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Chapter 4

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"It was built for you? Why?"

"They needed somewhere to keep me," Cain growled and for the first time he sounded like a monster.


He shakes his head. "Your turn. Why is your mother in prison?"

"She blew up a house that an Elder lived in and he died."

Elder Thomas. I'll remember that name for the rest of my life. Nobody knows why she blew his house up, not even me. What was even more mind blowing- no pun intended, was that his house was heavily guarded. I remember visiting his house when I was younger, there were men with guns everywhere.

Mom spent all her time in the greenhouse. There was no way she got past all those men, put a bomb in the house, and walked out without being seen. It didn't make any sense. Dad tried arguing that during the trial but they wouldn't hear it. She killed an elder and that was that. She would spend the rest of eternity in prison. That's if someone doesn't have her killed.

Elders are highly respected and someone could easily find a way to kill her in prison. It's one of the nightmares I have. Blowing a witch up is the only way to truly kill us. You can't resurrect someone whose body parts are mixed in with other people.

"And you're all alone?" he inquired, his voice sounding softer.


I did have Aunt Michelle and the coven but that wasn't enough for me. I wanted my whole family. I wanted more time together. I wanted more holidays, more laughs and even arguments

He was about to say something when my phone beeped. I looked at it to see a message from Aunt Michelle.

Get home now!

I almost laugh at the amount of angry emojis she used. She always uses a bunch of emojis when she's really trying to express her emotions through texts. She's mad as I knew she would be. I put my phone in my pocket and found Cain looking at it with a curious expression.

"What is that?" he asked with his head cocked to the side.

"My cell phone."

"Cell phone?"

"Yeah, you know what you call people on."

"A telephone?"

"Yeah, but this is an iPhone." I said, "What year are you from that you don't know what a cell phone looks like."

"Telephones were a lot bigger."

"How old are you?"

He thinks for a minute. "A millennia maybe a little longer. We didn't exactly have calendars when I was born."

Born. I don't know how it keeps skipping over my mind that I'm standing in front of Cain who was here before Jesus was born. I think I'm going to faint. Wait. If he's alive then does that mean his parents are alive too? Adam and Eve. I decided to voice my question.

"Are your parents still alive?."

"My father isn't but my mother is."

My eyes widen. "Eve is still alive?"

He nods. "Yes, Eve is still up and kicking. Unfortunately," he grumbled the last word.


"A story for another time. Now, we need to strengthen the wards around this house."

"What do you know about wards?"

His mouth lifted up in an almost smirk. "Enough to know that demons could easily break-in."

"Demons? Why would demons try to break into my house?"

I didn't know much about demons. Just that they were created by Lucifer. Mom used to tell me stories about some of the brave witches that went off to kill demons to protect us.

"To get to us."

"Us? There is no us. There's you and there's me."

"That's where you're wrong, love," he said, his accent is clear and less rough than before. He takes a seat in one of the chairs. "Now that we're bonded together they will know that you're the one who freed me."

"You forced me into it!" I yelled. I wanted to stomp my feet and cross my arms but that seemed a little immature.

"Influenced you." he corrected.

I scoff. "I heard your voice in my head. I couldn't even think about anything else besides that spell."

I rubbed my temple as my phone beeped once again. This time it was Cynthia telling me to get back to the mansion.

"Listen, I need to go," I said,

He stands up from the chair. "You can't go. They'll be after you."


"As I told you before. When you released me, it set off alarms that were put in place. They will track me here unless we get these wards up."

"Okay. Okay, fine." I sighed, "What kind of wards?"

I go back to the occult section to find books that have different wards. Wards are magical barriers used to keep the supernatural locked out and anyone else you don't want to find you.

"The kind of wards we need won't be in any of your books."

"Why wouldn't they?"

"Because only the elite of Hell know about the wards we need to use."

"You're one of the most elite?"

"I was," he said, vaguely. "That doesn't matter at the moment. I'll help you write them."

"Are you a witch?" I asked. He said he was a monster but I didn't know any supernatural creatures who could make wards.

"I don't like labels. I have various powers. They are limited at the moment. Having been locked away for so long. I'm not as strong as I used to be."

I feel calmer at hearing that. If he tried anything I had a chance at an upper hand. I hope. Before I can reply, my phone beeps again. I look down to find another text from Cynthia.

Get home now! Your aunt is threatening to do a locating spell.

They are really persistent with this. I sigh and turn my phone off. I need to hurry with these wards before Aunt Michelle does come here and she'll be in danger too.

"Well, let's get started," I said,

"How much experience do you have with wards?"

I thought for a moment. "Not much. I'm only eighteen. My coven taught me a few but not many."

