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At 5 years old madilynnes bestfriend katie is kidnapped by rogues. Katie's parents are murdered and Shortly after her mom is also killed. madilynnes life is turned upside down in more ways than one. She was uprooted from the only home shes ever known and thrown into a life she never expected to have. After her bestfriends disappearance and her moms murder she is left broken. Soon after madilynnes 18th birthday, everything shes ever known in her hectic life is flipped on her again. With one word " Mate " .

Fantasy / Romance
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Strange Man

Madilynne’s P.O.V

At just the tender age of 5, I knew Katie and I would be best friends for life. We did everything together, even though it mostly consisted of raising hell for each of our parents. Somehow we always managed to cause trouble. We were two peas in a pod, a dynamic duo if you will.

Katie’s parents owned a farm on the outskirts of town, their farm had miles and miles of fields to play and get lost in. Every day after my parents finished their work, we’d take a short drive to Katie’s house. We were neighbors after all. My parents, Kami and Finn, would always help Katie’s parents, Sebastian, and alley, with anything on the farm. That day they were throwing hay-bails, Katie and myself were running and jumping over all the hay bails, laughing and playing our hearts out.

Their laughter was interrupted by Sebastian and Alleys’ conversation. “Were we expecting visitors Sebastian?” Katie’s mom questioned Sebastian. ” No, and I don’t recognize the truck either.” Sebastian said. That’s when everyone noticed the black truck no one recognized, slowly driving towards the field they were all at. Katie and I noticed our parents share a concerned and questioning look. Once the truck came to a stop, Katie’s parents had cautiously walked closer to see if the stranger was maybe lost.

A large ominous man stepped out of the equally large truck, what stood out about his appearance was the Scar on his face. The scar stretched from the top right side of his forehead and ended just below his right eye.

Sebastian and my dad, Finn had exchanged quick glances, with that, suddenly Dad was picking me up and hauling me towards our car along with mom. Katie’s mom quickly ushered Katie to their car as well. In a flash my dad was peeling out of the driveway, followed by Katie and her mom. I turned and glanced out of the car window to see Sebastian and the strange man in what looked to be in an argument. The strange man noticed Madison looking and quickly spun around and shot her a menacing smile, that Smile, I would never forget. I spun around in my seat as quickly as my body would move.

My parents had seemed shaken by this stranger.

“Who was that man Finn, and where are we going?” My mom questioned Dad. ” I don’t know, but I didn’t want to stay and find out, we’re going home. Alley and Katie are headed there too.” Dad said quickly, reaching over he grasped Mom's hand.

After the short drive home, everyone was pushed into our home by my Dad.

" Madilynne, you and Katie head upstairs to your room and play for a bit. Mommy and daddy need to talk to Alley.” Dad said gently as he bent down in front of me. I nodded my head and took Katie with me to my room. Rounding the corner to my room, I hid listening in on their conversation.

" Finn you better have some answers as to who that man was and why Sebastian was left behind.” Mom demanded.

" I already said I don’t know, Sebastian’s handling it. If the kids weren’t there this would’ve played out differently and you know that. He’s my Beta I have full faith he’ll make it home unharmed kami. ” Dad said sternly. Dad sighed and walked over to Alley “I’m sorry aAlley, for having to leave him back there but Madilynne and Katie are to be protected at all costs.” Another deep sigh.

" I know, something about this just doesn’t feel right. I can feel it, I don’t know how to explain it.” Alley worriedly said.

“Gamma Aiden and some warriors are headed there now, I know I feel it too.” Dad said with concern.

" Alley why don’t you go check on the girls, they’re in Madilynne's room.” Mom said calmly. Alley sighed and headed towards my room, I moved fast, darting into my room where Katie was playing with some of my dolls. The door handle twisted, a gasp sounding from the other side.

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