Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Go Tell It on The Mountain

Darius grinned at Malique. “Thanks, Bro,” he said as he pulled himself from the bed.

Wolfric was already lying next to Akira on the bed, his arm across her chest. She laid on her back, watching Malique and Darius.

Akira smiled at her two Warriors. She has three Warriors now, and she adores them all. She turned her head to look at Wolfric, and her smile brightened. Wolfric smiled back, then leaned forward and kissed her. She sighed and leaned into the kiss.

“I guess I will head to my room and get ready for our journey,” Darius said as he walked past Malique.

“Darius,” Akira said, pulling back from the kiss with Wolfric.

Darius turned to her, and she patted the mattress next to her. “You will need to learn to share. I’m sure your women shared you often.”

Darius’s cheeks burned as he looked from her to the wolf lying beside her. Yes, his women have shared him many times, but not once has he ever let a man join them.

Akira chuckled when she saw the look on his face. “You’re already naked,” she said, pointing out that he was standing in front of two men, entirely and totally nude.

Darius cleared his throat while her other two Warriors chuckled.

“Don’t worry,” Malique said as he stripped out of his clothes. “You will get used to it.”

Malique grinned as he pulled Akira to the edge of the bed and entered her sweet pussy. Akira groaned and pulled Wolfric to her. Wolfric smiled and kissed her, gently rubbing her right breast.

Darius watched them and was amazed to find his cock hardening. He has never been so turned on in all his life, and he has God blood in his veins. He knelt on the bed and grunted when their Psychi’s hand wrapped around his cock.

He could get used to this.


“Do you have everything you will need? We won’t be back here for a long while,” Wolfric said, watching Darius walk down the outside steps from his Palace.

Darius nodded. “I have everything I should need. Most importantly, I have my little Psychi,” he said, wrapping his left arm around Akira.

Akira smiled up at her new Warrior. It was hell to get him, but he is hers. She looked around at all of her Warriors and grinned. They are all hers. For now, and always.

Even after she has found her chosen mate, they will still be hers. She frowned at the thought of losing any of her Warriors as a lover. A smile crept to her lips when she remembered what Malique and Wolfric said to her in the tub. She can choose to have a second and even third lover, but they cannot fuck her pussy.

Akira shivered at the thought. She was more than okay with that. She looked at Wolfric, who was smiling his Wolfie grin at her. She blushed and turned her head with a sigh.

She could NEVER give up her Wolfie. No matter what, she will find a way to keep him forever. Akira swallowed. She wanted to try what they had talked about, and she wanted her Wolfie to be the first.

Because if she has to take him for her lover, instead of her mate. He will be well rehearsed in fucking her in the ass. She touched her hot cheek as images of him behind her flashed through her mind.


She needs to think about something else before her Warriors realize her thoughts, and they never get out of here.

“What has you blushing so much?” Darius whispered in her ear.

Akira opened her mouth to say something, then closed it and looked at Wolfric, who was smirking at her.

‘That dick.’

She choked when she looked down at his crotch. And what a dick he has.

‘Get your head on straight!’ she ordered herself.

Wolfric chuckled and walked over to Akira and Darius. He pulled her from his arms and into his chest.

“What is on that pretty little mind of yours?” he asked, caressing her hot cheek.

Akira opened and closed her mouth a few times and knew she looked like a fish. She cleared her throat and whispered.

“What we talked about in the tub.”

Wolfric felt his cock jump in his pants and cleared his throat. “What about it?” he asked, wanting her to tell him.

She blinked up at him. “You—you know.”

He smirked. “If I knew, would I ask?”

She tried to shove him away, but he held her close. With a deep sigh, she finally admitted her thoughts.

“If you’re not my mate, I want you as my lover.”

Wolfric blinked and watched her face. She looked like she had been out in the sun for too long. It was so adorable. But the thought of being her lover rather than her mate made his blood feel like ice flowing through his veins.

Wolfric cleared his throat. “What are you saying, little one?”

Akira scrunched up her nose. “Are you seriously going to make me say it?”

Wolfric chuckled, “I’m afraid so, love.”

Akira closed her mouth and thought of how she wanted to say this, then decided to just say it. “I want you to be the first person to be—you know.”

He grinned because he did know. He thought Akira would ask Malique to be her first there since he is not as thick, though he is as long.

“Are you sure, Akira? Malique would hurt less….”

“No,” she said with a shake of her head.

She pushed herself against him, making him take a couple steps back, still holding her to his chest.

“It has to be you, Wolfric. It will always be you,” she cried.

Wolfric stared at her as tears slid down her cheeks. He placed his hand to the back of her head and kissed her until she stopped crying, then pressed her against his chest and laid his cheek on her head.

“I love you, Akira Hendrix, and I always will.”

