Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Twelve: Questions and Confusion

Akira looked over to where Malique still sat on his ass, grinning at them. She smiled at him, then hid her face in Wolfric’s neck.

“I love you,” she whispered against his skin.

Wolfric grinned and squeezed Akira’s ass cheeks. “I love you too, my little Havent.”

Akira moaned and kissed his neck, making him grunt.

Wolfric lifted Akira up and slid her back down his shaft. She felt so incredible. He had thought he would be jealous once she started fucking her other Warriors, but really, it had turned him on, making him want her. What will he do when four other Warriors are touching her? His cock pulsed inside her at the thought, and he grinned. That answered that.

“Wolfric,” Akira panted.

Wolfric pulled her head back and kissed her. She moaned against his lips as he kneaded her ass while he pushed himself up into her, deeper and deeper.

“Fuck,” Wolfric groaned.

Wolfric moved to his knees, holding himself deep inside her as he moved.

Akira moaned as her Wolfie moved. He lifted her up and slowly lowered her down his long shaft, making them both groan. Warm lips touched her shoulder, making her shiver. She turned her head when Malique’s body pressed against her back.

“Mal,” she breathed, leaning her head back against his shoulder and lifting her arm.

She wrapped her hand around his neck and held him against her. Malique moaned and took hold of a breast, and gently squeezed.

“Hold her,” Wolfric grunted.

Malique wrapped his arms around Akira. He held onto her as Wolfric took hold of her hips and drove his cock deep into her.

Akira cried out, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Never had she imagined how wonderful her Warriors could make her feel.

Malique slid his hand down her flat stomach to her pulsing clit. She cried out when his finger touched the sensitive nub.

“Cum for us, little one,” Malique whispered into her ear.

Akira closed her eyes and turned her head toward her Warrior. Malique kissed her, sending sensations through her body. When her orgasm hit, her body spasmed, and she cried out against Malique’s mouth.

Wolfric groaned when her pussy tightened around his cock. He pumped into her three more times and spilled his seed deep inside her. Panting, Wolfric pulled Akira out of Malique’s arms and held her to his chest.

“You’re so incredible,” Wolfric said out of breath, “kai óla mas (and all ours).”

Akira smiled as she slid her fingers through her Wolfie’s hair. “Kai eímai dikós sou, tóra kai pánta (and I am yours, now and always).”

Wolfric groaned and held her close.

“So tired,” she breathed, nuzzling his neck.

Wolfric lifted Akira into his arms and stood. Malique looked away when Wolfric stood in front of him, his cock still hanging out of his pants.

Wolfric chuckled. “Yeah, I felt the same when I turned and saw that those bitches had you naked, and you were hard up for them,” he said with a growl.

Malique snorted. “Well, at least we won’t have to worry about that again,” he said, getting to his feet. “Funny how when we’re fucking our Havent, it doesn’t matter. But after….”

Wolfric smirked. “Or before.”

Malique chuckled and walked over to where the Huldra had tossed his clothes.

Akira shivered in Wolfric’s arms. Now that they were done with sex, she was freezing.

“Bring the parka before you finish dressing. Little one is cold,” Wolfric said when he felt Akira shiver.

Malique brought the parka over and wrapped it around Akira.

“Hold her,” Wolfric said, passing their Havent over to him.

Malique smiled as he held Akira in his arms. Akira smiled up at him and snuggled against him.

Wolfric fixed himself back into his pants, then took their Havent from his friend and leaned his forehead against hers.

“Are you okay, little one?”

Akira nodded and yawned.

“Sleep,” he said, then gently kissed her nose.

She smiled, closed her eyes, and snuggled into his warmth.

Malique finished dressing, gathered Akira’s clothes, and they walked back through the forest to their camp. They will let Akira get a little more sleep and then head out after finding something for breakfast.

“Shit,” Malique hissed, stopping and placing his hand to his chest.

Akira whimpered in her sleep, her eyes opening as the pain intensified.

Malique pulled his shirt away from his chest and chuckled.

Wolfric moved the parka aside so he could see the circle above Akira’s left breast and grinned, then looked at his friend.

“Welcome to the circle,” he told his fellow Warrior.

Malique grinned as he looked at Akira’s chest. In the circle was now the Greek symbol for the Upir - Vampire.

“You’re officially mine,” Akira said, looking at her Vampire Warrior.

Malique smirked and leaned forward, gently kissing her. “I was yours the day you were born, my beautiful Havent.”


Akira sat by the fire—fully clothed—eating the rabbit her Warriors had caught for breakfast. She looked across the fire at her Warriors and smiled. She has so many questions for them, she does not understand how the chosen mate thing works. Wolfric had said she would feel it. But what is the IT she is supposed to feel?

Akira did not feel anything different when she had had sex with Malique the first time than she had when she had made love to Wolfie for the first time. So, what is she supposed to feel that is different? A tear slid down her cheek. Or does it mean that neither of them is her chosen mate? When Akira had seen those women all over her Vampire, she realized that she had fallen in love with him in the short time she had known him.

But how can that be?

How can she love them both so much—that her heart feels like it will burst? She looked at Wolfric, who was starting to clean up the area they’d been camping in. He is her Wolfie, the only man she should love. She looked at Malique, who turned to her and winked. Akira smiled, then tossed the bones from her breakfast into the forest for an animal to enjoy. Mal is her Vampire Warrior, and she loves him.

