The Assassin and the Pin of Velleity

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An assassin is given a job to get rid of a frail blind boy and obtain from him a seemingly worthless bumblebee pin. The consequences of the meeting between the boy and the assassin couldn't have been further from what was planned.

Fantasy / Romance
Nyk Kyna
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The night is silent and moonless, the clouds forming monstrous shapes sit over the city like a heavy dark blanket. There is a chill in the breeze from the intermittent rain all through the day. Various insects have emerged as if they were waiting there in the clouds on their mini raindrop parachutes and have now landed on earth with the downpour.

In the garden, the bell bugs chirp away loudly as if their life depended on it. There is no one outside, everyone is enjoying the warmth of their home. Most of the people have turned off the TVs and are now off to their beds, yawning loudly and carelessly.

The shishi-odoshi in the garden keeps seesawing and making noise, tipping over and over, banging its head against the rock. Other than that everything else is pure silence, so quiet that people don't even wonder if there could be something malignant around them.

For Hitori, days or night hardly made a difference, it's dark all the time. His mother's presence or absence is what gives him a sense of the days, it's the day if she's off to her job, if she's home either it's weekend or night. But he too has to follow the clock as the world does and so he goes to bed too, not feeling even a bit sleepy, yet he closes his eyes and nods off within a few minutes.

A little away from his home, right down the block, three men are walking to a center point, their decided meeting spot. They pass each other barely nodding yet acknowledging each other's presence and then they disappear into thin air.

Shadows move around Hitori's house, silently through the air making no more noise than cotton rubbing on cotton. The black shadows enter through three different ways in his house, one from the window, second from the back door and the third through the roof, sweeping the whole house, checking for their target. When they are satisfied that it's only Hitori and his mother in the house they make their next move. According to the plan they have to kill Hitori and get the golden bumblebee pin from him.

They silently enter the room. Hitori is sleeping in his bed in the pitch dark, lightly snoring, utterly defenseless. The tallest one gives a go to the other two and they move towards him, almost tiptoeing. One of them picks up a pillow and very slowly and gently holds it over Hitori's face, an inch away so that it would not touch and in the next moment he brings it down on him, pressing it with all his force on his face, suffocating him. Hitori tries to fight with him with his hands but he is not so strong as to fight him off. He tries to use his legs but the other man holds them down at their place. The third man searches Hitori for the pin, while Hitori keeps writhing and twisting in his place.

Hitori gasps through the pillow trying to swallow the cloth in place of oxygen, his lungs are on fire, his throat hurts, his nose hurts as well, the pressure inside his mouth and head is now unbearable, he wished he could just dissipate into the air and run as far away as he could, all parts of his body try to carry out his order but to no consequence.

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