Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Twenty-Five: Helmfred

“Akira!” Wolfric ran to his Havent and lifted her into his arms.

“I didn’t touch her,” the Jotnar swore, watching the wolf rock the small girl in his arms.

Wolfric looked up at the Jotnar. “She healed you,” he said. “It took a lot of energy. There must have been a lot of damage.”

The Jotnar looked up at the sky and sighed. “I haven’t felt like myself in years.”

“Do you remember who shoved that sword into your face?” Darius asked, walking up to the Jotnar.

The giant looked at Darius. “You must be Darius, the Pegasus.”

Darius nodded. “I was ordered to kill you. But that wasn’t you, was it?”

The Jotnar stood, making the ground tremor. “I haven’t been me for so long—I don’t remember anymore.”

Darius nodded. “The sword has a dark spell on it.”

“Do you remember who stabbed you with it?” Malique asked.

“It was so long ago,” the giant said as he walked to a cave they had not noticed before.

When he came back, he had a large piece of paper in his hand. “This is the last thing I did before I wasn’t me anymore.”

Malique and Darius took the large piece of paper from him and read it.

“This is your orders to guard the portal,” Darius whispered.

The Jotnar nodded. “The Gods gave me a chance to prove I could keep the balance. I failed.”

“No, you didn’t fail,” Darius said. “Someone cast a spell on you with that sword. Not to mention the damage it did to your brain.”

“Are you going to kill me?” the giant asked.

Darius shook his head. “My Havent would not be happy with me if I killed you after she went to all that trouble to remove the sword.”

Malique and Wolfric chuckled.

“She is such a small thing,” the giant said.

“What is your name? So we can tell her,” Darius asked.

The giant looked at Darius. “I am called Helmfred.”

Darius nodded. “We would like to pass through the portal, Helmfred. We have a long journey ahead of us to find our Havent’s other two Warriors.”

Helmfred bowed. “You are granted passage, Pegasus, Direwolf, Upir, and small Havent.”

They smiled at the giant—he will do excellent here. If no one stabs him with a cursed sword again.

“I will grab our bags,” Malique said, then ran to where they had dropped their bags.

“Here is your rope,” Helmfred said, picking the rope up from the ground. “It did not work on me, but maybe someone smaller?” he said, holding the rope out to Darius.

Darius chuckled. They had tried to lasso him with it. Yeah, that had not gone too well. They had finally used it to trip him, and when he fell to the ground, Wolfric was supposed to slit his throat deep enough to kill him. But then their Havent had woken from her slumber and saved the giant in distress.

She was correct—she is not a damsel. She is a Warrior.

“Thank you, Helmfred,” Wolfric said with a bow, then headed up the slope to the portal.

“Here,” Malique said, holding the new pelt out to the giant. “Akira caught this doe for our dinner. You can have this pelt to remind you of her.”

Helmfred smiled and took the still drying pelt. “I will cherish this and remember the Warrior who saved me,” he said.

With an odd lift of his lips, he tapped Malique on the top of the head. “Take care of your little one.”

Malique grinned. “I plan to.”

Malique turned and ran to catch up with Wolfric and Akira as they passed through the portal.

Darius walked up to the Jotnar. “Helmfred. I have informed the Gods of what happened, and they will file an investigation. In the meantime, if anything happens again, contact us,” he said, then handed Helmfred a small box. “Press the yellow button, and it will send a signal to me, anywhere we are.”

Helmfred nodded. “You are a true demigod. Fit for your demigoddess.”

Darius smiled. “Yeah, so far, all of her Warriors are perfect for her. But we will see who was chosen for her soon enough. Until then, we have a lot of traveling and adventuring to look forward to.”

Helmfred nodded. “Take care of each other.”

Darius saluted him, then stopped and looked out toward their camp. “We camped out that way,” he said, pointing in the direction of their campsite. There was plenty of doe left that we couldn’t fit into our bags. We hoped some animal would feast upon it. If you are hungry, there is enough for a snack until you can find you something bigger.”

Helmfred laughed, “I will feast upon the little Havent’s doe, then search for a Chimera. They are good eatin’s.”

Darius chuckled and shivered. A Chimera was not such good eating if you were not a Jotnar.

“May Zeus bless you,” Darius said with a slight bow.

“And you,” Helmfred said with a bow.

Darius hurried to the portal and joined the other Warriors and their Havent on the other side.


Akira slowly opened her eyes. It was dark, and she was bundled in a bunch of blankets. What had happened after she healed the Jotnar?

“Look who’s finally awake.”

Akira looked up into her Wolfie’s beautiful eyes as he leaned over her.

“Where are we?” she whispered.

Wolfric smiled. “Helmfred let us pass through the portal after you healed him.”

Akira smiled. “Helmfred? That’s his name?”

Wolfric nodded. “Malique gave him the pelt from your doe to remember you by.”

Akira grinned. “That is so nice.”

“How are you feeling?” Wolfric asked.

Akira sighed and looked up at the stars. “Like I slept for a month.”

Wolfric chuckled, “nah, you just slept the day away.”

She looked back at him, then around their campsite. “Where’s Malique and Darius?”

“Hunting,” Wolfric said, moving to lay beside her among the blankets. “In this realm, it is smarter to hunt at night.”

“Do things go bump in the day here?”

Wolfric chuckled and kissed her temple. “No. The animals are out and about more at night here.”

“What about fish?” she asked, cuddling against him.

“Couldn’t find any.”

She frowned. That was odd to not find fish.

“How late is it?” she whispered.

