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Chapter 21

As we drive I still get that uneasy feeling in my stomach. I can’t help but think something is wrong. Call it witch’s intuition.

“You okay?” Cain asked from the driver’s seat.

He’s been looking over at me as we drive towards the location Adelaide gave us.

“I just feel like there’s something wrong,” I admitted. “Do you feel like that?”

“No. Adelaide wouldn’t lead us into any danger.”

“I know but it doesn’t help the feeling.”

I didn’t know Adelaide well but she raised Cain when he went to Hell at age seventeen, that had to count for something. I didn’t know if it was Adelaide I didn’t trust or this whole thing. Maybe we should wait. Everything seems to be moving so fast and we haven’t had time to think it through. Cain hasn’t even told me how he wants to make a move against Lucifer.

“Pierre is flying ahead of us to make sure this isn’t a trap. No matter what happens, I will protect you.” Cain declared.

That didn’t make me worry any less.

“Can we just go back to your house? Maybe Adelaide can meet us there?”

“We aren’t that far away from the meeting spot.”

“I know.” I looked outside but everything looked perfectly normal. “This is going too fast. I mean we just asked about the key and suddenly Adelaide has it? It doesn’t make sense. Let’s just turn around and have her meet us at your house.”


I look into his eyes. “Cain, please. Can we just turn around?”

“Elsie are you okay?” Cynthia asked from the backseat.


“Cain I would listen to her. Half-bloods have powerful intuition.” Surprisingly it’s Keir who said it.

“I’m with them, Cain. Turn around.” Mel said,

“Why the Hell didn’t anyone express this concern before we left?”

“It wasn’t this bad when we left. ” I explained.

Cain pulls into an abandoned mall driveway to back out. He tries to make the turn but the car won’t move.

“What the fuck?”

Cain tries to start the engine. When it doesn’t start he closes his eyes for a second.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Talking to Pierre. He said something doesn’t feel right. ” Cain starts to open the door but we hear a gunshot. I look out the window to see Pierre falling from the sky.

Cain and his Loyal are out in a second. I try to go with them but Cain is already on my side pushing my door closed.

“Stay here.”

“Don’t have to tell us twice,” Patrick said reached from the back seat to the drivers side to lock the doors.

Cain gently picks up Pierce’s bird. The rest of his Loyal look around the area probably trying to figure out where the gunshot came from. They don’t have to wait long as a cloud of black smoke fills the air. Cain’s Loyal circle around him like their protecting their king. Mel’s eyes turn a bright white the same color it was when she forced the dead back into their graves. Anastasiya pulls out two knives that I don’t know where she stored considering she’s wearing a dress. Keir’s eyes glow red. They don’t attack because the people are standing like robots waiting for a command.

“Show yourself, Lilith.” Cain yelled.

Lilith? Oh, that bitch I go to reach for the door handle but Cynthia pulls my hand away.

“I am not letting you go out there.”

“But my dad...”

“Wouldn’t want you to make stupid decisions.”

I let go of the handle as I watch Lilith appear out of thin air. I roll down the window to hear them better. She stands tall and proud. Her dark skin radiates in the sun. I hate myself for it but I have never seen someone so beautiful yet have such a dark soul. She’s wearing a long purple dress with a slit in the middle. Her black crown is rested on her curly hair. She smiles at Cain.

“You are too fucking easy. Trusting Adelaine after all these years? Come on now Cain I taught you better than that. Never trust anyone.” She looks around at Cain’s Loyal. “I see you finally got your Loyal back. You’re welcome.”

Cain scoffs. “Elsie got my Loyal back.”

“So me hiding them in the most obvious places wasn’t helping? You forget I cared about you Cain. I even loved you as a stepmother should.”

“Yeah? Was that before or after you found out Lucifer was still fucking Eve?”

Lilith’s fists ball up and her nostrils flare but that’s the only sign she’s angry.

“I wouldn’t bring up Lucifer if I were you. You wouldn’t want him finding out you took a filthy half-demon as a pet would you?” Lilith’s eyes meet mine and her grin widens to the point of looking creepy. “Although she is beautiful. I wouldn’t mind keeping her for myself.”

Cain steps towards her. “If either of you even think about coming near her...” Cain doesn’t need to finish his threat.

“Touchy touchy. Don’t worry you can keep your pet because I already have my own.”

I look over at the sound of a car driving in. The black SUV back door opens and a beaten-up Mira is pushed out. She falls to the ground, unable to get up. I’m out of the car in a second with Cynthia and Patrick behind me. Two men come out of the car and drag Mira toward Lilith.

I’m going to kill this bitch even if it’s the last thing I do. I get ready to call on my magic the deepest, darkest part of it but Cain grabs my arm.

“Don’t Elsie. You’re not strong enough yet.”

“Get Mira back,” I say through clenched teeth.

