Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Eighteen: Darius

Darius stopped and stared at the Direwolf. “What the fuck you say?”

Wolfric smirked. “No one told you that it was possible, did they?”

Darius paced the ground in front of the Direwolf. ‘How can this be?’

He is not supposed to have a soulmate. He is not supposed to belong to anyone or anything but the sky. Not even his women are allowed to get close enough to love him. What will he do?

“Look out!” Wolfric called out.

Darius turned around and glared at the two heads headed for him. They have already broken his back once—he will not let this beast beat him a second time. He glared into the eyes of the two heads and smirked when they turned to stone and fell to the ground.

The thought of his broken back reminded him of the girl. He looked over to where he had left her. She was still out cold. It must have taken a lot of energy to heal him like that. He had also sensed internal bleeding from the head smashing him. He may be strong, but who the fuck can survive that kind of attack without harm?

“Akira,” he whispered her name.

“We don’t have time for you to freak out,” the Direwolf said as he placed his hand on Darius’s shoulder. “We need to take out this beast.”

Darius looked up at the man. He is large, much larger than Darius. But he has kind and rare eyes. He is one of Akira’s Warriors. Just like Darius is. He had never shared his women before, but he did not feel hatred for the man. He felt a kinship.

“I can keep turning the heads to stone, but that won’t stop it forever,” Darius said.

He turned from the wolf and watched the beast try to pick up its stone heads so it could attack them. There were no longer heads close enough to them for an attack.

“My friend is searching for the beast’s heart,” the Direwolf said.

Darius squinted his eyes and listened for another soul among them. Sure enough, a man was making his way to the beast. No, not a man, a Vampire.

Darius growled. “You allow a Vampire around your Havent?”

Wolfric chuckled, “he’s one of her Warriors as well.”

Darius thought about that for a moment, then grinned. No wonder she is his Havent—the girl is special—she’s not just a healer. Not if she has three Mythical Warriors. Because that Vampire is no ordinary Vampire. After all, it is daylight, and the man is not toast.

‘So, a Direwolf, an Upir, and a…’ his thoughts were interrupted by the screams of the Hydra.

They turned and watched the Hydra thrash about as it tried to move, but its stone heads would not allow it. A cry from deep inside the ground where the body of the Hydra sat came up to them, making them run to the edge. They looked down and watched as a tall man shoved his sword into the beast.

“Malique!” Wolfric called down to the Vampire.

“Its heart shall beat no more!” the Upir shouted.

Malique thrust the sword into the beast again, and it exploded.

“Ah, man,” Wolfric said, looking at himself.

Darius looked down at himself and chuckled. They were all covered in Hydra blood and guts. But none as bad as the Vampire.

“Worth it,” Malique grumbled, spitting out the foul-tasting blood that had sprayed into his mouth.

“Come on, Malique, we need to get Akira out of here,” the Direwolf called out to his friend.

Malique turned to them with a smile, then frowned. “Who is he?”

Wolfric chuckled and slapped Darius on the shoulder, making blood spray them again.

“This, my dear friend, is our little Havent’s third Warrior.”

Malique grinned. “Great, now we can get the hell out of dodge,” he said as he climbed up out of the hole.

Darius watched the two men as they talked about where they would go next to find her next Warrior. Darius frowned. He did not like sharing his belongings. Something in his soul broke. Wow, he has never felt that before. He turned and looked at the girl.

She is not his property—he does not own her. If anything, she owns him. A grin stretched across his face; he had never been owned before. He looked at the other two men. He felt the Warrior bond toward them, and he liked it.

Maybe this is why he’s still alive. Perhaps this is why he was allowed to live after his parents were killed. Because the Gods had plans, and his Havent was still to be born.

“Let’s get Akira and get out of this dimension,” the Direwolf said as he passed Darius.

“We should probably clean up first,” the Vampire said, watching them.

“Good idea,” the Direwolf said, passing the bush that was their Havent. “Will she be safe there while we clean up?”

Darius nodded as he passed the sleeping girl.

“Where is she?” the Vampire asked, looking around for their Havent.

“Don’t trip over that bush,” Wolfric said, pointing to the bush Malique almost walked into. “That’s Akira.”

Malique stopped with wide eyes and backed away from the bush. Wolfric had told him about the spell, but he had not realized how well it was actually hiding their Havent.

“Let’s get washed up, then we can go,” Wolfric said, then walked toward the stream they could hear.

The three Warriors washed as much of the blood off as they could. Darius’s toga was ruined, no way to get the blood out of the white fabric.

“I think I have some clothes that would fit you,” the Vampire said, watching the man.

Darius looked up at him and nodded. If he is going to be traveling with them, he may as well dress like them.

“The name is Malique, by the way,” the Vampire said, holding his hand out to the new Warrior.


The two men shook hands, and Wolfric cleared his throat, then held his hand out to the new Warrior.


Darius chuckled. He liked the man’s name—it fits him well. He shook his hand, then looked at the Vampire, Malique.

“I would appreciate those clothes. This blood isn’t coming out.”

Malique nodded as the three of them exited the stream. They made their way back to where they had dropped their bags, and Malique shuffled through his bag until he found clothes that should fit the other man. The three men changed without a word and threw the clothes, which were still covered in blood, behind a bush.

“I’ll get her,” Darius said, then walked to where he had left the girl.

He said the spell backward, and the girl appeared for all to see.

“Why is she still asleep?” Malique asked as he watched Darius kneel before their Havent.

“She saved Darius and exhausted herself,” Wolfric said, watching Darius gently shake Akira.

Akira opened her eyes and smiled up into Darius’s sky blue eyes. “Hello,” she whispered.

