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Chapter 7


Elsie. The bloody witch. Cain was feeling angry at how much she was bothering him. Ever since she freed him and took over his curse all she did was ask question after question. He didn't blame her for wanting to know more about herself, but it was frustrating for him. There was too much going on around him. He doesn't fully know this new world just yet. He had to be careful about what he says and does. Hell has eyes everywhere and the last thing he needed is information getting back to Lucifer or Lilith.

Not everyone in his house is trustworthy. Answering one question can lead to a world of trouble. For both of them. It's better for Elsie to stay in her place and let him handle this. He'll protect her but he'll do it his way. If she were ever harmed or worse killed, his monster would break loose and he didn't need that problem. Not when he was about to start a war.

Cain walked down the hall and toward his office. He hadn't been in this house in decades. Nothing had changed. Adelaide made sure of it. She knew Cain hated change. He liked order and now that he was out of purgatory, he was determined to get everything back the way it used to be.

Purgatory his personal prison. Flashes of blood, bones, and flesh filled his mind. The things he had to do to survive would leave the strongest of them scarred. Aside from the scars and bite parts on his body he seemed fine , but on the inside, there was a war raging in him. He not only had to keep the past at bay but he had to make sure his monster stay put. The key on Elsie's wrist helped make that happen. Lilith designed it years ago and she used to be the one wearing it until she threw him in Purgatory, letting his monster run free.

Just as he expected, Adelaide was sitting on one of the two chairs in front of his desk. Without saying a word, he walked over to the silver tray next to his desk to poured two drinks of bourbon. He hands one off to her before sitting in the leather seat behind the desk. Cain couldn't believe how good it felt to just sit. When you're running for your life, you couldn't sit down and relax.

"She shouldn't exist." is the first thing to come out of her mouth.

The body she's wearing has a similar face to the one Cain first met her in. Straight mint green hair, pale skin, and a tall lean body. It seems like it was yesterday when he was forced to live in Hell. Adelaide had welcomed him with open arms no matter how many times Cain pushed her away. She never gave up on him. One of the reasons Cain cared so dearly for her because she reminded him of Adam because of how caring and supportive she was.

His adopted father had been someone he looked up to for years. He'd always wished he could be as strong and caring as Adam was. But of course, Eve had to spread her legs and instead of being the son of the man he looked up to, he was the son of a man who did nothing but bring pain to everyone he met.

"And yet she does," he replied.

"They were all killed. If someone finds out what she is, they will kill her."

"I'm aware of that. That's why I'm here. I have a necklace that will tone down what's inside of her."

Adelaide shakes her head. "That's only a temporary fix. What you need to do is hand her over to Them and they will handle it."

Cain's eyes narrowed and he could feel his monster peeking his head out the metaphorically locked door he kept his monster in. Her eyes widen as she felt him. Cain pushed him back to the depths of his mind. They are at constant war. Always fighting for the spotlight.

"She won't be going anywhere unless I say otherwise."

Cain walked over to the bookcase and pulled out an ancient book that has been with him for a long time. He opens it and finds the necklace hidden between the pages. He lifts it up by its gold chain as the red ruby hits the light coming in from the window, just right to sparkle. He could feel it's power humming. This was one of Cain's most prized possessions and he was giving it away to some woman he barely knew.

Cain couldn't hide the fact that he felt for her. He had tried to pass it off as just lust or the bond. But he knew the bond had nothing to do with emotions. If it had then he would have felt something for Lilith other than hate. Elsie was such a sexy rare powerful witch. Everything about her called to him. He pictured her long legs in that tight black leather dress. How it gave her cleavage that made his mouth water. He had to control himself when it came to her. He almost went into that party and yanked her off that table when one of his employees told him she was on display for others to see.

She shouldn't be dancing that way for anyone but him. Cain was thrown for a second, he'd never felt this possessive for a woman before. Elsie was truly different.

"I've promised to teach her control in exchange for helping me find my Loyal."

Adelaide nodded as she understood. On the inside, she thought Elsie was a disaster waiting to happen. Sure she was powerful but she's young and if Cain needs to train her to use her magic then they're in more trouble than she thought. During the time that Cain was gone, she had to not only keep his business in order but she had to make sure Hell never heard a word about her trying to free Cain. If they had, she might have been put in Purgatory with him or would have been tortured in the depths of Hell.

Cain leaned back in his chair. He needed his Loyal. They were the ones who would do just about anything for him. And they had, many times. They were a part of him. They used to be the most powerful of Hell. Everyone feared them. Cain would always carry the guilt of his mistake being the reason they were apart now.

"Why haven't you taken her soul and left her where she was?"

It was a logical question and it was one Cain didn't understand himself. The bond wasn't tied to the flesh rather than the soul that carried it. In truth, Cain could have taken her soul and the key would have remained intact. But for some reason, he was protecting her. It wasn't just about what runs in her veins but her whole being.

"I can't leave the poor girl soulless." he lied.

Adelaide sometimes forgot to rein in her emotions. Although demons were able to love, it was off at times. They weren't made to have emotions and yet they loved just like everyone else.

"How'd she get The Shadows of dark souls? Lilith locked that up the moment she made it."