I can feel that dark power rising in me, waiting to take over. It wants to come out and play with Lilith. I want to hear Lilith beg me to stop. I want her to wish she never fucked with me. The thought of her screaming in pain fuels me: I want to kill her more than I’ve ever wanted to do something. I want her to feel what I feel right now. I want to...

“Elsie.” I feel Cain pull on my arm but my eyes stay on Lilith.

She simply smirks at me like I’m no threat. I may not be trained but I can promise she will feel pain.

“Elsie, focus on me. Come back to me.”

I hear his soothing voice bringing me back. Back from the darkness. I look up into Cain’s beautiful green eyes.

“There you are. Stay with me. Don’t let it take over you.”

I numbly nod as I focus my eyes on Mira. Her face is beaten and I see bruises on her body. I put her in that car without thinking. I left her alone because I didn’t want an extra problem to worry about. Mira and I don’t get along but she’s family. And family is everything.

“I see you haven’t trained her. Goody for me.”

“Lilith don’t test me right now. The only reason I haven’t killed you is because of the balance.”

“You should be thanking me. You should both be thanking me.

“What are you talking about?”

“How do you think she was able to free you? Do you think just any witch or half-demon could? No, I’ve been using her family’s blood for generations. And in return, I keep their family on top.”

What the hell?

“You’re lying.” I boldly said.

“You’re both fucking idiots. That bond isn’t what connected you. It’s her filthy Clermont bloodline.”

“What are you talking about?” This time I’m the one who asked.

“Not only did I use the Clermont blood for my spells but I used it to build Purgatory. I didn’t want that shit in my body. So I attached it to your family. If I would have known your father would steal my book, I would have never done it. You two are connected because fate is fucking hilarious and decided to choose her as the one who would set you free because her blood owns Purgatory.”

Owns Purgatory? Chose me? That’s why Cain and I feel so strongly towards each other. Maybe it’s not feelings at all, maybe he feels like he owes me because I let him out. But also he probably hates me now that my family helped put him there. This too much. This is way too much. What if Aunt Michelle knew? Was that all the warnings she gave me were about? I felt like she knew more about me than she was letting on and now I find this out? When I get back home she and I are having a very long chat. That’s if I make it back home.

“I don’t owe you anything. What my family did or didn’t do has nothing to do with me.”

“Oh, that’s where you’re wrong dear, it has everything to do with you and if you ever want to see your father again you’ll come with me.”

“Over my dead fucking body,” Cain growled.

Lilith smiles at him. “Let’s not resort to violence. Elsie can be a good little demon and come with me. Her family owes me and she will be perfect to collect on that debt. Or I can kill sweet Mira here.”

“No. Please, no I’ll go with you. Just let her go.”

Cain is holding me but I use my magic to throw him back. He knocks back into Keir who barely catches him. I look back at him with tears in my eyes.

“It’s okay. I’ll be okay.” We both know it’s a lie but I say it anyway if only to make him feel better.

“Elsie, no!”

I keep walking towards Lilith’s overly happy self.

“Take me instead.”

Both I and Lilith’s eyes widen and I turn around to see Cain walking toward us.

“You wanted me back. If you let Elsie and Mira go, I’ll come back to Hell with you.”

“This isn’t a double sacrifice Cain.”

“Let me do this Elsie. This is my fault, to begin with.” He walks over to me and puts his hands on either side of my face. He pulls me into a kiss that so addicting, I never want to let go. He leans down to my ear. “I love you for infinity,” Cain whispered.

“Can we hurry this up? I do have a kingdom to run.”
Lilith said with a bored tone. We both ignore her.

I wipe a tear from my eyes and despite what’s going on I can’t help laughing. “Isn’t that from the song you had played in the restaurant? You’re so cheesy.”

He smiles. “Don’t worry my love. I will come back to you. Even if I have to kill every single one of them.” He whispers the last part to me.

I can hear the determination in his voice but it doesn’t help the pain I feel. I spent so much time being mad at him that I never got the chance to fall in love with him. This isn’t how our story ends. It can’t be. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with him. Everything comes rushing at me. Every kiss, every laugh, every whisper. The way I feel when his hands are on my body. Tears fall from my eyes and he kisses them away.

“Don’t leave me.” my voice sounds as broken as I feel.

“I have to my love.” He lets me go and the man holding Mira walks her to us. I see Mira and Cain look at each other. Mira’s eyes soften and I watch her mouth thank you to him. The man lets Mira go. Mira runs up to me and throws her arms around me. I can’t focus on her tears or her apologies I can only see Lilith grabbing Cain’s hand and black smoke once again filling the air. I only get to see his eyes one last time before he disappears along with the smoke as if they were never here.

I feel a burning on my wrist and look down to see the tattooed key is gone. And so is Cain.

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