Darius smiled. “Hello, Psychi.”

Akira sucked in a breath and sat up. When she did, she came face to face with her new Warrior.

“You know?” she asked, watching him.

He smirked. “Of course. Only my soulmate would pull me the way you have. I haven’t been able to fuck my women.”

Akira moved back away from him while her other two Warriors chuckled.

“We did warn you to prepare yourself for your Warriors,” Wolfric said with a smirk.

Akira looked at her Wolfie, then at Malique, and finally, at the mess, the Hydra had made. The stench finally hit her system, and she turned from them and puked into the grass.

“Akira!” Wolfric and Malique yelled at the same time as they rushed to her side.

“I’m okay,” Akira said, trying to breathe, but the stench was stuck in her nose. “The smell made me sick—is all,” she said, wiping her mouth on the sleeve of her parka.

“I can take you into the sky so you can’t smell it,” Darius said, gently touching her shoulder.

Akira turned to him and smiled. “I would love that.”

Darius smiled. He likes her already. Their life together is going to be full of excitement.

Akira finally noticed the modern clothes Darius was wearing.

“You changed clothes,” she said, touching his shirt.

Darius chuckled, “Malique loaned me some clothes. Our clothes, well, let us say you don’t want to know.”

She smiled and reached out, touching the side of his head. “Welcome to our fold.”

Darius grinned. “Thank you, my lady. I am honored to be your Warrior. Anyone with three Mythical Warriors has to be a strong Havent. And to have me….”

“Hey,” Wolfric growled.

Darius looked up at Wolfric. “I’m sorry, Wolf. But it is not uncommon for a Havent to have a Wolf, whether Direwolf, Shifter, or Werewolf, as their Warrior. But to have me….”

“What the fuck makes you so special?” Malique demanded. “I’m uncommon….”

Darius snorted, “yes, well.” He stood and helped Akira to her feet. “I must release my women before I leave this realm. They will want to know that I won’t be coming back to them,” he said, then led Akira to a clean spot in the clearing.

Wolfric had told Malique a little about the new man, but not what he is. What is so special about the prick?

“My lady,” Darius said with a bow, then took a step back and shifted.

Akira watched in awe as her Warrior’s body shifted into a beautiful white horse. Then white wings spread out from his body, making him look like the best Mythical dream ever.

“So beautiful,” Akira whispered.

“You have to be shitting me.”

Akira turned to Malique’s voice and smiled. “Are you okay?” she asked.

He smiled back. “Just fine, love.”

Akira nodded, then turned back to her new Warrior. The beast moved over to her and whinnied as he bobbed his head. She chuckled and climbed onto his back. He sat up on his hind legs, making her giggle, then took off into the sky. She squealed with delight as she raised her arms in the air and tilted her head up to the sun. She could get used to flying.

Malique watched Darius take off with their Havent and scoffed.

“Why didn’t you tell me he’s a fucking Pegasus?”

Wolfric chuckled, “maybe I wanted to see that look on your face.”

Malique grumbled as they picked up their bags and followed the Pegasus and their Havent.


“Well, here we are,” Darius said, motioning toward the Palace before them.

“Y-you live here?”

He chuckled, “but of course.”

Darius took Akira’s hand and led her toward the front gates. They walked through a beautiful garden and into the Palace. It was magnificent, made from white marble with tall pillars. The entry was wide and led to a vast room. They stood on a path that wrapped around the room, connecting each passageway.

Below them was an enormous floor space with plants, water fountains, and women everywhere. Akira shook as she watched the women, in nothing more than half togas, traipsing around, talking, carrying jugs on their heads, and doing needlepoint.

What has she walked into? Where are Wolfric and Malique? Has she been kidnapped? Tricked by a Trickster?

“Meet my harem,” he whispered into her ear.

Her eyes grew wide, and she felt faint. Is he going to put her into one of those and force her to serve him?

‘Oh, fuck that!’

She backed away from him with a growl. “I will NOT be one of your whores,” she spat at him.

Darius looked at her, shocked for a moment, then his eyes softened, and he held his hand out to her. “Akira, I would never.”

She snarled. “Where are my Warriors?!”

“They will be here soon,” Darius said, taking a step toward her.

She shook her head and took another step back.

Darius frowned. Maybe he should have told her about this before he showed it to her. After all, she is not from this realm.

“Wolfric!” she cried out and moved away from Darius until her back hit the wall.

“Akira!” Wolfric called out as he ran into the room.

He paused when he saw the scared look on his Psychi’s face. ‘What the fuck did Darius do?’

“Wolfie!” Akira cried out, her lips trembling, as she ran to Wolfric and slammed into his chest. “He has a harem,” she cried against his chest. “I will not be a slave.”

Wolfric sighed and wrapped his arms around her. “Akira. He is one of your Warriors. He would never do that to you.”

“They’re not slaves,” Darius said, watching them. “They are free to go any time they wish.” He pointed to the open doors, then at the women who were not in shackles or chains.

“He may seduce them here, but once they’re here, it’s their choice to stay or go,” Wolfric said, comforting his Psychi.

“And I told you, I haven’t been able to fu—have sex in two days. Not since I felt your presence,” Darius said, moving closer to Akira and Wolfric. “I would never keep you as one of many. I only want you,” he said as he gently touched her shoulder.

Akira shirked away from him.

Darius frowned. “I guess I shouldn’t have sprung it on her.”

Malique scoffed as he joined them. “You think?”

“Come, I will show you to your rooms,” Darius said, his eyes on Akira. “I promise you will have your own room.”

She sniffled as Wolfric turned her so she could follow Darius.

“He would never harm you,” Wolfric whispered into her ear.

“Like my father would never harm my mother?”

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