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Chapter 8


"Forget what your mum taught you. What triggers you to lose control?"

"When my emotions get too high. Doesn't matter if it's happy, sad, etc."

He nodded in understanding because it was the same for him. If his emotions became too much that's when his monster was an able crack open that locked door.

"Emotions can break our control. When I'm angry or upset my monster comes closer. As if the door I lock him in cracks open a bit. If you can control your emotions you can be able to control your magic. Close your eyes and tell me how you feel."

She did as he asked. "I feel fine."

"Good. Now, think about your friends and how they make you feel."

She keeps her eyes closed and he sees a hint of a smile on her face.

"Keep your eyes closed and think about your parents. Think about your mum in jail and your dad leaving you."

He watches as her aura becomes a dark red and gets darker.

"It makes you feel angry right?"

"Yes," she said in a rough tone.

"Focus on that angry. I want you to open your eyes and take all that angry and hit me with it."

Her eyes snap open and widen. "I can't hit you. I'd kill you."

He laughed. "No, you won't. You'd probably knock me on my arse but you won't kill me. Trust me."


She blew out a breath, closed her eyes, pushed her hands out a little, and the next thing he knew he was knocked into a wall. He felt a few bones break and he groaned in pain as he picked himself up. His monster wanted out to see who had hurt him but Cain pushed him back. Her magic flowed through him and he felt her anger and her pain. He could feel it as if it were his own. He heard her run across the room to him.

"Cain! I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. I asked you to. You're really fucking strong Elsie."

Too fucking strong. This is why she was going to be hunted. They can't have anyone who could challenge their power and she does. She could bring them all down and she doesn't even know it yet. He knew he needed to tell her but telling her would open up a world of new dangers. Once she had control with her magic she would be able to protect herself. She was right, no matter how much he tried to protect her, he couldn't be there 24/7.

"Thank you?"

He could tell she didn't like being powerful. She feared herself.

"You don't have to be scared, Elsie. I'm going to help you with control and then you'll be unstoppable."

Elsie shakes her head. "I don't want to be unstoppable. I just don't want to keep messing up."

"Stand up."

She does and he makes her get into a fighting stance.

"Don't use your magic. I want you to fight me."

She laughed. "Fight you? Dude, you're like fifty times my age. I like living."

"I won't use my full strength."

"You better not," she said in what she must have thought was a threatening tone.

His lips twitched and he got into position. She tries to hit him and he blocks them over and over again. She gets angry but to his surprise, her magic never comes out. She had more control than she realized. He remembered when he was first learning to control his monster he would pick fights with people of Hell to make sure he didn't use his monster as a clutch. It never worked and he would constantly let him free whenever he got to the point where he couldn't take the pain anymore. It was a habit that was hard to break. Always relying on the easy way. Elsie had enough control that she continued trying over and over again rather than just using her magic to end this. Eventually, she throws her arms up in defeat.

"You said no powers. You're moving in super speed," she complained.

Cain smiled at her. "I said I wouldn't use my strength."

She nods her head and her face becomes determined.

"You want to cheat?" she smirked. "Two can play at that game."

He opened his mouth to make a reply when she took off her shirt. She was wearing a sports bra underneath that gave her far too much cleavage. It's been too bloody long. Elsie knew she was sexy. She had to know that not only her body but her mind could bring a man even as strong as Cain to their knees.

She smirks again at his obvious stare. He adjusted his trousers. He was so focused that the next thing he knew he was staring at the ceiling with an all too happy witch looking down at him.

"You may be old. But you're still a guy."

She goes to walk away but he yanked her leg and she ended up on top of him. Her face was so close that he could smell her minty breath. Her brown eyes looked into his green ones and the whole world around them seemed to stop at that moment. He looked at her perfectly plump lips that were begging to be kissed or wrapped around his cock, whichever she preferred. Elsie felt the pull too and couldn't help herself as she started to lean down to find out if his lips were as soft as she had imagined. Before she could, the door opened up.

Cain could feel himself growl and Elsie jumped. He could feel his anger ready to lash out on whoever interrupted them. He knew his eyes had turned golden with red mixed when Elsie gave him a look of worry and fear. He'd never hurt her but whoever is at the door, he couldn't promise. He gently moved Elsie and looked to see who walked in.