“Around ten.”

She sighed and looked up at him. “How long have they been gone?”

He shrugged. “Maybe an hour.”

She nodded and slid her hand down his body. He sucked in a breath when her hand slipped inside his pants.

“Akira,” he breathed, looking at her.

She smiled as she moved onto her knees and unfastened his pants. When his cock was out, she licked her lips. She placed her mouth over his cock and slid it down, making him groan as he closed his eyes.

“Fuck,” he moaned as his hips came up, and his cock went further into her mouth.

Akira pulled back and flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock, then quickly pulled her clothes off and climbed on top of him. Wolfric took hold of her hips and lifted his own, impaling her with his thick cock. She cried out his name as her head tilted back.

“I think we have created a monster,” Wolfric said with a chuckle.

Akira smiled and leaned forward. She placed her hands on his chest and moved up and down his shaft. He groaned and squeezed her hips.

“I love you,” she panted.

“I love you too,” he said with a groan.

Akira moaned when Wolfric’s hands ran up her body and took hold of her breasts. He lifted his head and took a nipple into his mouth. She groaned and tilted her head back as she lifted herself up, then pushed back down. When his cock filled her, she wiggled her hips, making him moan against her nipple.

“You feel so good,” she said with a pant.

She slid up and down his cock, again and again, making them both moan with pleasure. Wolfric took hold of her hips and stopped her movements. He then rolled and landed on top of her. She groaned when he pulled out, then pushed back in.

“Wolfie,” she said as she wrapped her legs around his hips.

Wolfric smiled and pulled back, then slammed into her so hard her body slid up the blankets. He did it again and again, making them both pant and cry out as sensations rocked their bodies.

“Cum for me,” he said, burying his face in her neck.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him as he pounded harder and deeper inside her. Sensations exploded through her body, making her scream, her orgasm blinding her.

Wolfric grunted when her pussy clamped down on his cock. “Shit,” he moaned.

He slammed into her, one, two, three more times, then exploded deep inside her.

Akira panted as she lay beneath her Wolfie. She loved the feel of his body on top of her and never wanted to move.

“So that’s what happens when we’re gone,” Darius said with a smirk as he stepped into the campsite.

Akira giggled as Wolfric grunted.

We caught dinner, but you couldn’t start a fire?” Malique asked as he stepped into the camp with two rabbits in his hands.

“He did start a fire,” Darius said with a chuckle.

“How about I put out the fire while you fix dinner,” Malique said with a grin.

He dropped their dinner on the ground, then knelt on the blanket.

Akira smiled up at her Vampire Warrior.

Wolfric grunted and pulled out of Akira, then pushed himself back into his pants. He looked at the unskinned animals, groaned, and then looked at Akira, who was already being mauled by Malique, and shook his head. He walked over to the kills and walked away from the campsite to skin and gut them.


Akira was still tired by the time dinner was finished. Having three Warriors meant thrice the amount of sex. But she would not change her life for anything. She knows her Warriors care for her. And she cares so much for them.

“Why aren’t you asleep?”

Akira turned to her Wolfie’s voice and smiled when he joined her in the blankets. She cuddled against him, and he wrapped his arms around her.

“I guess I’m too exhausted to sleep,” she said, closing her eyes.

Wolfric chuckled.

After her two other Warriors had had their fill of her, they had eaten, then Wolfric had had a second go. Their Psychi has a lot of stamina. She will need it for when they find all five of her Warriors. There will be many more days and nights like this until she discovers her chosen mate.


“Time to get up, little one.”

Akira opened her eyes and looked into the blue and brown eyes of the first man she ever loved. The first man to truly love her.

Wolfric smiled and placed his hand against her cheek. “Come along, little one. We’re heading out.”

Akira blinked three times to adjust her eyes, then looked around at the cleared camp. They had packed it up without her again. Akira frowned.

Wolfric chuckled as he kissed her soft lips. “You know you will never get us to let you help,” he said with a knowing smile. He lifted her out of the blankets and handed her a change of clothes. “Let’s go, woman,” Wolfric said with a smirk, then turned and left her to dress.

Akira sighed as she pulled the clothes on. Once she was dressed, she looked around and found the blankets she had been snuggled up in were now packed away. Even her dirty clothes were no longer on the ground. These men spoil her.

“Want a ride?” Darius asked as he walked up to her.

She squinted at him. “Piggyback?”

He chuckled, “no. How would you like to ride a horse for once? Or rather, a magnificent Pegasus.”

Akira smiled. “I thought we’re not flying.”

Darius shook his head. “We’re not. I did say horse,” he said with a wink.

She grinned. “I would love it.”

Darius nodded, then took a step back and shifted.

Akira will never get used to seeing a Pegasus. The magnificent beast folded his wings in, then bowed to her. With a wide grin, Akira pulled herself onto his back and squealed with delight when he took off like a cannon through the forest.

Wolfric chuckled as he watched Akira on the back of the Pegasus. With his wings tucked in tight, it was hard to tell that he was not a normal horse. The way she rode him, you would think she has been riding horses her whole life. No one would ever guess that this was her first time riding a horse. Her father, or rather, Apollo, never allowed her to ride a horse. A soulless, Empty Vessel did not deserve a horse.

“You okay?” Malique asked, placing his hand on Wolfric’s shoulder.

Wolfric growled. His face must have shown the anger he feels when he thinks of the bastard.

“Was thinking about Apollo and how much I want to end his miserable life.”

Malique sighed and handed Wolfric two bags. “We will get him one day, my friend. I promise you that.”

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