Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Twenty-One: Mare

Wolfric laid in bed with Akira while Malique searched the room for any cursed items someone may have hidden in the room. Akira had told them about her dream, and it scared Wolfric how much she is taking it to mean her new Warrior is evil. He slid his hand through her hair and paused when she whimpered. He tried to move his hand, but it was stuck in her hair.

“Malique,” he whispered.

Malique stopped his search and walked over to the bed.

“Her hair is so tangled my hand is stuck,” Wolfric grumbled.

Malique’s eyes opened wide as he helped Wolfric untangle his hand from her hair. Even when she had been lost and alone for five years, her hair had not been this tangled when they found her.

“You know what this means,” Malique hissed.

Wolfric nodded. “One of us needs to stay with her while the other talks to Darius.”

Malique nodded. “I’ll go talk to Darius.”

When Malique moved, Akira reached out and took hold of his arm.

“Don’t go,” she whispered, “he will kill you.”

Malique looked at Wolfric, then Akira. “It was only a nightmare, little one,” he whispered.

Akira shook her head. “It was too real. And Brynhildr was there, she warned me.”

Malique and Wolfric frowned. She had told them of her ancestor being in the dream. But what she had said made no sense.

“She gave me a vision—she has given them to me before,” she whispered, begging him with her eyes not to leave her. “Please don’t go.”

Malique sighed and lay in the bed next to her. “Okay, little Havent. I won’t go.”

Akira sighed with relief and closed her eyes. When they heard Akira’s soft breathing, Malique gently left the bed and headed out to find Darius.

Wolfric sighed and pulled Akira closer to his side. She sighed against him as she slept peacefully. The horror of the dream had wiped out her energy. He will have to stay awake to make sure she has happy dreams. He kissed the top of her head.

They will figure everything out, then everything will be okay.


“Come in,” Darius called out to the knock on his door.

He had a feeling it was one of the Warriors.

“We need to talk,” the Vampire said as he walked into the room.

Darius pointed to a chair and sat in another. “Did she tell you what happened?”

Malique nodded and told him about the dream.

Darius growled when Malique told him about Wolfric’s hand getting caught in Akira’s hair. “It sounds like a Mare.”

Malique nodded. “That is what we were thinking.”

“But why is it targeting Akira and making her think that I would kill you two and keep her as a slave?”

Malique shrugged. “To make her fear you? To make her want to leave here without you?”

Darius growled, “I had a feeling one or two of my women were more than human.”

Malique chuckled, “you did just throw a big wad in their lives.”

Darius snorted, “most of them came from a different master. It’s not like they can’t find a new one.”

“But one as rich as you?” Malique asked, his left eyebrow raised.

Darius chuckled, “no, I guess not.”

“Tomorrow, we search?” Malique asked.

Darius nodded. “Make sure you or Wolfric stay awake—so it doesn’t return.”

Malique nodded and stood. “Trust me, neither of us plans on sleeping tonight.”


Akira woke the next morning feeling well-rested and much better than she had after she had woken—she whimpered as memories of the nightmare flashed through her foggy mind.

“It’s okay,” Wolfric said, holding her close, “we’re alive and well, and so are you.”

Akira sniffled. “Malique?”

“I’m here, little one.”

She sighed when she felt his lips on her neck.

“It’s time to get up,” Wolfric said, shaking her.

She giggled and moved to sit up. She knelt in the middle of the bed and looked at her Warriors. She loved them both so much, she would die inside if either of them died.

‘What about Darius?’ that damn pesky voice asked.

Akira sighed and crawled out of bed. She will have to wait and see if it was a bad dream or if her ancestor is telling her something about her new Warrior. She walked into the bathroom and screamed.

“What the fuck?!” Wolfric bellowed as he and Malique ran into the bathroom.

“Look at my hair,” Akira said with a cry as she looked at herself in the mirror. “How did this happen? Not even the five years in the forest alone did this to my hair.”

Wolfric sighed, “it’s part of what we think happened to you.”

She turned and stared at him. “What are you talking about?”

Malique handed Wolfric a brush, and he started on the snarls in her hair. As he brushed, he told her about Mares. She shivered as she listened.

‘But wasn’t it Brynhildr warning her?’

She has never heard about a Mare before. What if what they said is true, and her Pegasus Warrior is a victim as much as she is?


They ate breakfast, then the guys left her to watch TV while they searched for the Mare.