One of his housekeepers shook in fear as he stumbled out words. The people that worked for him were all lower level demons in human bodies. When he was a prince and was allowed out of Hell he promised them free rein in humans if they'd work for him for eternity. It was a good deal. Anyone who wasn't in a high position in Hell would rather clean toilets than to stay on The RACK which was the fun way of saying lineup for the torture chamber.

"S-s-sir, there's an issue." the man's voice trembled.

"What issue?"

"Lilith is on the phone and has requested to speak to you."

Everything in Cain's body froze upon hearing that cunt's name. Lilith. The woman who made the prison that was meant to put Cain away forever. That was until Elsie saved him. What could Lilith possibly want to chat about? He'd rather they meet face to face so his monster could rip her head off.

"Where?" he said in the calmest voice he could manage so Elsie wouldn't fear him.

The man didn’t move from his spot as he pointed to the end of the hall. That's where Adelaide had set up a computer room so Cain could learn faster about this new world.

"Get a hold of yourself." he heard Elsie say to the man.

He would find it amusing if he wasn't in a murderous rage. Adelaide was already there along with a few others and they all looked terrified as they stared at Lilith. They know the power she holds and no matter how long they have left Hell they know what it feels like to be under her reign. Lilith was not as strong as a few people in Hell but she knew ways to bend people to her will. Cain has seen it first hand. After Lucifer gave her his crown, he went off to do whatever that waste of space did.

"Cain! So, good to see you, my dear. How was your trip? I hear Purgatory's weather is absolutely dreadful." she said in an overly happy voice.

"What do you want Lilith?" he sneered.

Lilith smiled at Cain with her perfect white teeth. She's sitting on her throne with her purple crown rested on her curly black hair. Her brown skin looks more healthy than ever which means Hell has gotten more souls for her to play with. Lilith was made to be a plaything for Lucifer. Of course like everyone around him, Lucifer was able to make her fall in love with him. He began to grow bored with her and eventually left. It was then that Lilith realized her true joy was to torture the new souls that came into Hell. The more she tortures the more her power grows.

"I wanted to apologize for not letting you out sooner. I had plans to cross my cold dead heart. But Hell gets busy." she shrugs in what can you do? Type of way. "I also wanted to meet the witch who freed you. Opening that kind of portal takes power. I want to meet her and have some girl talk about how she did it." she still had that sinister smile on her face.

"She isn't here." he lied.

There was no way Cain was letting Lilith even see Elsie. Lilith's favorite thing is to play games. If she found out who Elsie was she would come after her. Lilith didn’t like people who could challenge her power. She pouts, feigning that innocent girl act she likes to do. Cain had to give her credit though. Lilith's been able to end wars because of how dumb she acts. She studies her opponents before making her attack. The only two people that she hasn't been able to outsmart are Cain and Lucifer.

"What a shame. You'll have to bring her with you when you come home."

"I'm not coming back to Hell."

Her eyes darken to the almost same red and gold eyes as Cain. It was a Hell trait. Demons have black eyes to show their dark essence. While those born with the darkness inside of them have red eyes. Gold was the color of the royalty of Hell. They could strip Cain of his title but he would always be royalty.

"We need you here," Lilith said, keeping a calm tone.

"You didn't need me there when you put me in Purgatory."

"You know the balance was fine when you were down there. Now, it's off because you decided to stay on earth without me. You know you need me. That thing inside you will get free and I won't be there to stop it."

Cain smirks at her which throws her off and she hated surprises.

"You don't know? I thought you knew everything." he mocked. "The witch who freed me also took over my curse."

Lilith's eyes widen before they go back to cool and calm. "You're lying."

Cain unbuttoned his shirt to reveal the tattooed lock over his heart symbolizing the lock the curse has. Elsie has the key on her wrist. She doesn't know that if she were to ever decide to open his curse the world as she knows would change. Lilith leaned into the camera as she looked at the lock before leaning back against her throne. Cain watched as she held onto the handles of the throne tighter. He was getting to her.

"I see. Well, then I guess we'll be playing a little game. I try to find you while you try to find your Loyal. Let's see who wins." she smiled before the camera was cut off.

Bitch. This is all a game to her. She knows how much Cain's Loyal means to him. He needed to find them before she tried to pull any of her tricks. He turns around noticing that Elsie is standing in the doorway. He turned to Adelaide.

"Get us tickets to the first place on the list. We're going to find my loyal."

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