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After the death of Queen Diana, the dark forces that she had banished before were coming back to overrun and destroy the land. Arina Wolf is the heir to the throne, but wasn't allowed to claim it until she turned 16. Now the time has come to be the new queen, but the Dark Lord stands in her way. With the help of her friends, will she find the assassin that killed her aunt and will she be able to reclaim her throne? Or will they all be swallowed up by the darkness forever?

Fantasy / Adventure
Freya Phoenix
Age Rating:

The Beginning of Everything

It was a full moon that night and Diana was just about to go up to bed.

Knock, knock.

She looked towards the door.

‘Come in!’ She ordered. The door opened and her maid slipped in.

‘My Queen, there is someone here to see you,’ The maid said with her head bowed.

Diana looked up at the clock. 9:30.

‘How strange it is for someone to come this late of the night,’ she remarked.

‘The man said it was an urgent matter and he had to see you quickly. He did not give me his name,’ the maid replied, standing straight.

Something doesn't feel right about this “man” Diana thought.

‘Very well, show him in,’ she said. ‘And when you do, leave the castle immediately.’

‘Yes Your Majesty, if it is your will, then it shall be done,’ the woman replied. She bowed again, then left the room.

I feel a demonic aura approaching Diana mused. She took her twin swords out of their sheaths. The mighty swords known as Astoria and Kristaria. The door that was shut suddenly opened, but no one was to be seen. Diana's senses became sharper and she was on guard.

‘Show yourself demon!’ She yelled.


Diana looked down to see a blade coming out of her stomach. Her blood dripped to the ground, but it was nothing compared to the overwhelming pain she felt. Poison. It's poison! That knife is poisoned!

‘Goodnight Your Highness, and you shall never awaken from your slumber again,’ whispered a demonic voice from behind her.

Her eyes widened. It-it can't be... her eyes began to fill with anger and hatred.

‘You TRAITOR!!!’ She whirled around and wounded the demon with Astoria. ‘You traitor! You will never live on this land in peace!’ She cried out bitterly.

‘Foolish woman,’ he growled. His blood began to fall to the ground. ‘Die!’ He stabbed her once a more and she collapsed.

Selene, the Queen's maid, ran for her life. She knew the castle wasn't safe and that she was supposed to get far away as possible. A scream pierced through the night sky. It came from the castle!

The Queen! Oh no, I can't leave her in danger! Selene thought frantically. She stopped and turned to look at the place that she saw as home.

Then she remembered something.

‘If anything happens to me, Selene, or if my life gets taken away from me, I want you to find my niece Arina Wolf. She is the next heiress to the throne. Serve her and protect her as you did for me,’ Queen Diana said.

It shall be done Your Highness, I shall protect her with my very life and I shall serve her as I served you, Selene vowed.

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