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Her Blood is a Boon to his Life.

Fantasy / Romance
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Meet Paris Noel, a sweet, and lovely girl who loves; romance, flowers, chocolates, pink, and glitter. Just like in the movies she too fantasies of meeting someone and falling in love.

Paris works at a four-star restaurant in the city. She was a sous chef, and tonight at their restaurant, they were catering to a big charity event happening as you read.

In the banquet hall, all the guests were tip-top dressed in their most elegant outfits—ladies in their beautiful gowns and men in their suits and tuxedos. The party was flowing well, cool, calm, and serene, with the sound of the piano playing in the background.

But in the kitchen, it was just the opposite; heat, clamor, and madness. From morning to nearly a fortnight, all the chefs were busy cooking, prepping, dicing, chopping.

Waiters and servers were flying in and out of the double kitchen door, like the worker bees.

“Is that steak ready yet?!” The head of the chef shouted. “Why is it still not ready yet?”

“Yes chef.” Paris answered.

“Where is the worcestershire sauce I asked for? You plate that! This needs more salt!” He yelled at multiple people at the same time.

The kitchen was busy and chaotic. Under pressure, while chopping the herb, our Paris nipped her finger, and the blood began to trickle. Quietly without making any complaint she continued with her job. Little that she knew, beads of her blood had dropped on a steak that was above to fly out to its recipient.


Among the guests was a man attending the occasion. He was rich enough to buy a state and powerful enough to rule the world, but he’d to keep a low profile; because the greater the man, the smaller his place to hide.


Because he was a nine hundred-year-old Vampire with the boyish charm; handsome and a heartbreaker who has broken many girls’ hearts, just by ignoring their presence. Only a few chosen ones had lingered on his bed, long enough for the warmth to dissipate.

However, he was slowly dying. He may have a couple of years left to live, but there was not a wince or a sign on his face that shows his vulnerability. Terence, his close confidant, and his doctor who was treating him were the only two people who knew he was poisoned.


The juicy medium-rare steak with a dab of Paris’ blood got served to the Vampire. The odor invaded his nose and all he could smell was blood—human blood. The man swiped his finger on the steak and dipped the finger in his mouth. He tasted the delicate blood.

Terence’s eyebrows came together. ‘Master never eats human food, so why did he taste that?’ The man could only be stunned.

The Vampire instantly jolted out of his seat. Terence understood something went wrong with the steak served to him. He sniffed the stench of blood.

But for the Vampire, it was the redolence that invaded his tongue with a sharp sweetness. And it was the most potent red fluid he’d tasted in his entire lifespan.

He scrambled his way among the people and admitted into the kitchen, looking for the one. He pushed people out of the way to reach for that person—that sweet blood.

The aroma of the food, the sizzling of the meat on the pan, the bubbling sauce on the gas stove with the several heartbeats in the room was disturbing his power to hear, so he switched gears and only focused on the essence of that blood.

Paris had blotted some of her blood on the tissue papers, which she’d thrown in the trash can next to her.

With each running step, his heart pounded, and his breath thinned as he got closer. The smell; the scent got even stronger. His whole body; every nerve, every cell got excited, only with a mere drop of her blood. He wanted to swim in it, drown in it. The Vampire slowed down and came to a halt. He was staring at the back of this brown-haired girl—who was busy preparing food. Her scent was too strong for him. He felt a storm brewing inside him. His fangs descended, his eyes glowed blood red.

The closer he got to her, he felt an amazing mixture of curiosity and fascination. Paris turned around, and he felt a tightening on every muscle in his body. The Vampire barely saw her, as emotion swirled inside him, and he vanished out of there.

The Vampire sat far away from the fireplace, staring, burning his gaze fiercely at the flickering firelight.

‘That girl? Her scent has filled my mind, and the taste of her blood is still on my tongue, and I want more.’ He shut his eyes, and stretched his neck; chin pointing to the high ceiling. His mouth began to salivate. “I want her. I want her blood.”


A couple of days later:-

“If you’re calling me to tell me I will be dying in the next few weeks, you may hang up the phone, Doctor.”

“No, I’m calling you because there has been a tiny improvement in your vitality. Are you doing something different or seeing another doctor behind my back?” The doctor chuckled hesitantly.

“Improvement? What kind of improvement are you seeing, Doctor?” He asked seriously, ignoring the humor.

“Your cell is generating—in another word, renewing. Like the white blood cells found in humans, known to fight the harmful radicals. Strangely, something similar was found in your blood and these are yellow in color not white. We are referring to it by the name of ‘Golden Blood Cell. And it’s protecting your cells from dying,’” The doctor said. “So what have you been drinking?”

That’s when Alexander thought to himself; if a drop of that girl’s blood had made such a small significant improvement. Imagine, a bowl full of her sinless blood could do to this dying Vampire.

The next day the Vampire was on his confidant tail.

“Find out who she is? Where does she live? I need to know every trivial thing about her.” The man ordered Terence.