That was one of the first questions that came to Cain when he saw the book on the table inside Elsie's library. He remembered looking at that book every day when he was in Hell. He always thought if he could somehow manage to get it away from Lilith, he would have the upper hand. Of course, things didn't work out that way. How did it end up with the Clermont's? Elsie had more secrets in her life than she knew about.

"I don't know," he answered.

She shrugs and moves on to another topic.

"Ever since you left.." her voice starts to break. "I've been looking for your Loyal."

That pulled Cain's attention away from the necklace and Elsie for the moment. He put the necklace into his pants pocket. Maybe if Adelaide has found something useful then he wouldn't need Elsie.

"What have you found?"

"Top drawer to your left."

He opened the drawer and pulled out a folder. He opened the folder to find four countries on a piece of paper.

"This is the closest you could get?"

She nods. "I'm sorry. Our source was killed before they could give us exact locations. Elsie could do a spell to get their exact location."

He closed the folder and put it on his desk.

"In the meantime, I want you to keep things tight around here. No one goes in or out. I can't have someone finding out Elsie was here. They'll use her against me."

Adelaide nods and leaves the room.

For the past few days, he'd been learning all that he could about this new world. So much had changed. Some for the better and others for the worse. It was going to take some time but eventually, he'd be back where he was. And when he finds his Loyal he planned to get his crown back. But this time he was going to be king.

Cain didn't want to just kill Lucifer and Lilith, he wanted to take their crowns.


As Cain walked to Elsie's room he touched each one of his Loyal's bonds. They were awake and waiting for him to free them. Cain couldn't hear their minds but he could feel their emotions. Scared, confused, and angry. He didn't know what it was towards but he figured it was likely towards him. He couldn't blame them, this was all his fault. He was the reason they're rotting in a casket six feet under. If it wasn't for one of Lilith's minions that told had told that tidbit of information before they left him in purgatory, he would have never known what happened to them.

He knocked on the door of the bedroom Adelaide assigned Elsie too. It was the second biggest in the mansion. Cain's being the first. With his enhanced hearing, he could hear her groans as she got off the bed and walked toward the door. He almost smiled as she opens the door and her nose wrinkles with that little glare of hers.

"Hello, love," he said.

Her aura was red as usual. It rarely changed from red since he'd known her. Red showed how passionate and determined she was. The way she sometimes looked off into space as if she was in her own world. He also noticed how her breath catches when he called her love.

"What do you want? Come to yell at me some more for simply wanting to know what is wrong with me?"

His dick hardened at her vicious tone. It's been more than a while since he had a woman's touch and her looking at him with angry, lustful eyes wasn't helping. She was wearing the outfit Adelaide picked out for her. It was just in her size which probably pissed her off more. Her curvy body made the outfit look sinful.

"I came to apologize to you."

She raised an eyebrow as if suspicious of his motives.

"For what?"

"As you said, I yelled at you and that was uncalled for. I apologize. I have been away from mankind for so long that I sometimes forget how to act. I also was raised by demons so that didn't exactly help with my social issues. But of course, that is no excuse."

Her eyes soften at the reminder of him being trapped in Purgatory.

"There were no other people there with you in purgatory?"

He shakes his head. "Not people, monsters. Castaways that God couldn't control and were thrown in there with me. Over time more and more monsters came, all with one goal of killing me."

"I'm sorry."

Cain was taken back a bit. No one ever apologized. They felt bad for him, yes, but it was because they thought they knew how bad it was. They had no idea. Yet, Elsie apologized to him as if she were the one who put him there. He'd never had that. That apology as if they'd had experienced it together. Growing up he was taken care of but it was out of obligation. Even Adelaine at times saw taking care of him as more of a job than being motherly.

He cleared his throat and got back on track. "The other reason I came was to get you started on your training."

She gets an excited gleam in her brown eyes before she nods her head.

"That'd be great. Should I change?"

"Yes. There should be some workout clothes in one of those drawers."

She goes to turn before stopping and giving him one of her signature glares.

"How did you know my size?"

"I looked through your things before I left that day," he answered honestly.

"Ever heard of privacy?"

"I had to make sure you weren't some kind of monster."

He couldn't contain his smirk as she gave him a bored look before shutting the door in his face and mumbling a few words to herself. He left and went off to the workout room.


A couple of minutes later, Elsie walked into the room. She's wearing a tight shirt, shorts, and sneakers. He watched her as she adjusts her shorts, trying to pull them down. She gets frustrated before leaving them alone and walking over to him. Her dark brown skin is smooth and there is a glow to her that could only be from her magic. Humans wouldn't be able to see it but supernaturals would. She was the most beautiful girl he'd ever met. She'd pulled her braids into a ponytail and stretched giving Cain a little view of her perfectly shaped ass. It's been way too long. He cleared his throat and shook himself out of the lust-filled haze.

"So what should we do? My mom taught me a few things but obviously, they haven't been working."

Cain noticed that whenever she talked about her mother she's got emotional and her aura turned a deep blue showing how internally sad she really was. He needed to look into her parents more. Maybe it can help him figure out how she even exists and how no one has found out about her.

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