The Joining: Ainsworth Chronicles Book One

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Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Seventeen


arol’s head thumped wildly as she tried to focus on the room that spun before her. The aftereffects of the chloroform. The hangover-like sensations pounding away would take maybe hours to

subside. She tried to move and she realized her hands were tied together behind her and as she looked down, her ankles as well.

The snap of a whip cracking shattered the bounds of her throbbing head. Carol winced in agony. “What in the hell?”

A familiar voice she didn’t think she’d ever hear again broke the air. “Welcome back, Ms. Moore. Or should I say Luigi’s new plaything, Carol Ainsworth.”

Crap I’d been set up. Again. Turning to Jake, Carol said, “Luigi? Luigi Rizzuto? The eldest brother?” Gotta think, how am I getting out of this?

Jake nodded in agreement, a sly smile came to his lips.

“Here I bloody thought you were an FBI agent, Cole Brady.”

“Hey, a guy’s got to make a living these days. Let’s just say I trade some favors for a lot of cash.”

“In your hotel room when she supposedly had tied you up. You weren’t held against your will. You told me when we first met, you liked feisty woman. I think the term should have been dominating women. You were killing off the competition on the boat, you’re working for the mob, and the


He nodded again, strangely submissive. Carol knew who was in charge.

“Correct. He was just servicing his mistress, weren’t you?” Double frigging agent.

“You murdered your father, didn’t you? What, you gain entry to his room, long-lost heir coming back to make up? Something like that? That’s why he let you in. He went to the mini-bar to get a drink to celebrate and you hit him from behind, then strangled him? That noose you killed him with, I found out Victoria would indeed import them up from San Francisco, but according to the tests it was about forty years too young. Once you killed him you locked the door and closed the anchor by way of, say, a piece of dental floss so it looked like an impossible murder? You son of a bitch, you set this all up. And me.”

“Quite the detective, aren’t you? I took the weapon and disposed of it. I knew I’d left the floss behind but really didn’t think you were clever enough to make the connection. Oh well, we live and learn. At least I will.”

“A sniveling embarrassment to him, hence why you aren’t recognized as the senior son, but Lorenzo was instead. You’d rather play submissive boy toy to Mrs. Big Tits here than be his proud male son.”

He is the cursed one, not Lorenzo. Jake stepped towards Carol and backhanded her. “Lady, a coward I am not. Our society doesn’t favor the woman in charge. But now that my father is dead, I will become the capo of the clan, acting through Lorenzo. That is one of the things that will be celebrated tomorrow with the joining of the clans. Our successful actions on that ship will show that our clan is strong and ready to begin operations, partly under my command, through my undercover government connections.”

She hadn’t realized the depths of the mob’s involvement in American government meddling. He lets Lorenzo run the show, be the figure head, while he feeds them information from government sources. A true son of a bitch.

“I saw you two the other night, getting quite cozy in the lifeboat. He

told me how deliciously you were.” Rebecca swam into view, she bent over and grabbed Carol hard by her cheek with one hand. She was dressed in black leather panties, with a cinched tight black laced corset, that accentuated her hips. Knee high leather boots on six-inch stilettos left just the thighs exposed. A short open leather top threatened to spill her large breasts out any moment as she thrust them forward. Hot red lipstick shone evilly in the dim light.


“Drones. We had a drone setup and it didn’t take him much convincing to enlighten us with his tale, did it, my slave.” Becca ran her hand down the front of the oddly quiet Jake. She could see him stirring under his pants as she rudely fondled him. Carol struggled to sit up right, the room spun slightly. A glance told her that this time there were no breaking bonds or knots, she’d used plastic tie straps to secure her. Carol thought hard for a moment. “There wasn’t a bomb on that boat was there?”

“Nope, I set that up. We had to take out that shipment of drugs to the Asian gangs.” There was a report Carol heard yesterday of another ship that had been boarded and found with all the crew dead, its cargo holds empty. A suspected drug shipment sidetracked to the mob. “That luxury ship had been rigged up to either deceive authorities or to take out shipments for the Asian gang’s which would have dealers and customers switching alliances to the mob.”

“So, you’re saying we weren’t in danger of getting shot.”

“Yeah. We were supposed to just hide in the lifeboat until the killings were done and then get out after I blew it up. Although I did enjoy groping you, too bad you weren’t a little more inclined to have some fun together.”

“Sick mother, trying to take me against my will. I’m glad women have began to stand up against guys like you.”

“You liked it and in the end you’re just a woman I had been instructed to get close to in order to learn some vital information for both the FBI and my fellow Rizzutos,” he smirked slyly.

Becca, bored by chat that wasn’t about her, interrupted. “Now as I recall the last time we got together I never got my rocks off because of you. If he hasn’t told you, I’m not the kind of woman that likes being frustrated. So, I guess it will be your job to finish me off.” She caressed the long handled whip as she talked, like she was still rubbing Luigi’s hardness.

“Lady,” Carol croaked trying to find her voice. “I don’t do broads.”

“Oh, when I’m done with you, you’ll want to get me off. Trust me, before the devil has his way with you.”

“What?” She fought to focus. She’d read about some of the deprived requirements of the ceremonies.

“Oh, you see he needs some human blood sacrifices, but what really binds his services to us is some delicious female slave to sink into, and guess who just joined the party?”

“Now my job is to get the dinner warmed up for him, if you know what I mean. Although I was hoping you were a little more adventurous, that’s a shame because it really turns on some men watching two women pleasuring each other. As for me, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I do. There’s nothing like a bit of softness mixed with my testosterone, makes for a great night in a threesome. I think he’d like to see you on your knees, pleasuring me with the disrespectful mouth of yours.”

