Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Eleven: Seduction

-One Hour Earlier-

Wolfric opened his eyes and blinked. Someone was rubbing their hands on his body, and it was not Akira.

“Hello—handsome,” a soft voice said, leaning over and looking into his eyes.

Wolfric stared up into the most beautiful eyes. No, scratch that—Akira’s are the most beautiful. But hers are so pretty…

‘Damn it, get your head straight,’ he ordered himself with a shake of his head.

“Come with me,” she said, beckoning him with her finger.

“No,” he grumbled, then looked down at his sleeping Psychi.

The woman pouted as she looked at the girl.

“I’ll go with you anywhere.”

Wolfric heard Malique’s voice and looked over at his friend. Another woman was beckoning him to go with her.

‘Fuck, what was going on?’

The woman beside Wolfric pulled on his hand, trying to get him to stand.

“I don’t think so,” Wolfric grumbled, pulling his hand from her.

Wolfric could swear he heard the woman hiss.

“Leave the tiny girl and come be with real women,” she said, trying again to get him to stand.

“Come on, Wolfric. These are real women,” Malique said as he followed the one beckoning him.

“Malique, get your ass back here,” Wolfric growled.

“No way, man, I’m going with them. Stay here with the little girl,” he said.

Malique reached out for the woman in front of him, who giggled and moved away from his hand.

“Fuck,” Wolfric growled as he got to his feet.

He knows the Vampire doesn’t mean what he says. They must have some kind of spell over him. How is Malique under their spell, but it has no effect on him? Wolfric grunted. Now he needs to rescue his stupid-ass friend. He looked down at Akira. She was sleeping peacefully on their makeshift bed. Hopefully, he will get Malique out of their clutches before she wakes. Wolfric followed his friend rather than the woman who was beckoning him. They were led to a small pond—the woman with Malique led him to a group of women who cooed and ran their hands over his body.

“Man, this is a dream come true,” the Vampire said.

Wolfric grunted when hands rubbed all over his body. He tried pushing them away, but they continued to touch him. Yeah, he was not fond of their touch, and he needed to get his stupid friend away from the other girls. If something happened, it would break Akira’s heart.

“You’re so strong,” one of the women said, rubbing up against Wolfric.

Wolfric grunted. “I’m not here for you,” he said, pushing her away.

One of the women took hold of his face with her hands and looked deep into his eyes. “You want us—don’t you?”

Wolfric snarled, “not even a little.”

The woman hissed and let go of his face. Wolfric looked over at Malique and groaned. The girls already had him naked. He turned back to the women when he heard his shirt rip.

‘What the fuck are they doing?’

“They were with a small girl,” the woman who had woken him said while the other women tore his shirt from his body.

Wolfric growled and pushed the women away from him. The woman who had tried to hypnotize him hissed and pointed to the marking on his chest.

“He’s marked,” the crazy woman said.

“Destroy the mark!” another yelled.

’Ah fuck,’ Wolfric thought as he backed away from them.

He reached for his dagger and found it missing. The woman who had woken him grinned and pulled his dagger from behind her back.

“Looking for this?” she asked with a grin.

“Give me that,” he said, watching her.

“First, we will destroy that marking,” she said, pointing the dagger at his chest.

“Fuck that,” Wolfric growled.

Several women took hold of him, and he tried to pull away, but they were stronger than they looked.

‘Who the fuck are these women?’

“Why don’t you relax and enjoy it?” Malique asked, watching Wolfric.

Wolfric looked at his friend and grunted. He had six women all over him, rubbing their bodies against his. His cock was hard, and he was ready to fuck. Not a good thing, and he had never wanted to see his friend’s cock. Wolfric looked away. Guess he will have to get used to that if he is going to share his Havent with the Vampire.

“Slice across it; that should destroy it,” a woman said, pointing to the marking on Wolfric’s chest.

Wolfric bellowed as the blade cut into his chest. The marking did not go away. He knew it wouldn’t.

“Do it again,” the woman said.

The blade sliced through his skin again, and Wolfric roared. Still, the marking did not fade.


Wolfric cried out as a third slice slashed through his skin, but still, the marking did not fade.

“Who marked him?!” the woman screeched, looking at the marking.

“My Havent,” Wolfric said with a growl.

All the women in the area paused.

“Warriors,” the woman growled.

“Why isn’t he marked?” one of the women with Malique asked, pointing at the Vampire.

“Don’t worry, he will be,” Akira said with a growl as she stormed into the area, fury in her eyes. “Who dared to hurt my Warrior?!” she demanded, then looked at the woman who held the bloody dagger in her hand.

Akira snarled and charged the woman who had cut her Warrior. The woman squealed when Akira shoved her to the ground. She stood over the woman, snatched the dagger from her hand, then looked up at the others. There were about a dozen of them.

Akira has heard of them, but she could not remember what they are called. She smiled when she remembered the way to break their spell. She pulled the woman up off the ground and spun her around so her Warriors could see her ass.

“Huldra!” Wolfric snarled.

‘That’s them,’ Akira thought.

Once you see their tail, their spell is broken, and now they no longer look human. They can now see their long cow tail and the bark covering their back. What is she going to do about her Vampire? He is still under their spell.

