick asked.

“Don’t they have millions of demons? We are only the eight of us and two of them aren’t even here. We are way in over our heads.” Patrick ran a hand through his curly blue hair.

I felt bad that my friends felt so much turmoil. Despite their worry, they still refused to leave me. I knew it wasn’t just because of what Aunt Michelle would possibly do to them. I was not only their friend but their sister. They would do anything for me as i would them. Even if it cost them their lives which made me want to make them leave even more. I constantly felt to blame for everything. I knew everything wasn’t my fault but i couldn’t help but think if I never let Cain out everything would be like it was before.

“We don’t only have the eight of us. I have thousands that are loyal to me in Hell. Lilith is not a good leader. She’s a spoiled brat with far too much power. The demons want her out and Lucifer back on the throne. If we let it be known, we’re challenging Lilith; those against her will fight with us.”

“We’ll win.” Everyone turned at the sound of the new voice.

A gorgeous woman with brown sun-kissed skin, black curls that fall her back, and a slim elegant body. The way she carried herself, I wouldn’t be surprised if she came from royalty. This was Anastasiya and Pierre walked right behind her standing by her side. She walked as if she was the all powerful being that Cain told me about. I remember him telling me that banshees were powerful and were hunted for that power. Anastasiya lost her family leaving her the last of her kind.

Cain walked over and pulled Anastasiya into a hug that took her a second to embrace him back.

“I’ve missed you, Ana.”

“As I’ve missed you.” her voice had a Russian accent but it was dulled like she hadn’t been there in a while.

They let go of each other. Keir and Melantha walked into the room and Melantha practically tackled Anastasiya while hugging her. They embraced like sisters and Keir hugged Pierre. They all stood like a powerful force to be wrecked with. I looked at my small but powerful coven. Mira was texting away on her phone, Patrick looked wary of what was to come. Cynthia almost had tears in her eyes as she watched Cain’s Loyal reunite.

“Now that we’re all here we can get started. Keir, you get in touch with our connections in Hell to make sure they know we’re back together and stronger than ever.”

Keir nodded. I was still on edge around him. I put my hand on my still sore throat, a reminder that he choked me yesterday. I couldn’t believe my whole world was torn apart in just hours. I wondered if Cain had planned to ever tell me what i was if Keir hadn’t beaten him to it.

“Melantha, I want you to train Elsie’s coven. They’re going to help they need to know how to use your magic against demons. You’re more familiar with using magic.”

“We’re fine. We train all the time. As soon as we know the plan we can get going.” I said a little bitterly that he thought we needed any training.

We were new to demons but we know how to fight supernatural we’ve been training our whole lives for it. My problem is control not my ability to fight with my magic.

“I want to make sure you’re all safe.”

I know everyone feel the tension between the two of us but no one dared say anything.

“Pierre and Anastasiya will map our route to Hell.”

“Map? Can’t we use a portal?” Cynthia asked

Cain shakes his head. “Lilith will feel it. There are back channels we can go through that won’t alert her. It will just take our connections to crack them open a little from their side.”

“Let’s get started. I want my dad out of Hell before they kill him.”

“I won’t let that happen,” Cain promised. “We need to summon a demon.”

“Let’s not. We see what happened last time we messed with someone from Hell.” Cynthia boldly said and then gulped when Cain’s Loyal glared at her.

I stepped in front of her and glared back at them. I had no problems with them but they should me more appreciative towards us.

“I’ll be able to control them. We just need the key.” Cain said.

Cain grabs a piece of crack and walks to his spare room. They all follow him in. Cain draws a sigil on the floor. Without being told, his Loyal light candles around the room. Cain closes his eyes for a second and opens them again. His eyes start glowing red.

“Varam, come to me. I call you from the demon realm.”

Nothing happens for a few minutes but then black smoke comes out of the floor and the smoke clears to reveal a man. He has dark hair, black eyes, and tattoos all over his body. He’s wearing a sleeveless shirt and ripped jeans.

Varam bows before Cain. “My prince, I have waited to hear your call again. How may I serve you?”

Seeing people treat Cain like a prince was still weird to me.

“Varam, I need a key to a back door.”

Varam paled. “Your grace. I would love nothing more than to help you but-”

Varam couldn’t even finish his sentence before Cain had his hand around his neck and lifts him from the ground. Cain’s eyes glow that gold and red color. Varam kicks his feet as he struggles to breathe. I could see the fear in his eyes.

“There is no buts. Bring me that key or I’ll rip out your essence and feed it to my hounds.”

Hounds? As in hellhounds? Since when did Cain....I dismissed it as an empty threat. But knowing all that Cain has failed to tell me, it wouldn’t surprise me.

“Y-y-yes y-y-your majesty.”

Cain lets go of his neck and Varam stumbles to his feet.

“Now, get out of that body and get my key. You have twenty-four hours. If you’re not back I’ll burn the body.”

Varem nods quickly and they all watch as Varem’s essence comes out of his body and goes through the ground. The body falls to the ground.

“Is he dead?” I asked.

“No. He’ll remain asleep until Varam essence gets back into it.”

“What should we do in the meantime?” Mira asked but kept texting on her phone.