Akira looked at Wolfric again. Wolfie is her Wolf Warrior. Can she love two of her Warriors so much? Can they both be her chosen mates?

“I can see in your eyes that you have a question you want to ask us,” Wolfric said, watching her.

Her eyes shot up to his, and her lips formed a small smile. “How will I know my chosen mate? I mean, wh-what do I look for?”

Wolfric frowned. He had hoped she had felt something different when she was with him. But apparently, her experience has been too similar between him and Malique that it is confusing her. She has not found her chosen mate yet. His heart fell to his feet.

“You will just know,” Malique answered.

The Vampire looked from Wolfric’s disappointed face to their Havent’s confused face.

Akira looked from Wolfric to Malique and back again. She had hurt her wolf. She got to her feet and walked over to Wolfric. She wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest.

Wolfric paused for a moment, then wrapped his arms around Akira and sighed, laying his cheek on her head.

“I-I’m asking because I feel a strong connection to both of you,” Akira said, nuzzling against her wolf’s chest.

Wolfric ran his hand down her long blond hair. “I love you, Akira. Even if your chosen mate is not me, I will always love you.”

Akira cried, “I love you, Wolfie.” She looked over at Malique and sniffled, “I love you too, Mal.”

Malique smiled as he walked over to them and placed his hand on her back.

“And I love you, little Havent.”

“Could a Havent have two chosen mates?” she asked, wiping her nose with her sleeve and backing away from them.

“It’s rare,” Wolfric said with a nod, “not unheard of, but very rare.”

She giggled, “we already established that I’m rare.”

Both her Warriors chuckled.

“We won’t know until you have found all of your Warriors,” Wolfric said as he pulled her back against his chest.

“What happens to you guys when I find my chosen mate?” she asked, looking up at her Wolfie.

“We become your bodyguards,” Wolfric said with a smile.

She shook her head. “No. I mean, do you guys find a new lover? Do you get a family?”

Wolfric frowned. “Akira, our Havent is our only lover. Once we have found her, there will be no other.”

She sucked in a shocked breath. “But—but…”

He kissed her forehead, then her nose, then her lips. She moaned and leaned into the kiss. When he lifted his head, he was smirking.

“How could we ever give up this connection?”

She smiled, then frowned. “But, if I have my chosen mate, how will you guys get off?”

Her eyes opened wide, and she covered her mouth with her hands.

Wolfric and Malique chuckled.

“The same way men have without a woman for thousands of years,” Wolfric said with a smile.

Malique chuckled, “they have always said that a man’s best friend is his hand.”

Wolfric snorted as Akira looked at her Vampire.

“I thought that was dogs,” she said, eyeing Malique.

Malique laughed, and Wolfric growled.

Akira looked at Wolfric and giggled. “You’re not a dog Wolfie. You’re a wolf.”

“A big bad wolf,” Malique said with a smirk.

Wolfric smirked as he leaned down and nuzzled Akira’s neck. “And don’t you forget it.”

“Seriously,” Akira said.

Her breathing became heavy with desire as her Wolfie continued to nuzzle her neck.

“Are you allowed to join your Havent and her chosen mate?”

Wolfric stopped and pulled back. “If we are invited, we are. But only her chosen mate can penetrate her with his cock,” he said, looking deep into her eyes.

Akira blinked. He has never talked to her like that before. Her cheeks turned a bright red, and both her Warriors snickered.

“You will need to get used to this kind of talk, little one,” Wolfric said, leaning his forehead against hers. “Because your Warriors will be foul-mouthed crazy sons of bitches.”

Akira chuckled and slid her fingers through his hair. “You should have heard some of the things Brynhildr said.”

Wolfric chuckled, “I have no doubt. After all, she’s a Warrior herself.”

Akira nodded.

“Let’s finish packing so we can get on the trail to her next Warrior,” Malique said, moving around and packing up their camp.

Akira smiled as Wolfric quickly kissed her lips, then walked away from her to help pack. Akira turned and watched her Warriors. She could not see herself choosing anyone other than her Wolfie.


“You know, you could have told her about us being allowed to fuck her in the ass,” Malique whispered as he and Wolfric walked behind Akira through the forest.

Just far enough back, they could talk without her hearing them, but close enough, they could protect her if something jumped out of the trees.

Wolfric snorted, “she just lost her virginity. I will not scare her with that kind of talk.”

Malique chuckled. “Do you think she’d be up for it?” he asked, wagging his eyebrows.

Wolfric smirked. “Won’t know until we ask.”

Malique opened his mouth, and Wolfric punched him in the arm. Malique laughed, rubbing the sore spot on his arm.

“She has enough on her plate, don’t go asking stupid questions right now,” Wolfric said with a growl.

Malique smirked. “you know you want to know the answer as much as I do.”

Wolfric did not have to answer his friend. Malique knew he was right.

“What are you two jabbering about back there?” Akira asked as she turned around and walked backward.

“Nothing you need to worry your pretty little mind about,” Malique said with a wicked grin.

Akira eyed her Warriors. “Uh-huh, sure.”

“Akira! Look out!” Wolfric cried out.

Akira turned just as she tripped over a large root. She closed her eyes as she fell, but she did not hit the ground. She opened her eyes and looked up into the eyes of her Vampire, who was looking up and growling. She heard Wolfric growling too and looked up, up, up, and sucked in a breath.

“Holy shit,” Akira breathed.

She has heard of them but has never seen them before.

Lord of the Rings had not done them justice.

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