The Royal Assassin

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Toxic is an assassin to the werewolf king. She hides many secrets, that could cost her more than her own life. The life of her Kingdom and others. Can she handle that pain? Or will she find something else? ~**Will possibly be making a second**~

Fantasy / Romance
Shadøw Wølf
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I crouched below the bushes not being seen, I drew my bow and let go of the string and arrow as the arrow hit its target. Cortez Lanote, is dead. I arose above the bushes and walked back to the kingdom.

I bowed before the king. “King Damon, Cortez Lanote, is dead.” I said emotionless but respectfully. “Good. I will send you a list of others that need assassinated.” King Damon said joyful his mortal enemy is dead. I bowed. “Yes my King.” I replied. “Your dismissed.” He told me. I bowed before walking out of the throne room and down the bright hallway to my room or quarters, I would say.

I walked into the dark gloomy room. I don’t mind the color, to be honest I’m glad everything is black. “Lady Toxic, The King has requested you in the ballroom at dinner.” The top maid said. “Tell him I will be there.” I requested her to tell King Damon. She nodded her head and bowed before leaving the room.

Guests I’m assuming, the only time I ever go in there is for guests. Never parties or balls, I don’t do that stuff.

I changed into black tight leather pants, a black sleeveless crop top and a black leather jacket. I wanted to show my muscles and some scars are visible. I have many scars and I’m not afraid to show them. They show how strong I am and how many people I assassinated. I really love this job more than anything.

My black hair tied back into a tight ponytail. My eyes are the most fascinating thing about me. There black with blue fire coming up from the bottom of my eyes. I put mascara and eyeliner with black lipstick on. I started heading to the ballroom with the guests.

As I walked into the open ballroom, I was surprised who had been occupying the ballroom.

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