Magic School

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Hello to the readers, I had a tough, few months with this book and my life. I have decided to edit some of the book grammar issues a bit better. the book is finished There is a place called Magic School. There you can learn all types of different things from the basics to the most powerful type of magic. When you graduate Magic School, you become a wizard. To apply you need to be 13 to 21 years old, and the most important thing is to be able to do a little magic

Fantasy / Drama
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New School

“Xenna! Hurry up or be late for your new school”, yelled Alex. “Why should I even go to school when everyone thinks I am a freak. Also, I am dying my hair, school can wait”, I yelled as I finish rinsing the dye out my hair. I cast a spell on my hair so it can dry fast. I look for Alex my amazing sister. She only 17 and managed to get her own place and live her own life away from the city. I live in the city with my mom and her low life boyfriend. I just dye my hair to a ruby red, well that what the box says. As I see my sister in the kitchen waiting for me, I also noticed that the low life boyfriend is missing. I don’t really care as Alex put out this portable portal and say let’s go to school.

I nodded and on we went. My sister has always talk about this place it had dorms so I didn’t have to go back home for a while if I didn’t want to. I will miss mom a lot while I’m at school. I told mom in a phone call that I going to school. Mom knew about my magic stuff but she couldn’t help me with the magic since it skips a generation and only one person can the magic thing in a generation. I wish sometimes it was my sister who got these powers. I know that she always wants the powers. If there was a spell so that she could get the power I would be so happy for her.

By the time we got to the door of the school the dean of the school welcome us in. The dean office was medium sized. It was cozy but I honestly think he change the theme base on the mood he was in. I sat down it his bean chair it was purple and my sister sat in a black bean chair. I look at the dean and the name tag “Dean Williams” I guess the dean is also a shift shaper but, I don’t really care I been daydreaming until I hear “Xenna” loudly by both the dean and my sister. I look at the dean and listen the dean talk about testing to find a specialize program for spells and how the bean bags tell you the different types of magic your aura that would work with you. I realize that the chair is multicolor so I ask the dean “Why the chair keep multicolor colors”. The dean was surprised and started looking into books.

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