Her Mythical Warriors (Book One)

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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Corien’s Hero

Akira stirred in her sleep. She has not dreamed in days, just pitch-black darkness. Now she knows how Wolfie felt when he had to stay in the shadows for ten years to avoid being seen while he kept an eye on her.

“Akira, love. It’s time to wake up.”

Wolfie’s voice penetrated her darkness and brought light into her world. She slowly opened her eyes when she felt her Wolfie’s lips on hers. She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck. It has been three days since she has had the energy to do anything but eat and sleep. Her Warriors have taken turns carrying her into the dining area and feeding her.

She adores her Warriors for it, but she is a grown-ass woman. She can feed herself. Granted, she has been weak from the Arachne drinking her blood and saving the young Troll, but she was not too weak to feed herself. She let her Warriors pamper her anyways. It was the closest they got to her while she was awake.

Wolfric chuckled and pulled her arms from around his neck.

“I guess you’re feeling better.”

She nodded and opened her eyes, smiling up at him. “Much better,” she whispered.

“Are you up for coming to breakfast?”

She sighed and pulled him down to her. “Can we skip breakfast? I miss you.”

Wolfric grinned and let Akira pull him down to her. She seemed to be well-mended. He groaned as he joined her on the bed.

Within moments Wolfric was naked and inside her. Three days is a long time for a Warrior to not be able to touch his Havent. Only after a Havent has found her chosen mate does the heat of needing their Havent die down. Before she has chosen, all Warriors crave their Havent pretty much twenty-four-seven.

“Oh, Wolfie,” she moaned, bucking under him.

Wolfric moaned and took hold of her hips, slamming into her deep and hard. He cannot go slow right now; he has needed her for days.

“Akira,” he whispered, then leaned forward and kissed her throat, “you’re so incredible.”

She whimpered under him, her orgasm growing to a boiling point.


They chuckled as they looked at the door where Malique stood, watching them.

“Come join,” Wolfric said, then looked back at Akira and kissed her.

Malique grinned and stripped out of his clothes, then knelt beside the bed. “I guess you’re feeling well today,” he said, watching Akira.

She looked at him and nodded.

“What the fuck?”

The three of them looked at the door, and Akira grunted.

“Lock the door,” she hissed at her Warrior.

Darius quickly locked the door, then stripped out of his clothes. He had never been comfortable around men during sex until he joined this crazy bunch. But to be near his Havent, he would run around naked in the middle of a town.

Darius moved to the bed and knelt beside Malique.

Akira looked at her newest Warrior and smiled, then reached her hand out and took hold of his cock.

Darius grunted and closed his eyes.

Akira smiled as she stroked his hard cock. She remembered him telling her he was not into sharing his women with other men. Boy, has he changed.

“Akira,” Wolfric whispered into her ear.

Akira turned her head to her Wolfie and groaned when his lips captured hers. She continued to pump her hand up and down Darius’s cock as she moved her body with her wolf. Akira heard and felt Malique pumping his cock, his hand hitting her arm as they each pumped.

Wolfric growled as his body stiffened. His cock jerked three times as his sperm pumped into his Psychi. He sucked in a breath as he kissed down her chest.

“My turn,” Malique growled as he gave Wolfric a shove.

Wolfric grumbled as he moved off their Havent, and Malique moved between her legs.

“Ready, love?” Malique asked, looking into Akira’s eyes.

Akira nodded, then squealed when he entered her.

“Fuck yes, you feel good,” Malique said as he closed his eyes.

Malique moved inside Akira much slower than Wolfric had. His body has ached for her for days. He kissed her throat, then whispered into her ear.

“May I taste you, little one?”

Akira nodded her head, then sucked in a breath when his teeth sank into her neck. She moaned as pleasure flowed through her body. He continued to pump slow and easy into her as he drank her blood. When her orgasm hit, he covered her mouth with his hand as she screamed.

Wolfric chuckled as he watched his Psychi with her Vampire Warrior. He tapped Malique’s shoulder, letting him know he had drunk enough.

The Vampire lifted his head, a sigh of pleasure rippling from his lips.

Akira moaned as she looked up at her Vampire. He looked so fucking sexy with her blood dripping from his lips. What was wrong with her? That is the oddest thing to find sexy. But she did.

Akira’s hand was still pumping Darius’s cock. She had not let go, not even when her orgasm had ripped through her body. She could feel the blood dripping down her shoulder but did not care. She let it bleed as she moved her body with her Warrior. Giving them each the pleasure they were seeking.

“Akira,” Malique groaned as he released his seed deep inside her.

Akira whimpered when she felt his cock explode.

“Move it, Vampire,” Darius said, giving Malique a shove.

They chuckled as Malique fell to the floor on his ass.

“How does it feel?” Wolfric asked the Vampire with a smirk.

Malique chuckled as he looked up at his friend. Wolfric helped him to his feet, and they stood between the bed and wall as they watched the Pegasus fuck their Havent.

Darius slammed into Akira hard and deep, using his powers to make her have one orgasm after another. He chuckled as he held his hand over her mouth.

Wolfric watched as Akira’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, her body convulsing with yet another orgasm, courtesy of her Warrior’s magic touch. Wolfric felt his cock jump from watching Akira cum again and again. When Darius finally came, she looked like she was about to sleep for another three days.

Wolfric chuckled and pulled Darius off the bed. Akira opened her eyes and looked up at Wolfric as he knelt on the bed.

“Turn over, little Havent,” Wolfric said with a grin.