Akira was happy to see that this realm has TVs and other modern things her realm has. According to Darius, they had borrowed the technology from her realm. She sighed and drifted off to sleep, watching a show that was so horrible she wanted to slap the female lead.

She had the same dream as last night and whimpered in her sleep as Brynhildr repeated her words to her just before Darius chained her to the wall.


Wolfric felt a chill run down his spine and looked at his fellow Warriors. Both looked up at him at the same time, and they each said one word.


Wolfric ran through the back door of the Palace and saw the Mare sitting on Akira’s chest, its hands on her throat.

A war cry vibrated the walls as Wolfric jumped at the creature. It hissed at him and vanished.

Akira woke up screaming, and Malique pulled her into his arms and held her.

Wolfric cursed himself for not catching it in time.

“We need to find a way to kill it,” Darius said.

He leaned against the back of the couch where Akira sat, crying in Malique’s arms.

“I don’t want to do this anymore,” Akira cried.

“We didn’t think it would come after you during the day,” Wolfric said as he sat down next to her on the couch. “We won’t leave you again, little one. One of us will always be with you.”

Akira sniffled and nodded.

Wolfric looked up at Darius, then back at Akira. “I think you two should seal your bond.”

Akira’s eyes opened wide as she shook her head. “No.”

“Yes,” Wolfric said, taking hold of her hands and looking into her eyes. “Akira. It is a dream. Not a prediction. We saw the Mare.”

Her eyes opened wide.

“And your hair is tangled again,” Malique said, stroking her hair, careful not to get his hands tangled in the mess.

Akira cried. “Why me?”

“We think it’s one of my harems. They are angry that I chose one woman over them,” Darius said.

Akira looked up at Darius. “You don’t want to make me your slave?”

Darius laughed, “I never had slaves, and I doubt you would make a very good one. You’d make a better master,” he said with a wink.

Akira found herself smiling at him. He is not such a bad guy after all. And he is a Pegasus, holy shit. But why was Brynhildr in her dream? And why did she say what she said?

Akira blinked. Brynhildr had never said anything like that to her. She had told her to Love Him. Brynhildr had found a way into her dream to warn her all right. To warn her that the dream was not real. She moved out of Malique’s arms, knelt on the couch, and leaned toward Darius.

“I’m sorry I almost split your head open with my sword.”

Darius smiled. “No worries, I’ve had worse.”

“So, what do you think about us—you know….”

He did know. He pulled Akira against his chest and kissed her. “I think the sooner we fuck, the sooner we can get rid of the Mare,” he said with a smile.

She smiled back, then squealed when he lifted her into his arms and walked toward the stairs.

Wolfric chuckled as he watched them. “We will search for a way to kill it!” he called out to them.

Akira watched the emotions on Darius’s face. He was angry, but not at her. And he was scared. That had to do with her. What if she denied him? He would be a Warrior without a Havent.

“I know we haven’t known each other long,” Darius said as he opened the door to her room.

That surprised her—she thought he would want to take her to his room.

“But I already like you.”

Akira chuckled. “Even though I tried to split your head open?”

Darius smiled. “That actually made me like you more. I’m not used to women like you, and I find that I prefer it,” he said, then dropped her on the bed. “Or I should say, I prefer you.”

He leaned over the bed until their faces almost touched.

“I’m not a virgin,” she whispered.

He smirked. “I didn’t think you were, not with those two as your Warriors. Sometime you will have to tell me how you came across them.”

She nodded, then sucked in a breath when he kissed her. It did not take him long to get them out of their clothes and even less time for him to be inside her.

“No foreplay?” she asked as she wrapped her legs around his hips.

Darius smiled. “Maybe next time,” he said, then leaned down and kissed her.

He moved his hips and pushed himself further inside her. Akira groaned and pulled him closer with her legs. He grunted and took hold of her hips, slamming into her hard and deep. He turned his hips and hit a spot deep inside her.

She exploded with her first orgasm almost instantly. ‘Shit, he knows where the secret spots are.’

“You’re the only woman I have ever had to share. I am not sure how well that will go. But I will get used to it. For now, we will fuck in private,” he said, then kissed her neck.

Akira groaned and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“We do both,” she said. “Together and apart, I mean.”

Darius chuckled. “Let me guess,” he said with a grunt, “wolf boy was your first.”

Akira sighed and nodded. “He was.”

