The darkening world

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The world where faires are hunted and children are taken. Isabella is sworn to protect her dead friends child. Aoris is hiding fairy children and protecting them. Can they work together ? Will they work together? Will they be able to save the children?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I was walking down the street when at the corner I see a tall dusty brown haired man standing by the street lamp. He was standing with his back to me but I knew he knew I was there from the way he tensed up. I watch as he turns towards me caution written on his face. I glance around suspiciously.I turn and look back at him when I notice the shimmering of silvery wings and I feel a flicker of the cruel bitch called Hope flutter inside me.
The young girl stands a few feet away from me is staring at me. I tense slightly when I let my wings pull free and shimmer behind me while glancing for vampires or humans a fairies worst enemy. As I looked back at the girl I saw a look brighten her face that made me smile. “ what are you doing out so late miss?” He asks as I notice her walking closer to me. The sun setting behind her was glimmering off her golden colored wings is a flapped. The girls ears were back in her long tail swishing behind her back and forth continuously as she watched me cautiously.
I Watch the man as he asked me what I was doing out so late. I decided to answer with a little sarcasm to see how he would respond.
“ well look! If it isn’t an angel come down from heaven, to say hello to me?”
I asked playfully as I watched him bow as he answered me but I couldn’t have noticed a small smirk on his face as he bowed.
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