Following the orders, Terence began his research. He started with the hotel manager. After inquiring, Terence found out all the information on the girl and was narrating it to the Vampire. “The girl who was working at the event; her name is Paris Noel. She’s twenty-three and single. She has a mother, Pauline, who works at the children’s hospital. No known information on her father, but still under investigation. Paris works at the restaurant, she’s a sous chef, loves to cook and bake. Her blood type is O negative.”

“Hmm...” was the Vampire’s response.

“It could also be someone else?” Terence questioned.

The Vampire smirked. “It’s her,” he said and with full confidence.

“How can you be so sure, Master?”

“Every single person working that night didn’t even come close to her scent. She’s the one.”

“How can you be so precise?” Terence was still doubtful.

“Because I went back to that restaurant and had a tasting menu for myself. Unfortunately, the girl wasn’t there.”

“Bloody hell!” Terence exclaimed. “You know you can’t do that?”

“I don’t care... I. Need. That. Blood. So do whatever it takes and bring me her blood.”

Terence sighed. “Yes, Master.” He couldn’t comprehend why the Master was so aggressive, needing her blood? Why her?

‘I can’t wait to taste you, Paris.’ The Vampire smirked.

~*~ ~*~

Terence came up with a plan and had set up a plot; ‘A special dinner date for two.’ And to cook the dinner Paris was hired for the special occasion.

In Paris’s mind, she was thinking, she was exclusively hired for a job by some billionaire, to go to his house and cook a special dinner for his date. ‘A man in love; surprising his girl with a romantic dinner for two in an idyllic setting. How romantic.’ She thought.

She couldn’t say no to such a thing. She was very excited about this small event. And she began to plan a perfect meal for the love birds.

On the contrary, the Vampire had other plans. In his business nature, he wanted to get Paris alone and talk with her and make a deal—a contract— to supply her blood every two weeks, and in return, he would compensate her with one million dollars. That’s what he’d planned for a settlement.


Paris got to the mansion, a little earlier than expected. Outside of the iron gate, she was immediately awed by how big this dwelling was.

The guard inside the booth at the gate let her in upon her arrival and gave her admission. Paris parked her little Prius, and Terence greeted her at the door. She opened her car trunk to get the groceries out; Terence told her he’d help to get everything out of her car. She was pleased.

Once they entered the house, Paris dropped her jaw at the sight of a richly decorated wall with art. A beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling, making a bold statement caught her attention. Under her feet the carpet she was walking felt expensive. She thought they would get dirty as she didn’t rub her shoes on the outdoor mat before entering.

“Wow, this house is so beautiful,” Paris said admirably. “Where’s the kitchen?” She asked.

“This way.” Terence directed.

They made their way to the kitchen, and Paris couldn’t believe the size of that kitchen.

“This kitchen is... so huge. It makes my kitchen look like the size of a microwave.” She giggled, and started getting the stuff out of the bags, and began sorting them out.

“So is this a dinner proposal by any chance?” She asked and went to the refrigerator to put some items in the fridge. “Do I have to hide a ring in a…” When she opened the door, her eyes went wide when she saw “BLOOD!”

So much blood, she has never seen so much blood stacked and stored in bottles and blood bags.


Paris had collapsed.

~*~ ~*~

“How clumsy?” The Vampire got irritated when he learned the girl had fainted. “Did you have to show her as soon as she came in?”

“Wasn’t that the reason she was brought here in the first place? It felt necessary to give her a hint and so I never cleaned out the fridge. Her fainting, her reaction was natural. Although she has this strong aura, it is very unusual... I can’t put my finger on it.” Terence had a hunch. “And she is also very lovely, and beautiful,” Terence mentions.

The Vampire raised his brow.

“Oh! So, Terence thinks of someone beautiful. That’s the first. I don’t care if she’s beautiful. I just need her blood.” He scoffed.

“Don’t be rude, Master. You don’t want to scare the girl, so I would suggest keeping your fangs hidden.”

“And where is this beautiful person?” He asked.

“She is sleeping in the guest bedroom.”


The Vampire knocked on the door to make sure she was awake, then he ducked in and welcomed himself inside the room when nobody answered him.

He strolled towards this sleeping beauty, and his eyes fell on her brown hair, spread on the white pillow. He walked closer and saw her face and took a fresh deep breath in as if something inside him inspired.

There was definitely an aura to her that he found a little surprising. Terence’s words were the utter truth. ’She does hold a strong aura, ’Aura of mystique.

A small part in his chest held a minute of jealousy, considering Terence liked her.

The girl was tucked under a velvet duvet cover on a queen-sized bed. She seemed small and vulnerable on this giant bed. In the moonlight, her golden skin was smooth and luminous.

He took a seat on a black leather chair next to the bed—in wait for her to wake up.

Only one and a half minutes had passed, and he was already impatient. In the meantime, looking at her, he couldn’t deny this pretty little person lying on the bed.