Jake interrupted, “Carol, I’m so sad you found out. I really liked you.

But I guess you’d find out sooner or later and I’d have to kill you.”

“You’re such a bastard.” She said trying to fight the haze that threatened to put her out. Wetness oozed from her lip. I’m bleeding.

“And you are going to be dead. But you know what? You’re probably

the one of the best I ever had.” He smiled with a smugness that made Carol want to knee him right between the gonads or grab those testicles again and crush them hard again.

“Probably? Hell, I get more excitement from my battery-operated boyfriend.” His eyes opened in fury and he grabbed her by the throat.

“Easy Luigi, you do not see that she is baiting you?” Rebecca put her hand on his shoulder. “If you kill her here, then the ceremony will not finish. No, let me have my fun and then we give her to the Almighty One and he can finish her off while we watch.”

Carol struggled to break free, but it was no use, she felt her fingers growing cold. The whip sang out again, but this time it kissed her back as Becca moved behind her.

“Yes, I think I’ll enjoy watching this instead of breaking her neck,” he growled.

Carol bit her lip as searing pain stung her. “Fuck.”

Becca grabbed the front of Carol’s shirt and tore it apart, buttons flying.

“What are you nuts?”

She pulled out a long-handled knife from the wall where it hung. Carol’s eyes opened. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to cut you. Inflict some pain, yes. I’m saving your blood for him.” She cut the straps of her bra.

“You know you could just unclip me, that’s a thirty-dollar bra.” Carol was trying to rationalize with this woman that was crazier than a hoot owl at a barn dance.

“Could, but this is such more fun. Now, once I’ve your clothes off, anytime you’re ready to pleasure your mistress just let me know. Because unlike you, I enjoy inflicting pain and receiving it. Quite exciting.” She rubbed her crotch. A few quick moves had Carol down to just her panties as Becca cut away the fatigues.

“You, lady, are one fucked up chick.”

“Correct, that’s what Luigi loves about me. And you are going to lick me and well, until I’m satisfied. Or else the pain just gets worse. Would you like a little sample?”

Becca snapped the whip a couple of times across Carol’s stomach and her breasts. She grunted in pain.

“Shit. That hurts, bitch,” Carol gasped. I won’t give her the satisfaction of making me scream.

“Ever wonder why so many people enjoy the Fifty Shades books and movies?” she asked, her wet tongue licked at Carol’s ear as she talked.

“Not my scene.”

“Well, I’m giving you a free lesson today, usually charge a fortune to frustrated men and women to do this.”

“You get people to pay for hurting them?”

“Yeah, but don’t worry. I can hurt you or make the pain, well shall I say, very sensual.

You’ll be liking it in a moment.”

She snapped the whip softly several times across Carol’s legs and stomach. “Stay on your knees or I’ll use some wax?”

“Wax? Go to hell.”

“Have it your way and most apt choice of phrases. Because it is you that will be travelling there, shortly. But first, that rude disrespectful tongue will bring me much pleasure.”

“I’ll have you charged.”

The whip flicked out several more times over her back in response.

She gasped in agony. Weighing the odds, as much as she didn’t want to give Becca any oral satisfaction, the idea of hot wax dripped on her seemed less appealing. The whip sang softly across her inner thighs. Oddly heat began to build within.

“Enjoying that yet?” Becca dropped the long handled whip and grabbed a short one. The woman moved behind her and shoved Carol forward. With one knee on her back to keep her still she flicked the whip across the back of her upper thighs and then on the cheeks of her ass.

“Get stuffed.”

“Give me more time and I’ll even get you turned on.”

Even if I did, I’d not admit it to her and give her the satisfaction. Carol felt the heat along her thighs. Damn, the pain is going somewhere I didn’t want it to. The bitch knows her stuff.

“I’ve done this many times and I can get anyone aroused and keep them on the edge forever.

Until they beg me for release.”

“Cunt.” It was rare she ever thought of using that word, but this woman deserved it. The heat was indeed building inside. Never, would I have thought in a million years that this could be a turn-on. No wonder so many people bought the damn books.

“Really, well I can make it hurt then.” She snapped the whip across her back. Carol jerked in agony. She could feel the welts erupting as Becca tortured her with her whip.

Just then a large gong rang out.

“Fuck. They’re ready for us,” Jake said as he stared at a hole in the wall to the next room.

“Damn, that’s twice you’ve frustrated me. I guess it will just have to be up to the man servant to finish me off after this is all over.”

“Okay, tell them the main course is coming.” Becca and Jake placed her on a mobile platform. “You’re lucky, I was just beginning to get into this.” Becca kissed Carol on the lips and licked her cheek. “Damn, would have enjoyed you. But I can’t delay my Master any longer.” Carol spat at her. The redhead backhanded her.

They tossed a long white robe over her body.

Becca stepped back and flicked a switch in the wall. Two large sections of the walls began to slide back. The lights in the room faded out until only blackness remained.

From beside her Carol she caught a waft of cold air and shadows moving. What? There’s someone or something in here with us.

We will help as agreed, but bring the last of his linage to us or you will burn in hell with that foul creature and there is no further help due from us. There is another that will help, don’t move until the moment is right or all is undone. We are one with the flames. The words whispered in her head.

Cold fingers tugged at her bonds, a sudden heat flared, and the plastic ties melted away like dripping wax and blood rushed back to her fingers.

Francis? No, the Lekwungen? She wanted more than anything to leap off the turntable she was mounted on. Carol spied her clothes beside her, the gun and its holster lay on top. It would be so tempting to leap off this device and put a bullet between both their eyes.

The moment, wait. You must wait. Whispered in her ears.

She remembered what Agnes told her about the ceremony.

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