Akira stared at Wolfric without moving, and he chuckled, then yanked on her leg, flipping her onto her stomach. She squealed when he pulled her hips up, so her ass was in the air.

Wolfric moved up behind Akira, took hold of her hips, and slammed his cock deep inside her. She screamed into her pillow, and Wolfric grinned, then started pounding into her. He slapped her ass cheek, then squeezed it tight. He loved how they jiggled.

“How is that bed still standing?” Darius whispered to Malique, his eyes on their Psychi.

Malique chuckled, “no fucking clue. I guess Trolls have sturdy beds.”

Darius chuckled, and a grunt came from deep inside his chest as he watched Wolfric fuck their Havent. She looked so sexy being fucked from behind. They should do that more often. He definitely planned to do it the next time he got his hands on her. But they all know that Wolfric will always get the first and last fuck.


Akira felt like she could sleep for another week. But she knows they need to head out. They have two more Warriors to find, and who knew what was between here and there. They have already come across so many odd creatures.

An Arachne, Dark Elves, a Living Tree, those stupid bitches who had cut her Wolfie. She despised the Huldras. Akira felt a chill run down her spine when she thought of the Hydra. And the Mare, oh Lord, she will NEVER forget those horrible beasts. But not all the creatures were so horrific.

The Jotnar was not so bad once she broke the curse. Akira smiled as she remembered the look of relief on the giant’s face. And who could forget the Trolls? They are so different than the stories she had heard. But then again, she was told stories about the big bad wolf, and she is not afraid of Wolfie.


Akira looked up, her cheeks turning a bright red as she looked at Wolfric. He had caught her daydreaming again.

“Did you hear anything we said?” he asked, a smirk on his face because he knew she did not hear them.

Akira shook her head. “No,” she whispered.

Her Warriors chuckled.

“This is important, little one. We need to keep you safe while we look for your other Warriors,” Wolfric said, wrapping his arm around her.

Akira smiled. “I know. I am sorry, I was thinking about the adventure we have had so far. We still have so much ahead of us.”

Wolfric grinned and squeezed Akira to his side. She was right, they have had a crazy adventure so far, and there was still so much more. Wolfric knows from the tails his brothers have told him that it is not a short adventure. Both had been gone for months while they helped their Havents find their other Warriors.

But neither of them had been the first. And neither were their Havent’s chosen mate, but his older brother was his Havent’s chosen lover. As he had told Akira, being a father to the little ones did not mean you had to be blood. All five of their Havents’ Warriors were the fathers of their children.

So, his nieces and nephews may not be by blood, but he loved them the same. And they ALL call him Uncle Wolfric. A Warrior will never be complete without his Havent. Whether he is her chosen mate or not.

“Now, where did you go?” Akira asked with a giggle.

Wolfric grinned down at his Psychi. “Just thinking how much you mean to me,” he said, then kissed her forehead.

Akira sighed and closed her eyes. She loved her Wolfie so much. If he is not her chosen mate, she will die a little inside. He will be her chosen lover, and she will make sure he is a part of her sex life at least once a day. She does not think she could go longer than that without touching her wolf.

“So, we were saying that we should check out the mountains. Maybe we will find a clue to where we will find your fourth Warrior,” Malique said with a smile, watching his friend with their Psychi.

Akira turned and looked at her Vampire. “Yeah, sounds like a good idea. But what kind of Warrior would we find in a mountain?”

“Dwarves?” Stella asked.

Akira turned to the Troll—her eyes opening wide.

‘A Dwarf? Seriously?’

But to be honest, she is not much taller than a Dwarf. Some were probably even taller than her. Why couldn’t she be tall like her mother and Brynhildr?

Wolfric chuckled at the look on Akira’s face and gave her a squeeze. “Just remember, little one. Dwarves are fierce little men who would lay down their life for you.”

Akira sighed. He was correct—she should not judge a man by his height. She was just used to her larger-than-life Warriors. But if a Dwarf is her Warrior, then so be it.


Akira turned to the elder Troll’s soft voice.

“He is awake.”

Akira’s eyes grew wide, and a smile spread across her face. They have waited days for the boy to wake from his fever-induced coma. Wolfric let her go, and she followed Brizell to the boy’s room.

“Here she is, Corien,” Brizell said to her youngest grandchild as she opened the door and let the young healer inside.

You saved me?” the young Troll asked, sitting up in the bed.

Akira smiled. “I did.”

“Thank you,” he cried.

Akira walked over to the bed and pulled him into her arms. He instantly wrapped his arms around her and cried against her chest. She sighed and held him—he was so young and skinny from being sick. But she knows he will grow to be a fierce Warrior like his siblings. She could feel it.

“Thank you,” he said again with a sniffle.

Akira gave Corien a squeeze. “You are so welcome.”

He looked up at her, a grin on his young Troll face. “You’re pretty.”

Akira chuckled and kissed his forehead. “And you’re a very handsome young Troll.”

His grin widened as he squeezed his little arms around her as best he could.

“Corien!” Fin and Stella called out as they burst into the room.

Corien squealed with happiness to see his siblings.

Akira barely made it out of the way as the twins jumped onto the bed and tackled their little brother.

“I will be sad to see you and your Warriors leave, but you are always welcome here. We owe you a debt that can never be fully repaid.”

Akira smiled at the elder Troll. “You have housed us for the three days I needed to regain my energy. That is payment enough.”

The elder Troll bowed to her“A Troll never forgets a debt.”

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