He’d a small grin playing on his lips, knowing that now everything will smell of hers, which he secretly adored.

Anticipation rose and the Vampire went and sat next to her, the warmth from her body made him shift a little and he moved even closer. He took into her angelic features and soaked himself in all her beauty. Slowly his eyes drifted down to her lips and subconsciously licked his own. Someone so incapable could excite him. His hand moved to touch her and he brushed his knuckles on her cheek. After a very long, long time, it was the first time he’d seen something so divine and was intrigued by it. No one has ever made his cold heart to beat like this before.

“Where have you been all my life?” He murmured.

He saw her body covered inside the duvet. ‘Is her body as beautiful as her face?’ His curious mind questioned, and persuaded him to unravel the tease hidden underneath.

He slowly removed the duvet cover. His eyes scanned her full breast, he slid the cover a little more. Then he noticed the hem of her dress had raised, exposing her thighs—her creamy skin. He slowly went to pull the hem down to cover; but, instead, he placed his hand on her, and his eyes closed on their own as he let out a moan in satisfaction. He loved her warm, soft human skin against his cold touch. It comforted him in a primal sense.

‘I shouldn’t.’ He thought to himself. Disregarded, he grabbed a fistful of her flesh. ‘Fuck, I’m in trouble.’

He grazed her thigh, feeling her smooth, silky skin. The Vampire knew what he was doing, it was a dangerous desire, and his dishonorable action was only giving him peace of mind.

He inhaled her scent more closely—it was absolutely intoxicating.

The thirst for her miracle blood spurred his natural control, and under the force of desire, he bent down...

In the moonlight, a requisition occurred. The Vampire sank his fangs into the delicate vein on her neck and began to supped her blood. Each drop tasted like ambrosia. He felt alive—an elixir of life, as the blood rushed through his vein.

He drank her, fancied her.

Then he retracted back slowly; wiped his mouth clean.

Now he was looking at her lips and wanted to kiss them, so he leaned and placed his lips on hers softly; loving the feeling of her soft lips—he pressed firmly, moving and licking them.

“Open your mouth, Paris.” He compelled her to do so and she did. Still, dazed, she opened her mouth, and he dipped his tongue inside and savored her. The sweetness was all he could taste. The texture of her tongue, the saliva, the smooth flesh of her inner cheek. He moaned.

Paris opened her eyes. Her blue staring back at his glowing red. “Who are you?” She asked, but he chose to ignore the look she gave him, and without a second thought, he pressed his lips on her again, the touch of her lips as if he touched the fire. He began to melt and dissolve, turning him from a Vampire into the night’s firefly.

Her moan, aroused him to do what wasn’t supposed to happen.

Merely awake, she remembered she’d come to a stranger’s place and that stranger was lying over her—kissing her. Startle Paris thought she was getting raped.

She tried to shove him and push him away. He’s so strong.

That annoyed him, and he pinned her hands over her head. A thought did not miss to cross his mind seeing her as she lay underneath him. ‘My, my she looked sexy in this position.’

His eyes saw the blood trickle down her neck.

“MORE!” The taste of her blood intensified, which desired him to drink more and he latched his mouth on her neck again, downing her blood that flowed in his every vein. She indeed possessed a gift, a cure. Blood droplets rolled down his jaw as he feasted on her.

~*~ ~*~

Paris was sobbing, sitting in the corner of that room, covering her neck with the duvet sheet. Her painful cry filled the room, creating a wave of noise, leaving him sullen. The Vampire stood hidden in the darknesses in case she would panic.

“What did you do?” She asked, and he slowly revealed himself and walked towards her, but she flinched.

“Stop right there. Don’t come near me.” She yelled and wedged herself further into the corner she was occupying. She was scared of him, and that bothered him so much.

“Paris—” He began, but she cut him off.

“Stay away from me.” Her words stung him, making him a little angry, but he sighed. What he did to her was awful.

He watched her for several seconds. All he could see was terror. The fear in her eyes spoke volumes. He didn’t know what to say.

“It was wrong of me. I lost control and got greedy.” He said, trying to ease the frightened young girl. It was a totally human response, he thought.

“W-who are you?”

“I’m a Vampire.” Her blue eyes shot up in horror.

She saw his bloody lips. “A-Are you going to kill me?”

He went silent. She began to sob, and more tears began to fall. “Please l-let me go. I-I-I won’t tell anybody, just please let me go home, please...please spare me, spare my life.” Paris said, promising him and pleading for her life. Her body was shaking with fear. The sadness in Paris’s eyes hurt his soul.

Loss for words; there was nothing he could do or say that would rectify this situation. The damage was already done, and since there was no time for a good introduction, he left it at that. He couldn’t stand the look of pain on her face, so the Vampire disappeared into the thin air.

Paris scrambled up quickly, wiped her tears, and hastened out of the hell hole. Throughout the drive, the poor girl was only crying and shivering badly. The throbbing pain in her neck also added to her misery.


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