She’d been texting for the past few days. She had barely lifted her gaze from it. Normally I wouldn’t care but it was like she couldn’t take her eyes off the phone. I glanced over to see who she’s texting and see someone named Max. Mira never gave any guy this much attention. What’s so special about this one? Mira caught me looking and moved her phone away.

“Nosy much?”

“You just seem to be texting a lot lately. He must be special.”

“He’s okay. I wanted to tell you that I’m having the jet pick me up in an hour.”

What the heck? “After you forced me to let you come with us and now you’re bailing?”

She shrugs. “Doesn’t seem like you need me anymore. Plus I have things to do.”

“What’s more important than family?”

She rolls her eyes. “Don’t be dramatic. You know I love you. I’m just scared okay? This is all too much for me.”

I nodded and even though it felt like there was more to it i understood. I turned to Cynthia and Patrick to see if they felt the same.

Cynthia put a hand up. “You don’t even have to ask. We’re going to stay with you through this.”

“I could talk to a few of my contacts in Hell to make sure Varam doesn’t betray us.” Keir suggested.

Cain nods. “But do it quietly. I don’t want anyone to know we’re together yet. It’s possible Lilith hasn’t been told yet.”

Keir nods and leaves the room. I helped Mira pack and made sure she got safely in her Uber. Weirdly enough I felt sad that Mira wouldn’t be helping me but i was glad she would be safe from all of this. When so went back inside Cain was waiting for me at the door. I noticed no one else was around.

“Where is everyone?”

“Backyard. Mel thought it would be good to have a welcome back party.”

I nodded and headed that way but Cain pulled me back.

“I wanted to tell you how sorry I am.” I try to speak but Cain cuts me off. “And I wanted you to know that I may hurt a lot of people when this is through, but never you. Do you understand?”


Cain lets me go but I can’t help herself as I grab the back of his head and pulls him down to kiss me. I moaned into his mouth and couldn’t understand why it felt as if I hadn’t kissed him in years rather than a day. I didn’t know why I was pulling him to my room or how we ended up naked. All I knew was that whatever happened I wanted to remember the feeling of his naked body against mine. I traced every scar on his body with my lips. Like i could somehow kiss the physical pain he went through. I bathed in the sound his moans and our ragged breaths. Taking it all in like it was the last time. I felt tears fall down my face that Cain kissed away because we both knew it would be a while before I could forgive him.

When we were done, I got off the bed to get dressed.

“That meant nothing. I’m still mad at you.” I said, making sure he knew that was goodbye sex.

I didn’t need to look at him to know he was nodding.

“I know. It doesn’t have to mean anything.”

“I just missed you. I know it sounds weird.”

“I feel it too. We’re so close yet so far apart.”


They heard a knock on the door.

“Cain, you need to get out here.” Keir’s deep voice came through the door.

Cain hurriedly got dressed and walked out of the room and I followed behind him.

“What is it?”

Keir looked between Cain and I with disgust written all over his face. Cain glares at him and it’s gone. I don’t know what this dude’s problem is. He’s acting like he’s not a demon too.

“Varam is back and he doesn’t look good.”

They went to the room where Varam was sitting on a chair. He looked like he was about to fall over but managed to bow Cain when he walked in.

“Your majesty, I have failed you.”

“What happened?”

“I was caught by one of Lilith’s guards and barely got out.”

“Fuck.” Cain slammed his fist through the wall.

Everyone looked surprised. Cain was usually one to keep his cool during any situation. To see him so riled up was worrying. Cain looked over at Keir.

“Did you talk to our contacts in Hell?”

Keir nodded. “Lilith has everything on lock down. If they so much as say your name, they end up on the chopping block.”

“Maybe Adelaide could help?” Mel suggested.

She had showered and changed into a black crop top, black jeans and sneakers. Seeing her wear all black seemed typical for a reaper like her. But it was her personally that surprised me. She looked happy even after everything she’s been through. I caught glimpses of her smiling and laughing with the rest of the Loyal.I look around the room at the people who have known Cain for decades. I wondered what he was like before I freed him and I wanted to know more about his Loyal but there wasn’t enough time.

“I could try but I doubt it.” Cain dialed Adelaide and she picked up quickly. “I need you find out where I can get a back door key.” I heard Adelaide talk but couldn’t understand what she said back. “Really? I wish I would have called you first. Thanks. Bye.” He hung up and turned back to us. “She has a key and wants us to meet her an hour away from here. She said she’s had it for a while.”

“How long she been in the UK?” I asked.

“I don’t know. She said she was on her way here before I called.”

“So that’s it? We get the key and use it to get into Hell?” Patrick asked.

It’s Pierre who answers. “It’s more complicated than that. There has to be a ritual, some blood, and then we can use the key to unlock any door. Inside that door will be the back way to Hell. There are a few keys around the world but Lucifer hid them so only he could find.”

“Why would he need to sneak into Hell?” I asked.

“When he doesn’t want Lilith to know he’s there. They have a very odd relationship.”

Cain turns to Varam. “It’s not safe for you back in Hell. Go hide until I need you again.”

Varam and walks out of the room. A few minutes later we get ready to go. And for some reason, I get an uneasy feeling as we drive towards the location Adelaide sends us to.

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