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Everything is not as it seems...

Fantasy / Adventure
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Life and Death

The Queen's screams could be heard, everyone waited with abaited breaths and after a few minutes they heard the loud cry of the young prince but something was gravely wrong, the lights flickered and the once blooming garden dried up, the air around was tense and filled with a sense of sorrow as though it had been greatly wounded, the people felt the sorrow in their hearts as the bells rang notifying those about the death of their beloved Queen Siyar. A day of celebration quick turned to that of mourning but everyone feared for the King and the kingdom for without his Queen he was an empty shell for half of him had just died.
King Amind wanted to be around during the birth of his son, he had planned out what he was going to do and say he had read tons of books about childbirth and chdren in general, he was so excited to meet his little boy after so many years of thinking he wouldn't have children, they had already made plans on who would ascend the throne when they were no more although he wanted children with his beautiful Siyar, he had made peace with having no children after years of trying, he believed the gods had given him the fate of never experiencing the feeling of being a father and he had accepted it after all he had a wonderful woman beside him who he loved completely until a few months back when they had realised she was with child and he was filled with immense joy and gratitude to the gods but little did he know that his world was going to crumble before his eyes.
As the king arrived the castle, he immediately knew something was wrong, the air around was gloomy, everyone and everything looked lifeless, the colour seemed to be dim, he passed his best friend Harind at the castle enterance heading straight to his wing, he heard nothing and although he knew what had happened he refused to believe it, he had felt their connection falter when he was in the neighbouring province he had ruled it out as nothing of significance, but here he was looking at the face of his Siyar who still looked like an Angel even in death, her dark skin still had an otherwordly glow about it he fell and cried, cried for the past, present and future. Still sitting beside his wife he heard footsteps behind him and there stood his Siyar holding a bundle in her hand, he knew it was her other form after all she was a spirit who had crossed into his world when she realized he was her chosen; she placed the bundle in his arms and knelt beside him, she smiled and Opened the clothes that wrapped their babe and said surprise as he realised that the dark skinned child he held in his arms was not a boy but a girl, the babe opened her eyes and looked at both the faces and smiled. The king smiled and turned to Siyar, his eyes conveying his message to her his love and appreciation for this gift, even though he knew she was no longer permitted to enter this realm in her old form, he knew she was still with them and with time he hoped to meet her again, Siyar leaned in and kissed her husband and babe, she knew that her time here had come to an end, her people in the spirit realm needed her after the passing of her parents and she had no choice but to go. She knew Amind would be there for their child. She'd always be there when needed and although she wanted to damn all consequences and stick around she knew that it would endager her child and husband for pairings between spirits and other races was never heard of and they had to be careful for they knew not what it meant.
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