“Kiss him,” Wolfric growled, shoving the Huldra off him.

Akira shoved the Huldra out of her way and marched to her Vampire Warrior.

“Hello, little one,” Malique said with a silly grin.

“Hello, Warrior,” Akira said with a smile, then pulled him to her and kissed him.

The Huldra around her hissed and backed away.

Malique groaned and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her back.

Wolfric smirked as he watched the naked Vampire kiss their Havent.

“Looks like you failed in bringing us men,” the Huldra who seemed to be in charge said. She glared at the one who had tried to control Wolfric as she motioned to the other Huldras. “Ladies, we’re moving on!” the lead Huldra called out.

“What, so soon?” Wolfric asked, watching them.

The lead Huldra tapped Wolfric on the shoulder. “Wish I could take you with me,” she said, licking her lips.

Wolfric snorted, “not a chance.”

The Huldra shrugged, then ushered her girls out of the clearing and away from the Havent and her Warriors.

“Akira,” Malique breathed when his head lifted from the kiss.

“I think you need to connect…,” Wolfric stopped talking and watched Malique practically tear Akira’s clothes off. “Uh, okay,” he said, then turned from them and kicked a stick into a tree.

“Malique,” Akira cried out.

Wolfric turned back around to find Akira’s legs wrapped around Malique’s waist, his cock already deep inside her.

Akira held onto her Warrior as he lifted her and slammed her down onto his cock. She tilted her head back with a sweet moan. He nipped at her nipple, making her whimper.

“That was a bit fast!” Wolfric hollered from where he was still standing.

Malique did not respond as he continued to pump into her tight pussy.

“Fuck, you feel good,” Malique said, licking up her chest to her neck.

“Malique,” she moaned as she leaned her forehead against his shoulder.

Malique moaned and licked up to her earlobe. “Can I taste you?” he whispered into her ear.

She lifted her head and stared into his eyes, then nodded. Malique grinned, and she could see his teeth.

Akira sucked in a breath when he sunk his teeth into her neck. She cried out in pain, then sighed with pleasure. She could feel him sucking the blood from her body. It was so intense she felt an orgasm start at the base of her spine.

“Malique!” Wolfric shouted.

Malique lifted his head, blood dripping from his lips as he looked at his friend.

“Not too much,” Wolfric warned with a growl.

Malique moaned and licked the blood from her neck. She tasted so amazing.

Akira lifted her hand to her neck, and an amber glow shined from her hand, healing the two holes his teeth had made.

“So fucking sexy,” Malique said with a grunt, continuing to pound into her.

Akira smiled and wrapped her arms around him, and hid her face in his neck.

Malique fell to his knees and gently laid her on the ground. He continued to pump into her, holding her close.

“Malique,” she moaned.

“You are so incredible, my little Havent,” Malique mumbled, kissing her shoulder.

Wolfric sat on the ground and waited for them to finish. His chest was bleeding, but not enough to worry. They needed their time so that what happened tonight would not happen again. Fuck, he should have thought about those damn bitches.

Wolfric has never been seduced by one before, but he knows someone who had. He had escaped—but he still craves for them—even though it has been years, and he has a wife and family now. Once—Wolfric had caught the man searching the forest for the Huldra who had held him captive.

“Malique!” Akira cried out, making Wolfric look over at them.

“Fuck,” Malique groaned, his body shaking over her, his seed spilling deep inside her.

Akira panted as she laid on the ground, her Vampire Warrior still on top of her.

“Megaloprepís (magnificent),” Malique breathed.

Akira moaned and looked up at her Warrior. “You weren’t half bad yourself.”

Malique chuckled and kissed her shoulder.

“Akira,” Wolfric said, watching them.

Akira turned her head and smiled at her Wolfie. “Everything okay?” she asked.

He nodded with a big Wolfie grin.

Akira noticed the blood dripping down his chest and sucked in a breath. She had forgotten those bitches had cut him. She pushed Malique off her, who laughed as he landed on his bare ass. Akira got to her feet and ran to Wolfric.

“I am so sorry,” she said, kneeling in front of him. “I forgot they cut you,” she whimpered, placing her hand over the cuts.

“They tried to take your marking away,” he said, placing his hand over hers.

She shook her head, the light glowing around her hand. When she pulled her hand back, he took hold of it and laced his fingers with hers. She smiled as she looked at his marking. Nice to know no one can cut it out of him.

“I love you,” he whispered, placing his other hand against her cheek.

She smiled and rubbed her cheek against his hand. “I love you too.”

Wolfric smiled and pulled her to him, kissing her sweet lips.

Akira moaned as she moved into his lap. He groaned when she wrapped her legs around him and pressed her breasts to his chest.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, leaning his forehead against hers.

She smiled. “So are you.”

He chuckled, then pulled her in for another kiss. She sighed and placed her hands on his shoulders.

“My turn,” Wolfric said with a growl, then moved his hand between their bodies and unfastened his pants.

Akira sucked in a breath when he entered her. Holy shit, she is going to die before they find her other Warriors.

But what a way to go.

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