Darius sighed, then kissed up her neck and licked her lips until she opened them. His tongue slid inside and did amazing things inside her mouth that made her dizzy with need.

“I’m not just a Mythical creature,” Darius said, holding her face in his hands. “I am a magical being. So, everything will be different with me.”

She nodded, then screamed with pleasure. Sensations, unlike any she has felt before, traveled through her pussy and up her spine.

“That was just one trick,” he said with a chuckle.

She grunted. No wonder his harem willingly chose to stay with him.

“And this will be the final fireworks,” he said as he leaned back and pressed his hand against her clit.

Akira cried out as an orgasm instantly exploded from her body, more powerful than she had ever felt. It started at her clit, crawled up her spine, and made her so dizzy, she had to close her eyes or pass out. Then her body shivered, and her pussy clamped down hard on his cock.

Darius cried out with pleasure when her pussy clamped down on his dick. He came so hard he thought he was going to die. He had never felt that before, not even when he used his magic touch on himself.

“Wow,” she whispered, looking up at him.

Darius chuckled and kissed her. “You can say that again.”

So, she did. “Wow.”

He chuckled and kissed her shoulder, then pulled out and rolled off her. She rolled over and laid her head on his shoulder, looking up at him.

“Can we go again?”

He chuckled as he looked down at her. “Have I spoiled you, little one?”

She nodded and fleetingly wondered why he called her that. She knows she is small. But why have all three of her Warriors picked it up so easily? She shrugged her shoulders. Does not matter; it still gave her shivers when they said it.

Because it is from her Warriors.

Darius pulled her on top of him and slipped inside her. Akira moaned as she rode him. Yeah, she could get used to this. Three men, no problem, she will be satisfied for the rest of her life. Until she has to choose one.


~ Akira woke to a nose in her shoulder. She turned and laughed when Darius kissed her throat.

“Breakfast?” she asked, still giggling.

“Sure,” he said, then stood from the bed and stretched. “I will see you down there.” He winked at her, then left the room.

Akira sighed, then crawled out of bed and dressed. She met up with her three Warriors at the table and laughed and joked with them as they ate.

Wolfric started to choke, and Akira panicked. No, not again. She cried when Malique started choking as well.

“They’ve been poisoned!” Darius shouted, jumping to his feet.

“What do we do?” Akira begged.

A searing pain had her clutching her chest. ‘What now?’

Darius groaned and placed his hand over his chest.

“Are you poisoned too?” she asked, watching him.

Darius shook his head. He pulled his toga down and stared at the mark on his chest.

Akira pulled her shirt down and stared at the marking that had joined the other two in the circle on her chest.

“Heal them!” Darius shouted, pointing to Wolfric and Malique, who had both turned blue.

Akira placed her hands on her Warriors and closed her eyes. The glow surrounded them, and Wolfric and Malique stopped choking, and she could hear them breathing.

NO!” a scream came from the other end of the table.

The four of them looked at the woman who stood at the end of the table, seething.

“You ruined everything!” she screamed. “Why couldn’t you just leave?!”

“Because I belong to her,” Darius said with a snarl.

Akira watched her Warrior pull the top of his toga down to display his broad chest and her mark upon his skin.

“No, I won’t allow it!” the woman screamed. “You belong to us!”

“I never belonged to anyone until I met my Psychi,” Darius said, moving to stand in front of Akira.

Akira smiled as she watched her new Warrior. He really is hers.

The woman screamed, and a light blazed through the middle of her stomach. ~


Wolfric walked into Akira’s room and froze. There were two Mares, one sitting on Akira’s chest and one on Darius. Malique stopped behind him, and Wolfric placed his finger to his lips.

Malique looked into the room and held back a growl. They had finally found how to kill a Mare and had found the weapons they would need.

Perfect timing.

Wolfric counted to three with his fingers, and they jumped the Mares, stabbing them at the same time with the weapons they had gathered to kill the filthy beasts. The Mares screamed as a light erupted from their bodies, then they exploded, making a sticky mess.

Akira and Darius woke at the same time, breathing heavily.

“Wow,” Akira said, looking at the mess.

“This is almost as disgusting as the Hydra,” Darius grumbled.

“At least there’s no blood this time,” Malique said with a chuckle.

Akira looked at Wolfric and smiled. “You saved us.”

Wolfric smiled and pulled her against him, then kissed her.

Malique looked at Darius’s bare chest and smirked. “Welcome to the circle, Brother.”

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