She nodded and sniffled. “And I love you so much, Wolfie,” she said, wiping her eyes.

Malique and Darius stood to the side and watched their fellow Warrior with their Havent. They both secretly hoped that Wolfric was her chosen mate. Neither of them wanted to be the one to tear them apart.

Darius cleared his throat. He did not want to watch the two who were apparently destined for each other any longer. If he did, he was going to cry. And he is Pegasus. He does not cry. Or at least he did not until he met a small girl with bright amber eyes.

“There is another portal south of here,” Darius said, pointing south. “We can avoid that stench, and it’s a shorter distance.”

Wolfric looked up from Akira and nodded. “Sounds good. Would prefer we all stuck to the ground unless absolutely necessary.”

Darius nodded. “Agreed,” he said, then lifted his and Akira’s bags and headed south.

Wolfric held Akira to his side as they followed Darius. Malique lifted his and Wolfric’s bags and followed behind his friend and their Psychi. Today marks another day of their journey in finding Akira’s Warriors.


“How long have we been walking?” Akira asked as she tripped over another vine.

“Ten hours,” Malique said, looking at his watch.

“Where is this portal?” Akira asked, looking at the back of Darius’s head.

“Another hour or so, and we should be able to see it,” Darius said without stopping or turning to look at her.

“Darius!” Akira shouted, making all three of her Warriors stop.

She knew she would get their attention if she used her Havent voice. All three men looked at her, and she smiled.

“I know you three are big strong Warriors and don’t need breaks, but I needed a break eight hours ago,” she grumbled. “Yes, I can take care of myself in battle. Yes, I am used to living in the forest. But how far do you guys think I walked away from the crash site?”

Wolfric kissed the top of her head and squeezed her to his side.

“I am sorry, little one. We are used to this. You are not. We just wanted to get out of here so we can find your next Warrior.”

Akira nodded and looked up at him. “I know you are anxious to find them, so my chosen mate is shown to me. But I am not in a hurry for that,” she said, placing her hand to his cheek. “I am not in a hurry to lose you.” A tear slid down her cheek.

“You will never lose me,” Wolfric said, taking hold of her hand. “I love you, Akira. You are my life.”

Akira smiled and lifted onto her tiptoes to kiss him.

“I’m sorry I seem like I’m rushing this, little one,” Darius said. He walked over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. “This path should be faster, and we will be avoiding the stench of the dead Hydra. But we must not stop for too long. There are more powerful beings on this side that will not hesitate to kill us.

“This is a God’s world, and there are God-like creatures here. I mean, you did snag the most handsome God creature,” he said, standing up straight.

She giggled when he winked at her.

“How about I carry you,” Wolfric said, placing his hand on her shoulder.

She shook her head and looked at her Wolfie. “I want something from you that you could never give me as a child.”

Wolfric blinked, staring at her. What could she possibly want? He had given her everything he could—Wolfric chuckled when she jumped on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Giddy up!” Akira yelled, gently kicking his sides.

Wolfric laughed and held onto her legs. She had asked him a million times for a piggyback ride like all the other children got from their big brothers and fathers. But he could not come out of the shadows, or they would have tossed him in prison.

“Okay, little one, let’s get moving,” Wolfric said with a grin, then took off at a fast run.

Akira laughed when he jostled her on his back and made her fall off. He caught her before she hit the ground, and they laughed together as he slung her back onto his back and continued through the forest.

Their laughter could be heard for miles. A beast woke with a groan as the sound of laughter penetrated his dreams. He sat up and sniffed the air.

“Humans,” he said, then pulled himself from his cave and stood to watch.

He knew they were coming for his portal. He must not let them pass.


“There it is,” Darius said, pointing to the mountain before them.

In the center of the mountain was a large portal like the one they had come here through. But the electricity around it was purple rather than blue.

“Do we head there now?” Wolfric asked as he set Akira on her feet.

Darius shook his head. “There is a guard at this one. This portal is too close to the Gods for there not to be. We will have to wait until midnight and hope the beast is asleep.”

“Do you know what guards it?” Akira asked, staring at the portal.

Darius shook his head. He was never told. “No one but the Gods know, and they’re tight-lipped. No one ever makes it to the portal before they are killed,” he informed them.

Darius turned and walked back into the forest to find them a place to camp.

Akira looked at Malique, then at Wolfric.

“How is this better than traveling through the stench of a dead Hydra? We could have gone around it.”

Wolfric shrugged. “This one saved us a lot of time. It would have been two or three days getting around that burned area.”

Akira sighed, “I guess. But to not know what we’re up against?”

Malique grinned and shoved the bags at Wolfric, then wrapped his arm around Akira. “But that is the fun of it, Akira. We’re on an adventure—remember?”

Akira chuckled and let her Vampire Warrior lead her to the camp Darius was already setting up.

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