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The story of a girl who was chased by some unknown, goes into a house and meets a man from whom, she know herself who she was.

Fantasy / Mystery
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A wet leaf fell on her shoulder, making her jump in fear. She started shifting her hiding place behind the bush, to a hollow trunk, then to another bush, and another, but nothing could help her. She started running faster, faster, and faster. She didn't stop, whatever it came in front. She didn't stop, however the way was. She didn't stop anywhere until she reached, a small evacuated house.

The broken windows and dark atmosphere of the house seemed presence of no one in, and no care out. She blindly entered the house without a thought. As she entered the house, the sound of the footsteps, which followed her has stopped. It was a huge relief to her. She was panting, and her heavy, noisy breath echoed all over the house. She fell into an old chair, which was behind, in relief. The fine sound of the water in the lake, at the back of the house, was making her cool. And now, after a while, she realized, the house was in the middle of the dense forest and, she was lost. She can't expect herself living if she goes out. And even if she was in, she may not live for a long time. It's a DO or DIE situation. Her mind was full of confusion and fear, and the thought she has is, how to escape from them.

Before she could think anything, she heard a rumbling sound from a room inside the house. The sound was as if an aggressive starving lion was gruelling for food. She slowly opened the door and what all she could see, was complete darkness. Suddenly, she felt something heavy fell on her from the darkness. She was pushed onto the ground, and the huge pressure on her chest made her difficult to breathe.

Gruelling sound, heavy pressure on the chest, thick, soft fur in her hands, pushing that heavy figure, that's what all she could feel. She opened her eyes and a beastly creature was over her with an angry face that can merely be seen in that fur. It looked as if a wolf, but its long mane, enormous weight and those furious red eyes, doesn't seem those of a wolf. She closed her eyes in fear, as she can do nothing to that beast, but submitting herself as a prey. When the beast was about to bite her neck, she felt the main door opened and heard a sharp heavy sound like a gunshot. She opened her eyes and the beast was shot dead with a bullet into its head. She could see a tall man with a gun in hand, at the main door.

"You are in danger!!! Come with me!" he yelled.

He looks old with long silver hair and beard, dressed in an old leather jacket and dirty jeans. His green eyes

" We must move from here as fast as we could before they find us"

She didn't understand anything about what and who he was saying about, but got up and started walking with him. They started moving away from the house. When she tried to ask something, he said to her,

" I hope you are alright."

" What? Oh, yeah, yeah, I was alright"

"But a small cut here." She points to the hurt near her ankle which was dark and paining from the beginning.

" Show it to me", he took a closer look at the hurt holding her ankle.

While he was looking at it, she was trying to balance herself with the other leg.

" Oh, it's a brizare cut. It should be treated immediately before it's too late."He muttered.

He wandered the surrounding land as if searching for something. He then plucked something from the ground. It looks like a plant, but its structure and greenish-black colour doesn't seem it so.

" What is this creepy thing? What are you doing to me?" She inquired.

" Nothing miss! Just treating your cut with this." He answered."

"With this? It doesn't look like the stuff to treat!"

" I... I no need all this, I am fine. It's just a small cut." She cried.

" You aren't, miss! It's a brizare cut, within a few hours, you will get unconscious and soon, you die."

" Bloody, wolfrian plan it is, " he continues, " and this the medicine for it."

She didn't speak anything much as she understood, she can't argue anymore. He made a greenish-brown paste from that plant, muttering himself something and then stuck it to her cut. She could feel a cold, sharp pain at once, which gradually lessened, and became normal.

After their walk of few meters, she brought herself to ask him the questions which were floating in her head.

" Who are you? How did you find me here, in this dense forest?"

" Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Jack Rermand, the keeper of Basterone castle. " He said in a loud and clear voice.

"You might have forgotten me since you saw me when you were hardly a few months old." He mumbled.

" What? Did I see him before? " She said to herself in a shock.

Slowly, she walked behind him, thinking, he may be right, no could ever remember a person, who they saw when they are just a few months old. But what made him remember her? How did he know that she was in that forest? Was it an accident or he is following her? These were the questions provoked in her brain. Before she could ask him another question, they reached an open land with no trees a few meters. But the soft pokings of the tall green grass beneath the feet, made her giggle.

Meanwhile, Jack, who was looking at the night sky, suddenly gave a strong whistle. Within a second, an old fashioned blue car came from nowhere in the darkness, as if, just fallen from the sky. Jack entered the car and was ready in position to drive.

" Get in, miss, there is no time, we should hurry." He shouts.

She quickly hurried into the car, and sat in the seat behind him. The acceleration made the car move faster and faster, pushing her to the seat. And all at a sudden, she started feeling hot and could see a bright reddish-orange light side of the door. The fire from the wheels rose towards her which slowly reduced and became blue confining to the wheels. She could see the grass fading away, even the treetops, and now all it looked like a map of the forest with few blue patches of lakes between. She then came to realize that the car was flying in the sky. Her mind was totally in a state of dilemma, thinking, is this real? No, this is not, she must be dreaming. How could cars fly with blazing wheels?

She closed her eyes, trying to wake up from the dream. But how many times she closed, the result was the same. All her efforts went in vain. And it didn't take much time for her to believe, everything she has seen, was true.

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