He raised an eyebrow. "Eighteen years? Impossible. There is no way you could have been powerful enough to perform the spell to release me at such a young age."

"Well, you're standing right here aren't you."

He stares at me like I'm something fascinating. It's a little unnerving and I'm not ashamed to admit it's turning me on a bit. His lips twitch in amusement like he heard my thoughts. Wait. Can he hear my thoughts? He said he wasn't a witch but had certain powers. Mind reading could be one. You're really hot. I wait for his reaction but he continues to stare with a curious expression. He must have not heard me. I relax at the thought. Having him being able to read my mind would be too much.

Without another word, Cain stops staring at me and helps me draw wards around the house. The house is large so it takes us over an hour to get them all written. After I draw them, Cain has me do a spell to hide them from sight. When we're done. I go back to the library to gather my things. He follows behind.

"I have to leave. And you have to stay here until I get back."

"I'm not staying here," he argued.

"You have to. I need to get back to my coven house and you need to stay here until I can sneak back out."

"Sneak out?"

"I kind of got in a bit of trouble for a spell I performed. It's no big deal but my High Priestess isn't happy about it."

I decided to leave the fact that the High Priestess is my aunt. I still didn't know him.

"I need to find my Loyal."

I turn my phone on to find another set of messages from Cynthia. I need to tell them what's going on. I can't deal with this by myself. I look back at him. To find a worried expression covering his beautiful face.

"We'll figure all that out once I get back. Please stay here."

Before he can argue once again, I walk out the front door. I hurry to my car and drive straight to the coven mansion. I put my car in the garage and walked inside. It's nine at night now and the house is quiet. I close the door behind me and start to make my way towards the stairs.

"Elsie." A firm voice called.

Crap. I turn around and find Aunt Michelle staying there in all her glory. She's wearing a red dress that shows off her curvy figure, black heels, and her brown hair is straightened.


"Join us won't you?"

She gestures to the dining room where the coven is all eating dinner. She doesn't wait for my answer and goes back to her seat at the head of the table. I walk in the dining room and take a seat next to Cynthia. I notice Patrick is missing.

"Where have you been?" Cynthia asked in a low tone.

"I went to my house."

Her brow furrowed. She's wearing a dark purple sweater and yellow pants. I know her shoes are just as colorful as the rest of her outfit. Cynthia can't help but wear the most color she can. She's fashionable and bold with every outfit she wears. Her light pink hair is pulled back with a ribbon the same color as her shirt.

"You went home? I thought you vowed to never go there again."

I grab one of the tablets off the table and type it in my order for dinner. I chose the steak, potatoes, and vegetables. I set the tablet down after I finished ordering. The rest of the coven have already gotten their food and are halfway through eating. I don't miss the glares they give me.

"I did. Something came up. Something magical." I answered vaguely.

She gave me a look, wanting to know more but I gave her one back.

"Later," I said,

When my food arrives, Cynthia practically glares at my steak. She's a vegan and she hates that I won't become one with her. It's not that I don't love animals, I just choose not to change the way I've been eating for years. She is not the only vegan in the coven but she is the only one who has no problem expressing her disgust when she sees me eating meat.

She must see something in my eyes because tonight she doesn't comment. After dinner, Cynthia goes to her room and Aunt Michelle calls me into her office. Once again, I take my regular seat.

"Where were you today?" she asked.

"I went home."

Her eyes widened a bit. "Home?"

I nod. "I've been missing my parents more. I just needed to take a breath after how poorly I acted yesterday."

She collects herself like she wasn't expecting that answer. I have told everyone over and over again how I would never step foot back in that house but I became so desperate to prove myself that I broke my own promise. Her eyes do soften a bit. It wasn't a complete lie. I do miss my parents, I will always miss them.

"You should have told me or one of the teachers before leaving."

There aren't many teachers here but a few to help us learn more about controlling our power. We had our own little version of Hogwarts without the wands and used magic more freely.

"I know. I apologize."

I was trying to remain as serious and calm as possible. No making jokes or trying to talk my way out of anything. She's clearly not expecting an apology and clears her throat.

"Well, I appreciate you apologizing. As far as your punishment. I want you to help out the brownies for a week."

The brownies are the staff who keep this place clean.

I nodded.

"You can go." I got up and walked to the door before she called after me. "Elsie, it's dangerous out there for young witches. You need to be careful. There are people out there who will try to take advantage of you."

She turns back to her laptop and I take that as my cue to leave again. She's not stone cold but she never gets that emotional. Did she know something I didn't? I wasn't native. I knew how dangerous the world could be but something in her voice made me question if she knew more than she led on.

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